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Brilliant Class 8 (原来是老师啊!) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Brilliant Class 8 (原来是老师啊!) is jointly produced by Beijing One Plus Media Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Dongyang Zhaojing Film Co., Ltd., directed by Chen Anjun, An urban campus light comedy and friendship, the series will be broadcast on iQIYI on April 1, 2022.

The story of the Mainland China drama Brilliant Class 8 (原来是老师啊!), will focus on a love story peppered with comedy scenes. This Mainland Chinese drama Brilliant Class 8 stars a series of well-known Chinese artists. The players who starred in the Mainland China drama Brilliant Class 8 are: Cheney Chen, Karlina Zhang, Zhang Li, Wang Rui Chang, Richards Wang. Bian Cheng, Merxat Yalkun, Mi Re, Zheng Fan Xing, Zidan Sun, and Liu Jun.

Brilliant Class 8 (原来是老师啊!) tell the story of Xiang Dong Nan who has a talent for singing. And debuted through competition to have a lot of fans. But within 5 years later Xiang Dongnan fell into trouble, to gossip everywhere, to a plagiarism scandal. Until the peak Xiang Dong Nan was told to get out of the world of entertainment. When the problem has no solution, Lin Sheng's assistant as well as the High School Principal, Cooperating under the guise of a reality show wants to restore his reputation.

Brilliant Class 8 chinese drama
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Detail of Brilliant Class 8 (原来是老师啊!)

Chinese Title: 原来是老师啊!(It's the teacher! )

English Title: Brilliant Class 8

Genre: City, Love, Campus

Production Company: Beijing One Plus Media Co., Ltd.

Starring: Xu Yue, Zhang Yinli, Ye Jiajia, Hu Yue.

Producer: Sun Hebin 

Starring: Chen Xuedong, Zhang Jianing, Zhang Li

Number of Episodes 40 Episodes 

Length of Each 45 minutes

Online Streaming Platform: iQIYI

Plot Story of Brilliant Class 8 (原来是老师啊!)

Xiang Nan, a talented singer-songwriter, was forced to withdraw from the entertainment industry due to plagiarizing Oolong after he fell into a creative bottleneck. Lin Sheng, his agent and assistant, pushed him to the university podium on the grounds of participating in a reality show. Acting as his emotional advisor and making suggestions for him, during this period, he met Su Qi, who wanted to protect his life. After a long time together, his emotions gradually warmed up, and he finally joined hands with the story.

5th Episode of Brilliant Class 8 (原来是老师啊!)

Episode 1

The singing talent Xiang Southeast encountered a creative bottleneck, and was boycotted by the entire network due to an unwarranted plagiarism scandal. After the incident broke out, Xiang Dongnan refused to take the blame for the company and announced the unilateral termination of the contract with the owner Guangnian Entertainment. After his career was stagnant and his finances were in crisis, Xiang Dongnan had to accept a reality show invitation from his cousin and assistant Lin Sheng to become a high school music teacher. Xiangdongnan went all the way to the final interview, but on the day of the interview, Lin Sheng made some small oolongs. In the waiting room, Xiang Dongnan met Su Qi, who was applying for an English teacher. Su Qi mistakenly thought that he was the interviewer, and let her give a speech by pushing the boat to the southeast to test her depth. Later, in his formal interview speech, Xiang Dongnan borrowed and highlighted his ideas by denying Su Qi's views. Xiang Dongnan successfully passed the interview, but his cleverness in his speech also made Su Qi forge a relationship with him.

Episode 2

On the day of school registration, Xiang Dongnan appeared in a high-profile music specialty class—Class 18 of Senior High School, which caused a huge sensation in the school. Xiang Dongnan hides quietly in the old lecture hall of the school. As a result, he happens to meet Mr. Su Qi, and his friends get together and get jealous. At the regular teaching meeting, the head teacher Su Man announced that Xiang Dongnan would be the head teacher of Class 8, which made it difficult for Su Qi, who was smug, and Xiang Dongnan, who was just getting by. After the meeting, Su Qi overheard that Xiang Dongnan was going to bring students from Class 8 home as a guest, because she was worried about the safety of the students and decided to go together. After everyone arrived at the suburban villa, they found that there were bad people who were aggressive. The two sides faced off tensely. Su Qi used a trump card to protect the students. When she saw the southeast, she was terrified. The next day, the news of Xiangdongnan's withdrawal from the circle to become a teacher spread like wildfire, and the school gate was blocked by reporters who rushed to hear the wind. The public opinion storm faced by Xiangdongnan continued.

Episode 3

The media blocked the school entrance, seriously affecting the teaching order. The passionate teacher Su Qi came up with a coup to successfully disperse the crowd. On the other hand, the school and Lin Sheng also tried their best to clarify things to the southeast. Su Qi moved into the 603 dormitory and became roommates with the cute math teacher Chen Liusan. Unexpectedly, Xiangdongnan also moved in. The two people who were at odds with each other often broke out "local wars". Su Qi unexpectedly learned that the reality show was fake. In her anger, she simply used "violent deterrence" and held the first cohabitation meeting to formulate a series of contract rules and regulations. During the night break, the imprisoned Xiangdongnan was anxious and played the musical instruments randomly in the room. Su Qi, who was disturbed by the noise, went to the southeast theory again. Su Qi's unintentional words touched Xiangdongnan's pain point, and Xiangdongnan was angry and lost. The kind Su Qi feels guilty, will she apologize to Xiang Dongnan?

