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Memory Of Encaustic Tile (昔有琉璃瓦) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

What the story of Memory of Encaustic Tile (昔有琉璃瓦)? Who are the players? How their character is?

Memory of Encaustic Tile (昔有琉璃瓦) is an urban youth Chinese Drama directed by Tian Yu, starring Chen Yuqi and Lin Yi, and starring Yan Zidong, Ma Li, Tang Xu, Fangfang Bin, Yuan Ran, Tian Ai, and Sun Kai.

Adapted from the original novel of the same name, Memory of Encaustic Tile (昔有琉璃瓦) tells a love story between a wandering translator and a cultural relic restorer with the background of inside and outside the hutongs where the artisans of the restoration of cultural relics live. The series will be broadcast on Youku Video on January 26, 2022.

The story begins with the introduction of two close friends. They lived when the SARS pandemic hit, where they slowly lost one by one their loved ones. They then slowly become friends but have to be separated because of different dreams. Once upon a time, when they were successful, they were reunited. Will the seeds of love grow between them?

Detail of Memory Of Encaustic Tile 

Chinese Title: 昔有琉璃瓦 ( The Old Glazed Tile)

English Title: Memory of Encaustic Tile 

Genre: Contemporary, Urban 

Production Company: Perfect World Film and Television, Youku 

Filming location: Hengdian, Zhejiang 

Premiere Time: January 26, 2022 

Director: Tian Yu 

Screenplay: Meng Wenjing 

Producer: Miao Meng 

Starring: Chen Yuqi, Lin Yi, Yan Zidong, Marry Tang Xu

memory of encaustic cast
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Plot Story of Memory Of EncausticTile 

The children of Shao Xue (Chen Yuqi), Zheng Sunian (Lin Yi), Zhang Qi (Yan Zidong) and other artisans who restore cultural relics, they all grew up together in Beijing's hutongs and experienced the "SARS" epidemic, the death of their elders, the ancient city Demolition and other situations, forged a deep friendship. And as they grew up, everyone chose a completely different path due to their differences in personality. 

Shao Xue was influenced by Zheng Su Nian's mother and did not want to give up the infinite possibilities of the future for love, and chose to go far away; Zheng Su Nian inherited the legacy of his elders and became a cultural relic restorer, sensing time and gaining strength in immortal cultural relics; Zhang Qi was born with a talent for mathematics. Deliver in advance. Even though they have the same heart, the young Shao Xue and Zheng Su Nian still parted ways because of their respective pursuits. After years of separation, they meet again, and the seeds planted when they were young burst out of the ground again.

5th Episode Summary of Memory Of Encaustic Tile 

Episode 1

On a snowy morning, a phone call came from Liuli Hutong in Beijing, and all the adults were called back to the Wenxiu Institute of the Palace Museum. Because the heating pipe there burst, they were all called back to help. After the adults left, Shao Xue called and called all the friends of the same age in the alley to Zhang Qi's house, where he was going to eat hot pot, but he didn't expect that there was only a small soup pot in Zhang Qi's house and could not eat hot pot. Lin Shiyin thought that she had an antique cloisonne copper pot at home, so she was going to go home to steal it, but Wu Huan asked for help. Lin Shiyin didn't have the key to the cabinet, so Wu Huan wanted to learn the method in the TV series, using Lin Shiyin's hairpin to unlock the lock, but one accidentally broke the hairpin inside. The lock was broken, and Lin Shiyin was completely helpless. At this time, Zheng Su Nian came, and Zheng Su Nian directly asked Wu Huan to help him to remove the cabinet. Then he removed the cabinet with a screwdriver and got the cloisonne copper pot. Shao Xue went home to steal vegetables.

In order not to make it obvious, Zheng Su Nian taught Shao Xue to pull out some of each vegetable. Zhang Qi was in charge of buying beef, but as soon as he went out, he was called to go online. When he came back from the game, the beef was already sold out. Zhang Qi didn't buy the beef, so when he went back, he lied that he gave the beef to a poor mother and daughter. Unexpectedly, everyone didn't believe it. Everything is ready, everyone is ready to start the hot pot, but Wu Huan has not yet lit the charcoal fire in the pot. Everyone was eager to eat hot pot, and rushed to help Wu Huan. Zhang Qi took a bowl of shochu and poured it on the charcoal fire, which immediately caused a fire. After the adults in the Wenxiuyuan finished their work, they wanted to go out for a meal, but Shao Xue's mother refused. She was worried that Shao Xue at home would make trouble, so she hurried home. When everyone returned to the alley, they saw a sea of ​​fire, thinking that the house was on fire, and they all threw their bicycles to put out the fire, but when they entered the yard, they found a pot of charcoal. The adults didn't know the situation and went into the house to see the children, while Shao Xue and the others buried their heads directly on the table, holding the hot pot dishes they prepared in their hands and hiding under the table. 

