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Charming and Countries (浮世双娇传) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Charming and Countries AKA Legend of Two Sisters in the Chaos (浮世双娇传) is co-directed by Lan Zhiwei and Huang Jiahui, starring Li Zhiting, Mencius, Li Yitong, and Wang Zhuocheng. The play was broadcast on Tencent Video on September 28, 2020.

Charming and Countries (浮世双娇传) is adapted from the popular novel "Ten Kingdoms and Thousands of Lovers". It tells the story of Fu's sisters Fu Yuzhan and Fu Jinzhan, who were brought to the forefront because of a nursery rhyme "Empress Fu Empress", and the prince Xue Rong and the ranger Jiang Shao in the floating world. The story of growing up in the middle of the journey, gathering like-minded people, taking Guotai Minan as the leader, firming up ideals and sticking to feelings, and finally working together to achieve transformation.

Charming and Countries (浮世双娇传) tells the history of the Late Zhou Dynasty, where the Fu family became the focus of world attention on the famous prophecy given to Fu Yanqing which stated that one of the daughters of the Fu family would become the future Empress. This led people to assume that by destroying the Fu sisters, they would indirectly destroy the throne.

With Guo Wei's death, the fate of the throne was not resolved. Under the irony of fate, the two sisters end up falling in love with two men who are at odds with each other. Facing the dark waves that occurred in the Zhou Dynasty, these two sisters did not forget their origins, and worked together to secure the Zhou government.

Charming and Countries (浮世双娇传)'s stars are: Li Zhiting, Men Ziyi, Li Yitong, and Wang Zhuocheng. Meng Ziyi and Wang Zhuocheng are back together again after their last drama The Untamed. And Chinese actor Ren Youlun makes a special appearance in this drama. This series first broadcast on Tencent Video on September 28, 2020

Detail of Charming and Countries (浮世双娇传)

Chinese Title: 浮世双娇传 (The Legend of Ukiyo Shuangjiao) 

English Title: Charming and Countries AKA Legend of Two Sisters in the Chaos

Genre: Ancient Costume, Inspirational 

Production Company: Penguin Film and Television, Siba Film and Television 

Filming Location: Hengdian 

Premiere: September 28, 2020 

Director: Lan Zhiwei, Huang Jiahui, 

Screenwriter: Cai Jingting, Liang Jiaying, Li Qin

Starring: Li Zhiting, Meng Ziyi, Li Yitong, Wang Zhuocheng 

Number of Episodes: 40 Episodes, 

Length of Each Episode: 41 minutes

Online broadcast platform: Tencent Video

Legend of Two Sisters in the Chaos
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Charming and Countries (浮世双娇传)

In the third year of Longqing, the emperor of Lai Kingdom was about to die, and the imperial power changed. There were rumors of "Emperor Fu Empress", and the two daughters of the Fu family, Fu Yuzhan and Fu Jinzhan, were involved in court disputes due to rumors. Fu Yuzhan and Fu Jinzhan were aware of the disaster that the instability of the court would bring to the people. The two women, one quiet and one military, were fearless in the face of danger, and helped the king of Jin Xue Rong, who had a great cause and worked hard to win the throne of the Kingdom of Lai. 

The counterattack of the other faction produced the coincidence of a dislocated marriage. In order to correct the wrong marriage, and also to assist Xue Rong to realize the ideal of governing the country smoothly and let the people live and work in peace and contentment, the two daughters of the Fu family used their wisdom and courage to quell the intrusion of neighboring countries, appease the disaster-stricken people, and find the murderer who killed the late emperor. behind the scenes.

5th Episode Summary of Charming and Countries (浮世双娇传)

Episode 1

Fu Yuzhan and the second daughter Fu Jinzhan went out when they heard someone on the street sing the song of Empress Fu. The carriage stopped, General Zhang dismounted, and told the children not to sing this again in the future. Fu Jinzhan didn't understand why, her sister told her that although there are many Fu surnames, only King Wei can be known by the Fu surname in Kyoto. This song can easily cause suspicion, so it is better to be cautious. The two of them went out because the eldest princess invited her female relatives to enjoy flowers. Fu Yuzhan told her sister not to run around after entering the palace, and not to go to the imperial guards to compete. If she didn't listen, she would confiscate all the weapons in her room. accepted. King Xue Rong of Jin entered the palace to meet his father, Xue Wei. Xue Wei asked about Peng Ze’s envoy. Xue Rong said that Peng Ze only sent one envoy, which was not sincere, and they did not need to send important officials to meet him. Xue Wei asked about Empress Fu's song, Xue Rong thought it might be nonsense, or it might be someone's accident, so the person who happened should be investigated to avoid any conspiracy. Xue Wei didn't take it to heart, feeling that he was the only one who could decide to whom the Lingyang throne would be passed on. The envoy He Wen was insulting a soldier on the way. He insisted that he stole his wrench. 

