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Be My Princess (影帝的公主) is produced by Qingxin Culture, starring Xu Zhengxi and Zhou Jieqiong, Wu Jiayi as a special star, Hu Yunhao, Xu Kaixin, Li Ruoning and other urban romantic emotional dramas. The series aired on iQIYI.

Be My Princess (影帝的公主) is is an urban romance drama adapted from the novel of the same name by the well-known writer Xiao Jiaren. The series tells the sweet love story of Mu Tingzhou, the film emperor Gao Leng, and Mingwei, a newcomer in the entertainment industry.

In the series Be My Princess (影帝的公主), Xu Zhengxi plays an entertainment industry actor Mu Tingzhou, a arrogant and cold-hearted male god who has a more detached temperament. He plays with "Ming Wei" played by Zhou Jieqiong. As a result, the filming didn't start long, and Mu Tingzhou encountered a car accident. After waking up, he felt that he was really "Taifu" in a play from ancient times, and a cooperative filming turned out to be a fate between the two. Poor Mingwei was treated as a real princess by the actor, and her life has undergone earth-shaking changes since then.

Be My Princess Chinese Drama
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Plot Story of Be My Princess (影帝的公主)

The actor Mu Tingzhou (Xu Zhengxi) is a high-cold male god of "mother's solo", but he "lost his memory" after an accident by accident. Ming Wei (Zhou Jieqiong) is his "princess", and she has been respectful to Mingwei since then, and she has been in charge of the east and the west. The thoughts of the male and female protagonists are constantly intertwined in ancient times and modern times, and their daily painting styles are also extraordinarily "chaotic", Mu Tingzhou After incarnating as a grandfather, he would call the hostess every day to say goodbye: "Wei Chen Mu Yun, worship the princess from afar", and would also wear a straight suit and bow to the hostess in front of the crowd.

Cast of Be My Princess (影帝的公主)

Xu Zhengxi as Mu Tingzhou

He is a high-cold male god, but accidentally "lost his memory" after an accident, and he believes that he is a "grand master" from ancient times.

Zhou Jieqiong as Ming Wei

She is the innocent and innocent princess, who has always been devoted to the first assistant, showing her love in every possible way, but she has never received a response; outside the play, she is an Italian translator, and she was cast as a princess halfway through, but she did not expect the actor to be unexpectedly unexpected. Among them, he became the first assistant, and has always been fascinated by Mingwei and pursued bravely.

Hu Yunhao as Xiao Zhao

In charge of all interpersonal relationships in Mu Tingzhou, he naturally knows a person like Cheng Yao.

Wu Jiayi as Ming Qiao

Xu Kaixin as Chen Zhang

Li Ruoning 

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