Someone accidentally dropped the lid of the cloisonne pot, and the adults knew that the children were eating hot pot while they were not cooking. Shao Xue's mother reprimanded Shao Xue very angrily because it was Shao Xueqi's head. After Shao Xue's mother finished scolding, she still refused to let Shao Xue go. When Shao Xue's mother was nagging, Shao Xue quietly prepared to escape the door. Shao Xue's father could only help Shao Xue to cover, but Shao Xue accidentally hit the door and exposed the stuffing. Shao Xue's mother did not allow Shao Xue to go out, but under the persuasion of Shao Xue's father, she reluctantly agreed to Shao Xue going out, and she went to buy vegetables angrily, because all the vegetables at home were stolen by Shao Xue. Shao Xue took Zheng Su Nian and the others to the Wenxiuyuan, and wanted to restore a painting in the Wenxiuyuan, but the guard didn't know them and refused to let them in. Grandpa Luo didn't go home, but when he came out to pick up something, he saw Shao Xue and the others, so he took them to the Wenxiu academy. Shao Xue took out his own painting, but his painting skills were so poor that Zhang Qi and Zheng Su Nian couldn't help but laugh at Shao Xue. 

After Zheng Su Nian finished laughing, he helped Shao Xue draw a new one, and he quickly drew a special picture. When he came back from the Wenxiu Academy, Zheng Su Nian was afraid that Shao Xue would go back and would not be able to make Shao Xue's mother happy, so he prepared a card for Shao Xue to take as a gift to coax Shao Xue's mother. With the help of Zheng Su Nian, Shao Xue exhausted her lips and tongue, and finally let Shao Xue's mother calm down, accepting the gift and not pursuing the previous matter. After dinner, Shao Xue clamored to go out to find Zhang Qi again. Shao Xue's mother couldn't agree, but she felt a little emotional. She felt that Shao Xue when she grew up was not as good as when she was a child, and always liked to run outside. Zheng Su Nian's mother Jin Ning was spoiled as a princess at home. Zheng's father was responsible for the meals. She was only responsible for chasing TV series. Zheng Su Nian was a well-behaved and stable child. She never had to worry. Instead, she hoped that Zheng Su Nian could be like Shao Xue and the others. , nothing to cause a little trouble, making her feel that Zheng Su Nian is a child. After Shao Xue left, he took Zheng Su Nian to find Zhang Qi. Unexpectedly, Zhang Qi's mother, Zhang Ling, came back early, and ran after Zhang Qi with a feather duster angrily. When Zhang Ling saw Shao Xue and the others coming, she immediately took back the feather duster, lying that she was fighting cockroaches, and planned to clean up after Zhang Qi came back. Shao Xue and the others did not want to go home. When they were going to find Wu Huan, they saw Wu Huan building a snowman, so they joined together, built the snowman, and named the snowman Xiaowa. The next day, Shao Xue and the three went to buy Roujiamo, chatting and laughing, and rushed to Qiming Middle School for class.

Episode 2

Jin Ning's birthday is coming, Zheng Jin is tinkering with a gadget music box at the Wenxiu Academy, and wants to fix it as a birthday present for Jin Ning, so he doesn't even bother to go to the cafeteria to eat it. After Zheng Jin repaired the music box, he immediately thought of seeing Jin Ning for the first time, because at that time Jin Ning used the music of this music box to dance in the yard and fascinated many people. Zheng Su Nian went to the school to ask for songs, and Zhuang Da happened to see it, so he angrily painted all Zheng Su Nian's books. Zheng Su Nian saw that the book was painted, but he didn't take it seriously. At this time, the school flower came to him again to talk about it. Zhuang Da was so big that he pulled out the valve core of Zheng Su Nian's bicycle, so Zheng Su Nian had to push the bicycle home. When doing homework at night, Shao Xue saw the book that Zheng Su Nian was painted with flowers, and Zhang Qi told the story of Zheng Su Nian being bullied by Zhuang Da, but Zheng Su Nian didn't take it seriously. Shao Xue learned that Zheng Su Nian was being bullied. She couldn't just let Zhuang Da go, so she made an appointment with Zhang Qi and went to school the next day to find Zhuang Da to settle accounts, so that Zhuang Da would not bully Zheng Su Nian again.