The maid at the station sent the wrench and said that he had fallen. He Wenzheng refused to forgive him, saying that they were a group. Fu Jinzhan couldn't stand it any longer, and he taught He Wenzheng a lesson. He Wenzheng was so angry that he asked Emperor Lingyang to give an explanation. Fu Jinzhan went to the palace, and Fu Yuzhan was already here. He Wenzheng came to see Xue Wei and said that someone beat him and asked them to give an explanation. Xue Wei sent eunuch Li Fang to the inner city to have a look and brought Fu Jinzhan over. King Wei Fu Yanxin was surprised when he saw that it was Fu Jinzhan. Xue Wei wanted to punish Fu Jinzhan, but Fu Yuzhan brought the soldiers over and told what happened. Xue Wei felt that the envoy did not take their Lingyang seriously, and instead asked Peng Ze to give an explanation. He Wenzheng clearly came to return the top three cities, and secretly asked for marriage for King Chengfu Liu Chengfu, wanting to marry the daughter of King Wei. Xue Rong felt that it would be better to lead troops to conquer the top three cities, and Xue Wei felt that King Cheng guarding Jincheng, it was better to agree to the marriage and let the daughter of the Fu family assassinate Liu Chengfu when they were married, and take the opportunity to capture Jincheng. Xue Wei asked Xue Rong to lead the troops to get rid of Liu Chengfu and capture Jincheng. The eldest princess and her son Li Huaijin came to visit Xue Wei. Xue Rong came out to see her and greeted her, but the eldest princess scolded him for being rude. 

The eldest princess felt that Xue Rong was a wild breed with a foreign surname and was not worthy of being favored at all, and targeted him everywhere. Fu Yanxin went home and talked about the assassination. Fu Yuzhan felt that he was a suitable candidate. The main task this time was to capture Jincheng. Although Fu Jinzhan had martial arts, he was impatient. Fu Jinzhan was not convinced and felt that he had martial arts skills suitable for him. Fu Yuzhan proposed to have a test to see who could get the sachet of King Jin first. Fu Jinzhan planned to sneak in, but he didn't expect to see Fu Yuzhan visiting, and Fu Jinzhan quickly followed. Fu Jinzhan proposed to compete with King Jin, King Jin agreed, and Fu Yuzhan asked King Jin to roll up his clothes to facilitate the competition. When Fu Jinzhan competed, he stared at the hem of his clothes everywhere, and he finally caught it, but he didn't expect the sachet to disappear. Fu Jinzhan saw Fu Yuzhan's maid Lanpei passing by, and hurriedly chased after her, but the sachet was not with her. It turned out that Fu Yuzhan asked King Jin to take it down early, and when Fu Jinzhan left, he asked Xue Rong to reward him, and he got the sachet smoothly. Fu Jinzhan was very angry when he found that he was fooled. Xue Rong hesitated when he thought of Xue Wei's words. Xue Wei asked him to take Fu Yuzhan with him. After he captured Jincheng, he would get rid of Fu Yuzhan. She is too smart to be a queen. When the time comes to marry Fu Jinzhan, he will be the future lord. The eldest princess also did not want to see Fu Yuzhan and her relatives, so she arranged for a manpower. Fu Jinzhan fainted Fu Yuzhan and got on the sedan chair by himself. After Fu Yuzhan woke up, he told his father to chase the wedding car. On the way, Fu Jinzhan stopped to rest, but he was knocked out and taken away.

