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And the Winner is Love (月上重火) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

And the Winner is Love (月上重火) is Chinese Drama 2020 directed by He Shupei, written by Liu Xiaoxi and Sun Ying, starring Luo Yunxi and Chen Yuqi, and co-starring Zou Tingwei, Tian Yitong, Zhao Wenhao, Han Ye, Zheng Yiming, etc.

And the Winner is Love (月上重火) is adapted from the long martial arts novel of the same name by Junzi Yize. It tells the story of the daughter of Chongye Palace, the former lord of Chonghuo Palace, Chong Xuezhi, the lord of the young palace, and Shangguantou, the lord of Yueshanggu. 

And the Winner is Love (月上重火) is the latest Chinese drama series with the Historical, Romance genre. Adapted from the novel Yue Shang Chong Huo by Jun Zi Yi Ze. Although this drama has finished production in 2019, this drama premiered on May 28, 2020, with 50 episodes and will be aired on iQIYI, Tencent and Youku.

And the Winner is Love (月上重火) tells the story of Chong Xuezhi, who had been expelled from the palace after their precious martial arts manual “Nine Techniques of the Lotus God” was stolen. Chong Xuezhi decides to track down the thief with the help of Shangguan Tou, the ruler of the Yueshang Valley.

Unfortunately the thief had already mastered the technique of the martial art and wreaked dark havoc through the jianghu. Filming took place at Hengdian World Studios. Filming took place from May 2019 to September 2019. After supporting roles like Ashes of Love and Princess Silver, fans were looking forward to Luo Yunxi to play the lead role and finally land the lead role in this drama.

and the winner is love synopsis
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Detail of And the Winner is Love (月上重火)

Chinese Title: 月上重火 (Heavy Fire on the Moon)

English Title: And the Winner is Love

Genre: Ancient costume, Martial arts, Love 

Production Company: Ningbo Film and Television Art

Filming Location: Hengdian Film and Television City 

Premiere Time: May 28, 2020 

Director: He Shupei 

Screenwriter: Liu Xiaoxi, Sun Ying 

Producer: Miao Meng 

Starring: Luo Yunxi, Chen Yuqi, Zou Tingwei, Tian Yitong

Number of Episodes: 48 episodes

Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes

Tv Channel: Qiyi, Youku, Tencent Video 

Production time: 2019

Plot Story of And the Winner is Love

Shangguan Tou (Luo Yunxi) and Chong Xuezhi (Chen Yuqi) roamed the rivers and lakes side by side. After several times of living together and dying together, the two became acquainted and fell in love deeply. However, fate's tricks broke them apart, and they had to continue to fulfill their respective missions. But the never-ending strife in the rivers and lakes made them meet again. The two broke through many obstacles and came together, and together they dismantled all conspiracies and restored peace in the martial arts, but they chose to return to the world.

5th Episode Summary of And the Winner is Love

Episode 1

Five years ago, the master of Chonghuo Palace, Chong Ye, became famous for his training in the world's number one martial art "Lotus Wing", but he also went into trouble because of this, killing many innocent people by mistake. Chong Ye committed suicide to apologize and left Chonghuo Palace to his young daughter Chong Xuezhi. One of the secret volumes of "Lotus Wings" "Nine Forms of the Lotus God" was temporarily stored in Lingjian Villa, and the other volume of the secret manual "Furong Heart Sutra" was left in the Chonghuo Palace, waiting to be re-determined at the hero meeting five years later. Five years later, Chong Xuezhi is about to represent the Chonghuo Palace in the Heroes Conference. Innocently, she vowed to win the first prize in the Heroes Conference, take back the "Nine Forms of the Lotus God", and let the "Lotus Wings" belong to the Chonghuo Palace again. She was accompanied by the great protector Yuwen Muyuan, who grew up with childhood sweethearts, and the four great protectors—the thoughtful elder sister Haitang, the outspoken cinnabar, the good at medicine Liuli, and the dull-headed Tridacna, who was good at making weapons. Before leaving, Elder Yuwen handed over the Lotus Heart Sutra to Chong Xuezhi. Chong Xuezhi said that he would definitely rectify the name of Chonghuo Palace and clear his father's charges.