Shao Xue asked someone to send a letter to Zhuang Da, asking Zhuang Da to meet at the North Gate, and waiting for Zhuang Da directly there, while Zhang Qi missed it because he told Shao Xue that it was not a North Gate. Zheng Su Nian saw Zhang Qi at the gate and learned that Shao Xue went to Zhuang Da to settle accounts alone. He was afraid that Shao Xue would be bullied, so he ran to save Shao Xue immediately. When Zheng Su Nian found Zhuang Da, he only saw Zhuang Da alone, thinking that Shao Xue was bullied by Zhuang Da, and immediately twisted Zhuang Da's arm, threatening not to let Zhuang Da bully Shao Xue. When Zheng Su Nian was threatening Zhuang Da, Shao Xue bought something and came back. Only then did he know that Shao Xue took advantage of Zhuang Da's weakness to attract the attention of the school's beauty to make Zhuang Da be honest. Zhang Qi came to help after the matter was resolved. Shao Xue couldn't help scolding Zhang Qi. Only then did Zhang Qi realize that what Shao Xue told him was not a missed North Gate. Shao Xue wanted to find a record and give it to Jin Ning as a birthday present. Zhang Qi immediately said that he had a way, so he took Shao Xue out to find the record seller Hao Nan to ask for the record. 

When Hao Nan saw the record that Shao Xue and Zhang Qi said they should not broadcast, he deliberately jokingly took out a bunch of third-level films for Zhang Qi to see. Zhang Qi immediately told Hao Nan to put it away, and Shao Xue was not allowed to watch it. After Zhang Qi was anxious, Hao Nan took out the records Shao Xue wanted. Zhang Qi took Shao Xue away and warned Hao Nan to dispose of those records. When Zhang Qi and Shao Xue got the record back, they were seen by the aunt of the neighborhood committee in the community and scolded a few words, because they hadn't done community service for a long time. Zhang Qi and Shao Xue pretended to go back to do their homework and wanted to escape the community service, but the aunt refused and insisted that they go to the neighborhood to pick up some newspapers and post them on the bulletin board. Zhang Qi and Shao Xue were called by the aunt to the neighborhood committee, but they did not expect that the door of the neighborhood committee was locked, and the aunt did not come back with the soy sauce, so Shao Xue proposed to climb the wall and enter. Shao Xue stood on the mailbox and climbed up the wall. She happened to see Zheng Su Nian and the school flower not far away. She jumped down in anger, and she fell and hurt her leg. When Zhang Qi saw that Shao Xue was injured, he shouted anxiously. Only then did Zheng Su Nian know about Shao Xue, so after the aunt opened the door, he went in anxiously to see Shao Xue's situation. 

Shao Xue was angry with Zheng Su Nian and did not want to deal with Zheng Su Nian. Zheng Su Nian found out that the record Shao Xue bought was broken. He thought that Shao Xue was angry for this, but did not understand the reason. When Zheng Su Nian asked Dr. Liu to come to see Shao Xue, she always wanted to help check Shao Xue's injury, but Shao Xue refused to let her, and left directly when Shao Xue's mother came. Zheng Su Nian and Zhang Qi asked Shao Xue why she was angry, but Zhang Qi didn't know the situation, but thought it was Shao Xue's period. When Zheng Su Nian heard Zhang Qiyi say, he could only sigh that there are so many things about women, but then he gave Shao Xue a new album he bought and let Shao Xue give it to Jin Ning as a birthday present, and Shao Xue was relieved. Jin Ning's birthday party is coming. Everyone gave Jin Ning a special gift. Jin Ning was very happy. Just when everyone was seated to celebrate Jin Ning's birthday, a girl suddenly appeared, and everyone didn't understand who this person was. Until she sang for Jin Ning, everyone knew that this was Zheng Su Nian's birthday present to Jin Ning.