Episode 2

Xue Rong found that the man was missing, and hurriedly took the guards to find it. The assassin hid Fu Jinzhan and led Xue Rong away by himself. Xue Rong fought with him, and the assassin fled in a hurry, dropping a wooden sign, which was picked up by others. Fu Yuzhan rushed over and felt that the assassin was not an ordinary person, but probably someone from the capital. Xue Rong was very surprised to see Fu Yuzhan. Fu Yuzhan said that Jinzhan entered the sedan chair instead of her, and was now captured by the assassin. He hoped that he could immediately order the hunt for the assassin. Xue Rong said that her teasing was the crime of deceiving the king, and Fu Yuzhan said that it was an accident and that she was willing to go to Jincheng to complete this task. The eldest princess was very angry when she learned that the second daughter of the Fu family had been robbed by mistake, and her subordinates said that they had arranged for assassins to ambush in the valley. As long as they arrived, they would shoot arrows to kill the Fu family daughter, but this might accidentally injure King Jin. . On the contrary, the eldest princess felt that this was a good time to get rid of King Jin. She couldn't watch the Xue family fall into the hands of a foreign surname. Li Fang asked the guards to continue to follow, and report again when there is news. 

The guards suspected that the Fu family did not want their daughter to marry far away, and they made such a fuss on purpose. Li Fang felt that it was difficult to say. The guard took out the wooden sign he picked up, thinking that there might be clues, Li Fang was shocked when he saw the wooden sign. The wedding car continued to move forward, Xue Rong stopped suddenly, Fu Yuzhan also felt that there might be an ambush, and proposed a detour, Xue Rong agreed. The assassin hurriedly chased over, and the carriage ran wild in fright. Xue Rong was shot by an arrow in order to save Fu Yuzhan and fled with her. Fu Jinzhan woke up and took the opportunity to escape, but he didn't expect to fall into the hole that the assassin had dug a long time ago. The assassin was roasting something outside to tempt her, and threw the rope down. Unexpectedly, Fu Jinzhan took the opportunity to drag the assassin down. The two were trapped here. The assassin said his name was Jiang Shao. Fu Jinzhan was bitten by a snake in order to save Jiang Shao. 

Fortunately, it was not poisonous. Jiang Shao was very depressed when he realized that he had arrested the wrong person. The next day, the two of them managed to climb out on a human ladder, and Jiang Shao lost his head when trying to save Fu Jinzhan. When Jiang Shao woke up, he thought that Fu Jinzhan had run away, but she didn't expect that she hadn't left herself. Xue Rong and others arrived at the inn, Fu Yuzhan boiled medicine for King Jin, and found that the medicine was poisonous. After checking it, they found that it was the problem of well water, and quickly stopped the soldiers who wanted to drink water. Fu Yuzhan called the commander over and proposed to use a fake Jin King as bait. The assassins outside the door heard it, the commander caught the eavesdropping assassin, and Fu Yuzhan gave him a sum of money to go back and spread false news. The assassin went back to report, saying that he pretended to agree, but Fu Yuzhan had expected it, and this was her plan.

Episode 3

The guards found Fu Jinzhan, who said that Jiang Shao saved her, and the assassin had already run away. Fu Jinzhan learned that Fu Yuzhan had caught up with the wedding car to Jincheng, and said that he wanted to go back to Beijing by himself and let the guards go back first. Fu Jinzhan asked Jiang Shao if he was interested in taking another mission and could give him a lot of money. The emperor saw the wooden plaque and found that the jade inside was cut from his jade pendant. At that time, he had a relationship with Jiang Shunying, but he wanted to return to the palace to inherit the throne. Jiang Shunying yearned for freedom and did not want to go back with him, nor did he want his children to lose their freedom and insist on leaving. After that, the whereabouts of their mother and son became the emperor's heart disease, and now there is finally news. The emperor was very sad and asked Li Fang to investigate, he must find this person. Fu Jinzhan and Jiang Shao want to go to Jincheng to assassinate Liu Chengfu first. If it can be done, Fu Yuzhan will not be in danger, and he will give Jiang Shao a thousand taels after it is done. When the two arrived in Jincheng, they happened to see that the palace was buying servant girls. 

