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Modern Marriage (我们的婚姻) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Modern Marriage (我们的婚姻)  is an urban emotional drama directed by Shen Yan and Liu Haibo, starring Bai Baihe, Tong Dawei, and Jiang Xin, starring Gao Ye, Wang Xiao, Shi An, Cao Xiwen, Zhang Chenguang, Zheng Hehuizi, etc. The series will be broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV on February 23, 2022, and will be broadcast simultaneously on Tencent Video.

Modern Marriage (我们的婚姻) tells the story of Shen Huixing, a full-time mother who was once a top student, returning to the workplace, thus becoming a competitor with her husband Sheng Jiangchuan, and even leading to the breakdown of the marriage. In the end, the husband and wife understand each other and grow together.

With a strong cast and a highly visible theme, works like "Modern Marriage (我们的婚姻)" are the first of this year, and also Bai Baihe's first TV series after four years of breaking the screen. Shen Huixing, played by Bai Baihe, is an almighty mother with a great personality. She handles everything from buying a house, to decorating, to moving. The children solve it by themselves; their daily hobbies are neither shopping malls nor beauty spas, but putting on denim clothes and forming a band to play rock.

It looks carefree, but in fact the rich and delicate characters in the heart are quite suitable for Bai Baihe, especially in the first episode, Shen Huixing played the game of eagle catching chickens with a group of children in order to educate the neighbors' children downstairs. The performance is very relaxed and down-to-earth, but it does not let people play at all, and interprets the role of a caring mother perfectly.

modern marriage synopsis
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Detail of Modern Marriage (我们的婚姻)

Chinese Title: 我们的婚姻  (Our Marriage)

English Title: Modern Marriage 

Genre: Urban,  Love

Production Company: Penguin Film and Television, Shanghai Tongmeng Film and Television Culture

First Release: February 23, 2022 

Director: Shen Yan, 

Screenwriter: Liu Haibo You Lili 

Producer: Wu Hongmei 

Starring: Bai Baihe, Tong Dawei, Jiang Xin, Gao Ye, 

Number of Episodes: 40 episodes

Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes

Online Broadcast Platform: Tencent video 

Premiere Platform: Beijing Satellite TV

Synopsis of Modern Marriage (我们的婚姻)

Full-time mother Shen Huixing used to be a top student at a top university. After marriage, she chose to marry her husband and teach her children, and used her talents to run the family. Her husband Sheng Jiangchuan worked hard in the workplace and was extremely busy with his work and had no time to accompany his wife and daughter. All family responsibilities fell on Shen Huixing. As her daughter grew older, Shen Huixing felt that the time was ripe and decided to return to the workplace, but she had a competitive relationship with the company where Sheng Jiangchuan worked. 

After she entered the workplace, she asked Sheng Jiangchuan to share more family responsibilities, which led to constant friction between the two. The occurrence of an accident magnified the rift between Shen Huixing and Sheng Jiangchuan, triggering the divorce battle between the two. After that, Shen Huixing gradually regained recognition in the workplace, Sheng Jiangchuan also understood his wife's contribution in getting along with his daughter, and the two gradually recovered their former love for each other. The young couple grew up in workplace confrontation and emotional collision, and finally learned to face family and career in a more mature way. They choose to believe in each other, grow together, fight together in career, and share responsibilities in the family.

5th Episode Summary of Modern Marriage (我们的婚姻)

Episode 1

This is a special day, the day when Sheng Jiangchuan and Shen Huixing moved to a new home, the day of the Shanghai Wildfire Music Festival's press conference, and the day of the 10th anniversary of the shopping mall. Shen Comexing made arrangements for the move early in the morning, so she took her child to the mall and performed performances in the mall with her rock band members. In order to go to the show by herself, Shen Huixing organized all the moving things in advance, marked them one by one, and then handed them over to the moving company. Shen Huixing works as a full-time wife at home, and manages everything in the house in an orderly manner. She can handle the decoration and moving of the new home, which makes Sheng Jiangchuan, who is working outside, very relaxed. Worry about things at home. Sheng Jiangchuan is the investment manager of Feihu Capital. Because their company invested in Wildfire, he must attend the press conference and give a speech on stage. Wildfire originally negotiated investment with Spruce Evergreen Investment Group, because the newly appointed CEO Mr. Guo used extraordinary means to pull down Zhong Yu, who had discussed investment affairs with Dong Sijia, from the CEO position. Sheng Jiangchuan was very proud of Feihu Capital's investment, but Zhong Yu and Dong Sijia were both extremely unhappy about it. After the performance, Shen Huixing went to her new home to arrange things. 

