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What the story of Chinese Drama Road to Home (归路)? Who are the casts? When will the series be released?


Road to Home (归路) is an urban emotional drama directed by Yu Cuihua and starring Tan Songyun and Jing Boran. The play is based on the novel of the same name by Mobao Feibao. Road to Home (归路) is adapted from the novel of tte same name by Mo Bao Fei Bao . A writer who has also written many other novels that have been made into the TV screen. 

Road to Home (归路) stars are: Jing Bo Ran and Tan Song Yun. After years of breaking up, Gui Xiao is reunited with his first love at a gas station, the young man is now a soldier, a member of the Armed Police. Even though they broke up at a very young age, the girl's heart never forgot him.

The synopsis of Road to Home (归路) feels short, and the drama itself has just started filming, so the wait for the drama to air is still quite long. If we are lucky, we can see in 2022, but if not (could be) it will be aired in 2023.

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Detail of Road to Home (归路)

Chinese Title: 归路 (Road to Home)

English Title: Road to Home 

Genre: City, Emotional 

Production Company: Xiamen Film and Television Industry 

Director: Yu Cuihua 

Screenplay: Mo Bao Fei Bao 

Starring: Tan Songyun, Jing Boran 

Number of Episodes: 30 Episodes, 

Length of Each Episode: 45 Minutes

Online Broadcast Platform: iQiyi

Plot Story of Road to Home (归路)

Gui Xiao and Lu Yanchen were each other's first love. After graduating from college, Lu Yanchen went to a special policeman in a foreign country. At the same time, Gui Xiao's family suffered a change, and their love ended without a hitch. Ten years later, Gui Xiao and Lu Yanchen reunited and found that they couldn't hold back their longing for each other and got closer to each other again. But the news that his parents arranged a marriage contract for Lu Yanchen made Gui Xiao uneasy. 

Lu Yanchen made a decisive choice. Gui Xiao understood that he only had himself in his heart from beginning to end. After the marriage, Lu Yanchen was injured in a mission and fell into a coma. The pregnant Gui Xiao rushed to Lu Yanchen's side and gave birth to a daughter in the frontier city that Lu Yanchen had guarded for ten years. The family of three reunited safely and lived a happy and happy life.

Cast of Road to Home (归路)

Tan Songyun as Gui Xiao

Jing Boran as Lu Yanchen

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