Sassy Beauty (潇洒佳人淡淡妆) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

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What the story of Chinese Drama Sassy Beauty (潇洒佳人淡淡妆)? Who are the cast? How is their characters?

Sassy Beauty (潇洒佳人淡淡妆) is produced by Zhonghui Film and Television, Yingmei Media, Dayu Zizai, Hejia Joy, Shiwen Films, Haha Films, and Motie Culture, directed by Qu Rongda, starring Kong Xueer and Yan Zidong. Kang Keren, Deng Wei, Zheng Fanxing, Xie Zhixun, etc. starred, and Sun Yali, Luan Yunping, Yu Naijia especially starred in the national style beauty sweet pet otome drama.

Sassy Beauty (潇洒佳人淡淡妆) is adapted from Li Xiao's novel "Prosperity Makeup Girl", which tells the story of a beauty blogger who travels to the VR game system to start a career and fall in love. The series will be broadcast exclusively on iQIYI on January 14, 2022.

Detail of Sassy Beauty (潇洒佳人淡淡妆)

Chinese Title: 潇洒佳人淡淡妆 (Chic and Beautiful with Light Makeup)

English Title: Sassy Beauty

Genre: Ancient costume 

Production Company: Zhonghui Film and Television, Yingmei Media

Distribution Company: Zhonghui Film and Television, Yingmei Media 

Premiere Time: January 14, 2022 

Director: Qu Rongda 

Screenwriter: Lu Qingyu, Meng Beibei, Sharina 

Producer: Sharina 

Starring: Kong Xueer, Yan Zidong, Kang Keren, Deng Wei

Number of Episode: 24 Episode

Length of Each Episode: 40 minutes. 

Online Broadcast Platform: iQiyi

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Plot Story of Sassy Beauty (潇洒佳人淡淡妆)

Si Yan is a well-known beauty blogger who accidentally entered the VR system of the national style beauty game. Miss Aojiao has been reduced to a low-level makeup maid. With her superb beauty skills, Si Yan is supplemented by Internet bloggers' hot marketing, publicity, and other modern skills that escape the funny, have won the favor of a group of ladies and ladies, and various styles of makeup and makeup, not only for their beautiful faces, but also for the ancient and modern behind the makeup. The joys and sorrows of women and their attitude towards life. During the strategy process, Si Yan, who wanted to focus on the task without the intention to open the love line, accidentally met the cold-faced and black Qi Guanyi, the loyal dog career fan artificial intelligence butler Jack, Tianjiangguan with "pseudo-male" Qi Guanbao, the romantic and suave Qi Guanxiu, and the cold noodles. Servant Yunli, straight man Tie Hanhan Qi Guanda and many other beautiful male and young protagonists have led to a series of romantic growth stories of high-energy sweet pets.

5th Episode Summary of Sassy Beauty

Episode 1

A car accident made Si Yan, the eldest lady of Si's Group and a beauty blogger, become a vegetative person. Si's Group developed an ancient style role-playing wake-up system "Prosperity Makeup Girl", Si Yan has the opportunity to wake up after customs clearance, and her The ultimate goal is to become the most noble palace of Donglifu Dressing Bureau. Under the guidance of the artificial intelligence butler Jack, Si Yan started the road to breakthrough. As soon as she entered the system, Si Yan used the system loophole to complete her makeup, but because the "gold foil makeup" was too beautiful, it was regarded as disrespectful, and she would be expelled from the house because of verbal conflict. Fortunately, she was met by General Min's only daughter, Miss Min, and Miss Min's maid seemed to be Si Yan's assistant in modern times, Tong Rui. At the same time, Qi Guanyi, the seventh young master who had just completed the task, was ordered by the city master's wife to have a good relationship with Miss Min.

Episode 2

Miss Min and Si Yan have the same makeup, but Si Yan did not recognize that Miss Min's maid was Tong Rui, so Miss Min asked Si Yan to stay. After Si Yan completed the novice task, she was ready to go to the market to make money. Chou Niang was abandoned by a heartless man on the street to ask Si Yan for help. Si Yan who received the task needed to help her retrieve the stolen treasure. However, Si Yan mistook Qi Guanyi as a heartless man, snatched the betrothal token from him and Miss Min, and pushed him into the water in the process of shoving. Qi Guanyi, who can't swim, struggles underwater and is rescued by Si Yan, but it delays Qi Guanyi's time to pick up Miss Min. Si Yan offends Qi Guanyi because of this. At the same time, the grievances between the brothers were also revealed one after another, and the young master Qi Guanda met Miss Min instead of Qi Guanyi...

