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Fighting Girl (加油呀! 茉莉) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Fighting Girl (加油呀! 茉莉) is a modern youth inspirational drama directed by the Propaganda Department of the Zhuji Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and jointly produced by Huanjiang Media, Yiyang Culture Media, Yangyungu Culture Communication, etc. Cui Bin serves as the chief producer, Lin Shuijing directs, Wang Bowen, Li Starring Mi Er, Fan Meng, Wan Peixin, Lu Yanbei, Li Chang, etc.

The Chinese drama Fighting Girl (加油呀! 茉莉) is the latest television series that will air on January 12, 2022. This 24-episode Chinese television series stars Wang Bo Wen and Marina Lee. This show is based on the romantic comedy genre, which is broadcast through the iQiyi and Tencent Video streaming platforms.

Adapted from a novel entitled Jin Jiao Xi Yu. Fighting Girl (加油呀! 茉莉) tells the youthful inspirational story of a young girl named Mo Li who had fallen because her business partner and lover left her. Until she meets Gao Zi Yi, a dessert shop owner who always gives encouragement and support to Mo Li. Until finally Mo Li was excited to reach all her dreams, friendship and career. 

fighting girl chinese drama
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Detail of Fighting Girl (加油呀! 茉莉)

Chinese Title: 加油呀! 茉莉 (Come on! Jasmine)

English Title: Fighting! Girl 

Genre: Urban, Love, Inspirational 

Production Company: Huanjiang Media, Yiyang Culture Media, 

Director: Lin Shuijing 

Producer: Cui Bin 

Starring: Wang Bowen, Li Mier, Fan Meng, Wan Peixin

Number of Episodes: 24 episodes

Plot Story of Fighting Girl (加油呀! 茉莉)

Vitality girl Qu Mo's entrepreneurial journey in pursuit of her ideals in life has just started, but she is struggling due to a series of events such as the withdrawal of her best friend and partner Cao Yaoyin, the closure of the online store, and the breakup with her boyfriend Pei Jing. , Dessert chef Gao Ziyi has been silently guarding and supporting Qu Mo. Qu Mo regained her strength and decided to enter the workplace to "save the country". With her talent and hard work in fashion, she successfully planned two events. 

At this time, Qu Mo was awakened by Gao Ziyi, regained her dream of being a designer and resigned resolutely. , with the help of Gao Ziyi and others, set up a studio on the second floor of the dessert shop. Soon after, Gao Ziyi confessed that the two began a sweet love. Well-known designer Miyazaki recommended Qumo to participate in the designer assessment of the Japanese fashion group Kikyo. Under the guidance of Miyazaki, Qumo made rapid progress in her skills, but lost her own design style. At the same time, Qumo's father's factory closed down, and Gao Ziyi gave up his dream for Qumo and went home to inherit the family business. 

In the end, Qumo reopened the factory, founded the "Cheer Duck" brand, and regained his original design intention. Father reconciled. "Doing the things you like with the people you like" is happiness. Qu Mo and Gao Ziyi accompany and encourage each other. They never forget their original aspirations and adhere to their ideals. They have gained sweet love and sincere friendship. The two will work together to achieve their dreams. Keep going. 

5th Episode Summary of Fighting Girl (加油呀! 茉莉)

Episode 1

At the annual Zhijiang Fashion Festival, Qu Mo was preparing for the launch of her Taobao store. She took her best friend and online store model Cao Yaoyin to the fashion festival to set the scene. Ouyang Liangliang, director of the company. The two finished filming the scene and were about to participate in the store event. Qu Mo was shocked to realize that she had forgotten the interview with her company, Haibei Group, that her boyfriend Pei Jing had made an appointment with. When Qu Mo and Cao Yaoyin were trying out the new lipstick, they saw from a distance that the roadside bracket fell and was about to hit the child. Qu Mo rushed forward to protect the child without thinking. The expected pain did not come, and the fountain swelled up. The arm is blocking the stand.

Episode 2

With the help of his colleague Ye Nuanyu, Pei Jing won a chance for Qu Mo to re-interview. In order to lose the election, Qu Mo deliberately wore fancy clothes to come to the company for an interview. Cao Yaoyin accepted Ouyang's invitation to visit Double Ten Mutual Entertainment. It happened that a makeup anchor asked for leave. Cao Yaoyin did the live broadcast instead of her, and the interactive effect turned out to be good. Pei Jing came to school with Ye Nuanyu's encouragement, but their differences could not be eliminated. Yaoyao's idea of ​​going to the live broadcast company also caught Qu Mo off guard. On the other hand, Gao Ziyi was cut off by his father's source of income and could not borrow money from anywhere, so he had to send a message to Qu Mo. Qu Mo misunderstood that Gao Ziyi wanted compensation from the camera, and was even more upset.

Episode 3

The white house dessert shop became popular because of Gao Ziyi's arrival, and her cousin Yan Xihui chased Gao Ziyi home to inherit the family business. Personnel transfer within the Haibei Group, Ye Nuanyu requested to be downgraded to work under Pei Jing. Yaoyao took Qu Mo to live with her and encouraged her to join the live broadcast company. Qu Mo came to the live broadcast company with her clothes but was ridiculed by the anchors. Qu Mo questioned Cao Yaoyin for maintaining Double Ten Mutual Entertainment, so Cao Yaoyin had to sign up for himself However, under Wang Shiqiang's coercion and lure, Yaoyao flinched, and Qu Mo left in grievance.

