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Challenges at Midlife (相逢时节) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Challenges at Midlife (相逢时节) is Chinese Drama produced by Dongyang Noon Sunshine Film and Television Co., Ltd., produced by Hou Hongliang, directed by Jian Chuanqi, written by Anai, starring Lei Jiayin and Yuan Quan, Zhang Yixing, Jia Nailiang, Luo Haiqiong, Liang Guanhua, Lian Lian, Yan Xiaopin, Sun Ning, Zhu Zimo The urban emotional drama starring Li Naiwen, Wang Churan and Zhang Li friendship.

Challenges at Midlife (相逢时节) is adapted from the novel "The Season of Falling Flowers" written by A Nai. It revolves around the grievances and grievances of two generations of two families for decades. A contradictory story. The series will premiere on Zhejiang Satellite TV and Dragon TV on February 23, 2022, and will be broadcast simultaneously on Youku Video

In Challenges at Midlife (相逢时节), Zhang Yixing plays the heroine's younger brother Ning Shu. Ning Shu's name was Mingming when he was a child. He experienced family changes during his childhood: his father, Cui Hao, stabbed the factory manager Jian Zhiguo and committed suicide.

The mother, Ning Hui, was forced to move with her two children due to the pressure of public opinion, and changed her name to Ning You and Ning Shu. Although "Yu Shu" means forgiveness, the young Ning Shu has always buried the seeds of hatred in his heart and is determined to seek revenge from Jian's family.

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Detail of  Challenges at Midlife (相逢时节)

Chinese Title:  相逢时节 (Meeting Season)

English Title:  Challenges at Midlife AKA ​​Falling Flower Season 

Genre: City, Emotional, Friendship 

Producer: Hou Hongliang 

Starring: Lei Jiayin, Yuan Quan, Zhang Yixing, Jia Nailiang

Number of Episode: 38 Episodes 

Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes 

Online Broadcast Platform: Youku video, Star TV, Zhejiang Satellite TV, Dragon TV

Synopsis of Challenges at Midlife (相逢时节)

Jian Hongcheng (Lei Jiayin), the son of Jian Zhiguo, the director of the Second Linshui Agricultural Machinery Factory, fell in love with the quiet and beautiful Ning You (Yuan Quan) at first sight in college, but was repeatedly rejected until Ning You married after graduation, Jian Hong Talented to die. Jian Zhiguo was stabbed in an argument with employee Cui Hao in his early years, and his health was not as good as before. 

In order to protect the contracting rights of the factory for the young Jian Hongcheng, he forced his daughter Jian Minmin (Luo Haiqiong) to marry his apprentice Zhang Lixin (Liang Guanhua). Managed factory. Zhang Lixin seized power secretly, and after Jian's father died, he forced Jian Hongcheng to leave the country. Years later, Ning You was betrayed by her husband and decided to divorce. Jian Hongcheng, who had started from scratch, learned that Zhang Lixin was going to sell the old factory land to repay his debts. He couldn't bear his father's efforts to be wasted. He returned to his hometown to keep the land, so he reunited with Ning You and finally knew the reason behind Ning You's repeated rejection of him. She was actually Cui Hao's daughter. 

Jian Hongcheng solves the mess left by Zhang Lixin one by one according to law, but Ning You's younger brother Ning Shu (Zhang Yixing) keeps making trouble. Jian Hongcheng and Ning You worked together to stop their irrational relatives. Faced with so many trivial matters, the two felt the pain of middle age. Fortunately, they re-acquainted with each other and the life they wanted.

5th Episode Summary of Challenges at Midlife (相逢时节) 