Episode 3

Qi Guanyi received a report on the death of her second brother. A famous singer was suspected to be from Beiyuan. The handkerchief that the singer lost had the logo of the dressing bureau. The true identity of Miss Min's family is revealed. The real Miss Min is Tong Rui, who came to pursue a key token in the hands of Qi Guanyi. Si Yan received a new task to make Luozidai, and found that a key dye was in Qi Guanyi's private garden. Si Yan wanted to pick flowers but was discovered by Qi Guanyi. During the contact between the two, Si Yan discovered that Qi Guanyi had a rash on her body. Si Yan took a chance to sneak into the garden again, got the raw materials and quickly evacuated, and accidentally dropped the hairpin on the ground. Si Yan, who succeeded in making Luozidai, was about to bribe Director Hua, but she met Qi Guanbao, the master of the nine young masters, and fell in love with him at first sight.

Episode 4

Si Yan successfully made Luozidai to solve the urgent need of the flower manager. Si Yan also escaped from the beekeeping office and received the system quest [Return of Wei Meiren], but unexpectedly, due to the restraint of the maid Zhiqiu, she could not get close to Wei Meiren at all. The next day, in the competition arena, the conflict between Qi Guanda and Qi Guanyi escalated again because of Min Taotao. Qi Guanyi was inconvenient to go out because the rash on her body had not healed, so she always kept a distance from Miss Min. Qi Guanyi also confirmed that she had been harmed by someone. In order to catch the mastermind behind the scenes, Qi Guanyi went to the pharmacy to look for clues, but happened to meet Si Yan who was looking for medicine for Wei Meiren, and the two were in danger when arguing. Si Yan finds a way to meet Wei Meiren and treat her acne. When Qi Guanda saw Qi Guanyi's deliberate avoidance of contact with people, he spread rumors that Qi Guanyi was suffering from flower willow disease in the brothel.

Episode 5

Qi Guanyi concealed her illness in the past in front of Qi Guanda, but it was not a long-term solution. Qi Guanyi thought that she could use Si Yan as her eyeliner, so she threatened with the hairpin that Si Yan dropped. When the two were quarreling, the eldest lady suddenly rushed in. In an emergency, Si Yan had to hide under Qi Guanyi's quilt. Seeing that Qi Guanyi's rash had not disappeared, the eldest lady canceled the flower viewing banquet. This affected Si Yan's task of helping Wei Meiren regain her favor, so Si Yan decided to cover Qi Guanyi's flaws. When looking for materials, Si Yan was made difficult, but fortunately Qi Guanyi rescued her, but Qi Guanyi told Si Yan that concealer was useless to herself. Si Yan saw Qi Guanbao again, and once had a strong heartbeat, she asked Jack to find out that Qi Guanbao was her emotional line.

Cast of Sassy Beauty (潇洒佳人淡淡妆)

Kong Xueer as Si Yan

Beauty blogger. It's hard to have a bad girl, she's gorgeous, she's talking about Miss Si Yansi. She is 22 years old. The eldest lady of Siyao Group has 8 million fans.

Yan Zidong as Qi Guanyi

A perfect young master with a cold and calm appearance and a black belly inside. After encountering Si Yan's inexplicable intrusion, the impeccable Young Master Bingshan also began to change. The trajectory of life is clear and it is established that you must not take a wrong step, and you have always brought yourself a "makeup face" in another sense. Unexpectedly, Si Yan broke in without thinking, and quickly cut open his desperately suppressed heart.

Kang Keren as Tong Rui

A little assistant who reverses life with Si Yan in the game.

Deng Wei as Jack

Zheng Fanxing as Qi Guanbao

Xie Zhixun as Qi Guanda

Sun Yali as Lan Miao

Yu Naijia as Wei Meiren

Cao Wanjin as Min Taotao

Zhao Kedi as Qi Guanxiu

Wang Xingwei as the little prince

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