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Morning The Imperial Palace (早安,故宫) Plot Story And cast: Chinese Drama

What the story of Morning The Imperial Palace (早安,故宫)? Who are in the cast? And How their character?

Morning The Imperial Palace (早安,故宫) is a contemporary urban drama produced by Dongyang Huanyu Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. 

Recently, three TV series themed on the Forbidden City, "The Forbidden City", "Old Glazed Tile" and "Good Morning, The Forbidden City" have appeared in the market. The flame of the Forbidden City  will finally be passed on to the TV drama industry, but whether it can be burned or not depends on the specific performance of these three dramas.

Among the three dramas, the production team of "Forbidden City Like a Dream" produced by Tencent Pictures has the "hardest background". It is supervised by the Palace Museum, produced by the audience, and the well-known writer An Yiru is the screenwriter. The addition of the Palace Museum makes it unnecessary to worry about its historical restoration.

Compared with other historical dramas, the main characters of "The Forbidden City is like a dream" are not royal power and wealth, but Kuai Xiang, a craftsman of the Ming Dynasty who was responsible for the construction of the palace in Beijing, as the protagonist. The story takes Kuaixiang's talent and persistence as the main line to move Zhu Di to get the opportunity to build the Chengtian Gate of the Forbidden City, and the sub-line of not being afraid of power to expose corruption in the court.

Morning The Imperial Palace cast
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The Forbidden City is a dream away from the shackles of thinking focused on the change of dynasties and royal families in related film and television themes, and focuses on how the Forbidden City was built. Since both the craftsman spirit of a great country and anti-corruption embodied in the play are national topics that have been hotly discussed in recent years, "Forbidden City Like a Dream" has won the attention of many audiences.

Detail of Morning The Imperial Palace

Chinese Title: 早安,故宫 (Good Morning, Forbidden City)

English Title: Morning The Imperial Palace 

Another Title: Let’s inherit it together

Genre: Contemporary, Urban 

Production Company: Dongyang Huanyu Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd.

Number of Episodes: 24 Episodes, 

Length of Each Episode: 45 Minutes 

Online Broadcast Platform: iQiyi

Plot Story of Morning The Imperial Palace 

Gu Shiyong, CEO of Gong Culture Film and Television Production Company, is determined to create a new large-scale cultural variety show "Good Morning, the Forbidden City". He invites young cultural relic expert Tao Tang, well-known director Mu Zongyuan, and senior host Wang Xining to join. However, just when the program was ready and about to start, the young female director Yu Zaizao suddenly landed in the company and joined the program team, disrupting the overall plan of the program and was strongly rejected by everyone. 

Unexpectedly, Yu Zaizao is calm and witty, dares to break the routine, and has a genius-like inexhaustible inspiration. With her help, the production team that was originally a mess of sand became unprecedentedly cohesive. Everyone worked together, starting from the historical relics of the Forbidden City, and committed to excavating the core national memory, publicizing historical and traditional culture, and solving non-genetic inheritance problems. Finally, "Good Morning, Forbidden City" stood out from many homogeneous programs and was a great success. Yu Zaizao, who has emotional disorders, has also been successfully healed, and has gained a successful friendship and career.

Cast of Morning The Imperial Palace

Yong Lizhi

Tao Tang 

Mu Zongyun 

Xining Wang 

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