Episode 4

"Reality show is fake", as soon as the news came out on the Internet, reporters swarmed again. Xiang Dongnan's friend and daughter of Guangnian Entertainment's owner Qianjin Weilai suddenly appeared and declared to the media that the reality show was a program he invested in. After successfully clearing the siege, Xiang Dongnan, who knew the truth, was a little sad. Here, Xiang Dongnan bravely finished the first lesson and wanted to talk to the principal, but only saw the video left by the principal. In the classroom of Class 8, the absence of the head teacher made the class chaotic. Some students came to the office to look for Xiang Southeast, hoping that he could take responsibility for the management of the class. Under the nagging of Su Qi on the side, Xiang Dongnan got angry and asked her to be the head teacher. In order to restore order to the class, the acting head teacher Su Qi issued a series of iron-fisted class rules in Class 8, causing the students to complain, and Xiang Dongnan also came to Principal An with a letter of resignation. What will be the fate of the eighth class teacher Xiangdongnan and the eighth class students.

Episode 5

Xiang Dongnan failed to resign, and Lin Sheng, who hindered his resignation, was also unilaterally "cold war" by him. Here, student and fan Nan Gezi held a farewell party for him, and the hungry Xiang Southeast was tempted to go to the appointment. When returning home after the party, Xiang Dongnan found that he was penniless and did not bring a mobile phone. He sought help from his aunt with a fluke. As a result, there was a commotion in the downtown area, and he also went to the police station. Xiang Dongnan is still haunted by Lin Sheng's deception. Lin Sheng talked to him and revealed the key to Xiang Dongnan's ability to create good songs. When Xiang Southeast returned to the classroom, his classmates expressed dissatisfaction with his behavior of throwing away his hands as the shopkeeper, and complained bitterly about Su Qi's iron-fisted policy. Xiang Dongnan decided to plan a secret class meeting so that the students could slip out of the school gate to the Peak Park smoothly. When Su Qi, who noticed the strangeness, rushed to the classroom, there was only one student left in the huge classroom. How will the serious Su Qi deal with this sudden "teaching accident"?

Cast of Brilliant Class 8 (原来是老师啊!)

Chen Xuedong as Xiang Dong Nan

A music superstar, he has created many hit songs, but with the increasing pressure in the entertainment industry, Xiang Dongyang has the potential to do his best. Xiang Dongyang, who has not made a new work for more than a year, fell directly into plagiarism due to the company's black box operation. Due to dissatisfaction with the company's actions, Xiang Dongyang unilaterally announced the termination of the contract. After the termination of the contract, Xiang Dongyang planned to travel around the world to find creative inspiration, but after paying the liquidated damages, his assets were only enough to buy a one-way ticket to Iceland.

Zhang Jianing as Su Qi

The English teacher of Class 18, an extremely self-disciplined person, was in the same batch as Xiang Dongnan, and they happened to be assigned to the same class. Work pays attention to time and order. At 9:30, he must prepare lessons in a quiet environment. Xiang Dongnan is used to writing, playing and singing late at night. There are constant conflicts between the two. In addition to the contradictions between the two in life, there are also contradictions in teaching. Xiangdongnan tends to be free and independent education, while Su Qi is keen on traditional education, and the two cannot achieve unity.

Zhang Li as Su Man

Su Qi's sister. The dean of the school is confident, beautiful, generous, and extremely self-disciplined. She is the principal's capable man and a successful lady. She treats her sister very caringly, not only giving guidance at work, but also making arrangements in life, but she is very strict at work, and in her eyes there is no distinction between closeness and distance. Later, with Lin Sheng's efforts, he successfully accepted Lin Sheng's pursuit, and the two gained happiness.

Wang Ruichang as Lin Sheng

Xiang Dongnan's assistant, because of the kindness of Xiang Dongnan's knowledge, gave him a heartfelt heart. At the trough of his career in the southeast, he did not abandon him, but tried his best to plan for him. The so-called reality show was written by Lin Sheng. He wanted Xiang Dongnan to find his original intention and be the most sincere self. Lin Sheng's feelings for Xiang Dongnan can be said to be a painstaking effort. Without Lin Sheng, there would be no superstar Xiang Dongnan.

Mire as Mu Chen

The same company as Xiangdongnan, after the fall of Xiangdongnan, he became the company's key training target. To put it bluntly, he replaced the people of Xiangdongnan. Although Mu Chen is also talented and the songs he sings are very good, he always lacks a sense of resonance and cannot sing in people's hearts. This is also where he is inferior to Xiangdongnan. So no matter how hard he tries, no matter how much he stumbles on the southeast, he can't replace the southeast after all, everyone has their own unique style.

Bian Cheng as Yin Xingyao

Zheng Fanxing as Chen Liusan

Sun Zidan as Wei Lai

Yang Xinyi as Nan Gezi

Su Mengyun as Xin Yang

Deng Zhiyuan as Zhuo Feifei

Peng Yaqi as Yang Beibei

Liu Lin as Mother Su

Liu Jun as Father Su

Han Qing as Wei Youcai

Liu Yizhen as Sister Cui

Xia Minghao as Du Kai

Li Binghui as Teacher Wu

Tan Lianyao as Ke Yu

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