Episode 1

In 1991, Jian Zhiguo, the director of the No. 2 Agricultural Machinery Factory in Linshui City, was stabbed by a worker Cui Hao in the office building. The workers rushed to help carry Jian Zhiguo downstairs to be sent to the hospital. At the same time, Cui Hao repented on the rooftop, and at the moment when Jian Zhiguo was carried into the car, Cui Hao jumped down. It was raining heavily, and Cui Hao's children watched the ambulance whizzing by. At this time, they didn't know what happened. In the hospital, Jian Zhiguo's apprentice Zhang Lixin was anxiously guarding the operating room. Jian Zhiguo's wife and daughter came, and Jian Minmin pressed Zhang Lixin to ask what was going on. After learning what happened, Jian Minmin angrily came to Cui Hao's house to smash things, and Cui Hao's children hid under the bed in fear. Zhang Lixin found out that Cui Hao's sons and daughters were hiding under the bed. He didn't want the impulsive Jian Minmin to make mistakes, so he carried Jian Minmin and left. When Cui Hao's wife Ning Hui returned home, she saw that the house was in a mess, and she didn't see a pair of children Mingming and Zhenzhen, so she was very worried. Mingming and Zhenzhen heard their mother's voice and hurried out of the room, asking if their mother and father were really gone, and the three of them hugged each other and cried. When he heard the news, Jian Zhiguo's son Jian Hongcheng rushed to the hospital and saw his father who was still unconscious in the hospital bed. 

In the hospital, when Jian Minmin saw Ning Hui, a pharmacist, she started to make a scene, shouting that Ning Hui was a family member of a murderer. Ning Hui reminded Jian Minmin that Jian Zhiguo was not dead, but their family Cui Hao was dead. Jian Minmin asked Ning Hui if their factory was finished and whether the Cui family could take responsibility. Mingming saw that her mother was bullied and wanted to go forward and bite Jian Minmin, but Jian Minmin pushed Mingming away, causing Mingming to slam into the wall beside him and faint. Jian Minmin made a scene in the hospital, and Ning Hui was arranged by the hospital to go to the subordinate rural medical station to avoid the limelight. Ning Hui took a pair of children to worship Cui Hao, and after deciding to move, let the children follow her surname and call them Ning You and Ning Shu. Standing in front of the tomb, Ning Shu vowed to avenge his father when he grew up. It rained heavily, and Ning Hui took Ning You and Ning Shu to move house overnight. When the time came to Shanghai in 2018, Ning You got married and had children. On this day, son Hao Yuhuai and her husband Hao Qinglin came back. Ning You found that Hao Qinglin was always replying to cell phone messages secretly. She saw it in her eyes, but pretended to turn a blind eye. When Jian Hongcheng just went to work, his wife Chen Xin called the assistant. 

Jian Hongcheng was very angry and scolded Chen Xin for being so troublesome, and he would snatch the child custody from her. He lied to him that the child was sick and delayed work, and if he made trouble again, he would compete with her for custody of the child. After hanging up, Jian Hongcheng reminded his assistant to block Chen Xin's phone. In Linshui in 1998, Jian Minmin was dissatisfied with Jian Zhiguo's giving all the factory to Jian Hongcheng, and accused Jian Zhiguo of forcing her to marry Zhang Lixin, so that Zhang Lixin could help their family get through the difficulties, so without her, there would be no Jian family, so the Jian family could not turn They are in charge of the house. Ning Shu applied for a transfer to Linshui, but the manager was furious. In fact, Ning Shu had a more important reason for returning to Linshui. Ning You's lawyer girlfriend Luo Yigui came and told her the news of Tian Jingye's commutation. 

Ning You thanked Luo Yigui in particular. Hongtu Electronics suddenly received a large order of 1.5 million. Jian Hongtu was about to be very happy. When he was excited to kiss the order, Jian Hongcheng appeared, but Jian Hongtu saw Jian Hongcheng and was not as happy as he imagined. The two brothers chatted, and then Jian Hongtu knew that the big order was what Jian Hongcheng wanted. He didn’t understand what Jian Hongcheng meant when he suddenly came to the water and asked him to order. Jian Hongcheng revealed that Zhang Lixin and Jian Minmin might do something sorry for the family. protect him. Jian Hongtu was still full of doubts. Jian Hongcheng hadn't paid attention to him for more than ten years. Now that water suddenly came and gave him such a big list, it was inevitable to suspect that it was a trap. Jian Hongcheng went back to Linshui to worship his parents at the cemetery. He still remembered that after his father died, Jian Minmin and Zhang Lixin partnered to transfer the assets of the factory, and Jian Hongcheng was forced to leave Linshui.