Just when the moving company broke her electrical appliances, she took out the tools and handled it like a man. When Shen Comet was dealing with electrical appliances, Sheng Tang was playing in the community and had a conflict with Lu Hetong, the son of Jiang Jing, the overlord of the community. However, Shen Huixing wanted to cultivate Sheng Tang's independent ability, so he did not step forward to help Sheng Tang, Let the sugar handle it on its own. After Sheng Tang got his toys back, Shen Comexing went to enlighten the unhappy Sheng Tang. Seeing that Sheng Tang wanted to leave because he was bullied by Lu Hetong, he tried to solve it. When Lu Hetong occupied the slide and did not let everyone play, Shen Comet brought Sheng Tang to go to Lu Hetong to have a theory, but he did not expect that Lu Hetong would not let it go, which was completely unreasonable. Shen Huixing couldn't make sense with Lu Hetong, so she took other children to play the game of eagle catching chickens, tempting Lu Hetong too badly, so she forced Lu Hetong to apologize to everyone and welcome him to join. Lu Hetong was disciplined by Shen Huixing so obediently, Jiang Jing was very happy to see it, and immediately introduced herself to Shen Huixing, and wanted to be friends with her in the future to share the experience of raising children. After the press conference, Sheng Jiangchuan went to dinner with Mr. Guo and the others. In order not to go home to pack up, he deliberately lied on the phone that he had an invitation from a major client and could not go back, and let the virtuous Shen Huixing handle everything at home. In the evening, Sheng Jiangchuan came home drunk and couldn't even find his own home, so he had to call and ask Shen Comexing. 

As a result, after he entered the house, he took all the credit for the new home on himself, making Shen Comexing very happy. is not happy. Early the next morning, Shen Comexing chatted with Sheng Jiangchuan about what happened last night, reminding Sheng Jiangchuan of her sacrifice for this family, let Sheng Jiangchuan not elevate his own identity for this. Sheng Jiangchuan learned that there was a hut at home that could not be used, so he thought of buying a game console and putting it in as his own game room. Shen Huixing didn't know Sheng Jiangchuan's decision. She asked her father Shen Peng to help organize it. She wanted to see how to clean up the room and put her musical instruments on before making music. Because of the fact that the client was taken away by Feihu Capital, Mr. Wang of Spruce Evergreen decided to expand the recruitment of new people and put a little pressure on Dong Sijia, so that Dong Sijia would not lose any more clients. Because of the pressure from President Wang, Dong Sijia hurriedly went back to the office to drink a little wine, and then started to read all the customer information and worked harder. After Sheng Jiangchuan moved, he was praised by many people, and his whole person was a little flirtatious, and he didn't reveal his words in front of Shen Huixing, which made Shen Huixing very unhappy. Shen Comexing tidy up the small room, Sheng Jiangchuan couldn't help but tell the story of changing the room into a game room when she saw it, Shen Comexing was very upset when she heard it, so she told her about her desire to make music. Sheng Jiangchuan paid no attention to it at all. Shen Huixing, who was a full-time wife at home, learned that Shen Huixing still wanted to make music, and took advantage of his work to ask Wildfire for an invitation letter, so that Shen Huixing could also be shortlisted for the competition. In the evening, Sheng Jiangchuan proudly took the invitation home to Shen Huixing, but Shen Huixing was a little unhappy because of the back door that Sheng Jiangchuan went through.

