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Love at Night (夜色暗涌时) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Love at Night (夜色暗涌时) is produced by Hunan Happy Sunshine Interactive Entertainment Media Co., Ltd., directed by Lin Yi, starring Zhang Yuxi and Liu Xueyi, starring Zhao Yuanyuan, Gu Zicheng, Chen Pengwanli, Li Siqi, Li Zifeng, Zheng Xiyi, Tianyuan Special The female urban emotional topic drama performed by the show.

Love at Night (夜色暗涌时) tells the story of Xu Qingyou, a white-collar worker in the workplace, who met Mo Lingze when night fell, and the two worked together to resolve the crisis. The series will be broadcast on Mango TV on November 9, 2021 [6] .

Although Love at Night (夜色暗涌时) is a romantic genre, The series presents a love story that is rarely found in other romance genre dramas. Starring the ranks of top artists, making this one drama increasingly popular with many people. Highlighting the intricacies of adult and modern romance, this Chinese Drama is a must for your viewing recommendations. If you haven't seen it yet, it never hurts to listen to the synopsis and the following Love at Night cast first.

Detail of Love at Night (夜色暗涌时)

Chinese Title: 夜色暗涌时 ()

English Title: Love at Night

Genre: Contemporary, Urban, Love

Production Company: Hunan Happy Sunshine Interactive Entertainment Media Co., Ltd

Filming location: Shenzhen, 

Premiere time: November 9, 2021 

Director: Lin Yi 

Screenwriter: Wen Rui, Liu Yang, Liu Shuang

Producer: Tang Fan , Dai Ling, Luo Xiaoli 

Starring: Zhang Yuxi, Liu Xueyi, Zhao Yuanyuan, Gu Zicheng

Number of Episodes: 30 Episodes 

Length of Each Episode: 45 Minutes

Online Broadcast Platform: Mango TV will be produced in 2021

love at night synopsis
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Plot Story of Love at Night

Love at Night (夜色暗涌时) highlights the life of Xu Qing You (Zhang Yu Xi), a woman in her 30s who has a brilliant career. She also has a boyfriend named Fan Yun Xi (Li Zi Feng) whom she has been dating for ten years. But unfortunately, while preparing for her wedding with her lover, Xu Qing You caught Fan Yu Xi having an affair with another woman. The ten years of trust disappeared in an instant, and Xu Qing You broke off her relationship with Fan Yu Xi.

Until then he gets involved with Mo Ling Ze (Liu Xue Yi). Ling Ze was someone he had met before, but left a bad impression on his first encounter. Turns out, Ling Ze is a businessman who took over the company where Qing You works. Because of that, Qing You was unable to avoid Ling Ze.

On the one hand, Ling Ze always tried to show his concern for Qing You. While on the other hand, Fan Yun Xi is still trying to apologize, and restore her relationship with Qing You. So, how is the continuation of this problematic love? You can follow him in the Chinese drama Love at Night (夜色暗涌时).

5th Episode Summary of Love at Night

Episode 1

Some people say that time will invisibly put an invisible shackle on 30-year-old women, making them obsessed with their own appearance, and even be careful about every choice, what exactly is a 30-year-old woman? What should life be like? Xu Qingyou has her own answer. She just wants to live the life she wants. Xu Qingyou is also a woman who is about to turn 30 and is the operation director of Lemi E-commerce. The sun gradually rose into the sky, and a beam of sunlight shone on Xu Qingyou's face through the window. In a high-end hotel, Xu Qingyou was awakened by a ringing phone. The front desk of the hotel called and told Xu Qingyou that it was Mr. Mo. Her customized eight o'clock wake-up call. Looking at the messy clothes all over the place, Xu Qingyou suddenly became conscious, thinking of the man who kissed her, Xu Qingyou hugged her head in annoyance. The time went back to a day ago. Fan Yunxi, her boyfriend who is a lawyer, called a video early in the morning, hoping that Xu Qingyou could resign and go home and get married and be his Mrs. Fan instead of working hard every day. In Fan Yunxi's view, women are all The same, like to sit back and enjoy. But in Xu Qingyou's view, this is all a man's imagination, in fact, she prefers to be able to support herself. 

