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Puppy Love (小情书) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Movie

Puppy Love (小情书) is issued by Uni Film Culture Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., directed by Qiao Liang, starring Zhao Shunran, Zhu Yanmanzi, Gao Zifeng, Jiang Ruijia, Yang Qing, Zhao Jianlei, Han Haoxuan, Ren Shuai, Liu Dan, Jiang Hongbo, etc.

Puppy Love (小情书) was released in mainland China on May 19, 2017. The movie  is based on the campus life of high school days. Through the ignorance, shyness and bewilderment shown by a group of young boys and girls who are in love for the first time, it truly reproduces a real and beautiful youth.

In addition to the ordinary high school life in Puppy Love (小情书), the film focuses on the "love" part. With the campus life in high school as the background, through the ignorance, shyness and ignorance shown by a group of young boys and girls who are in love for the first time when they meet love for the first time Overwhelmed, a real and beautiful youth time is reproduced.

Director Qiao Liang and producer Zhao Pengfei The movie Puppy Love (小情书) appeared on the roadshow site to conduct a road show with college students. It's a pure love healing film based on the third year of high school. Most of the scenes in the film highly restore the high school life of teenagers, and love and learning are always intertwined.

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Detail of Puppy Love (小情书)

Chinese Title: 小情书 (Little Love Letter)

English Title: Puppy Love

Genre: Youth, Campus, Friendship

Production Company: Uni Film and Television Culture Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Director: Qiao Liang 

Screenwriter: Song Liying 

Producer: Zhao Pengfei 

Starring: Zhao Shunran, Zhu Yanmanzi, Gao Zifeng

The Film Duration: 100 minutes  

Released Time: May 19, 2017 

Broadcasting Platform: 1905 Movie Network, Watermelon Video

Produced time: 2017

Plot Story of Puppy Love (小情书)

In adolescence, Xiao Kai wrote a love letter to Lao Qiao under a girl's pseudonym with curiosity and an exploratory attitude. Unexpectedly, Lao Qiao believed it to be true, and began to embrace beautiful thoughts about the mystery in the letter. The girl was full of anticipation, and at this time, Xiao Kai finally started to panic. Looking at this old Joe, he didn't know how to end it at all. Just when Xiao Kai was in trouble, the female classmate Ye Hongying stood up. She not only helped Lao Qiao, but also helped Xiao Kai in her own way. This love letter that started because of the game finally had a perfect ending.

Cast of Puppy Love (小情书)

Zhao Shunran as Wang Kai

17 years old, boy in Class 2 of Senior Three. Sunshine handsome and clean and decent, agile and dynamic. Like most adolescent boys, he loves anime, loves basketball, and has a good vision of the world. But occasionally emotional, hidden under the masculine appearance of a soft heart. He was secretly liked by the heroine, but he only received a love letter when he was in junior high school, and he never received a similar confession since then.

Zhu Yan Manzi as Ye Hongying

17 years old, a transfer student in Class 2 of Senior Three. He has long black hair, handsome eyebrows, attractive, but not ostentatious. Zhu Yanmanzi plays a transfer student who does not like to talk and has a slight social phobia, and silently likes the male protagonist.

Gao Zifeng as Teacher Meng

Candid and straightforward, maverick, often with a bit of a yuppie flavor between his words and actions. Fashionable and decent everyday clothes, showing the masculine temperament. He is a gentle and elegant teacher. He is approachable, teacher and friend. He has won the love of the students, and he gets along very well with the students.

Jiang Ruijia as Cheng Jieying

17 years old, the monitor of Class 2 of Senior Three. With bright eyes and white teeth, fair skin, and well-dressed clothes, he is a figure of the experimental high school, with good style and talent. Cheng Jieying is the school's dual business and academic bully, and has always been a leader in the eyes of teachers. During the tense high school sprint stage, Zheng Tianhao and Cheng Jieying's "love letter" was discovered by the teacher, and the relationship between the two was also in crisis.

Zhao Jianlei as Qiao Guanghou

Simple and honest, with a sense of joy, a little silly. He is honest and simple to think about, so his classmates nicknamed him "Old Joe". Qiao Guanghou, who was born in the countryside, was sent to a high school in the city by himself because his mother was mentally ill. He was honest and hardworking, but his grades were average.

Wu Yuchen Ning as Han Ling

17-year-old, high school class 2 girl, eccentric, occasionally nympho, carefree, gossip, well-informed, masters all kinds of first-hand information in the school, and is keen to spread. Han Ling is a pure, straightforward and carefree girl. This clever little girl can always smell the ambiguity in the boring and boring exam preparation days, adding seasoning to the calm days.

Yang Qing as Teacher Lu

Han Haoxuan as Zheng Tianhao

Ma Xiangrui as Xin Yong

Deng Zhen as Ouyang Chun

Jenny Zhao as Yang Shu

Zhang Xinkai as Cui Pengju

Ren Shuai as Wang Kai's father

Liu Dan as Wang Kai's mother

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