Episode 2

Shen Huixing really couldn't figure it out, how could Zhong Yu, who has always been very principled, let Sheng Jiangchuan go through the back door and send an invitation letter to her who didn't sign up, so she couldn't help asking Sheng Jiangchuan. Sheng Jiangchuan didn't want to tell Shen Huixing the reason, he just let Shen Huixing seize this rare opportunity. He wanted to take this opportunity to make Shen Huixing give up the idea of ​​making music at home and give him the room to play games, but he didn't expect that Shen Huixing would not promise. After Shen Huixing rejected Sheng Jiangchuan, he reminded Sheng Jiangchuan that he usually had no time to accompany Sheng Tang, and he finally played games with Sheng Tang, so he had to be more serious. Early the next morning, Sheng Jiangchuan came across a promotion promoting Lego training, so he took the leaflet and went home to discuss with Shen Huixing. He wanted to obtain Shen Huixing's approval and Sheng Tang's approval, so that he could requisition Xiao Hei. The house is a game room. Shen Huixing knew Sheng Jiangchuan's intentions, and still refused to give him the room, but she still took Sheng Tang to Lego training. She was afraid that Sheng Tang liked it, so she asked Sheng Tang to try it. In order to let her parents take her son abroad, Jiang Jing happened to have her husband organized a parent-child activity abroad, so she wanted to give her parents this opportunity. For her parents' wish to go abroad, Jiang Jing deliberately took a risk and tried difficult movements during her yoga class, and even fell down. After Jiang Jing fell down, she cried out that it was in terrible pain, and was sent to the hospital by Shen Comexing. Jiang Jing took a film and found that there was no fracture, just a little sprain. She had to pretend to be in pain and begged the doctor to put a plaster on her. 

After Jiang Jing had a plaster cast, she seemed very happy, and Shen Comexing couldn't help questioning Jiang Jing, only then did she know that Jiang Jing wanted to pretend to be injured and have ulterior motives for her parents to go abroad. Shen Huixing couldn't understand Jiang Jing's idea of ​​wanting her parents to go abroad. She used such a tortuous method to deceive her husband, just because she had no income as a full-time wife at home, but she did not think that a full-time wife should be inferior at home, so she could not agree with Jiang Jing idea. When Shen Comexing accompanies Shengtang to LEGO training, she meets Li Yuwen, a full-time father who takes care of children. Jiang Jing expresses her idea that Li Yuwen must be less able to work than his wife, so he is willing to eat soft rice at home. Comet Shen was even more incomprehensible. Shen Huixing felt that it was not easy for Li Yuwen to be a full-time father at home, so she went home to test Sheng Jiangchuan to see if Sheng Jiangchuan was willing to be this full-time father. Sheng Jiangchuan knew that he didn't need to be a full-time father, so he said nice things in front of Shen Huixing, indicating that he was very willing to take care of the children at home and make Shen Huixing happy. In the evening, Shen Huixing practiced the piano in the small black house, and Sheng Jiangchuan quietly called the property to complain about the piano practice and asked the property to come and take a look. The property went to the second building to have a look, and found no musical instruments disturbing the people, but because of the complaints of the residents, he had to deal with it seriously and listen to the door one by one. Sheng Jiangchuan deliberately left the door of the little black house open to let the sound of the piano come out. When the property heard the sound of the piano, he knocked on the door of Sheng Jiangchuan's house and asked what the sound of the piano was disturbing the people. 

Shen Huixing felt that her piano sound was very small and could not achieve the effect of disturbing the people. She wanted to explain to the property, but unexpectedly, Sheng Jiangchuan ran out to quarrel with the property, which made the property very unhappy. Because of Sheng Jiangchuan's noise, the property immediately issued a notice that the owner was not allowed to disturb the people with musical instruments, and especially wanted to remind the Sheng Jiangchuan family that they could not practice the piano. Sheng Jiangchuan said to help Shen Huixing and let Shen Huixing continue to practice the piano, while in private he waited for Shen Huixing to give up voluntarily, so that he could occupy the small black room. Shen Huixing received the game console ordered by Sheng Jiangchuan at home, and accidentally saw the notice posted by the property, and couldn't help complaining about the poor sound insulation of the community. Unexpectedly, the courier told her that the sound insulation of the community was very good, and foreigners downstairs had parties. Will not disturb the people. When Shen Comexing heard from the courier brother, he realized that he had been deceived by Sheng Jiangchuan, so he blocked all the sockets in the little black house, completely breaking Sheng Jiangchuan's idea of ​​playing games. Sheng Jiangchuan came back from get off work and happily wanted to go into the house to play games, but he didn't expect that the socket and network cable were all handled by Shen Comet, he couldn't play games at all, so he had no choice but to return the game console. 