Episode 3

The day of the exam came, and the parents of each family were nervous about their children's exam situation, busy preparing the best breakfast for them, and exhorting them to study, only Zheng Su Nian was different from others. When Jin Ning was having breakfast, she asked Zheng Su Nian not to take the exam too well, so that she would not be asked about her education method all the time, and she would not know what to say. Zhang Qi slept during the exam and didn't care about the exam at all. After the exam, he continued to fight with Shao Xue as before. Zheng Su Nian, as always, always helped Shao Xue when Zhang Qi bullied Shao Xue, but this time, because Shao Xue prepared the papers in advance, she thought she did well in the test and was always happy. Zhang Qi took everyone to watch Harry Potter at home, and Wu Huan asked about the math test. He immediately mentioned Shao Xue, because Shao Xue was worse than him but not afraid, and he had nothing to fear. Shao Xue said to everyone's surprise that this time the math paper was very simple. She finished it early, and she still had 30 minutes to check, which surprised everyone. Zheng Su Nian didn't believe that Shao Xue could do the math test with such a large amount of questions so quickly, so he asked everyone the question of the last question. Only then did Shao Xue realize that he still had a page of math questions that he hadn't seen or done. 

Shao Xue learned that she had passed half of the exam and was worried about being scolded by Shao's mother. She didn't know what to do. Zhang Qi had to help Shao Xue find a way to see if she could escape this disaster. When Shao's mother was at work, she suddenly had a stomachache. She didn't pay much attention to it. She just thought it was because she didn't eat breakfast, but she didn't expect to hear other people talking about it when she got off work. Couldn't help but get scared. During dinner, Shao's mother kept thinking about her condition, but Shao's father made an inappropriate metaphor, which made Shao's mother even more worried, fearing that she would inherit cancer. Shao Xue was afraid that she did not pass the exam, so she prayed in the room after dinner, hoping that she did not fail the exam this time. The next morning, Zhang Qi accompanied Shao Xue into the school, and while the guard was sleeping, he entered the teacher's office and found his math test paper. Shao Xue wanted to fill in the questions she didn't do before the teacher found out, but because she was too nervous, she couldn't do a single question, and at this time the guard came to patrol again. The doorman found that the window of the teacher's office was not closed, so he opened the door and wanted to take a look, frightening Shao Xue and Zhang Qi who were hiding inside. 

Fortunately, Zheng Su came at this time. Zheng Su Nian knew that Shao Xue and Zhang Qi were inside. He lied that he had left the word book in the classroom and asked the guard to help him open the door, which allowed Zheng Su Nian and Zhang Qi to escape smoothly. After Shao Xue escaped, she was worried that the school had cameras that would take pictures of her break-in. Zheng Su Nian was waiting for Shao Xue to come back and wanted to know how she was being tested. Because Zhang Qi and Shao Xue were too close to each other in the office, he couldn't help but fantasize about it. When he went back at night, he found Shao Xue's figure everywhere, but he didn't realize that he already fell in love with Shao Xue. In order to help Shao Xue, Zheng Su Nian brought a blank test paper and gave Shao Xue 30 minutes to see if Shao Xue could solve the last four questions, so as to give Shao Xue extra points. Shao's mother felt pain again. She was afraid that she really had cancer, so she ordered a table of dishes from the restaurant, which made Shao's father and Shao Xue terrified. After dinner, Shao's mother asked Shao Xue when the test results came out. She was very concerned about Shao Xue and made Shao Xue particularly worried that she was found out by Shao's mother if she did not pass the test. When Shao's father fell asleep, he found that Shao's mother was a little different. 

Only then did Shao's mother say that she suspected that she had stomach cancer and that she might be dead soon. When Shao's father learned the truth, he immediately comforted his sad and crying mother Shao, and asked Shao's mother to go to the regular hospital with him for an examination tomorrow. The next day, Shao's mother followed Shao's father to the hospital for an examination in fear. The neighbors all accompanied them, which made them very moved. The doctor's examination report came out. Shao's father took the report and told Shao's mother to let her eat more of what she wanted, which frightened Shao's mother. He then smiled and reminded Shao's mother that if she didn't eat the fetus, she would be malnourished. . As soon as Dad Shao's words came out, everyone knew that Mama Shao was pregnant instead of having a stomachache. Everyone was happy for Mama Shao and also thought it was very interesting, so they kept laughing. Zheng Su Nian took the initiative to help the teacher change the test paper, and told the teacher about Shao Xue's situation, and then gave the question that Shao Xue answered to the teacher to help Shao Xue add points. Shao Xue thought that if she didn't finish the exam, she must have failed the exam, but she unexpectedly scored 101 points, which made her a little unbelievable. When returning home, Zheng Su Nian told Shao Xue about the situation. After Shao Xue found out, he admired Zheng Su Nian to the ground. Just when Shao Xue was happy, she met Jin Ning and Zhang Ling who came out with a smile. Only then did she know that Shao's mother was pregnant and that she wanted to be a sister made her a little unable to adapt.