Episode 2

Zhang Lixin asked Jian Minmin to sell the land of Lixin Building, but Jian Minmin disagreed. This was the land of the old factory. He warned Zhang Lixin that if he dared to sell it behind his back, don’t blame himself for being rude. Jian Hongtu came to Jian Minmin and overheard their conversation. Zhang Lixin immediately pulled Jian Hongtu, explaining that he was selling land use rights, mainly because the company’s capital chain was broken. Ning Shu lied that he was promoted to invite his sister Ning You to dinner, and only then did he say that he was going back to Linshui. Ning You was very angry. She had spent so much effort for Ning Shu to stay in Shanghai. She suspected that Ning Shu did not want to stay in Shanghai at all. The matter has passed, and Ning Shu claimed that in a society ruled by law, he used to say revenge casually. Ning You was still worried that Ning Shu would return to Linshui, and Ning Shu said that returning to Linshui was uneasy about her mother, so Ning You should not worry. Hao Qinglin came with his son Hao Yuhuai. During this period, Hao Qinglin kept sending messages with his mobile phone in his hand, or he kept listening to the phone, Ning You could see through it but not tell it. Jian Hongtu called Jian Hongcheng and asked him what he meant by saying that Jian Minmin and Zhang Lixin were going to hurt the family. 

Jian Hongcheng was sure that Jian Hongtu went to Jian Minmin. Jian Hongtu revealed that Zhang Lixin and Jian Minmin were quarreling about selling land. Hongcheng guessed that Jian Minmin hadn't agreed to Zhang Lixin. He was absolutely impossible to agree with them to sell the land. The last sentence of his father Jian Zhiguo before he left was that this land was the root of their family. At the beginning, his father won 15% of the shares for Jian Hongtu, and Jian Hongcheng hoped that Jian Hongtu could play a key role at a critical moment. Jian Hongtu is not as smart as Jian Hong, but now he doesn't believe in anyone, and he still needs time to think about it. Jian Hongcheng understood. After all, he hadn't seen each other for more than ten years. Jian Hongtu didn't believe that he was normal, but he would speak with facts. Since Jian Minmin and Zhang Lixin didn't get on with each other, they would definitely find Jian Hongtu separately and let Jian Hongtu went to test them first as he said. Hao Qinglin suddenly sent Ning You skin care products, Ning You asked Hao Qinglin to say something straight, Hao Qinglin claimed to be concerned, and then chatted with Ning You about Xiao Qi's affairs for half a million. Ning You had never seen Hao Qinglin so caring, and Hao Qinglin did everything he could for the sake of his former colleague. The two quarreled, affecting the rest of their son Hao Yuhuai. Ning You directly pointed out that Hao Qinglin was trying to cheat money, and Hao Qinglin became angry and accused Ning You that it was because he cheated at the beginning, Ning You looked down on him, and had a big quarrel with Ning You. 

Jian Hongcheng accidentally bumped into Ning Shu. At this time, Ning Shu was on the phone, preparing to plan the next step. Having breakfast at home, Ning You received the message that Ning Shu was leaving for Linshui. Hao Yuhuai asked Hao Qinglin to take him to see his uncle. Hao Qinglin was not very happy, but Ning Shu had already left. Ning You is going to attend the reunion of college classmates at noon tomorrow. Hao Yuhuai is curious about whether Hao Qinglin wants to go or not. If Hao Qinglin doesn't, he sends Hao Yuhuai to the remedial class and to Uncle Xiao Qi's place. Hao Yuhuai also wanted to see Uncle Xiao Qi, but Hao Qinglin was very embarrassed to hear that. Ning You also helped Hao Qinglin out of the siege, claiming that visiting Uncle Xiao Qi was to see a patient, and there should not be too many people. Jian Hongcheng received a call from Tian Jingye's mother, Tian Jingye will be released from prison next month, and arranged for his assistant to arrange all the conflicting things during that time. Just after hanging up the phone, Jian Hongcheng received another phone call from Yuan Liu, a college student, inviting him to attend the Finance Class Reunion. Jian Hongcheng thought that it had been twenty years, dreaming of returning to his college days, he fell in love with the quiet and beautiful Ning You at first sight. Chen Xiner sent a lot of information to Jian Hongcheng, and Jian Hongcheng took the trouble to block Chen Xiner's WeChat. 