Episode 4

When Qu Mo was crossing the road, he was grabbed by someone. It turned out that Gao Ziyi sent a box of desserts as interest for borrowing money. Cao Yaoyin asked Qu Mo to eat seafood to apologize for the contract, and happened to meet Gao Ziyi over to deliver cakes, and the target of the meal was Pei Jing who was having dinner on the second floor. Clothing store owner Liu Meili accepted Qumo's new product order and urged Qumo to add money on the grounds that the price of materials had risen. Qumo had to borrow money from her father, Qu Dahai. Qu Mo climbed up the dormitory building to avoid the dormitory aunt, and fell and happened to be met by Gao Ziyi who came to deliver the cake. Because the ward was tight, Gao Ziyi sent the person to the obstetrics and gynecology department. In the white house, sister Yan Xihui hurriedly left after learning that Gao Ziyi was in the hospital.

Episode 5

Qu Dahai sent 20,000 yuan, which made Gao Ziyi very envious. It turned out that he had been studying abroad under the arrangement of Gao’s father, and he had learned desserts by accident. From his family background, Qu Mo only thinks he is bragging. Yan Xihui chased after the obstetrics and gynecology department of the hospital, and Gao Ziyi collided with Qu Mo when she pretended to be a patient and escaped. Cao Yaoyin was stopped by Wang Shiqiang just after the broadcast, and asked her to accompany her partner, President Chen, to drink. Ouyang came to the hotel worried, and Cao Yaoyin took the drink and was able to escape. Gao Ziyi sent Qu Mo back to school. In order to thank Gao Ziyi, Qu Mo promised to make him a chef’s uniform.

Cast of Fighting Girl (加油呀! 茉莉)

Wang Bowen as Gao Ziyi

A Dessert chef who is gentle and tolerant, good at listening, and persistent in chasing dreams. The son-in-law of Fugao Group, the number one enterprise in China, is a returnee from a famous French school. He is reluctant to accept the arrangement from his family to take over the business, and would rather start working as a part-time worker and work hard for his dream dessert shop. After returning to China, everything went wrong. I didn't know how to start my career, and my family cut off the source of income. However, I accidentally joined a dessert shop and became an Internet celebrity dessert chef. But his ideal is to create his own dessert shop brand and open a chain.

Li Mi'er as Qu Mo

She is Lively, innocent, dessert-conscious, loves clothing design. Nicknamed is Jasmine, born in a middle-class family, she has the life of a princess but not the temperament of a princess. I dreamed of becoming a fashion designer since I was a child. After graduating from college, I encountered many obstacles in the entrepreneurial practice of the original online store. The conflict with her boyfriend Pei Jing's concept frequently led to the breakup. The dessert of Gao Ziyi, a new friend she met by chance, cheered her up, determined to save the country and joined a fashion marketing company. Although Qu Mo felt the complexity of society and the warmth of human feelings, she was always able to cheer up and find a way forward.

Fan Meng as Cao Yaoyin

She is an Effort, willfulness, self-righteousness, pursuit of the spotlight Vanity Fair. Like her best friend Qu Mo, she is extremely sensitive to fashion, but her talent is in beauty. He has an extreme desire for fame and a luxurious lifestyle. Although he subjectively wants to work hard with his best friend Qu Mo, he cannot resist the temptation and is unwilling to endure hardship and join the Internet celebrity company. Cao Yaoyin didn't have bad intentions, but her self-righteousness caused her to make wrong choices all the time, so she parted ways with Ouyang, who took good care of herself.

Wan Peixin as Pei Jing

He is Steady and wise, stubborn and principled, strong desire for control. Gorgeous on the outside and extremely dedicated to success. Graduating from a prestigious school and being a young executive of a large group made his self-confidence inadvertently expand. Pei Jing has plans for everything, but as long as things deviate from his pre-planned track, he will become furious.

Lu Yanbei as Ye Nuanyu

She is thoughtful, professional, and elitist. She is like a flower in the workplace, with excellent appearance, popularity and business ability, and she is rational and calm. In front of Pei Jing, he behaved in a generous and businesslike manner. He also played the role of a confidante from time to time. In the early stage, he could only use and appreciate Pei Jing. Went to Pei Jing, but prevented Pei Jing from participating in the work because of work differences. After Pei Jing left, he set the photo that Pei Jing took for himself as the mobile screen saver

Li Chang as Ouyang Liangliang

He is gentle and steady, with little success in career, very humble in dealing with feelings. He is also a fashion photographer and director of a live broadcast company. He fell in love with Cao Yaoyin at first sight, and tried his best to invite her to join his studio, and used all resources to make her the most popular Internet celebrity. He is smart and understands the various shortcomings of Cao Yaoyin's character, but he tries his best to be nice to her. After Cao Yaoyin became popular, he even resigned from the position of director to become Cao Yaoyin's exclusive agent. Because of his different ideas from Cao Yaoyin's, he resigned as a director of photography after the quarrel.

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