Episode 4

Shao Xue was worried that after having younger brothers and sisters, the love she got would be divided, so she couldn't help asking Zheng Su Nian if Zheng Su Nian didn't like her as much as she did now. Zheng Su Nian comforted Shao Xue and explained after having younger siblings, not only will she get more love, but more, because her younger siblings love her just as much. After Shao Xue was enlightened by Zheng Su Nian, she happily went home to see her parents, but learned that Shao's mother was getting old. Although she was pregnant, all the indicators were not up to standard, so the pregnancy might not be preserved. When Shao Xue learned of the situation, she immediately hugged her mother and comforted her, explaining that she would love her mother more for her sister in the future, which made her happy. The Spring Festival is approaching, and a group of Shao Xue went out to buy things, and happened to meet Wu Huan, who was working and studying, so he went to Wu Huan to buy skewers. When Wu Huan saw Lin Shiyin, he immediately asked Lin Shiyin about going to Hainan, but Lin Shiyin said unhappily that she was on the afternoon flight. Shao Xue and others bought the New Year's goods, and when they returned home, they met Aunt Deng who sold Roujiamo, so they each ordered a Roujiamo to eat. 

Zheng Su Nian discovered that the Spring Festival couplets on Aunt Deng's stall were from last year, and Shao Xue remembered that she forgot to buy the Spring Festival couplets. Shao Xue wanted to rush back to buy the Spring Festival couplets, but now the stall must be closed, so Zheng Su Nian thought of Grandpa Luo. Zheng Su Nian proposed to ask Grandpa Luo to write the Spring Festival couplets, Shao Xue immediately went happily to the Cultural Seminary to find Grandpa Luo, and at this time Grandpa Luo happened to be writing the Spring Festival couplets, so there was nowhere to send them. Shao Xue asked for the Spring Festival couplets, and Grandpa Luo happily gave one to Shao Xue, and Shao Xue took it back for delivery. Shao's father and Shao's mother were very satisfied when they saw the Spring Festival couplets, and they asked Shao Xue where they bought them. Only then did they know that it was written by Grandpa Luo. Someone came to their home to pay New Year's greetings and provided Shao Xue with a piece of information, explaining that next year Qiming Middle School will implement a two-plus-one policy. Shao Xue is on the candidate list and can study high school in China for two years, and then go to a university abroad. Shao Xue was very happy to learn that she could go abroad, and Shao's mother was worried that Shao Xue would be abroad for a long time after she went abroad, and it would not be easy for her to meet her. Shao Xue and his party got together to give gifts to the grandparents in the hutong for New Year's greetings, and finally arrived at Grandpa Sun's house. 

When Shao Xue and the others arrived at Grandpa Sun's house, they happened to see Sun Siyuan coming back, and Sun Siyuan was tinkering with the digital camera, so they began to study it curiously. Fu Qiaomu came to pay New Year's greetings to Grandpa Sun, so Grandpa Sun introduced it to everyone, explaining that Fu Qiaomu was a graduate student of the Academy of Fine Arts who was assigned to the Academy of Arts and Culture. When Sun Siyuan saw Fu Qiaomu, he was attracted by Fu Qiaomu's beauty, so he couldn't help but get distracted. When Fu Qiaomu was making tea with Sun Siyuan, he asked Sun Siyuan if he wanted to stay in the Cultural Seminary, and she wanted Sun Siyuan to take her with him. Sun Siyuan was frightened by Fu Qiaomu's sudden words, and poured the water when he lost his mind, but was very happy with Fu Qiaomu's proposal. Shao Xue and the others studied for a long time, and only after Sun Siyuan took a group photo of them did they leave Grandpa Sun's house. After Shao Xue and the others left, Sun Siyuan explained his decision to Grandpa Sun. He wanted to stay. Grandpa Sun was very happy to hear it, but Fu Qiaomu didn't say anything. The adults of several families were cooking the New Year's Eve dinner, while Shao Xue and the others were fighting and eating snacks. Shao Xue was happy for a while, and told the matter about going abroad. Zhang Qi learned that Shao Xue was going abroad and immediately discussed with Shao Xue, while Zheng Su Nian felt a little lost because Shao Xue was leaving. The New Year's Eve dinner was ready, and as soon as Shao Xue sat down to eat, she asked Shao's mother for the New Year's money.