Chen Xiner immediately called Jian Hongcheng, but the phone was blocked and couldn't get through. Master Jiang came to the door and told Chen Xiner that Jian Hongcheng arranged to take the sweet potato to the beach to pick up shells tomorrow, which was the right season. After a while, Chen Xiner received an email from Yuan Liu, inviting her and Jian Hongcheng to attend tomorrow's class reunion. Chen Xiner therefore suspected that Jian Hongcheng had contacted Ning You as soon as he returned to Shanghai, no wonder she arranged for her to go on a trip with Little Sweet Potato. Ning Shu suddenly attacked Linshui, and his mother, Ning Hui, was very happy, but when she heard that Ning Shu was returning to work in Linshui, she was worried and worried that Ning Shu would meet people from the Jian family. Ning Shu reassured her mother that now is a society ruled by law, it's all right. Ning Shu sent a photo of him and his mother to Ning You, and then came to the door of Lixin Building. The scene of being bullied by Jian's family immediately appeared in front of him.

Episode 3

In the evening, when eating Western food at home, Hao Qinglin fried the steak, and was very attentive to Ning You, helping to cut the steak well. After eating it, his son Hui Hui couldn't help but praise Hao Qinglin as a master chef. At night, Chen Xiner thought a lot, looked at her sleeping son, Little Sweet Potato, and thought that there was surveillance at home, so she sent a message to Master Jiang, asking Master Jiang to come pick him up early tomorrow morning, and then left the house with her luggage. In the morning, Hao Qinglin made a hearty and nutritious breakfast, let Ning You sit down to eat, and then went to the room to wake up the bed-ridden Hui Hui. Hao Qinglin also brewed peach oolong tea for Ning You, and mentioned that her mother asked them to have dinner tonight. Ning You might be too late. Tonight's class reunion, I don't know what time it will end, but after thinking about it, I decided to come back early and bring Hui Hui there. Jian Hongtu was thinking about the relationship between his eldest brother and sister and brother-in-law, and was worried. At this time, his brother-in-law Zhang Lixin came to the door, and Jian Hongtu invited Zhang Lixin into the warehouse to speak. As soon as he entered the door, Zhang Lixin took out the contract and lobbied Jian Hongtu to sell the land. Jian Hongtu was embarrassed. He was still thinking of having a place in the building to do business. 

Zhang Lixin is talking about the hype, that is, he wants Jian Hongtu to agree to sell the land. Jian Hongtu raised the pen and pretended to sign the contract, Zhang Lixin was secretly happy and was about to secretly have fun, but Jian Hongtu put down the pen and responded with the set of words that Jian Hongcheng taught him, plus playing on the spot, he sent Zhang Lixin directly. go. After Zhang Lixin left, Jian Hongtu thought about what Jian Hongcheng had said before, and asked him to test it like this, but he didn't expect it to be true, so he called Jian Hongcheng, and Jian Hong dealt with Jian Hongtu's next step to hand over to him. The business is done. After Zhang Lixin was frustrated with Jian Hongtu, he immediately asked people to investigate who Jian Hongtu was doing business with. Although Ning Shu has been in Shanghai all these years, he did not forget to inquire about the Jian family in Linshui, and learned that Zhang Lixin is now trying to get Jian Minmin and Jian Hongtu to agree to sell the land, but Jian Minmin and Jian Hongtu seem to disagree. If Zhang Lixin couldn't sell the land this time, it was because he didn't push Zhang Lixin in a hurry, and he would rather do it himself. Ning Shu couldn't forget the bullying he suffered when he was a child, and vowed to personally ruin the Jian family, otherwise he would not be able to relieve the hatred in his heart. 

