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Millenium Heart (千年心动) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Millenium Heart (千年心动) is a costume fantasy fairy tale drama starring Zhu Dongning as the chief director, co-directed by Shengsang, starring Deng Chaoyuan and Tu Zhiying, starring Wang Jiaxuan, Xin Ruiqi, Wang Xuan, Lei Siyu, Shang Xuan, and Han Chengyu's friendship.

Chinese Drama Millenium Heart (千年心动) tells the love story of Cheng Qi (Deng Chaoyuan) and A Lin (Tu Zhiying) spanning three thousand years. Cheng Qi, the son of the richest man in Lincheng, and the little goblin Alin, two people with very different personalities who were originally unconnected, but were accidentally bound together because of an inner elixir. In the inseparable daily life, the two people's emotions slowly changed, and in one after another group "catch monsters and fight monsters", a shocking secret that spanned three thousand years was revealed.

Cheng Qi, looks like a handsome boy, cold and handsome, but he is actually a weak and sick boy. And A Lin, who is called "cotton candy girl" by netizens, continues her sweet, sassy and agile style and plays the eccentric, quirky little goblin A Lin. The two people who are so different, because an inner alchemy is forced to bind together, the relationship between the two in the inseparable daily life and in the group "catch monsters and fight monsters" has become more and more confusing.

millenium Heart synopsis
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Detail of Millenium Heart (千年心动)

Chinese Title: 千年心动 (Millennium Heart)

English Title: Millennium Heart

Genre: Ancient, Costume, Fantasy, Xianxia 

Production Company: Yingmei Media, Sijia Film and Television

Filming Location: Hengdian 

Distribution Company: Yingmei Media 

Director: Zhu Dongning, 

Starring: Deng Chaoyuan, Tu Zhiying, Wang Jiaxuan

Number of Episode: 24

Plot Story of Cast of Millennium Heart

Three thousand years ago, Cheng Qi (played by Deng Chaoyuan) was the son of Shenlong, and Alin (played by Tu Zhiying) was a fairy in the heaven.

Three thousand years later, the couples with grievances and grievances met again in the human world. A Lin and Cheng Qi formed a small team of catching monsters, breaking into the Junzi Club, breaking the nightmare array, and repeatedly cracking the puzzles set by the nightmare.

Cast of Millennium Heart (千年心动)

Deng Chaoyuan as Cheng Qi

Tu Zhiying as A Lin

Wang Jiaxuan as Xu Jun

Xin Ruiqi as Zhou Jingyan

Wang Xuan

Lei Siyu 

Shang Xuan 

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