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Why Women Love (不会恋爱的我们) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

What the story of Why Women Love (不会恋爱的我们)? Who are the players? How their character is?

Why Women Love (不会恋爱的我们) is an urban emotional Chinese Drama directed by Gao Congkai, written by Chen Xinyue, starring Jin Chen and Wang Ziyi, starring Wang Shuang and Liang Dawei, and starring Peng Yaqi, Zheng Miao, He Zeyuan, and Wang Zheng. The series will be broadcast on Youku on February 8, 2022.

Why Women Love (不会恋爱的我们) tells the story of Gu Jiaxin, who is full of talents but has no intention of inheriting the family business, and is arranged by his mother to become Zhao Jiangyue's assistant. The two slowly come together and realize their dreams. Gu Jia Xin is full of talent but has no intention of inheriting the family business following her mother's arrangement for her to be Zhao Jiang Yue's assistant. The two slowly unite to make their dreams come true.

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Detail of Why Women Love 

Chinese Title: 不会恋爱的我们 (We Who Can’t Fall in Love)

Genre: Love

Produced: Youku, Motie Entertainment

Premiere Time:  February 8, 2022 

Director: Gao Congkai 

Screenwriter: Chen Xinyue 

Producer: Zhao Munan, Zhang Xiaozhou

Starring: Jin Chen, Wang Ziyi, Wang Shuang, Liang Dawei, Peng Yaqi, Zheng Miao

Number of Episodes: 24 episodes

Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes 

Online broadcast platform: Youku

Plot Story of Why Women Love

Gu Jiaxin, who is full of talents studying abroad but does not want to inherit the family business, was arranged by her mother to become Zhao Jiangyue's assistant. During the relationship with Zhao Jiangyue, Gu Jiaxin began to waver. When his dream was to become a racing driver, Zhao Jiangyue helped Gu Jiaxin to fulfill her dream, and she and Gu Jiaxin broke through the age limit and slowly came together.

Cast of Why Women Love

Jin Chen as Zhao Jiangyue

The new general manager of Love Note App, a branch of Linke Technology, is a fashionable, capable and glamorous professional elite. After years of high-efficiency work and an absolutely rational way of thinking with clear goals, she has finally become a typical patient of "love incompetence". Under pressure from the company, she promised in front of thousands of netizens that she would find her ideal boyfriend within three months, and the much-anticipated road to love began...

Wang Ziyi as Gu Jiaxin

The heir of Linke Technology, who has studied abroad for many years, is a "little wolf dog" who is cunning, dark-bellied, has clear goals, clear love and hate, and has strong execution. He wanted to become a professional motorcyclist, but when he graduated, he was forced to return to China by his mother, concealed his identity, and entered his own company in the name of assistant Zhao Jiangyue. He proposed to help Zhao Jiangyue and Xu Ningyuan fall in love in exchange for their freedom...

Wang Shuang as Qian Jingjing

Lianlian Notes App spokesperson, well-known emotional blogger. A beautiful and delicate princess, she has a happy marriage and free wealth. She has also conquered Zhang Hao, a golden bachelor, and has become the envy of many women.

Liang Dawei as Xu Ningyuan

In life and career, it can be said that he is a "male version of Zhao Jiangyue". Seeing that his former subordinate Zhao Jiangyue had a new look and became what a perfect woman should be in his eyes, she, who used to be passive and calm in the past, actually made him unable to guess, see, and remember...

Peng Yaqi as Li Yanran

A little princess who has been watered with love since childhood. The family background and education are all top-grade, the person is righteous and has the feelings of a chivalrous woman, the personality is lively and lovable, the double business is online, and the typical representative of love candy. As a super fan girl of Gu Jiaxin, she is the "future daughter-in-law" appointed by Jin Yan in her mother's womb, and she is only favored by Jin Yan. There is a kind of bravery that is rampant and reckless about love.

Zheng Miao as Zheng Daxi

The UI design of Linke Technology, a star-chasing girl who is a solo mother, from the accidental reunion with Zhuma to becoming a roommate, a two-way secret love "cohabitation life" gradually kicked off...

He Zeyuan as Qi Heng

He is Gu Jiaxin's classmate and friend who studied abroad, secretly in love with Zheng Daxi for many years

Wang Zheng as Zhang Hao

He is Qian Jingjing's husband, a self-made rich generation.

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