If I Never Loved You (如果从没爱过你) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

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If I Never Loved You (如果从没爱过你) is a TV series directed by Yang Jian and starring Chen Mo, Dai Fei, Cai Yi, Hu Yaqi, etc. It is adapted from the popular urban romance drama "如果从没爱过你 (If I've Never Loved You)".

If I Never Loved You (如果从没爱过你) series has premiered since April 6, 2022. The series tell the story about explores the relationship of a couple named Yan Xiaoan (Dai Fei) and Lu Yunzhan (Chen Mo). They parted because of a misunderstanding, Xiaoan also felt lost and experienced a lot of suffering. What's more, he was framed by people who didn't like him.

However, Xiaoan is determined to prove her innocence. One day, Xiaoan meets Yunzhan again and the two try to improve their relationship. So, will their efforts be successful? What kind of trap did Xiaoan fall into?

Detail of  If I Never Loved You

Chinese Title: 如果从没爱过你 (If I've  Never Loved You)

English Title: If I Never Loved You 

Director: Yang Jian 

Producer: Zhong Feiyi 

Starring: Chen Mo, Dai Fei, Cai Yi, Hu Yaqi

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Plot Story of If I Never Loved You

"If I Never Loved You (如果从没爱过你)" tells the story of the bleak heroine Yan Xiaoan who was misunderstood by Lu Yunzhan, chairman of Shengtian Group, to force her first love away, Yan Zhiqing. Lu Yunzhan secretly married Yan Xiaoan out of revenge and left her in the Being a secretary by his side, he tortured him in every way in his life and work. And Xu Wei, the chairman of Huahai Group, played by Cai Yi, is the protagonist and best friend of the male protagonist Lu Yunzhan. Whether in life or business, he has to compete with Lu Yunzhan. 

When Xu Wei learned that Lu Yunzhan had a hidden wife, Yan Xiaoan, he intended to cause trouble to Lu Yunzhan by approaching Yan Xiaoan, but unexpectedly fell in love with Yan Xiaoan at first sight. No matter in the commercial battlefield where the smoke is full of gunpowder, or in the face of Lu Yunzhan's many provocations to Yan Xiaoan, Xu Wei always escorts Yan Xiaoan with sincerity. The cynical and overbearing president turns into a loyal dog boy and carefully guards his lover. 

Cast of If I Never Loved You

Chen Mo as Lu Yunzhan

Dai Fei as Yan Xiaoan

Hu Yaqi

Cai Yi

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