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The Emperor's Love (倾城亦清欢) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

What the synopsis of Chinese Drama The Emperor's Love (倾城亦清欢), Who are the casts, And When will this drama will aired? 

The Emperor's Love (倾城亦清欢) is a costume drama directed by Fu Cexin , starring Zhong Hanliang and Yuan Bingyan, and starring Gu Jiacheng, Zhang Yue, Dong Youlin and Du Yuchen.

The Emperor's Love (倾城亦清欢) is adapted from Nian Hua's funny and original novel "Who dares to move the king's woman". The story of love and murder between life and death.

Detail of The Emperor's Love (倾城亦清欢)

Chinese Title: 倾城亦清欢 (Qing Cheng Yi Qing Huan)

Chinese Title: 倾城亦清欢 (The Fallen City is also Qing Huan)

English Title: The Emperor's Love

Genre: Ancient, Romance

Production Company: iQiyi

Director: Fu Cexin, 

Screenwriter: Fan Jing, Jiang Lihua, Guan Shuo 

Producer: Shao Wenyi

Starring: Zhong Hanliang, Yuan Bingyan, Gu Jiacheng

Number of Episode: 36 Episode

Online Platform: iQIYI 

emperor's love chinese drama
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Plot Story of The Emperor's Love

He is the uncle Wang who has devised a strategy but is not long in life, and is also the head of the mysterious sect of the rivers and lakes, Tianzunmen; she is the direct daughter of the Feng family who pretends to be crazy and foolish to protect herself, and she is also a modern scholar with outstanding medical skills, mature and wise. The character settings with changing identities, coupled with the tricks and tactics of court power, the freehand life of happy rivers and lakes, and the icy cruelty of battlefield killings, when showing the righteousness of the family and the country, it also incorporates the vigor and vitality of dying for love.

Cast of The Emperor's Love

Zhong Hanliang as Zhan Qingcheng/Di Wuya

Yuan Bingyan as Feng Qinghuan

Gu Jiacheng as Mu Mu

Zhang Yue as Feng Qingyin

Dong Youlin as Zhan Yuheng

Du Yuchen as Zhan Luori

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