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Where Dreams Begin (梦中的那片海) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

What the story of new Chinese Drama Where Dreams Begin (梦中的那片海)? Who are the players? How about their character? When will the series be released?

Where Dreams Begin (梦中的那片海) is a period emotional drama jointly produced by Xixi Films and Xinpai Media, with Yang Xiaopei and Yang Xia as chief producers, Chen Yao and Zhu Kai as producers, and Fu Ning directed.

Where Dreams Begin (梦中的那片海) tells the story of a group of young people in Beijing in the 1970s chasing their dreams and growing up. The Age of the Sea in Chinese Famous Dreams / Entrepreneurship, Produced by Xixi Films; Produced by Xinpai Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd. in Mainland China, and the Producer is Yang Xiaopei.

Where Dreams Begin (梦中的那片海) is set in Beijing in the 1970s and tells the inspirational story of a group of young people growing up, chasing their dreams and struggling. The protagonist Song Jingsheng is devoted to love and righteousness, and is dedicated to working hard for everyone around him to live a better life. He and his good brothers Wen Guoqing and Sun Jianjun have gone through the development stages of college entrance examination, going to sea, starting a business, going abroad, and entering politics, and found the meaning of struggle in the process of mutual support.

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Where Dreams Begin (梦中的那片海) is an entrepreneurial drama of the era co-produced by Xinpai Media and Xixi Pictures, with Yang Xiaopei and Yang Xia as chief producers and Fu Ning directed. The strength of this creative team should not be underestimated. Xinpai Media once produced the hit drama "Chen Qingling", and Yang Xia served as the chief producer of "Chen Qingling".

Xiao Zhan is definitely the "top class" among the post-90s. Not only is he handsome, but his acting skills are also remarkable. Since he became popular with the two-male hero Xianxia drama, he has begun to try different themes in film and television dramas to broaden his acting career. From ancient costumes to modern emotional or military-themed dramas, he has performed every drama well, has been playing steadily in the performing arts circle, and honed his acting skills in a low-key manner, and now he is gradually gaining a firm foothold.

Plot Story of Where Dreams Begin (梦中的那片海)

Where Dreams Begin (梦中的那片海) is an urban emotional drama. It mainly tells the story of three young people, Qin Haikuan, Jiang Linna, and Li Chaoyang, who are sons of high officials. A story of fighting for a dream. Qin Haikuan was born in the family courtyard in the city of Beijing in the 1970s. He is a soldier of high-ranking officials. He has lived in a large environment since he was a child, so his personality is relatively free and straightforward. He has a good brother named Li Chaoyang. By chance, Qin Haikuan fell in love with Jiang Linna who loves dancing at first sight, so he asked for help like a good brother Li Chaoyang. 

He never thought that when Li Chaoyang was helping Qin Haikuan to chase after Jiang Linna, he and Jiang Linna had feelings for each other. Li Chaoyang felt that this was wrong, so he He chose to quit and fulfill Qin Haikuan and Jiang Linna. With the advent of reform, these three young people have experienced career and emotional changes. Qin Haikuan chose to work in a state-owned enterprise, Li Chaoyang went to sea and his friend Xu Jianhua founded Zhenhua Trading Company, and Jiang Linna opened a dance school. 

Cast of Where Dreams Begin (梦中的那片海)

Xiao Zhan as Xiao Chunsheng

Li Qin as Tong Xiaomei

Liu Ruilin as Ye Guohua

Cao Feiran as He Hongling

Zhao Xin as Ye Fang

Cui Hang as Chen Hongjun

Zhang Lingxin as Xiao Yanqiu

Runo as Qi Tian

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