At the Chuangjian Forum ceremony, President Cao handed Sheng Jiangchuan an invitation letter and asked Sheng Jiangchuan to bring his family to participate. Sheng Jiangchuan discussed with Shen Huixing and went together on the weekend. Dong Sijia also received an invitation letter. She wanted to take her husband Li Yuwen there, but she hesitated at the last moment. She didn't tell Li Yuwen about it and wanted to go alone. Li Yuwen saw the invitation letter inadvertently, and felt a little unhappy about Dong Sijia's actions. When Shen Huixing arrived at the hotel, she realized that her documents were different from Sheng Jiangchuan's. She was a little unhappy when she learned that Sheng Jiangchuan was going to give a speech, and she was only arranged to do entertainment activities with her family. Shen Huixing quietly changed Sheng Jiangchuan's credentials and went to the family area first, but because she was wearing a uniform and was always regarded as a staff member, she had to run away and rush to listen to the speech of the Chuangjian Forum.

Episode 3

Shen Huixing went to the speech venue. Because there was no seat for her, she was constantly being rushed to and fro, and it was difficult to find a seat where no one could sit. Sheng Jiangchuan answered a phone call, and when he rushed out to answer the phone, he met Huo Liankai, a good friend he hadn't seen for many years. Only then did he know that he had just returned to China and worked for Spruce Evergreen Investment Company. Immediately after the speech, Shen Huixing was kicked out because the person in her position came back. As a result, the guest speaker on the stage mistakenly thought that she was someone who couldn't wait to leave, so she asked her for her opinion. Shen Comexing was forced to chat about her views, but was dissatisfied by Huo Liankai, so the two started a public debate here. After Huo Liankai debated with Shen Huixing, he asked Shen Huixing where she worked. Shen Huixing reluctantly explained that she was not working now. The staff learned that Shen Huixing was not an incumbent, and asked Shen Huixing to show his documents. At this time, Sheng Jiangchuan came back and saw it, so he led Shen Huixing away. Sheng Jiangchuan took Shen Comexing to the hotel room, without a smile on his face, Shen Huixing couldn't help asking Sheng Jiangchuan if she felt ashamed of her. When Sheng Jiangchuan was asked by Shen Huixing, he couldn't help criticizing Shen Huixing, accusing Shen Huixing of his views six years ago, and letting her know that she had left the market for six years and was out of touch with society. Shen Huixing quarreled with Sheng Jiangchuan unhappily, and learned that Sheng Jiangchuan only treated her as a housewife, which made her particularly angry, so she left the hotel directly. Shen Huixing went home early, but made a big decision and was ready to send her resume and start working. 

Shen Huixing wrote her resume overnight, and then arranged for Sheng Tang to go to school, and went to the school to find the principal to ask for early admission. The principal explained that there were no places for admission and asked Shen Comexing to wait for the next semester. Shen Comexing had to tell the principal about her situation and asked the principal to give Sheng Tang a test to prove that Sheng Tang could enroll in advance. Sheng Jiangchuan returned home and found that all his belongings had been thrown into the small black room, and he was kicked out by Shen Comexing. Sheng Jiangchuan packed up and went to work in the company, but heard that the people in the company were discussing about Shen Huixing's speech at the forum, which made him also curious and wanted to watch the live video and listen to it. What Shen Comet said. Sheng Jiangchuan watched the video, and when Bai Xiaorui kept praising Shen Comet, he couldn't help scolding Bai Xiaorui, to express his dissatisfaction with Shen Comet, and he felt that it was a good thing that Shen Comet was not working. After Sheng Jiangchuan scolded Bai Xiaorui, he asked Bai Xiaorui to prepare the materials for his business trip. He planned to go to the free trade zone at night to learn about the company introduced by Gao Wei who wanted to acquire cross-border e-commerce. Jiang Jing learned that Shen Huixing was going to return to the workplace. She chatted with Shen Huixing a lot of things, and also shared what happened when she left the workplace. She wanted Shen Huixing to know that returning to the workplace was not easy, and it would be better to be a full-time mother. 