The two mixed in, Jiang Shao gave the maid medicine to make her have diarrhea, and took the opportunity to deliver the food box instead of her. The two were hiding under the bed, Jiang Shao asked, they could kill Liu Chengfu at this time and find a chance to escape. The two were crowded under the bed, Jiang Shao took a look, the beam was facing the top of the bed, and it was not easy to be found. Fu Jinzhan came out to see the dim sum, stole one, gave half of it to Jiang Shao, and hid on the roof beam. When Liu Chengfu came back in the evening, Jiang Shao tied Fu Jinzhan with a belt, and hung her down to prepare for assassination, but the belt was not long enough to reach. Just as someone came in, Fu Jinzhan hurriedly hid. The strategist brought the news of the Lingyang informant and told him that the marriage was for assassination. Every time a secret letter came and went, there was a token, which was the same as the auspicious money that the King of Jin had taken out before. Fu Jinzhan and Jiang Shao came to see Fu Yuzhan and told her that the matter had been exposed. 

When Xue Rong saw Fu Jinzhan, the two were good friends, and they were very happy to meet again after a long absence. They met on the battlefield before, and Jiang Shao also rescued Xue Rong. In order to gain Liu Chengfu's trust, Fu Yuzhan simply came to him and admitted that he was coerced by the emperor to assassinate him. Whether it succeeds or not, this is an excuse for the emperor to get rid of the Fu family. Fu Yuzhan expressed that he did not want to sit still and wanted to join forces with Liu Chengfu. The Fu family was willing to help Liu Chengfu ascend to the throne, and King Wei also wanted to become emperor by himself. Liu Chengfu agreed to cooperate. Liu Chengfu sent his men to settle them and took Li Liang out, but Li Liang was actually Jiang Shao in disguise. King Jin and Huang Jian discussed that when Fu Yuzhan's assassination was successful, the army would come in and find an opportunity to kill Fu Yuzhan. Lan Pei came to take the poisoned hairpin given by King Jin, and happened to hear it.

Episode 4

Fu Jinzhan is very anxious. Now that the army does not know where, the advance planning of the wedding date has failed. Fu Jinzhan wanted to assassinate him now, but Fu Yuzhan hurriedly stopped her and said he had a way. Fu Yuzhan soaked in cold water and successfully made himself sick. The doctor came to see it and said that he was not acclimatized to the soil and water, and Fu Yuzhan was not in good health and had fever. The doctor replied to Liu Chengfu that even if they were married like this, they would not be able to perform the courtesy of Duke Zhou. Liu Chengfu thought for a while and ordered a three-day extension. On the wedding day, someone carefully searched Fu Yuzhan to make sure there was no threat. Fu Yuzhan was waiting in the wedding room, and a maid brought cakes over and forced her to eat them. Fu Yuzhan knew that there was a problem and had no choice but to eat it. When the maid left, Fu Yuzhan hurriedly spit it out. Liu Chengfu came in quickly, Fu Yuzhan stabbed Liu Chengfu in the throat with a hairpin, and Liu Chengfu fell down. Fu Jinzhan sent a signal, and Xue Rong rushed in with the army. When Xue Rong came in, both Fu Yuzhan and Liu Chengfu were gone, and only a note told him to go outside the city. King Jin rushed over, and Fu Yuzhan was waiting here, telling him that Liu Chengfu was not dead. If King Jin killed her, Liu Chengfu would appear in the capital, and the emperor would definitely blame him. Now that he has won Jincheng, it is better to let her go. The Fu family will definitely help King Jin in the future. 

At this point, the King of Jin could only agree. The King of Jin went back and told the emperor that Fu Yuzhan did not go at all, but Fu Jinzhan went and was robbed by the thieves. Although the emperor explained that the King of Jin must let Fu Yuzhan go, he did not blame him, because he captured Jincheng and sealed the King of Jin as the governor of the capital. Fu Yuzhan went home and let people spread the news that she had contracted the cold and did not go out these days. Jinzhan was robbed halfway through her marriage and only recently escaped. Li Fang told the emperor that the owner of the wooden sign was Jiang Shao, the ranger who robbed the rune girl that day, and now lives in the palace of the King of Jin, and the emperor was very happy. Zhao An found out that someone in the court colluded with Liu Chengfu, and the token was auspicious money, and also saw Fu Yuzhan appear in Jincheng. The emperor was very angry and wanted to check all Jiyu money, and asked Zhao An to kill Fu Yuzhan. Fu Yuzhan and Fu Jinzhan went out, and Zhao An secretly followed, trying to kill Fu Yuzhan. Xue Rong happened to see that Zhao An was killed in the dispute while protecting Fu Yuzhan. The emperor learned about this and knew that Xue Rong was still too soft-hearted. For the future emperor, this was not a good thing, but it was better than having the ambition to defect to the enemy and betray the country. The subordinate told the eldest princess that her big money was lost. 

