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Love Unexpected (不可思议的爱情) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Love Unexpected (不可思议的爱情) is a super fantasy romantic light comedy directed by Ke Hanchen and Hu Hanqing, starring Kris Fan and Judy Qi. The story itself was written by Qin-Qin and the series will be broadcast on Mango TV on January 31, 2021 to February 23, 2021.

Love Unexpected (不可思议的爱情) tells about the sweet love story of a young man who has a heart disorder with a strong woman who works as a bodyguard.

Details of Love Unexpected (不可思议的爱情)

Chinese Title: 不可思议的爱情 (Unbelievable Love)

English Title: Love Unexpected

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Love

Airing period: January 31, 2021 – February 23, 2021

Showtimes: Sunday – Tuesday

Number of Episodes: 24 Episode

Length of Each Episode: 45 Minute

Director: Hu Han-qing

Screenplay: Qin Qin

Original Network: Mango TV

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Plot Story of Love Unexpected (不可思议的爱情)

Since three years ago, when the terrible accident that took the life of his mother. Xu Nuo was traumatized for a long time, unable to control his emotions and feelings. This finally made Xu Nuo live with a very severe affective disorder, without knowing the feelings of sadness, fear and happiness. Like laughing, crying, to love. In fact, he also can not interact and empathize well with other people.

All of that was seen when he brutally acquired the company with no guilt or remorse. Although his goal was to get the job done, his savage technique had made Xu Nuo the target of more than a few disgruntled individuals. In order to carry out the mission, he then recruits Si Yi, an economics major who dreams of becoming a professional fighter. With highly honed senses and reflexes, Si Yi easily gets the job.

Although Xu Nuo was happy to have a partner like Si Yi, there was something that made him feel uncomfortable. But all that changes when Si Yi tries to hurt himself, and unexpectedly he begins to feel something else, though not sure about it yet. As time went on, Xu Nuo's long lost emotions gradually began to return, and Xu Nuo tried to decipher the feelings he had for Si Yi, thus asking himself whether the feelings he had developed for Si Yi would come true?

Cast of Love Unexpected (不可思议的爱情)

Kris Fan as Xu Nuo

Judy Qi as Ke Si Yi

Zha Jie as Liang Zhi Xiao

Wang Xu Dong as Zhou Yan Xin

Shen Yao as Lin Wen

Zhang Chu Xuan as Li Yun Zhu

Shi Rui as You Wei Wei

Shi Yu as Li Da

Qu Gang as Jack

Liu Zi Rui as Wen Shan

Shi Qiang as Doctor Qin

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