Shen Huixing felt that Shen Peng worked so hard for her to graduate from college, not to make her a full-time mother, so she must have other plans and a career of her own. Shen Huixing is willing to take a low-level position, and she feels that she is very capable and should be able to get a job, but she did not expect to find out after her interview that she has not had a job for six years, and has such a small child, so all major companies dare not hire her. After Shen Huixing failed the interview, Jiang Jing persuaded Shen Huixing to coax her husband and not go out to the workplace to get angry, but Shen Huixing was unwilling to give up and continue to interview at other companies. After Shen Huixing suffered a series of failures, he couldn't help but think of the debate with Sheng Jiangchuan about his full-time wife during college. In the debate that year, Shen Huixing made it clear that she would be a full-time wife, but she would not always be a full-time mother, nor did she feel that being a full-time wife would realize her social value, and the powerful Sheng Jiangchuan debated to nothing. Be right. Shen Huixing won the debate beautifully, but she became pregnant with Sheng Jiangchuan's child before graduation. In order to give the child a good environment for growth, she resolutely gave up her job and stayed at home as a full-time wife.

Episode 4

Shen Huixing didn't understand the reason why she had been rejected all the time, so she had to go to her classmates to ask about the failure of the interview. It turned out that her six-year stay-at-home mother made her the main reason for rejection by major companies. Shen Huixing understood the reason, but she still did not give up on looking for a job. She would continue to look for other jobs. Jiang Jing, who believed that her ability would definitely be appreciated, asked Shen Huixing about her job search. Jiang Jing asked about her husband's work, but she didn't expect that Jiang Jing didn't know anything about her husband at all. Jiang Jing didn't understand her husband's work, but she talked about her cousin who works in the financial circle, which gave Shen Comexing an idea and asked Jiang Jing to help her find a job. Comet Shen and Jiang Jing go to the cinema together, Blocking cousin Li Xiaotian, who watched movies alone, told Li Xiaotian about finding a job, and Li Xiaotian helped Shen Huixing to find a job. Spruce Changqing’s second team needed to recruit people, so Li Xiaotian offered Shen Huixing an interview opportunity, but at the same time told Shen Huixing not to have too much hope for this job. Shen Huixing wanted to try as long as she had the chance, and was not afraid of failing, but she did not expect that the person who interviewed her would be Huo Liankai, who she debated on the forum. After the debate, Huo Liankai knew that Shen Huixing and Sheng Jiangchuan were husband and wife, so for the matter on the forum, he first reminisced with Shen Huixing, and then conducted an interview to talk about Shen Huixing's situation. 

During the interview, Huo Liankai told Shen Huixing the concerns in his heart one by one, giving Shen Huixing a chance to express his thoughts. Although Huo Liankai couldn't refute Shen Huixing's statement, he still had concerns about hiring Shen Huixing, and Shen Huixing had to leave with his resume. Dong Sijia and Huo Liankai occupied a conference room and heard the conversation between Huo Liankai and Shen Huixing, which made her interested in Shen Huixing, so she asked her subordinates to arrange that if Huo Liankai did not hire Shen Huixing, she would recruit Shen Huixing to her team as an assistant Shen Comexing was hired, and she went home and told Shen Peng about it as soon as possible. Her stepmother was in favor of her going to work, and Shen Peng had many concerns about Shen Comexing's re-entry into the workplace. Sheng Jiangchuan came back from a business trip, bought a gift and wanted to go home to coax Shen Comet, but he didn't expect to see no one when he got home, and his things were still in the small dark room. After dinner, Shen Peng quietly told Shen Huixing his true thoughts, and let Shen Huixing know that the concerns he said at the dinner table about Shen Huixing's job search were for her stepmother, in order not to let her Her stepmother also learned from her to find a job. Shen Peng is very much in favor of Shen Huixing going out to work, and has always encouraged Shen Huixing to do her work well, and she felt distressed for Shen Huixing who gave up work to have a child back then. When Shen Comet came back, he saw the cherries bought by Sheng Jiangchuan and blamed Sheng Jiangchuan for buying so many. Sheng Jiangchuan learned from Sheng Tang that Shen Comet had found a job and was going to work next week. 

