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My Fireworks on Earth (我的人间烟火) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

My Fireworks on Earth (我的人间烟火) is a Chinese Series broadcast by Hunan Satellite TV's 2022 Golden Eagle Solo Theater. The Series is directed by Li Muge, screenwriter Xu Su, and starring Yang Yang / Wang Churan. 

Yang Yang's new play has been finalized, and it has met the expectations of fans. Many people have asked Yang Yang and Reba what the next play will be. It has now been confirmed that it is the TV series "My Fireworks on Earth (我的人间烟火)", adapted from Jiu Yuexi's novel "A City, Waiting for You", and Yang Yang also participated in the investment of the TV series. Yang Yang is the male protagonist and one of the investors. Yang Yang has high expectations for this drama.

There was a rumor on the Internet that the heroine of the drama was Song Zuer, but Wang Churan is currently identified. Wang Churan appeared in the circle with "Qing Ping Le" and "Yu Gu Yao", and the beauty that doesn't eat human fireworks is really recognizable when she appears. She also let everyone witness her acting skills. Personally, I think Wang Churan is more suitable for this drama than Song Zuer.

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Detail of My Fireworks on Earth (我的人间烟火)

Chinese Title: 我的人间烟火

English Title: My Fireworks on Earth

Broadcasting Channel: Hunan Satellite TV 

Director: Li Muge  

Screenwriter: Xu Su 

Starring: Yang Yang, Wang Churan  

Production: Region Mainland China

Plot Story of My Fireworks on Earth (我的人间烟火)

Fire station chief Song Yan and emergency doctor Xu Qin meet again after ten years of separation. The two were forced to separate due to family opposition in their youth. When they met again, they both grew and changed a lot. Due to the nature of the work, Song Yan and Xu Qin gradually got to know each other. Song Yan led the firefighters from Shilitai to fight heroically to safeguard the safety of people's lives and property. 

After experiencing countless life and death tests of blood and fire, they still did not change their original intentions. His persistence infected Xu Qin, and the knot that had plagued them for many years was gradually untied. The two overcame family resistance and finally got back together, encouraged each other, made progress together, and guarded this beautiful city with their own expertise.

Cast of My Fireworks on Earth (我的人间烟火)

Yang Yang

Wang Churan

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