The eldest princess knew that Cao Ying did it, so the eldest princess forced Cao Ying to contact Liu Chengfu closely. It seemed that Cao Ying was afraid that the eldest princess would deal with him. Princess tied together. The next day, the imperial family and ministers went to the palace to check the big money. The eldest princess took out one, and Cao Ying also took it out. The King of Jin wanted to take it out but found that it was missing. King Jin said that the big money was still there before he entered the palace, and it should have been stolen. He was assassinated before, and there was a gap in his big money, which could be checked. The emperor asked people to check, but there were no gaps in other big money. The emperor scolded him for liaising with Liu Chengfu and put him in the prison of the Ministry of Punishment, and let Zhang Yongyao, the minister of the Ministry of Punishment, try him. When Fu Yuzhan learned of this, he deliberately came to the Ministry of Punishment to do business. When he saw Xue Rong who came in, he made the gesture he had agreed upon, saying that the Fu family would help him. Fu Yuzhan told his father about this, and his father did not agree to be involved, but Fu Yuzhan felt that King Jin would return it tenfold in the future. Fu Jinzhan thought that Zhang Yongyao was Li Huaijin's childhood playmate and could ask Li Huaijin to help meet Zhang Yongyao.

Episode 5

Fu Yuzhan saw Zhang Yongyao and hoped that he could propose to re-inspect the big money. Zhang Yongyao also felt that Xue Rong was not someone who was fornicating with Liu Chengfu, and agreed to submit the letter. Princess Shou'an went out to play in the palace, saw a pair, and came out right. Zhang Yongyao helped her change a word on the side, Princess Shou'an was very moved when she saw him. Princess Shou'an accidentally sprained her foot, and Zhang Yongyao helped her check it, making her even more shy. Jiang Shao came to visit King Jin in prison and brought him a fox fur to keep him warm. Xue Rong knew in his heart that his father punished him not because of big money, but because he didn't kill Fu Yuzhan, reminding him not to go against his wishes. Jiang Shao also brought a letter from Fu Yuzhan, asking him to do what he said above. Xue Rong didn't expect that Fu Yuzhan really wanted to help him. The emperor received a letter from Xue Rong and Zhang Yongyao, requesting to re-check the big money. Li Fang said that Jiang Shao often visited Xue Rong and ran for him, but he didn't know many people and it was useless. The emperor ordered Zhang Yongyao to re-check the big money. Fu Jinzhan went out to play, suddenly said that his big money was gone, and asked the guards to look for it all over the street. This is actually Fu Yuzhan's plan. This time, the inspection of the big money, this person can no longer fool around with imitations, he must think of other ways, and then he will be able to get out of the way. Cao Ying naturally understands that there are secret guards in the mansion now, and he wants to escape with his family. 

The eldest princess now has a lot of money from him and Xue Rong, so she is not afraid, but he can only bear the charge of collaborating with the enemy and treason. Now that it was rumored that the Fu family lost a lot of money, he could only choose to surrender to the Fu family, so he wrote a letter. Fu Yuzhan read the letter and understood that the eldest princess was the mastermind behind the scenes, and felt that the snake hit seven inches. Fu Jinzhan came to Li Huaijin and said that he had lost a lot of money and wanted to borrow his to make one. Li Huaijin didn't know that the situation was special, but he still borrowed it. Fu Jinzhan came to see her sister, made a gap in Li Huaijin's big money, and sent it back. The eldest princess was furious when she knew about this, but Li Huaijin was sure that Fu Jinzhan would testify for herself. The eldest princess had no choice but to send the big money back to the Jin Palace, for fear that Fu Jinzhan would not testify for him. The next day Zhang Yongyao checked the big money and found that there was a gap in Li Huaijin's big money. Fu Jinzhan came to testify, and Li Huaijin was very happy. Cao Ying did not have a lot of money and admitted that he did it by himself. When the eldest princess came out to see Fu Yuzhan, the two of them competed in words. The eldest princess went to the prison to see Cao Ying and asked her subordinates to kill him. Fu Yuzhan came to check the big money, and found that the big money that the emperor gave to the royal family was different from that to the courtiers. 

