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Ms. Cupid in Love (姻缘大人请留步) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Ms. Cupid in Love (姻缘大人请留步) is Chinese Drama directed by Cheng Feng and starring Cao Yuchen, Tian Xiwei, Xiao Yuliang, Kim Youmei, Jing Yanjun, and Xu Zhenzhen.

Ms. Cupid in Love (姻缘大人请留步) was filmed in Hengdian Film and Television City, Zhejiang Province from October 29, 2020 to January 9, 2021. Recently, the film has been released again, and after watching it, it is not bad. The female protagonist Tian Xiwei is super cute, the male protagonist Cao Yuchen is very handsome, but I prefer Xiao Yuliang, and Zhang Qiling's performance is too deep in my heart.

Do you like Cao Yuchen's costume style in the costume drama "Ms. Cupid in Love (姻缘大人请留步)"? Cao Yuchen's costume style has been unanimously loved by everyone in the costume drama "Ms. Cupid in Love ". As a promising young actor, Cao Yuchen has played many classic roles. For example, Jin Zixuan in "Chen Qingling" and Zhongfeng Shengyi in "Glory of the Tang Dynasty" have received a lot of praise. For the first time, he played the leading role in a costume drama, which made fans look forward to it and attracted the attention of many people. So what kind of role does he play in this series? His performance? Let's take a look together.

Ms. Cupid in Love (姻缘大人请留步)  is directed by the well-known director Cheng Feng, Cao Yuchen and Tian Xiwei play the male and female protagonists respectively, and staged the sweet love between Gao Leng Xianren and Xiao Hongniang. The male protagonist in the play is Yan Guangshen Baiyan, who is in charge of life and death, and the female protagonist is the proprietress of the matchmaker's house. The plot of this drama is very interesting. Cao Yuchen's acting skills are very good, and the heroine Tian Xiwei is also a very good actor in Britney's dramas in recent years.

Since his debut, appearance and strength have coexisted. Every role he has played has been widely praised, and his ancient costumes have been recognized. He also has excellent performance in the play. The future of young actor Cao Yuchen can be expected.

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Detail of Ms. Cupid in Love (姻缘大人请留步)

Chinese Title: 姻缘大人请留步 (Marriage Sir, Please Stay)

English Title: Ms. Cupid in Love

Genre: Comedy, Love, Costume 

Production Company: Youku, Zhenle Media, Lugang Media, Yinpai Entertainment 

Filming Location: Hengdian Film and Television City 

Director: Cheng Feng 

Starring: Cao Yuchen, Tian Xiwei, Xiao Yuliang, Kim Youmei, etc

Number of Episodes: 24 Episodes

Online Broadcast Platform: Youku

Plot Story of Ms. Cupid in Love (姻缘大人请留步) 

Ms. Cupid in Love tells the story of the god Bai Yan, who was demoted to the world for a long time because he accidentally disturbed the marriage of the world. He fell from the sky and ran into Shangguanya, the proprietress of the media center. By accident, he became the boss' husband "Chu Ye". The red thread falls in love, opening a fairy-tale love that saves the chaos of marriage. 

In addition to this pair of happy friends who sprinkled sugar all the way, there is also a fun-loving "media family". From fighting each other to relying on each other, they warmly guard each other on the way to save the chaos of marriage, laying a solid foundation. The tone of the drama is light and sweet without losing the warmth.

The drama Ms. Cupid in Love (姻缘大人请留步)  was filmed in Hengdian Film and Television City, Zhejiang Province from October 29, 2020 to January 9, 2021.

Cast of Ms. Cupid in Love (姻缘大人请留步)

Cao Yuchen as Chu Ye and Bai Yan

A cold-faced fairy, from being inhuman to being gradually moved by Shangguanya. A decisive, ruthless god who is the most handsome among the gods. "Cutting the silk of love" is a major feature of his abide by the priesthood, but after going down to earth and meeting Shangguanya, everything is quietly changing...

Tian Xiwei as Shangguanya

The vitality and cute little matchmaker has a super professional spirit. The number one clever ghost in the media world, with a smart brain and a smart mouth. He can bend and stretch in front of right and wrong.

Xiao Yuliang as Xu Yunchuan

Elegant and gentle, but has a strong business acumen. The censor of Hongluantai, the elegant son of Yushu, the second generation of officials who are pampered and pampered. I miss Shangguanya, whom I knew when I was a child.

Kim Yumi as Ah Jung

Yamen officer. The sassy force is responsible, and the emotion is very slow. Yueyang City's female arrester, Shangguanya's good best friend. Outspoken, straightforward and unrestrained, he treats love magnanimously and directly.

Jing Yanjun as Li Fu

Funny and lovely god of marriage, harvest love in the world. A cute and cheap old fairy, a single dog with a mother and a womb, living a very transparent life, it seems unreliable, but the truth is hidden in the heart.

Xu Zhenzhen as Tong'er

A stubborn and capricious princess of the heavens, who is persistent in her love. The princess of Tianzu, super narcissistic and self-confidence, considers herself superior in the world.

Yan Feng as Shangguan Gou

Xu Yulan as Grandma Shangguan

Zheng Junhao as Wan Yuanming

Ban Margar as Lien Li

Du Jiaxian as Red Bean

Liang Hao as Axi

Zhong Fuxiang as Lu County magistrate

Liu Tianbao as Wen Congshan

Lin Zhiyi as Tan Yuwan

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