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Tong Yao And Wang Anyu Will Star in Chinese Drama Ball Lightning (球状闪电)

Many people have gotten interested in the contemporary science-fiction drama "Ball Lightning (球状闪电)" which was produced by iQiyi and adapted from Liu Cixin's original novel.

The television series "Ball Lightning (球状闪电)" is set to begin production in March 2022, with a total of 36 episodes and a 12-month production cycle. According to previously leaked crew news on the Internet, Chen Sicheng will produce the play, Pan Anzi will direct it, and Tong Yao's partner Wang Anyu, a post-95s actor, would portray the male and female protagonists.

Ball Lightning (球状闪电) is a long science fiction novel written by Liu Cixin and published in 2005. Apart from "Three-Body Problem," this is Liu Cixin's most popular work. The novel describes the arduous research process of a protagonist who has experienced ball lightning, showing us a unique, mysterious and bizarre world.

Starring Tong Yao and Wang Anyu, the science fiction mystery drama Ball Lightning (球状闪电) is set to begin filming in April 2022. Collaborating for the first time, they seem to be showing great chemistry even though Tong Yao is 12 years older than Anyu. Since the two are challenging themselves with a new genre through this drama, if their acting is good and the drama is successful, then their career will reach a new level.

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Ball Lightning (球状闪电) is adapted from the popular novel of the same title by award-winning author Liu Cixin. The story is about Chen Guang, who celebrates his 14th birthday with his parents one night. When a ball of light suddenly shone in his house and burned his parents right before his eyes. Since that life-changing event, Chen Guang was motivated to solve the ball lightning problem.

For many years, he researched the subject of light bulbs and successfully earned his PhD. On his research journey, he meets military technology researcher Lin Yun who encourages him to create a new weapon with his knowledge. Conflict arises between the two because they have different philosophies, but they are finally able to work together when extraterrestrials threaten to destroy the earth.

For a long time, science fiction-themed dramas and films have not found a strong position in the domestic market due to the low consumption of this genre. Several projects intended to challenge the genre, but not many succeeded until the 2019 film The Wandering Earth. It is considered a pioneer for more innovative science fiction work in China.

All eyes are now on Ball Lightning (球状闪电) which is considered to be a carrier of innovation for drama in this genre. Especially since Liu Cixin is a well-known science fiction writer in China. According to previous reports, this drama is rumored to be starring Dilraba Dilmurat and Lay Zhang. But apparently the ones chosen as the main characters were Tong Yao and Wang Anyu.

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