The eldest princess should have snatched it from Cao Ying. Fu Yuzhan suggested that Zhang Yongyao show the emperor the big money, which Zhang Yongyao thought made sense. The emperor looked at the big money very sadly. In the past, when Emperor Taizu was there, the Xue family was prosperous. Because of the years of battles, only their two brothers and sisters were left, and the Xue family's clan only had four big money. The emperor said that he didn't want to lose it when he was old, and Zhang Yongyao understood. The emperor felt that Zhang Yongyao was a smart man and could be used by his son in the future. Cao Ying's family was not a slave, and Fu Yuzhan was bought, and she promised Cao Ying to protect his family. Jiang Shao came to the Treasure Pavilion and wanted to choose a gift. The emperor came out to see him in disguise and chatted with him. Jiang Shao felt that he was very kind. Li Fang felt that the emperor should take him back to the palace. The emperor didn't know what kind of person he was. He had not been with him for years. If he recognized him, Lingyang's throne would definitely be passed on to him, and he didn't know what he was. Can you afford it. Xue Rong was cultivated by his side and is a qualified king.

Cast of Charming and Countries (浮世双娇传)

Li Zhiting as Xue Rong

King Jin, the adopted son of the late emperor, was adopted by Xue Wei since he was a child, and he felt extremely insecure. Focused on self-preservation, driven by maximizing interests, he aspired to become a wise king. He is capable of both writing and martial arts, handsome and unrestrained, and likes Fu Yuzhan.

Mencius as Fu Yuzhan

Fu's eldest daughter, Fu Jinzhan's sister. She is calm, generous, intelligent, introverted and strategic, centered on family interests, and has a dedication to the family. However, due to his strong personality, he occasionally becomes blindly confident. Not only is she a lady with a calm personality, but she also has an air of calmness even in a crisis. Because of the legend of "Empress Rune", she was involved in the struggle for power change, but even in the face of adversity, she still has the bearing and confidence to control the overall situation.

Li Yitong as Fu Jinzhan

The second daughter of the Fu family, the younger sister of Fu Yuzhan. Born in an aristocratic family since childhood, he was protected by his father and sister since he was a child. But the martial arts are outstanding, even ordinary men can't match, they are a little reckless at ordinary times, and they can be said to complement each other with their sister. In the turbulent times, they can still maintain their heart of truth and goodness, and Jiang Shao has come to the end.

Wang Zhuocheng as Jiang Shao

The exiled parents and children of the late emperor are sunny, pure and kind, smart, and juvenile. The twists and turns of the rivers and lakes, the young general, the heroic and unparalleled, and Fu Jinzhan hand in hand to compose a touching love song.

Ren Youlun as Li Huaijin

The son of Princess Fuqing, he is gentle and kind, modest and courteous, born in a noble family, and full of talents and talents. He and Fu Jinzhan were childhood sweethearts, and they fell in love with Fu Jinzhan. They could be said to be responsive to Fu Jinzhan, and could always rescue Fu Jinzhan in time when he was in danger. Later, due to the misunderstanding caused by the death of his mother, he became a man who would do anything for love.

Zhong Qi as Shou An

The daughter of the late emperor Xue Wei, the adopted sister of Xue Rong, and the sister of Jiang Shao, she was loved by the late emperor and Xue Rong since childhood. Although she was born in the royal family, she still developed a kind and simple, knowledgeable character. After falling in love with Zhang Yongyao, he turned black due to various misunderstandings, and targeted Fu Yuzhan everywhere.

Lin Siyi as Chai Zhenzhen

Chen Yang as Zhang Yongyao

Hua Wen as Zhao Wan'er

Lan Xi as Princess Fuqing

Ma Wenzhong as Fu Yanxin

Dubbing Zhao Mingzhou

Fu Jun as Xue Wei

Mei Nianjia as Liu Chengfu

Prince A as Yueying

Zhao Jiarui as Lampe

Hu Xiaohui as Qing Ge

Zhang Qian as swallow grass

Chen Yingdan as Qiuyun

Zhang Jiarui as Layman Qingfeng

Shen Baoping as Chai Shouren

Zhang Junliang as Guo Fu

Zheng Shengli as Li Fang

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