Unexpectedly, Shao's mother said that this year's New Year's money was cancelled, and she would save it for Shao Xue until Shao Xue was admitted to university. Zheng Su Nian and Zhang Qi's New Year's Eve money has been cancelled, but they still happily spend New Year's Eve with their families, while Wu Huan is at home alone, helping Wu's mother cook the New Year's Eve dinner. Wu Huan felt bad for Wu's mother, who was in poor health. She took the initiative to take on the housework and went out to work to make money. Wu's mother felt sorry for Wu Huan. Although she had no money at home, she still prepared new year money for Wu Huan. After dinner, Zheng Su Nian asked Shao Xue about going abroad. He wanted to know if Shao Xue passed the interview and whether he really wanted to go abroad, while Shao Xue was thinking about going abroad and didn't know Zheng Su Nian's worries at all. Shao Xue and the three watched the Spring Festival Gala together and wanted to count down to twelve o'clock, but they didn't expect that both Shao Xue and Zhang Qi fell asleep, and only Zheng Su Nian watched them sleep. Zheng Su Nian stared at Shao Xue, Shao Xue suddenly woke up and saw that she was frightened, and immediately got up from Zheng Su Nian, when she found that Zhang Qi was asleep. Shao Xue woke Zhang Qi up, waited for the countdown together, and then made a New Year's wish to spend the New Year's Eve happily. After Zhang Ling fell asleep, Zhang Qi went to incense his father, explained the situation at home, and paid New Year's greetings to his father by the way.

Episode 5

Shao Xue had a nightmare one night. She dreamed that the college entrance examination was coming. She was shot randomly by the math questions of the college entrance examination, which scared her out of her dream. Shao Xue woke up and found Zheng Su Nian and Zhang Qi by her side, so she asked what they were doing. When Shao Xue questioned, he saw the marker on Zhang Qi's hand, so he questioned what Zhang Qi had done. Zhang Qi and Zheng Su Nian smiled and did not speak, when Lin Shiyin came and had something to say to Shao Xue, so they drove them away. Lin Shiyin wanted to go back to her hometown in the countryside, but she didn't like it there, so she wanted Shao Xue to accompany her. Shao Xue was afraid that Shao's mother would not agree and did not agree to Lin Shiyin, but she didn't expect that Lin Shiyin had already done the work, as long as Shao Xue nodded, she could go, and Shao Xue agreed to go. Shao Xue was about to go out. Shao's mother was very worried and kept telling Shao Xue endlessly. Shao's father had to hold Shao's mother and let Lin Shiyin and the others leave. Zheng Su Nian and Zhang Qi were bored at home and could only watch dramas and play games. Zhang Qi wanted to watch idol dramas, but Zheng Su Nian disliked him for not growing up, so he refused to agree and took Zhang Qi out to buy books. 

When Shao Xue arrived at Lin Shiyin's hometown, she liked the environment very much. It was very similar to the place where she wanted to sign up for a tour group, so she was excited to be on vacation by herself. Lin Shiyin didn't like the countryside at all, and her face was drooping all the time. Mother Lin could only ask Lin Shiyin to pay attention to get through these two days, so as not to make Dad Lin unhappy. Shao Xue was happy when she saw Dad Lin's relatives in the countryside, looking at the newly bought toilet, and made a lot of jokes. When Zheng Su Nian and Zhang Qi were buying books, they talked about Shao Xue going abroad. Zheng Su Nian was very unhappy. Only then did Zhang Qi know that Zheng Su Nian did not want Shao Xue to leave. Zheng Su Nian was afraid that everything would be different if Shao Xue left, but Zhang Qi believed that even if Shao Xue left, their friendship would not change, and Zheng Su Nian was not so unhappy anymore. After the book was bought, Zhang Qi received a call from Sun Siyuan and asked them to go to the Academy of Fine Arts, and they settled the afternoon arrangement in the Academy of Fine Arts. Shao Xue ate the farm food, she liked it very much and kept eating it, while Lin Shiyin refused to eat anything because she disliked everything in the countryside, and did not pay much attention to Grandma Lin. Grandma Lin wanted to take Lin Shiyin and Shao Xue out for a walk, but Lin Shiyin didn't want to go, so she couldn't force it, so she took out candy and gave each of them a piece of candy. 

