The Theatre Stories (瓦舍江湖) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

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The Theatre Stories (瓦舍江湖) is a costume comedy produced by Guo Degang, directed by Qi Xiaohui, written by Shu Huan, and starring Qin Xiaoxian, Zhao Xiaotang, Meng Hetang, Cao Heyang, Li Hedong, and Zhang Haoyue. The series will be broadcast on iQIYI on February 3, 2022.

The Theatre Stories (瓦舍江湖) tells that in the last dynasty of a certain dynasty, the country was peaceful and peaceful, and the people praised the little emperor for his good governance, but in fact the little emperor was controlled by the queen mother and the uncle, and the power of the government was in the hands of the queen mother and the uncle. , but the little emperor himself has no interest in the political affairs at all, he just wants to play and listen to the play. 

By a chance coincidence. The little emperor discovered a secret passage in the palace. At the end of this secret passage was a washing house. From then on, the little emperor hid his identity and became friends with the boss of the washing house, Bai Xiaoqing. Washeri let him go deep into the people to observe the people, and finally, with the help of Washe artists, he overthrew the rule of the queen mother and the uncle, and became an excellent king.

Detail of The Theatre Stories (瓦舍江湖)

Chinese Title: 瓦舍江湖 (Washer Rivers and Lakes)

English Title: The Theatre Stories

Other Title: De Yun Theater (德云瓦舍)

Genre: Comedy, Costume 

Production Company: Beijing iQiyi Technology Co., Ltd.

Premiered Time: February 3, 2022 

Director: Qi Xiaohui 

Producer: Guo Degang

Screenwriter: Shu Huan 

Producers: Niu Jixin (general), Qu Guangzhi (general)

Number of Episodes: 35 Episodes 

Online broadcast Platform: iQIYI 

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Plot Story of The Theatre Stories (瓦舍江湖)

A certain dynasty and a certain generation, prosperous and prosperous, the country is prosperous and the people are safe, the little emperor who is not interested in the political affairs wants to go out to the palace, and is very obsessed with listening to the opera. One day, the little emperor found a secret passage in the palace and slipped out quietly. Who would have guessed that at the end of the secret passage there was a washing house. The little emperor ran into Bai Xiaoqing, the "female entrepreneurial boss", and Lan Ling, the out-of-date "idol". Since then, he has concealed his identities. He started a funny story about the business of the washer with a group of unique artists in this washer.

5th Episode Summary of The Theatre Stories

Episode 1

The palace wall in the center of the city is towering and towering, and the small emperor's study in the palace sits. In the north of the city, there is a newly opened Defuwasher, which will invite famous characters as guests. To say that this emperor is really young, he has to read the Four Books and Five Classics in his study every day. The empress dowager was afraid that he would lose his mind by playing with things, so it was forbidden to tell stories and sing operas in the palace. Unexpectedly, this little emperor didn't like to manage the world's major affairs, so he wondered when he would be able to come on stage and sing songs. Defu Wasser broke the fortune, and no one came for a long time after opening. No matter how big the opening ceremony is, there is still no one at the door. Bai Xiaoqing didn't want to smash the sign, and invited the famous actor Lan Ling to the stage. Unexpectedly, Lan Ling played a big game and found an assistant to come for him. The assistant looked very dark, and it was estimated that he was going to give them a slap in the face. The little emperor over there was urged by the queen mother to learn how to run the country. Everyday life was very boring, and he was almost forced to hang himself. There is also a guard named Ba Liang, who reports his actions to the Queen Mother every day. As a result, the little emperor discovered that there was a secret passage in the south study room, so he made up his mind to crawl away secretly, but accidentally bumped into Defu Wasser.

Episode 2

Lanling's assistant tried to make things difficult, and Washer could only make excuses. After all, the face of this character is really not small, and he was angry with him, and Washer couldn't sell the theater tickets. Here the little emperor got out of the secret passage, and there was a Lanling poster in front of him. He was so excited that his heart was pounding, but he was regarded as a thief who stole clothes, and he was almost hit with a hammer. Originally, he wanted to run away, but he was really itching to hear Lan Ling sing. In the end, the little emperor actually made a dangerous move, stole a few sets of clothes from the palace, pretended to be the troupe's robes, and submitted an induction report in Washe! This method is somewhat nonsense, let's see how he is good!

Episode 3

When the little emperor came to Defuwashe, everything was new. Compared with the former palace, it is really a day and a place. An old loyal minister lost his temper every day, saying that the emperor lived a luxurious life and could not understand the public opinion. Now that he came to the people, the little emperor saw this old loyal minister drinking and drinking. However, what the little emperor cares about most is the famous character Lanling. He is long in coming. He is not as famous as the legend, but he has changed his appearance a bit? An illusion, it must be an illusion...

Episode 4

When Lanling first arrived in Washe, everyone made various requests, and everyone was busy scratching their heads. With his nose and eyes raised, he has to say that this little Washer is not worthy of his role, and he has to find someone to serve him well, otherwise he will take the deposit and leave. In order to see Lanling on stage, the little emperor learned how to be a servant from Ba Liang. The level in this palace is really amazing, and Lan Ling can't fault it. So he came up with a new excuse, saying that he was sick and had a bad throat, so he couldn't sing, I see, he was probably thinking about smearing oil on the soles of his feet - run away! It's a pity that the big fish and meat that Washer prepared for him. Alas, the debut is imminent, let's see if the ticket money for Washer can still be collected!

Episode 5

Lan Ling told the truth after drinking, and sure enough, he was here to cheat money! Back then, when he sang anti-poems, he got dozens of big hits, but now he is terrified as soon as he takes the stage! At first, the little emperor wanted to help the idol cover up, but he was regarded as an accomplice and was almost sent to the government to sue him for fraud. In the end, everyone sat down to figure out what to do if all the tickets were sold? In particular, there is a boss in Tianlong Washe opposite, who is sure that they can't perform. Not only will they not refund the tickets, but they will also invite a bunch of high-ranking officials in the capital, just waiting for them to be embarrassed. Fortunately, everyone came up with a good plan. The little emperor painted a big face, Lan Ling sang in the back, and he performed in the front! The show is finally complete.

Cast of The Theatre Stories (瓦舍江湖)

Qin Xiaoxian as the little emperor

The superficial identity is the 20-year-old Deyun Washer, and the hidden identity is the little emperor who desires freedom and recognition.

Zhao Xiaotang as Bai Xiaoqing

The 20-year-old hard-core entrepreneurial young woman is a hard-working social animal in her bones, hiding her identity - the daughter of the former owner of Deyun Washe.

Meng Hetang as Lanling

25-year-old outdated national idol

Zhang Haoyue as Jin Keer

A superstitious little goddess of unknown age, hiding her identity - a former princess who lost her memory before the age of fifteen.

Cao Heyang as Xin Baojie

Li Hedong as Ouyang Guapeng

Zhang Helun 

Zhu Yunfeng

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