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Great Miss D (了不起的D小姐) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

The latest Chinese drama series from the iQIYI network, Great Miss D (了不起的D小姐), starts airing on Friday, March 18, 2022. This drama, which tells the story of the extraordinary contribution of women in the struggle for independence, can be watched online through the video life streaming platform iQIYI.

Great Miss D (了不起的D小姐) is directed by Xia Xiaoyun, starring Zhang Jingyi and Niu Junfeng, invited by Zeng Li and Lang Yueting, Hao Ping, Yano Koji, Liang Guanhua, Aruna, Jiao Gang, etc.

Great Miss D (了不起的D小姐)  tells the story of underground workers Lin Mosheng, Ding Yiqing and others who, after the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War and the outbreak of the Pacific War, completed various revolutionary tasks on the Shanghai underground hidden front, especially the economic front, and burned their youth together for the ideal day. 

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Detail of Great Miss D (了不起的D小姐) 

Chinese Title: 了不起的D小姐 (Great Miss D)

English Title: Great Miss D 

Genre: Spy, War 

Production Company: iQiyi Sesame Pod Studio 

Filming Location: Shanghai 

Premiere Time: March 18, 2022 

Director: Xia Xiaoyun 

Screenwriter: Zhang Ji 

Producer: Niu Jixin (General Manager )

Starring: Zhang Jingyi and Niu Junfeng 

Number of Episode: 12 Episodes 

Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes 

Online broadcast platform: iQiyi

Plot Story of Great Miss D (了不起的D小姐) 

In the midst of uncertain conditions in the early 1930s in Shanghai, Ding Yi Qing (Zhang Jing Yi) decides to go to Shanghai alone in search of his missing older brother. Unexpectedly, the expertise of the daughter of a wealthy businessman in Ningbo in the field of business makes her involved in the revolution.

The journey of life brings Ding Yi Qing to meet several underground workers including Lin Mo Sheng (Niu Jun Feng) who is willing to fight with him, as well as revolutionary leaders Dong Hong Yu (Zeng Li) and Du Ying (Lang Yue Ting) who fall one after another. Through various experiences, Ding Yi Qing finally took over the baton from Miss D and promised to continue fighting for the sake of bringing prosperity to the younger generation.

5th Episode Summary of Great Miss D (了不起的D小姐) 

Episode 1

Ding Yiqing, 18 or 19 years old, got off the boat to go to Shanghai's Shi Bo, and also wanted to find his second brother, who had been missing for a long time. The police in front of the sentry were searching one by one. When Ding Yiqing had a conflict with the body searching police, Lin Mosheng, a member of the CCP’s Teco, was on the mission of eradicating the traitors. Ding Yiqing's uncle is called Gu Jingjiang. On the surface, he runs a Chang'an company. In fact, he has a gang background. After learning that Ding Yiqing is safe, he is relieved. Ding Yiqing reported to the newspaper to find his second brother who was kidnapped, but was fortunately rescued by Gu Jingjiang. The patrolling Hu Xuecheng fell in love with Ding Yiqing at first sight. 

Lin Mosheng rushed to the connecting hotel and waited in the room all night, but the traffic officer did not show up. Lin Mosheng and his superior Dong Hongyu, after inquiring, learned that the trafficman had embezzled the gold goods because he fell in love with a singer and spent a lot of money. Lin Mosheng in disguise locked the target in a theater. The traffic officer lied that because of an accident that day, he did not connect on time, and the batch of gold goods had been hidden somewhere, tricking Lin Mosheng to pick up the goods with him. When they got to the house, the traffic officer suddenly drew his gun and escaped cunningly.

