Star Crossed Lovers (蕨草少女的白日梦) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Star Crossed Lovers (蕨草少女的白日梦) is a fantasy urban romance drama directed by Tang Bin and starring He Landou, Niu Zifan, Mai Henry, Wu Haoze, and Tian Ai. It will be broadcast exclusively on Youku on March 8, 2022.

Star Crossed Lovers (蕨草少女的白日梦) is adapted from the popular work "Xinghai Rose" by Fresh Guoguo, the author of "Flower Thousand Bones". It is based on the background of the comic girl Tian Fern's realization of comic dreams through two-dimensional love. It tells the story of a young girl who loves painting in an escaped fantasy world. Self-salvation and growth, a positive energy story of the courage to face the real dilemma and finally realize the dream after meeting the love that breaks the dimensional wall.

Star Crossed Lovers (蕨草少女的白日梦) tells the love story between a cute girl cartoonist and a handsome guy with a foreign surname. Judging from the content of the plot that has been broadcast, the play should belong to a soft sci-fi love story. This kind of story is very suitable for young audiences. In the play, another highlight is the performance of the heroine He Lanju. The performance level of this young actress is not low.

After a few episodes of Star Crossed Lovers (蕨草少女的白日梦), there is not much progress in the story. In fact, the outline of the story of this TV series has already made the content clear. Just like the story in the plot synopsis, this TV series focuses on two things to watch. One is the soft science fiction of aliens. There are also many similar romantic dramas, especially Korean dramas such as "My Love from the Star". Another point to watch is that this kind of happy enemy state between the male and female protagonists will eventually lead to a state of sweet love, and the story of the two joining forces and the struggle of fate is bound to make the audience involved in the play worried.

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Star Crossed Lovers (蕨草少女的白日梦) Review

In terms of the way the heroine is displayed, Star Crossed Lovers (蕨草少女的白日梦) is more youthful, especially the heroine's self-mockery and self-joking, which are all very important to watch in this TV series. Because of the existence of the heroine's character, this TV series has a typical childish and girlish air. These breaths, specific to the bridge segments of the TV series, are prone to produce a lot of comedy effects. For example, the male lead dissolves the engagement by kissing, and the female lead pretends to fight while pouting and waiting.

One of the keys to the success of this TV series is He Lanju's performance, which can magnify the highlights of the heroine in the play. Soft, cute, simple, mindless, etc., are the characteristics of heroines. However, not all actors can master these characteristics. For He Landou's performance, she was able to find a state that would not disgust the audience. This is the hard part. When many actresses show cuteness and mindlessness, they will be really mindless, which will disgust the audience. He Landou found a reasonable degree of performance.

It may not be that the actor found it deliberately, but the actor himself has such a performance style, which just matches the character characteristics. The series is more like a character and story tailored for He Landou. The young actor's current state of performance is relaxed and fun. Through this TV series, more audiences should remember this young actor. The story is less driven, and narratively, the progress is slightly slow. Including the richness of the story, the content of conflict is slightly less, and the bridges that cause the audience's appetite are too few. Soft science fiction can actually enrich the story.

Detail of Star Crossed Lovers

Chinese Title: 蕨草少女的白日梦 (The Daydream of a Bracken Girl) 

English Title: Star Crossed Lovers

Other Title: Xinghai Qiangwei, Daydream of an Abnormal Girl 

Genre: Drama 

Production Company: Youku, Zhongguang Film and Television,

Filming Location: Zhuhai 

Premiere Time: March 8, 2022 

Director: Tang Bin 

Screenwriter: Liu Xiaohong, Lu Yulong, Liu Qian

Starring: He Landou, Niu Zifan, Mai Henry

Number of Episode: 24 Episode

Online Broadcast Platform: Youku

Synopsis Editing Broadcast

Tian Zha, a girl with a comic dream, has been working hard for many years. Just when she was about to turn over, she established telepathy with a strange man because of a kiss. After analysis, this man is the hero of her comics, An Baiye. However, he is not some kind of piercing person, but a real alien. Tian Zhe wears the rough stone he has been looking for for many years on his neck. He must immediately remove the rough stone to save the mother star, but if he takes the rough stone, Tian Zhe will die. The obsession of Tian Zha's comic dream made it difficult for the two to reach a cooperation. An Baiye decided that the day she realized her comic dream was the day he took the original stone. In the process, An Baiye discovered Tian Zhe's life experience, their fate had been planted more than ten years ago, and the two gradually developed a relationship as they got along day and night.

With the appearance of the mysterious person Yun Xiaoyi, An Baiye discovered that Xinghai Rose had a bigger conspiracy. Tian Zhe and An Baiye joined hands to challenge fate, and even traveled back to the past to prevent the initial tragedy from happening. Xinghai Rose is back to life, and although the trajectory of life has been rewritten, the two are destined to meet again.

Cast of Star Crossed Lovers

He Lanju as Tian Fern

A working girl is also an amateur cartoonist. She is not very talented, but she is willing to burn her life to draw cartoons. She has a youthful and lively personality, a small and exquisite appearance, and she is very cute in daily life. She looks cute and cute girl.

Niu Zifan as An Baiye

Xinghai Rose's human embryo codenamed Xinghai 002 grabbed from the earth many years ago is a senior officer of Xinghai Rose, a law enforcement officer, with a handsome appearance, extraordinary aura, a tall and straight figure like a sculpture, few cold words, arrogant, poisonous tongue, and extremely intelligent high.

Mc Henry as Yun Xiaoyi

Xinghai Rose Star captured the earth embryo many years ago, codenamed Xinghai 013, is a defector of Xinghai Rose, his appearance has been maintained but many years old, tall, handsome, cynical.

Wu Haoze as Feng Liuqing

A national cartoonist who loves to play games, a comic genius, and has his own independent studio.

Tian Ai as Bai Sensen

Tian Zhe's best friend is an internet celebrity. She is young and beautiful, with long hair and long legs. She never hides her emotions, and those she likes will take the initiative to pursue her.

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