Lost You Forever (长相思) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Lost You Forever (长相思) is a costume myth Chinese Drama starring Yang Zi, Zhang Wanyi, Deng Wei, Dai Luwa, Wang Hongyi, and Tan Jianci.

The latest Chinese drama entitled Lost You Forever is rumored to be entering the shooting process soon. Produced by Tencent, the Lost You Forever costume drama series will star Yang Zi, Deng Wei, Tan Jian Ci to Zhang Wanyi.

Adapted from the popular novel entitled The Book of Mountain and Sea by Tonghua, the Lost You Forever series is highly anticipated by fans of Chinese dramas. The reason is, the novel adapted by the drama Lost You Forever is known to have enormous popularity in China.

No wonder many have high expectations for this big-budget series with an S+ level. In several photos released by fans, it can be confirmed that Yang Zi, Deng Wei, Tan Jian Ci and Zhang Wanyi have officially joined the drama team.

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Detail of Lost You Forever (长相思)

Chinese Title: 长相思 (Sauvignon Blanc)

English Title: Lost You Forever 

Genre: Ancient, Costume, Myth 

Production Company: Penguin Film and Television

Filming location: Hengdian 

Screenwriter: Tonghua 

Producer: Li Liming, Tang Panjing, Shaw Sha

Starring: Yang Zi, Zhang Wanyi, Deng Wei, Dai Luwa

Number of Episodes: 72 Episodes 

Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes

Online Broadcast Platform: Tencent Video

Plot Story of Lost You Forever (长相思)

In ancient times, people, gods, and demons lived together, and the three kingdoms of Shennong, Xuanyuan, and Gaoxin stood together. Ji Jiuyao (Xiao Yao), the king of Gaoxin who lived in the wilderness, has experienced a hundred years of hardships, not only lost his identity, but also lost his appearance. He settled in Qingshui Town and became a "nowhere to go, no one to rely on, and no self-defense". Wen Xiaoliu. He hangs the pot for a living uninhibited. Xiaoyao's cousin Xuanyuan Prince Xuanxuan, even though he was under the fence and hibernated, went all over the wilderness to find Xiaoyao and came to Qingshui Town. 

The days in Qingshui Town were flat and warm. Wen Xiaoliu accidentally rescued Tu Shanjing, the young master of Qingqiu, who was in danger, and their relationship gradually grew during the day and night. Wen Xiaoliu and Xiaoxuan didn't know each other, and after several twists and turns, they finally recognized Xiaoxuan and regained their status as Wang Ji. In order to unify the world, Xiaoxuan wants to be the throne, Xiangliu Shouyi is killed in battle, and Xiaoyao helps Xiaoxuan to complete her great career, and she lives in seclusion with Tu Shanjing. Unable to think, Xiaoxuan devoted all his energy to running the country, because he knew that as long as the world was at peace, his Xiaoyao would be able to be happy and healthy.

Cast of Lost You Forever (长相思)

Yang Zi as Xiao Yao and Min Xiaoliu

Zhang Wanyi as Hyun Hyun

Deng Wei as Tu Shanjing

Delova as A Nian

Wang Hongyi as Chishui Fenglong

Tan Kenji as Xiang Ryu

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