Episode 2

Chong Xuezhi was very excited to see "Nine Forms of the Lotus God" brought by Xia Qingmei, and the two agreed to meet at the Heroes Conference. Shangguan Tou was entrusted by others to protect Chong Xuezhi in the dangerous rivers and lakes. Wuming bought the ugly portrait of Chong Xuezhi and showed it to Shangguan Tou, who couldn't help laughing after seeing it. The Tianbao Inn where the Chonghuo Palace lives is also a gathering place for people from all over the world. The Emei Sect's Cinnin Master Tai, the Shangqing Sect Master Xingyi, the Huashan Sect's Fengcheng Sect and others all met here. Because Lingjian Villa was on good terms with Chonghuo Palace, Fengcheng secretly invited Taoist Master Xingyi and Master Ci Nin to discuss how to deal with the ownership of the two volumes. At the beginning of the Hero Conference, various martial arts factions took their seats. Master and apprentice Lin Fengzi, holding "Nine Forms of the Lotus God", and Chong Xuezhi and Mu Yuan, who were reciting "Furong Heart Sutra", attracted much attention from all martial arts factions present. Just as the competition was about to begin, the graceful Shangguan Tou entered the arena with his entourage without order, causing a commotion at the scene, while Lin Fengzi showed an extraordinary admiration for Shangguan Tou.

Episode 3

Lin Fengzi wanted to ask Chong Xuezhi about Shangguantou, but got no answer. However, this also reminded Chong Xuezhi that now is a good time to seek help from Shangguantou. But the naive and ignorant Chong Xuezhi not only failed to find it, but was also defrauded of money, and even listened to the words of others and went to Lefang to find Shangguantou. Fortunately, Shangguan observed through the dark and took the initiative to appear. Chong Xuezhi guessed through the voice of the fan that Shangguan Tou was the one who saved him, and had an idea to come up with a way to tease Shangguan Tou through the paintings of street children, forcing him to admit his identity. But Shangguantou admitted that he had rescued Chong Xuezhi and promised Chong Xuezhi to help her find the secret. In order to test Chong Xuezhi's sincerity, Shangguan Tou asked Chong Xuezhi to hand over something that was most important to him. Chong Xuezhi readily agreed.

Episode 4

Knowing that the person Shangguan Tou wants to protect is herself, Chong Xuezhi feels shy. After returning to the inn, Chong Xuezhi fell in love with the lantern that Shangguan gave her. The next day, Shangguan Tou learned from the little beggar who sold the paintings that Yin Ya, the king of Yinbian Gate, had been to Luduan Temple on the night that "Nine Forms of the Lotus God" was lost. Shangguantou told everyone in Chonghuo Palace that Chongxuezhi decided to go to Xiangzhou to investigate the whereabouts of Wang Yinya. In Chonghuo Palace, Elder Yuwen planned how to make his grandson Yuwen Mu Yuan the Palace Master while Chongxuezhi was not in Chonghuo Palace. He heard that Mu Yuan went to Lingjian Villa, and he had a plan. In Lingjian Villa, Mu Yuan met the owner of the villa, Lin Zongxing, and the two talked about the theft of "Nine Forms of the Lotus God". Lin Zongxing said that he would help to find it. Xia Qingmei was a little jealous when she saw Lin Fengzi's admiration for Shangguantou.

Episode 5

Fu Yiya brought Guan Tou and Chong Xuezhi to the secret room and saw Wang Yinya's body. Fu Yiya told the two of his brother's assassination, and in order to avoid civil unrest in the sect, he chose to conceal the news of Wang Yinya's death and investigate secretly. Shangguan Tou and Chong Xuezhi returned without success. The two returned to the inn and saw a little beggar who sold paintings for a living. Chong Xuezhi and the guardians decided to take in the little beggar as a disciple of Chonghuo Palace, and Shangguan Tou named him Gugu. At night, Chong Xuezhi and Shangguan Tou watched fireflies talk about life in the yard. Chong Xuezhi showed admiration for Shangguan Tou, and Shangguan Tou also expressed his expectations for Chong Xuezhi, hoping that she would always be as white and flawless as ice crystals. .