Early in the morning, Master Jiang came to the house to take the little sweet potato for a trip. Before the door was opened, he heard the little sweet potato crying. Master Jiang hurriedly used the password given by Chen Xiner to open the door, only to see a heartbreaking cry. Little sweet potato, but there is no Chen Xiner at home. Master Jiang quickly appeased the little sweet potato, and at the same time suspected that Chen Xiner had left the child alone for one night. Jian Hongcheng, who heard the news, was angry, turned on his mobile phone and pulled Chen Xiner's phone number from the blacklist, and then called to prepare to ask the teacher to ask the guilt. As a result, Chen Xiner did not answer the phone. Jian Hongcheng received a call from the old monitor, and only then did he know that Chen Xiner came to Shanghai to attend the class reunion, and felt uneasy. Jian Hongcheng hurried to attend the class reunion, and met Ning You by chance while riding the elevator. He hadn't seen each other for more than 20 years, and the atmosphere was a bit awkward. Back in college days, Jian Hongcheng fell in love with Ning You at first sight, and the two started a relationship. Jian Hongcheng was worried that Chen Xiner would hurt Ning You, and persuaded Ning You not to go to the party. Ning You thought it had nothing to do with her, Jian Hongcheng explained that Chen Xiner had some mental problems and liked to make a big fuss, always sticking to their affairs twenty years ago. 

Listening to Jian Hongcheng's words, Ning You is going to go to the party. Over the years, Chen Xiner has always harassed her with unwarranted things, and today just happened to make it clear in public. Ning You believes that there is a lack of trust between Jian Hongcheng and Chen Xiner and his wife. Hui Hui accidentally discovered that Hao Qinglin did not go to the hospital to visit Uncle Xiao Qi, but stayed in the hotel for an afternoon. He questioned why Hao Qinglin betrayed him and his mother again, and was so angry that he opened the car door and got out of the car and left. At the class reunion, Chen Xiner targeted Ning You everywhere, and Jian Hongcheng dealt with it. Ning You received a phone call from her son Huihui. Hearing his son's mood was not right, he was anxious and left the party ahead of schedule. After the class reunion, Chen Xiner held on to the matter of Jian Hongcheng and Ning You, insisting that if she didn't come, Jian Hongcheng and Ning You would get together. Jian Hongcheng was very angry and hoped that Chen Xiner would understand that they had divorced.

Episode 4

In Chen Xin'er's heart, Ning You has always been regarded as a fox spirit. Jian Hongcheng and Ning You have not been in contact for 20 years. If it wasn't for Chen Xin'er, he would not have seen Ning You today. Chen Xiner didn't believe it, insisting on Jianhong's achievements was for Ning You to come to Shanghai. Jian Hongcheng was really intolerable. Chen Xiner had violated his bottom line by leaving the little sweet potato alone in Shenzhen. Now that the little sweet potato has been picked up by Master Jiang, he has also found a good lawyer to compete with Chen Xiner for custody. Chen Xiner began to soften and apologize to Jian Hongcheng. He kept saying that he didn't dare to do this next time, and just asked Jian Hongcheng to return the little sweet potato to her. Jian Hongcheng was soft-hearted after all, and asked Chen Xiner to go downstairs now. Master Jiang was waiting downstairs. He immediately went to the airport to take the last flight back to Shenzhen, and then took the child in a down-to-earth manner. Jian Hongcheng warned Chen Xiner again that he could sue her at any time. Hui Hui was emotional and told Ning You that Hao Qinglin betrayed them again, just as Hao Qinglin came back, Hui Hui wanted to confront Hao Qinglin. Ning You knew this for a long time, so he soothed Hui Hui and let Hui Hui go back to the room first. Ning You's bottom line is to give Hui Hui an explanation.

Hao Qinglin told Ning You to ask him 500,000 yuan to settle the outside world, or to agree to divorce and divide the family property and let Ning You choose one. Hao Qinglin is a father, Ning You wants Hao Qinglin to be bright in front of the children, and doesn't want his son Huihui to know that Hao Qinglin cheated on their mother and son, so he claimed in front of Huihui that they were in a midlife crisis. Ning You and his son talked about the grandfather who accidentally stabbed the factory manager when he was young. Dad's recent mentality seems to be very similar to that of his grandfather back then. He was very confused because he didn't get a promotion after the last personnel transfer, so he didn't go to the hospital today. , I drove the car halfway through the green belt for a full hour before slowing down. Hao Qinglin heard what Ning You said to Hui Hui and expressed his gratitude. Ning You made up lies to help Hao Qinglin decorate peace, and hoped that Hao Qinglin would remember those lies in a unified voice and not hurt the children. Regarding the divorce, Ning You was going to wait until the summer vacation to take Hui Hui for a trip and then tell Hui Hui slowly, during this period, he didn't want Hui Hui to know about their divorce. 