Episode 2

Ding Yiqing's quirky spirit made Lin Mosheng dumbfounded. Dong Hongyu said that Ding Yiqing's life experience and Gu's identity, he hopes to develop Ding Yiqing into a peripheral member of the organization, which is also a revolutionary task. Lin Mosheng changed his mind and told Ding Yiqing the story of "Jane Eyre" when he went to class again, which touched Ding Yiqing. Hu Xuecheng, who was patrolling nearby, passed by and saw this scene, and felt jealous. Lin Mosheng's partner, Agent No. 3, was accidentally arrested. If No. 3 defected, Lin Mosheng might be exposed. There are also many secret documents hidden in the residence, which cannot be taken rashly. 

In a hurry, Lin Mosheng urgently asked Ding Yiqing to go to the house to help him get a suitcase from the mezzanine of the closet. Before entering the door, if you see a match at the lower right corner of the door crack, you can open the door and enter. If not, retreat. If you encounter a neighbor asking when you enter the door, say it is your girlfriend and come to get something. Ding Yiqing followed Lin Mosheng's instructions and found no accident, and opened the door to enter. However, he became interested in everything in the house and stayed too long. When he came out, he was blamed by Lin Mosheng. Ding Yiqing asked what happened, whether he owed a debt of love and fled in a hurry, Lin Mosheng was dumbfounded.

Episode 3

Dong Hongyu told Ding Yiqing that a kindergarten was facing disbandment due to funding problems. Ding Yiqing learned about the orphan Ding Ding's life experience, felt the greatness of the revolutionary cause, and wanted to adopt Ding Ding, but Gu Jingjiang objected to no avail, so Ding Yiqing took the child home. At the same time, Huang Liang, the traitor who killed Agent No. 3, was followed by Lin Mosheng. After the drama in the theater, he tricked him into a tavern. After getting drunk, he led him to a nearby Xiaohebang to kill him and cause him to drown himself. illusion. The hoeing operation is thrillingly completed. Lin Mosheng started teaching Ding Yiqing again. In class, Ding Yiqing sometimes brought adopted children. Lin Mosheng knew that Ding Ding was a descendant of senior cadres of our party, and his affection for Ding Yiqing was deepening day by day. The two accompany and take care of Ding Ding together. 

Hu Xuecheng was quickly promoted to deputy inspector, and he was grateful to the party and state. Because of knowing the background of Gu Jingjiang's gang, there is a way to help people smuggle. Dong Hongyu came to Gu Jingjiang's house and asked for Gu Jingjiang's help to hide the adopted child in the cargo hold and send it to Germany. Gu Jingjiang agreed. On the day that the child was sent away, Ding Yiqing was reluctant to part. Dong Hongyu told Ding Yiqing that she and Ding Yiqing's second brother were actually lovers, and that the second brother had sacrificed for the revolutionary cause. Ding Yiqing was very sad.

Episode 4

Dong Hongyu gave Lin Mosheng an urgent task. In the safe of a bank in Shanghai, there was an important secret book of the CCP. Obtaining the secret book requires a code word, and Dong Hongyu only has half of the content of the code word, and the other half is on another comrade, so that Lin Mosheng learns the code word in the shortest time, and takes out the secret book for transfer. Lin Mosheng activated the emergency code and asked the other party to meet at the door of a certain church. Lin Mosheng came out of the church, and through the observation of the scene, he found that there were suspicious people, and he still ventured to connect with the other party calmly. After completing the code transfer, Lin Mosheng tactfully escaped to complete the task. This day turned out to be a date with Ding Yiqing. Ding Yiqing couldn't wait for a long time and left in disappointment. Lin Mosheng took the secret book out of the city. 

Unexpectedly, the suburban joint department temporarily dispatched additional sentries, and the search was strict. Lin Mosheng lined up in the queue out of the city, in a hurry, he destroyed the secret book with the secret potion pot, and now he has entered the "hibernation period" and cannot get in touch with Ding Yiqing. Dong Hongyu was arrested after returning to her residence. In the interrogation room of the Songhu garrison headquarters, facing the severe torture of the enemy, Dong Hongyu was unyielding and died heroically. The newspaper published the news that Dong Hongyu committed suicide by taking poison. Ding Yiqing was heartbroken when she recalled the little things she and Dong Hongyu got along with.

