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Viva Femina/ Nv Ren Wan Sui (女人万岁) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Viva Femina (女人万岁) is a contemporary Chinese Drama directed by Niu Boyou, starring Yin Tao, Liu Yihao, Wang Yuanke, Shi Shi, Wang Ce, and Wang Yifei's friendship.

Viva Femina (女人万岁) is the second part of iQIYI's series of 当代现实题材万岁 (Long Live the Contemporary Reality Theme). Directed by director Niu Boyou, Yin Tao, Liu Yihao, Wang Yuanke and Shi Shi lead the cast. The show will hold a launching ceremony in Ningbo on September 17, 202, and is expected to be broadcast on iQIYI in 2022.

Viva Femina (女人万岁) mainly tells a lively story of three women with different personalities, from impossible relationships to mutual support, getting out of the predicament, living their own lives and creating a beautiful life.

Detail of Viva Femina (女人万岁)

Chinese Title: 女人万岁 (Long Live Woman)

Genre: Urban and Emotional 

Production Company: iQIYI Beijing Technology Co., Ltd. 

Filming Location: Ningbo 

Director: Niu Boyou

Screenwriter: Li Xiaoqi, Lian Zhu

Starring: Yin Tao, Liu Yihao, Wang Yuanke , Shi Shi, Wang Ce.

Number of Episode: 36 episodes

Length of each episode: 45 minutes

Online broadcast platform: iQiyi

Viva Femina synopsis
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Plot Story of Viva Femina (女人万岁)

Kang Ziyou returned to China after graduating from the United States. After many years of hard work, he joined the medical beauty center opened by his best friend Lin Qianyu as the sales executive director. She is capable and capable, and improves the company's performance every year, but in life, she is a sloppy king and an idiot, and she relies on her ex-husband daughter Connie to take care of her. Daughter Connie is a small housework expert raised by her grandmother. She also has a deep interest in cooking and table setting, so she has brought an incomparably diverse food life to her mother. 

After meeting the senior, the daughter had to be interrupted several times by the mother who needed to take care of her. She longed for her own life, but it was difficult to abandon her mother. A wave of ripples suddenly arose in the peaceful but interesting life, and a new aesthetic doctor, Nie Yunze, came to the center. Since then, the sloppy Kang Ziyou and Nie Yunze, the king of cleanliness, have collided everywhere, but they have become more intimate. At the same time, Lin Qianyu's husband and wife problem forced Kang Ziyou to work with her ex-wife Meng Yushan to solve Lin Qianyu's family obstacles, help her best friend find self-worth and get rid of her bad husband.

Cast of Viva Femina (女人万岁)

Yin Tao as Kang Ziyou

Liu Yihao as Nie Yunze

Wang Yuanke as Meng Yushan

Shi Shi as Lin Qianyu

Wang Ce as Shen Chengfeng

Wang Yifei 

Ren Zhong 

Lili Liu 

Yue Yueli 

Zhang Shu 

Lv Chenyue as Connie

Wang Yu

Yuan Wenkang 

Duan Xingxing 

Kong Lin as 

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