Ning You will also cooperate with Hao Qinglin to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to go through the divorce procedures without setting any obstacles. Hao Qinglin left home with his luggage, and Ning You was sad. Huihui helped Hao Qinglin move things to the basement, and because of Ning You's words, he even apologized for suspecting Hao Qinglin's derailment, and even encouraged him. When going upstairs, Hui Hui saw Ning You hiding silently and sad at the corner of the corridor, and comforted Ning You that he was going out to recuperate as a father, and would come back in a few days. When taking the elevator, Hui Hui had been comforting Ning You, when someone came in, and Hui Hui was in front of Ning You, Ning You couldn't help but lay behind Hui Hui and cried. Ning Shu took his mother to the ecological orchard to pick a lot of fruits and came back. The mother remembered her daughter Ning You and quickly made a video call. Ning You had just cried, and she didn't want her mother to find out, thinking that they were tired after playing all day today, so let them rest early. Ning You and Luo Yigui play basketball with Huihui. Luo Yigui was angry when he heard that Hao Qinglin was cheating and asked Ning You for money. In her opinion, Ning You should let Hao Qinglin go out of the house. 

Ning You just wanted to quickly meet all Hao Qinglin's requirements and let Hao Qinglin leave, and didn't want to see it for a second. Ning You did this all for Hui Hui. She didn't want to affect Hui Hui because of this incident, but she just hadn't figured out how to talk to Hui Hui. She should wait until Hui Hui finished her exam and remind Luo Yigui that she was going to divorce her. Keep your mouth shut. Hao Qinglin was in a hurry to use the money, so he asked an intermediary to list the house on the Internet. Ning Shu asked the courier to deliver the fruit to Ning You, and also asked the courier brother for a few more express orders. Zhang Lixin found someone to find out that Hongtu Electronics had recently done business with a company called Chengshi Optoelectronics in Shenzhen. He was shocked when he heard that the legal person was Jian Hongcheng. The assistant reported that there was a movement in Linshui. Someone was investigating who was doing business with Jian Hongtu, and the person under investigation had a connection with Zhang Lixin, so he should have known that it was Jian Hongcheng. Hearing this, Jian Hongcheng decided to go back to Linshui, because Zhang Lixin's only hope of selling the land was Jian Minmin, for fear that Jian Minmin would be confused. When the aunt at home came back from walking the dog, she saw a courier at the gate and brought it into the house. Jian Minmin asked her aunt to open the courier to see what it was. When she opened the courier, she saw a brick inside with the words: I stared at you and was instantly terrified.

Episode 5

Ning Shu came to the company's Linshui Company as the general manager. President Tong was very unhappy with Ning Shu's arrival, and he was angry with Xiaojiang, an employee. Jian Minmin mistakenly thought that the anonymous courier was sent by Zhang Lixin, and came to Lixin Group in a rage with a brick to ask Mr. Zhang Lixin to question him. Zhang Lixin assured that he did not do this, and now he is begging Jian Minmin to agree to sell the land, how could he threaten. However, Zhang Lixin guessed who sent it, he got reliable news, and Jian Hongcheng returned to Linshui. Zhang Lixin has received reliable news that Jian Hongcheng is now the boss of a listed company in Shenzhen. He established a branch in Shanghai three months ago, and he also does business with Jian Hongtu. vengeful. Jian Minmin was a little scared and asked Zhang Lixin what to do, Zhang Lixin took the opportunity to persuade Jian Minmin to sell the land. Jian Minmin reluctantly agreed to sell the land, she just said that their hard work cannot be taken away by others. Mr. Tong found Ning Shu and pointed out that the project of Lixin Building was beyond the company's ability, and the head office couldn't give that much support. Ning Shu asked Mr. Tong not to worry about the head office. If he was not sure, he would not recommend this project first, and he would take care of anything. Jian Minmin came to Hongtu Electronics in a blink of an eye to find Jian Hongtu to settle accounts, but Jian Hongcheng found him. Jian Hongcheng and Jian Minmin sat down to chat, Jian Hongcheng bluntly said that he came back this time to get back what belongs to him. 