Episode 5

Four years later, Shanghai has become an island. Ding Yiqing, dressed in black, appeared at the funeral of Gu Jingjiang's son. Gu Jingjiang was disheartened, recognized Ding Yiqing as his son and daughter, and handed over the company's business to him. Ding Yiqing took over the company and received a batch of drugs at a low price. Inspector Hu Xuecheng came to congratulate Ding Yiqing and confessed his failure again. The new editor-in-chief of the Shanghai traitor newspaper "East Asia Economic Daily" took office and invited Gu Jingjiang to the welcome reception. He asked Ding Yiqing to go on his own. Only after Ding Yiqing arrived at the scene did he discover that the new chief editor was actually Lin Mosheng, and he had a wife, Du Ying, beside him. In the face of Lin Mosheng's identity as a traitor, Ding Yiqing remembered the feelings of the past, with mixed feelings. 

Then Ding Yiqing and Lin Mosheng "husband and wife" made a clear distinction and returned "Jane Eyre" to Lin Mosheng. On the other hand, Feng Liren ordered Hu Xuecheng to kill a high-ranking official surnamed Liu at the reception and warned the traitors. Hu Xuecheng pretended to be an antique dealer and approached the assassination, thinking he had successfully completed the task. Ding Yiqing was followed on the street. It was the elder brother Ding Yiting who also came to Shanghai. Gu Jingjiang clearly showed his disdain for Ding Yiting and was unwilling to arrange work for him.

Cast of Great Miss D (了不起的D小姐) 

Zhang Jingyi as Ding Yiqing

She is smart, quirky, stubborn and brave, she came to Shanghai alone to find the whereabouts of her second sister Ding Yiming, and used her excellent business skills to embark on the road of revolution.

Niu Junfeng as Lin Mosheng

A member of the Communist Party with a calm personality and great aspirations. As a mature party member, he used multiple disguised identities to carry out underground work and dedicated his youth to the revolutionary cause. In the face of insidious and cunning enemies, he can always use his own wisdom to skillfully deal with them and successfully complete the tasks assigned by the organization. Even in this chaotic world, they still silently guard, accompany each other to grow in their own way, and work together to complete tasks again and again.

Liang Guanhua as Gu Jingjiang

Shanghai business man, gang leader. His wife died early, and only one son was studying abroad, so he regarded his daughter Ding Yiqing as his own. After Shanghai fell into the hands of the Japanese, there were many behind-the-scenes resistance activities.

Zeng Li as Dong Hongyu

The Shanghai Underground Party, mature, resolute, and calm, used the public identity of a woman to save the National Assembly as a cover, commanding important tasks such as hoeing, obtaining intelligence, and organizing rescues, and was the leader of Ding Yiqing's revolutionary road.

Lang Yueting as Du Ying

Courageous and resourceful, she is always in shock. She came from the Red Soviet Area and was arranged by the organization to sneak into Shanghai. She completed the inspection of Ding Yiqing for the party organization, and also opened a secret material channel from Shanghai to the base.

Alan Aruna as Hu Xuecheng

The Shanghai patrolman is also a gang gangster who follows Gu Jingjiang. He grew up in a cold family and likes to gamble, trying to change his fate overnight. Having been neglected in love, he was attracted by Fuxing Society for the benefit, and finally embarked on a road of no return.

Hao Ping as Feng Liren

Koji Yano as Nakata

Jiao Gang as Shao Yangshan

Zhou Zhi as Qin Meifeng

Yang Zihua as Butler Xu

Liu Boxiao as Ding Yiting

Luan Yuanhui as Huang Liang

Li Xiaochuan as Yan Yicai

Wang Peilu as Judge Zhang

Wang Zhengquan as Zhang Dalu

Saito Hiroumi as Matsumoto

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