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The Oath of Love (余生,请多指教) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

The Oath of Love (余生,请多指教) is a modern urban emotional drama directed by Lu Ying, starring Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan, and co-starring Zhai Zilu, Ma Yujie, Li Muchen, Li Yunrui, Zhang Yuqi, Zhao Shiyi, Xia Zhiqing, Hao Wenting, etc.

The Oath of Love (余生,请多指教) tells the story of Lin Zhixiao, a junior in the music department, who was hospitalized because of his father's illness, and met and fell in love with his father's doctor, Gu Wei. The series was officially set and will be broadcast at Hunan Satellite TV Golden Eagle Solo Theater at 8:20 P.M on March 15. At the same time, the play will also be broadcast on Tencent Video.

The Oath of Love (余生,请多指教) is adapted from the novel of the same name by the Berlin Mason, with the two-way love between the warm and optimistic Little Sun Lin Zhixiao (Yang Zi) and the mature and restrained Gu Wei (Xiao Zhan) as the main story line, supplemented by family affection, dreams, growth and other multiple elements to develop the narrative. Today, the show debuts a group portrait poster of "Accompanied by a Sea of ​​People". The characters in the play are full of longing eyes to render the warm background of the show. The urban men and women who should be parallel but meet by chance are about to start this journey of companionship and healing.

Lin Zhixiao and Gu Wei did not fall in love at first sight. The love they met due to a "change" gradually unfolded in a two-way healing process: Lin Zhixiao, a music student studying in college, is still wandering between pursuing a cello dream and a stable life , but suddenly encountered the accident of his father's serious illness; Gu Wei, who seemed to have a bright future and calm and prudent, was at the bottleneck of his career, and there was an unspeakable pain behind him. Two people standing at the crossroads, through mutual encouragement and mutual support, they walked firmly towards their dreams. Their journey of healing love out of the haze is also dedicated to the audience with the most beautiful. "What kind of person do you want to be with?"

The Oath of Love (余生,请多指教)
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Detail of The Oath of Love (余生,请多指教)

Chinese Title: 余生,请多指教 (The Rest of Your Life, Please Advise)

English Title: The Oath of Love

Genre: Contemporary, Urban, Romance

Production Company: Shanghai Tencent Penguin Film and Television.

Filming location: Jiangsu Wuxi 

Distribution Company: Shanghai Tencent Penguin Film and Television.

Premiere time: March 15, 2022 

Director: Lu Ying, 

Screenwriter: Lu Tian, ​​Zheng Dan, Wu Peina 

Producer: Wu Tianxu 

Starring: Yang Zi, Xiao Zhan, Zhai Zilu, Ma Yujie, Li Muchen, Li Yunrui, Zhang Yuqi.

Number of Episode: 30 Episode 

Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes

Online Broadcast Platform: Tencent Video 

Premiere Platform: Hunan Satellite TV

Plot Story of The Oath of Love (余生,请多指教)

Lin Zhixiao, who is about to graduate from the senior year, fell to the bottom of his life on the eve of graduation. His father was hospitalized with cancer, and he had to give up the opportunity to work in a famous company in another place, and broke up with his boyfriend. All the beautiful imaginations about love and future life were shattered at this moment. At this moment, Gu Wei, the father's attending doctor, entered the life of Lin Zhixiao.

When love begins, we often don't know it is love. Both of us have been hurt in love. People who don't believe in love begin to meet, know and love each other step by step. There have been doubts and waves, and there have been misunderstandings and encounters in life. The trough, but in the process of falling in love with each other, the two feel more and more that the other is the one who can entrust the rest of their lives.

Cast of The Oath of Love (余生,请多指教)

Yang Zi as Lin Zhixiao

Lin Zhixiao is a junior in the music department, majoring in cello. Lively and cheerful, warm-blooded and kind, never admit defeat, is a little sun-like existence. Right and wrong, optimistic, sometimes clever, sometimes impulsive. Be persistent, firm in your goals, and don't give up easily. He was a little ignorant and slow in his emotions, but after he made his mind clear, he kept going forward.

Xiao Zhan as Gu Wei

Gu Wei is the chief surgeon of the Department of Gastroenterology. He's capable, but overly concerned with failures and setbacks. An unexpected medical accident almost became the last straw that crushed him, causing him to bear huge psychological pressure. When Gu Wei met Lin Zhixiao, the two became the sun that warmed each other, and finally walked out of the haze together and spent the rest of their lives together.

Zhai Zilu as Gu Xiao

Gu Xiao is Gu Wei's cousin, a typical rich second generation. Romantic and cynical, his hobbies are spending money and falling in love, and his life motto is "Just in Time". Usually there is no formality, and he has no relationship with him. After meeting Sansan, he feels that he has found true love. He and Sansan are happy friends who meet each other. He is very concerned about Gu Wei's emotional state, and has repeatedly become a disservice assister.

Ma Yujie as Gao Xi

Gao Xi is the attending physician of gastrointestinal surgery, the daughter of the vice president, Gu Wei's classmate and colleague. Excellent calm, intelligent and capable. Inwardly arrogant, strictly maintain the distance between the patient and the patient. At work, he and Gu Wei are very good partners, and are considered by everyone to be the most suitable person for Doctor Gu to marry. He is full of admiration and admiration for Gu Wei, and always tries to help Gu Wei in his work. It's just that there is a big conflict with Gu Wei's values, and he never enters Gu Wei's inner world.

Li Muchen as Sansan

Lin Zhixiao's best friend is also a dog-headed military adviser in the life and emotions of the other party, and often stands out for Lin Zhixiao. Beautiful and generous, smart and beautiful, dare to love and hate. Emotional intelligence is very high, and he knows the way of life. He seems to be a master of love, with a playful attitude towards love, never sloppy, but in fact, his heart is full of desire for a good love, and he will be reckless when encountering true love.

Li Yunrui as Shao Jiang

With a sunny appearance and full of talent, he is the perfect senior in the eyes of everyone, and also the spiritual belief and ambiguous object of Lin Zhixiao in his ignorant adolescence. But because of high school graduation and going abroad, the relationship between the two ended without a hitch, leaving regrets. After returning to China, he started a competition with Gu Wei against Lin Zhixiao.

Zhang Yuqi as Jin Shi

Zhao Shiyi as Hai Bao

Xia Zhiqing as Lin Jianguo

Hao Wenting as Li Huijuan

Yang Xiaoran as Chen Xiaowei

Du Shuangyu as Yan Bingjun

Wang Chengyang as Du Wenjun

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