Jian Minmin looked disdainful. She had worked so hard to run the company, and it had nothing to do with Jian Hongcheng. When Jian Hongcheng was forced away by Jian Minmin, he said that he would come back. Now he has a request to Jian Minmin that the land of Lixin Building cannot be sold. Jian Hongcheng promises not to trouble Jian Minmin for the time being. Jian Minmin can hide away with the equity. There is a project that can be handed over to Jian Minmin. It is not a problem to earn 1.8 million a year, but if Jian Minmin is still with Zhang Lixin, then He couldn't keep Jian Minmin either. Jian Hongcheng left a business card and explained that the brick was not sent by him. Ning Shu chatted with Mr. Tong and guessed that Mr. Tong was not reconciled, and he was not reconciled. Although he took the initiative to apply to return to Linshui, he did not look down on the position of general manager of Linshui Company at all. Mr. Tong was different. very familiar. Although the performance is good, the promotion is slow, so they will stick to the big project of the new group and make the Linshui company the first echelon of the group. I hope President Tong will consider it carefully. There are two children in Mr. Tong's family who need to be raised. One more promotion means one more chance. He hesitated. The day after Tian Jingye was released from prison, Jian Hongcheng found the second elder of the Tian family to discuss that he would pick up Tian Jingye when the time came. 

At this time, Ning You called the second elder of the Tian family, and was about to pick up the second elder to pick up Tian Jingye's release from prison. The second old man revealed that Jian Hongcheng was by his side, so he asked Ning You and Jian Hongcheng to talk. Jian Hongcheng answered the phone, and it took a long time to say that Tian Jingye meant that the second old man would not be allowed to answer. Jian Hongcheng will take the second old man to Shanghai early tomorrow morning to live for a day, and the day after tomorrow, he will pick up Tian Jingye from prison and go directly to the restaurant for a reception banquet. He asks Ning You to help bring the second old man to the hotel, and Ning You agrees. Jian Minmin did not agree to sell the land again. She felt that Jian Hongcheng was not what it used to be now, so don't confront Jian Hongcheng head-on. She also revealed that Jian Hongcheng gave her a deal, and besides, Jian Hongcheng went to Zhang Lixin, and it had nothing to do with her. Zhang Lixin frightened Jian Minmin to have no right to speak in the company. Now it's not that she needs her to save herself, but she needs to save herself. Let her think about it. Xiao Cai and Ning Shu met and revealed that today Jian Minmin took a brick and went to Zhang Lixin to have a big quarrel. 

Later, they reached an agreement to sell the land, and now they are looking for a suitable buyer. Ning Shu didn't make a move now, mainly because the price was too high, and the head office couldn't agree to it, and he would have to lower the price, which would not only bring down the Jian family, but also allow him to gain a foothold in the company. Xiao Cai also received news that Jian Hongtu was unwilling to sell the land because he received a large order. Ning Shu must find out about this matter, after all, it is unscientific not to sell the land for the sake of a million. Seeing how busy Ning You was recently, Hui Hui wanted to help out with something, but unexpectedly broke the cup, which made Ning You nervous. Ning You received Hao Qinglin's message and asked her why she changed her mind after she promised to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to go through the formalities. Ning You was going to pick up the second elder of the Tian family today, so she could only go another day. President Tong began to collect information, thinking that Ning Shu should contact Lixin Group now. Ning Shu didn't agree. They couldn't compete with those leading companies, so they held their ground first. Mr. Tong suspected that Ning Shu was behind. Jian Hongcheng takes Tian Jingye out of prison.

Cast of Challenges at Midlife (相逢时节) 

Lei Jiayin as Jian Hongcheng

Yuan Quan as Ning You

Zhang Yixing as Ning Shu

Jia Nailiang as Tian Jingye

Luo Haiqiong as Jane Minmin

Liang Guanhua as Zhang Lixin

Lian Lian as Chen Xiner

Yan Xiaopin as Ning Hui

Li Naiwen as Hao Qinglin

Wang Churan as Cheng Kexin

Sun Ning as Jian Hongtu

Zhu Zimo as Hao Yuhuai (Grey)

Zhou Tie as Brother Acai

Zhao Ran as Shao Yan

Liu Qiushi as Liu Zhicheng

Kou Zhiguo as Big Eye

Zhou Fang as Cai Lingxiao

Shi Shi as Gu Weiwei

Zhang Li as Luo Yigui

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