Lin Shiyin didn't want to take the candy, so Shao Xue had to help Lin Shiyin to take it, thanking Grandma Lin constantly, and helping Grandma Lin to feed the chickens, making Grandma Lin very happy. Sun Siyuan wanted Zheng Su Nian and the others to help him by acting as a model for Fu Qiaomu and shooting a promotional video about the college entrance examination, but it took a long time to shoot and Zheng Su Nian was very dissatisfied. Zheng Su Nian thought of Shao Xue's nightmare about the college entrance examination, so he proposed to make the college entrance examination a battle movie and re-shoot a video for Fu Qiaomu. Shao Xue found a lot of photos in Grandma Lin's room. Only then did she know that Grandma Lin used to be a noble lady, which also gave Lin Shiyin a different view of Grandma Lin. Shao Xue found Grandma Lin's jewelry box and found a lot of beautiful jewelry, but Lin Shiyin still refused to wear it. She didn't like it until she was forced by Shao Xue to wear it. Shao Xue happily helped Grandma Lin and Lin Shiyin to take pictures, allowing Lin Shiyin and Grandma Lin to spend a happy afternoon. In the evening, Lin Shiyin told Shao Xue what was in her heart. When Lin Shiyin moved her from the countryside to Beijing, she shared the unhappy experience of being laughed at as a bun, explaining that this was the reason why she was unwilling to get close to relatives in the countryside, because she did not want people in Beijing to know that she had such a group of relatives. 

But today when she saw Shao Xue and Grandma Lin happily feeding the chickens, she changed her mind, but she just didn't know how to get along with them. Lin Shiyin's family was going back to Beijing. Grandma Lin gave Lin Shiyin a red envelope of 500 yuan, so that Lin Shiyin could buy it if she liked it. After Lin Shiyin got into the car, she was very moved to see that Grandma Lin had packed such a big red envelope, because this big red envelope was the living expenses of Grandma Lin for a few months, but Grandma Lin herself was reluctant to buy a new pair of shoes even if she broke. Repair and wear, save all the money and give it to her. Lin Shiyin asked Dad Lin to stop the car and ran to hug Grandma Lin. She promised to come back to see Grandma Lin often in the future, and also hoped that Grandma Lin would go to Beijing to play. She would take Grandma Lin to buy the best shoes in Beijing and give her Grandma Lin wears it. Lin Shiyin set foot on the road back to Beijing again. She thanked Shao Xue for accompanying her back to her hometown, because this trip she began to understand the value of family love. Zheng Sunian and Jin Ning asked about the outside world and wanted to understand Shao Xue's thoughts, but Jin Ning told Zheng Sunian that those who wanted to fly would only stay after seeing the outside world and come back. Jin Ning's words made Zheng Su Nian understand that he should support Shao Xue to go abroad.

Cast of Memory Of Encaustic Tile 

Chen Yuqi as Shao Xue

The naughty and cute little girl grew up in the alley with Zheng Su Nian and the others. Influenced by Zheng Su Nian's mother, she was unwilling to give up the infinite possibilities of the future for love, so she chose to leave the country.

Lin Yi as Zheng Su Nian

He had excellent grades since he was a child, inherited the will of his elders, and chose to become a cultural relic restorer. He sensed the energy of history and time in the immortal cultural relics, and thus obtained infinite power.

Yan Zidong as Zhang Qi

Lively and jumpy, one of the little friends in the hutong, who was recommended in advance because of his extraordinary mathematical talent, is also a friend of Shao Xue and Zheng Su Nian since childhood, and likes Shao Xue.

Tian Ai as Lin Shiyin

Sun Kai as Wu Huan

Yuan Ran as Jin Ning

Bao Tianqi as Fu Qiaomu

Ma Li as Yu Dongge

Tang Xu as Shao Hua

Fang Fang Bin as Zheng Jin

Liu Jiaoxin

Qin Yan as

Zou Tingwei

Yang Ziyan 

Li Daguang 

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