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Serendipity (偶然闯入的世界) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Serendipity (偶然闯入的世界) is Chinese Drama directed by Liu Dingye, starring Li Qingtian and Wen Moyan, Song Yixiong, Wei Ran, Liu Shuai, Lu Fangqi, Wang Junbi, Ye Yan, Zhao Yibei, Yu Meiyan, Zhang A fantasy romantic love idol drama starring Ao Ran, Liu Jiaxi, Qi Shenghan, Jin Yang, Xu Hao, Yuan Ziming and Liu Fengqiao.

Serendipity (偶然闯入的世界) tells the story of ghost horse girl Mu Xiaoru and the cool genius Yan Sui met again after fifteen years because of "Pan Yunjue". Mu Xiaoru, who was still in the bookstore one second, unexpectedly crossed into the world of novels the next moment and was hunted down. In order to find Chuan Yunjue, Yan Sui can only enter the story with Shuling Wanwan to save Xiaoru. In order to leave the time and space of the novel and help Yan Sui return home, the two work together to fulfill the wish of the characters in the book to counterattack. 

As they got along, the two who had their own thoughts gradually opened their hearts, and Yan Sui gradually let go of his obsession with going home for Xiaoru. However, after a war, Wan Wan, who has been faithfully protecting the two, suddenly lost consciousness. To eliminate all the aliens in the novel world, Yan Sui and Xiaoru were forced to enter the chaotic world. In the end, can they successfully awaken Wan Wan and whether they can Come back to life. The series was launched on Sohu Video on August 5, 2021.

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Detail of Serendipity (偶然闯入的世界)

Chinese Title: 偶然闯入的世界 (Accidentally Broke Into the World)

English Title: Serendipity 

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Love, Idol 

Production Company: Sohu Video 

Filming Location: Guangzhou 

Premiere: August 5, 2021 

Director: Liu Dingye

Screenwriters: Xu Miao, Xu Youran

Starring: Li Qingtian, Wen Moyan, Song Yixiong

Number of Episodes: 12 Episode

Length of Each Episode: 40 minutes

Online Broadcast Platform: Sohu Video

Production company: Hualing Culture

Plot Story of Serendipity (偶然闯入的世界)

Fifteen years ago a fate brought together Mu Xiao Ru and Yan Sui. Even though their meeting was brief, both of them had memories that they would cherish for the rest of their lives. One day Mu Xiao Ru picks up a strange bracelet, which will change her fate and the fate of countless universes.

Mu Xiao Ru is fascinated by the bracelet she found more than a decade ago, which is why Xiao Ru always keeps it. Completely oblivious to the unique power she possesses, Xiao Ru might have ignored that power forever, had she not gone to the bookstore on one fateful day. Through a mysterious fire, the bracelet draws Xiao Ru into a new world, a parallel universe.

While traveling between these strange new worlds, Xiao Ru meets Yan Sui whom she met several years ago. Surprised by this unexpected encounter, Yan Sui initially tried to ignore this fortuitous encounter. But it didn't take him long to realize that the fate of this world was directly related to Xiao Ru's sudden appearance. Determined to save the world from the clutches of evil and help Xiao Ru return to where Mu Xiao Ru came from. Yan Sui and Xiao Ru embark on a journey that will truly change their lives forever.

5th Episode Summary of Serendipity (偶然闯入的世界)

Episode 1

Yan Sui just completed the task of counterattacking Haining in "Love in a Different Star" and returned to the Wanjuan Library. Shuling Wanwan told him that the best time to return to the True Dragon Valley was five days later, but the magic weapon that broke through the barrier, Chuan Yunjue, has been around since then. It was lost fifteen years ago and there is no trace.

Episode 2

Mu Xiaoru fled to the barren area and was taken away by the orphan Feifei's backpack. Mu Xiaoru and Feifei did not know each other, and learned that Feifei robbed things to take care of another orphan, Weiwei.

Episode 3

Tong Fangli pretended to regret his bad attitude towards Qin Rou before, but Mu Xiaoru saw through his scumbag nature and was unmoved. Haining's capable subordinate, Xiaomi, firmly supports his eldest brother and sister-in-law. He dislikes Tong Fangli and wants to deal with him violently.

Episode 4

In order to get rid of Tong Fangli, Yan Sui gave him fake information. Tong Fangli didn't know what to do, and went back to Shen Aochi with the fake information. Shen Aochi was very angry and led his men to kill the Haining base. Shen Aochi and Yan Sui confronted each other on Changning Street, and Yan Sui asked Mu Xiaoru to hide with Feifei Weiwei.

Episode 5

The assassin approached Mu Xiaoru. When he raised his sword to stab, a figure flashed and blocked the attack. Mu Xiaoru opened his eyes and saw that the person who came was Yan Sui. When Yan Sui fought the assassin, he deliberately left the opponent alive. It's not right, he committed suicide by taking poison, and he is unwilling to disclose the information behind the scenes.

Cast of Serendipity (偶然闯入的世界)

Li Qingtian as Yan Sui / Hai Ning / Yan Xiu / He Han

Appearance age 28 years old, actual age unknown, Capricorn rising Virgo. The high IQ and abstinence are the belly black tyrants. The IQ and the force value are both explosive, and it is even more explosive to be jealous.

From the parallel world of "True Dragon Valley", he has been looking for the lost Chuan Yun Jue. When he learned that Chuan Yunjue was on Mu Xiaoru and recognized her as the master, Yan Sui had to work together with Mu Xiaoru to accumulate spiritual power. But as he got along with Mu Xiaoru, he became jealous because of Mu Xiaoru's actions.

Wen Moyan as Mu Xiaoru/Qin Rou/Nian Ruolan/Wang Siqi

She is 22 years old, her zodiac is Gemini. The ghost horse girl is lively and optimistic, professional in archaeology, kind, has a sense of justice, and has three positive views.

As a child, the young Mu Xiaoru rescued Xiao Yansui who had just broken through the barrier and was seriously injured on the way from school. Growing up, Mu Xiaoru's dream is to work in Longxiang Auction House after graduation. After crossing the three thousand worlds, no matter what the situation is, he can skillfully handle difficulties and have a positive attitude. He is not very skilled in emotion, so that it often drives Yan Suipa Gong mad.

Song Yixiong as Wan Wan

Appearance age is 22 years old, actual age is unknown (at least thousands), male, Pisces.

Non-human, the book spirit of the library, the character is a bit out of tune. He has read countless books, and is well versed in all kinds of human beings and sophistication - but they are all derived from book theory and have not been practiced. His spiritual power is relatively weak, and he can only protect himself. She's a rambunctious, cowardly, and loyal little cutie.

Wei Ran as Xiaomi/Pony/Mei Yanqiao/Wu Yu

Liu Jiaxi as Lan Ying

Qi Shenghan as Prince

Liu Shuai as Xiao Ran/Mrs. Yun/Song Xin

Lu Fangqi as Su Su/Mrs. Lan/Jessica

Wang Junbi as Yaoyao/Mrs. Yang/Mia

Zhao Yibei as Tong Fangli

Yu Meiyan as Tang Ya

Zhang Aoran as Shen Aochi

Xu Hao as Lu Shaohuan

Jin Yang as Concubine

Zhou Yang as Yelunan

Li Daolu as the boss of Hongxiangzhai

Tao Junfeng as Lan Ying's younger brother

Chun Xiao as Hongxiangzhai clerk

Li Xiaofeng as Wan Wan

He Ziqi as Qianqian

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