Sheng Jiangchuan was surprised by Shen Huixing's work, so he went to Shen Huixing to question him clearly, and blamed Shen Huixing for not discussing it with him, so he went to find a job. Shen Huixing did not think that there was any problem with her finding a job, but Sheng Jiangchuan could only ask Shen Huixing to sacrifice her work to stay at home because she needed someone to take care of her sugar. Shen Huixing did not agree with Sheng Jiangchuan's statement, accused Sheng Jiangchuan of being selfish, and insisted that she sacrifice everything to support Sheng Jiangchuan's success, which angered Sheng Jiangchuan. Sheng Jiangchuan was provoked by Shen Huixing, so he said some ugly things, indicating that Dong Sijia hired Shen Huixing to embarrass him and make Shen Huixing even more angry. After Shen Huixing cried sadly all night, she went online to find a nanny with the child and asked Jiang Jing to help her bring a candy. Sheng Jiangchuan asked Bai Xiaorui to check what projects Dong Sijia was working on for Dong Sijia's employment of Shen Comexing. He wanted to grab all Dong Sijia's projects to retaliate against Dong Sijia. Shen Huixing interviewed several nannies, not speaking Mandarin or not reading the traffic lights when crossing the road, which made her particularly uneasy, so she could only find someone slowly. Sheng Jiangchuan went home and wanted to work, but because the socket panel was dismantled by Shen Comexing, he had to use a socket with a wire to connect it, which blocked the road at home. As soon as Shen Huixing came home, he saw that what Sheng Jiangchuan had done had endangered the safety of Sheng Tang, so he immediately pulled the line. Sheng Jiangchuan was very unhappy that he was unplugged, so he went to Shen Huixing's theory, but Shen Huixing asked him to connect the panel himself. Sheng Jiangchuan didn't believe that he couldn't connect the panel, so he started at Baidu, but he still failed, and directly short-circuited the electricity at home.

Episode 5

Shen Comexing went to Yunshan Evergreen to report. Just when he was about to ask about his work, he saw Zhong Yu arrive at Dong Sijia's office. Shen Huixing was very excited to see Zhong Yu, and asked a lot, only to know that Zhong Yu had been kicked out of the Wildfire Music Festival, and this was still Sheng Jiangchuan's masterpiece. Zhong Yu wanted to start a rage music festival and directly challenged the wildfire music festival, but he was short of manpower, so he came to Dong Sijia to borrow someone for help. Dong Sijia did not have a suitable candidate for Zhong Yu, so Shen Huixing volunteered and asked to help Zhong Yu. Zhong Yu saw that Comet Shen knew something about him and also knew about the Wildfire Music Festival, so he agreed to let Comet Shen help. After Zhong Yu left, he asked Dong Sijia about Shen Huixing. After learning that Shen Huixing was Sheng Jiangchuan's wife, he remembered that Sheng Jiangchuan had arranged Shen Huixing in the Wildfire Music Festival. Zhong Yu remembered what happened before and was worried about hiring Shen Huixing, so he asked Dong Sijia if there was no other purpose in hiring Shen Huixing. Dong Sijia explained that she hired Shen Huixing simply because she thought Shen Huixing was interesting, and explained that it is not easy for a woman to have a career, which made Zhong Yu dispel the idea and decided to use Shen Huixing first. Sheng Jiangchuan called Bai Xiaorui home to deal with the power outage at home, and Bai Xiaorui solved the problem for Sheng Jiangchuan. Sheng Jiangchuan saw that Bai Xiaorui knew electricians very well, so he asked Bai Xiaorui to remove all the panels in the little black room and replace them, which solved his problem. 