Cast of And the Winner is Love

Luo Yunxi as Shangguan Tou

Yueshanggu Guzhu, Wu Lin people often called "Shangguan son", was born beautiful, knowledgeable and reasonable, full of talents and learning, smart and well-behaved, and frail. Previously, his father stayed in Linjian Mountain Villa to practice martial arts, but unexpectedly, he was killed by a traitor and accused of defilement of the villa's daughter, Lin Fengzi, and was expelled from his division. The unfortunate childhood experience has brought him great harm, and no one has ever approached his heart until he met Chong Xuezhi.

Chen Yuqi as Chong Xuezhi

The young palace lord of Chonghuo Palace, with a gorgeous and compelling appearance, a passionate personality, but a very weak and lonely side in his heart. After his father Chong Ye died, Chong Xuezhi took over the Chonghuo Palace at the age of eleven. At the age of fourteen, he officially began to accept disciples on behalf of the Chonghuo Palace and deal with various sects. They were rescued several times by Shangguan Tou, the master of Yueshanggu, and then fell in love with each other, inseparable from life and death.

Zou Tingwei as Yuwen Muyuan

The Great Protector of Chonghuo Palace, formerly known as Yuwen Muyuan, is the grandson of the elder Yuwen of Chonghuo Palace. His father, Yuwen Yuqing, died tragically because of Chonglian, but he did not know it. He was adopted by Chonglian and raised. Mu Yuan is a prodigy in martial arts. He has not yet reached the weak crown, and already possesses a peerless skill that cannot be matched by the four elders of the Palace of Heavy Fire. But he was quiet and low-key since he was a child. She has always loved Zhong Xuezhi silently, so she has stood on the opposite side of Shangguan Tou several times.

Tian Yitong as Lin Fengzi

The jewel in the palm of the owner of Lingjian Villa, she is an eldest lady who is not familiar with the world and has some princess illnesses. In childhood, he fell in love with Shangguan Tou because of an accident, and he never gave up even if he was framed by a traitor and expelled from Lingjian Villa. Later, moved by the affection of his senior brother Xia Qingmei, the two became husband and wife.

Zhao Wenhao as Xia Qingmei

The disciple of Lin Jian Villa, Lin Fengzi's senior brother, has liked Fengzi since childhood and could give everything for her. Qingmei is jealous that Shangguan Tou can get Feng Zi's admiration, and has always been against Shangguan Tou. In order to defeat Shangguan Tou, he did not hesitate to learn the secrets of Chonghuo Palace to Gao Wuxue, and killed several people astray. Later, it was used by King Lu. After a martial arts accident, he thought he killed Feng Zi by mistake and committed suicide.

Han Ye as Zhu Sha

Outspoken, jealous of evil, with keen judgment and dashing manners, in the process of protecting Chong Xuezhi, he never cared about any gains or losses. Always loyal to the cinnabar by his side. He was injured in order to save Chong Xuezhi, and was recuperating in the room. Tridacna did not invite him to visit Cinnabar. He was very loving. Feng Rui discovered the iron ore belt in the back mountain of Chonghuo Palace, and the two went to the back mountain and tricked the two into the cave. The purpose was to promote their emotional development, which was really well-intentioned. In the evening, the two vomited their thoughts to each other.

Zheng Yiming as Tridacna

Ma Qian as Liuli

Quan Peilun as Xue Lie

Bao Tianqi as Shangguan Zheng

Huang Xiaoge as Qiu Hongxiu

Zuo Li as Zhong Tao

Pan Yize as Feng She

Zhang Junjie as Lin Changran

Xia Tian as Lin Zongxing

Sun Zhenglin as Fengcheng

Nie Wenyuan as Feng Mo

Mou Fengbin as Yin Ci

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