After Bai Xiaorui solved the problem, he reported on the work that Sheng Jiangchuan gave him, and told the story of Dong Sijia's investment in Zhong Yu's newly opened company that was full of anger. When Sheng Jiangchuan learned that Zhong Yu was starting a new career, he was immediately worried that the people who started the wildfire would be taken away by Zhong Yu, so he went to Mr. Guo to ask about the situation. Mr. Guo did not dare to tell Sheng Jiangchuan about the company's problems, for fear that Feihu Capital would withdraw his capital. Sheng Jiangchuan could only use his own method to understand Zhong Yukai's conditions and try to retain the company's people. Shen Huixing learned about the situation with the new manager Gao, and heard that Manager Gao said a lot of bad things about Sheng Jiangchuan, so she scolded Sheng Jiangchuan together. Manager Gao didn't know what to say until he found out that Shen Huixing was Sheng Jiangchuan's wife. No matter what Sheng Jiangchuan did, Shen Huixing worked very hard to do her job, and quickly promoted the publicity of the Furious Music Festival. Sheng Jiangchuan saw the advertisement of the Rage Music Festival, and only then did he know that Zhong Yu and Wildfire Liaoyuan were in the ring, but he did not expect that the person who helped Zhong Yu in the ring was Shen Huixing. Sheng Jiangchuan learned what Shen Comexing had done, and went home and had a big quarrel with Shen Comexing, discussing their work. Sheng Tang saw Sheng Jiangchuan and Shen Huixing quarreling and came out to question them, which made them stop arguing. 

Sheng Jiangchuan's parents made a video call, and Sheng Tang accidentally told them that Sheng Jiangchuan was sleeping on the floor in the small black room. They knew at once that Sheng Jiangchuan and Shen Huixing quarreled. Sheng's mother persuaded Sheng Jiangchuan to let Sheng Jiangchuan and Shen Huixing have a clear division of labor, so that there would be fewer conflicts and fewer quarrels. After hearing what Mother Sheng said, Shen Huixing proposed the division of labor and allocated time with Sheng Jiangchuan to take care of the children. Shen Huixing found a suitable Aunt Hao as a nanny, but Aunt Hao had to get off work at 7 o'clock every day, so she Sheng Jiangchuan made a plan to go home and take the child. Sheng Jiangchuan couldn't accept Shen Comet's arrangement, but his theory was no match for Shen Comet, so he had to follow Shen Comet's arrangement, waiting for the day when Shen Comet couldn't hold on to his work and was fired and returned to his family. On Sheng Jiangchuan's first day with the child, Shen Comexing woke Sheng Jiangchuan early in the morning and asked him to wake Sheng Tang up and prepare for school. It was the first time for Sheng Jiangchuan to take children, and many of them were not used to it. He was so busy all morning that he had to complain about Comet Shen. He threw Sheng Tang to him to save trouble and angered Comet Shen again. Zhong Yu felt that anger was not enough. He discussed with Dong Sijia to see how to bring those who were watching to his side, while Sheng Jiangchuan discussed with President Guo to see how to retain the company's talents.

Cast of Modern Marriage (我们的婚姻)

Bai Bai He as Shen Hui Xing

Full-time mother Shen Huixing used to be a top student at a top university. After marriage, she chose to marry her husband and teach her children, and used her talents to run the family.

Tong Da Wei as Sheng Jiang Chuan

He was vigorous and resolute at work, but neglected his family because he paid too much attention to work. When the balance of marriage and career tilted suddenly, he finally realized the meaning of his wife to him. In the face of family problems, he stubbornly believes that the woman should pay more, while the man should focus on work. He also puts forward the view that "unsuccessful career is the original sin of the man". Similar remarks make the relationship between the husband and wife aroused. There was a lot of friction, and the marriage between the two also cracked.

Jiang Xin as Dong Si Jia

Gao Ye as Li Xiao Tian

Lawrence Wang as Huo Lian Kai

Shi An as Li Yu Wen

Cao Xi Wen as Jiang Jing

Morni Chang as Shen Peng

Zheng He Hui Zi as She Tian Tian

Vivian Wu as Cai Sheng Mei

Tong Yue as Lu Wei Bin

Kevin Zhu as Lu He Tong

Hao Ping as Guo Mao Ye

Tian Xiao Jie as Ding Ping Shan

Yang Xin Ming as Cui Hong Bing

Tan Kai as Zhong Yu

Zhao Da as Zhuang Sen

Yang Kun as Mother Li

Zheng Hao Huang as Daniel

Wu Jia Ni as He Yun Mei

Zhang Zhe Hua as Bai Xiao Rui

Sun Qiang as Wang Zhi Yi

Ren Dong Lin as Gao Wei

Li Hong Liang as Huang Jing

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