Mo Lingze received a call from secretary Wang Ji while driving, worried that the project would be pryed away, and Zhao Lei, who pryed the project, was looking for Jarvis with the agreement, but Mo Lingze was not in a hurry. The project cannot run, and the secretary is notified to locate the address to meet. In order to find Jarvis, Mo Lingze took his secretary to a street. At this time, Jarvis kept his breakfast place, but it was on this street that Mo Lingze met Xu Qingyou and mistook Xu Qingyou. Qingyou is the person of his opponent Zhao Lei, who wants to talk to Jarvis about business. In order to escape and not be caught, Jarvis pushed Xu Qingyou into Mo Lingze's arms. Coincidentally, Xu Qingyou's lipstick was printed on Mo Lingze's snow-white shirt. Just as Jarvis was about to escape, Wang Ji caught him back. Mo Lingze and Wang Ji satirized Xu Qingyou's old routine. Xu Qingyou obviously couldn't understand what the two were saying, but it didn't take too much. follow up. Mo Lingze's action immediately paid off. He negotiated with Jarvis in front of Zhao Lei, and made clear the stakes. Jarvis finally fell to Mo Lingze. Cosmetics sold by Lemi e-commerce were accused of being fake products on Weibo, and dozens of inspection reports were issued. Beauty makeup has always been handled by one department. 

Therefore, Xu Qingyou hurriedly dealt with the problem and ordered everyone to temporarily disallow it. Reply to any questions. At this time, a good friend sent a photo of Fan Yunxi hugging another woman, and scolded Fan Yunxi as a scumbag. Xu Qingyou, who saw the photo, felt sad, but she didn't want to be seen and hid in the bathroom. Fan Yunxi's phone call was timely. Called and invited Xu Qingyou to go to a couple restaurant for dinner after get off work. Xu Qingyou agreed without any emotion in her voice. After Xu Qingyou came out of the bathroom, she still dealt with the company crisis calmly. The two met in the restaurant after get off work. Fan Yunxi explained that she just drank too much and was so angry that Xu Qingyou splashed a glass of red wine on Fan Yunxi's face. She could not accept the impending The married person cheats, no matter what the reason is. Xu Qingyou was in a bad mood and went to drink at the bar. Unconsciously, she drank too much. Playing games in the bar broke Mo Lingze's record. The bar owner said that according to the rules, Xu Qingyou could make a request to the previous record holder. Mo Lingze also came to the bar at this time, and sang a song on stage. Xu Qingyou continued to drink drunk under the stage, and waved the light stick to cheer for Mo Lingze on stage. The girl who broke her own record. The bar was about to close, and the waiter urged Xu Qingyou to leave the place to check out as soon as possible. He also took Xu Qingyou's mobile phone and wanted to call his dear friend in his address book. Xu Qingyou grabbed it and threw it into the ice bucket. 

Mo Lingze took the initiative to persuade Xu Qingyou to leave, but Xu Qingyou reminded Mo Lingze to be willing to admit defeat, and Mo Lingze will listen to her tonight. Mo Lingze proposed to send Xu Qingyou home, but Xu Qingyou cried out in pain that her boyfriend who had been in love with her for ten years had cheated and she did not want to go home. In the end, Xu Qingyou fell on Mo Lingze's shoulder. Mo Lingze seemed to feel the girl's pain and sent her to the hotel. When Xu Qingyou woke up the next day, she found a mess in the ground, and the broken stockings made her even more sure that she must have done something out of the ordinary with Mo Lingze. Xu Qingyou's assistant, Mengmeng, found out that the person who broke the news on Weibo that the fake was a professional china smasher. Xu Qingyou put the evidence in front of him and pointed out that the person who broke the news had more than ten Weibo accounts, and had targeted many companies in the past few years. Extortion and extortion, the person who broke the news said that those people were guilty of thieves and willing to give money, and he was worthy of his conscience. Xu Qingyou secretly recorded the conversation between the two and warned the whistleblower to delete the video and apologize publicly, otherwise legal means would be taken to send the whistleblower to prison. Regarding beauty products, Xu Qingyou also expressed great confidence that she could be investigated and inspected. What Xu Qingyou didn't expect was that the boss of beauty products turned out to be Mo Lingze. Mo Lingze led a team to Lemi's e-commerce department to check the results. After Xu Qingyou's investigation, the truth was revealed, Mo Lingze told Xu Qingyou. Qingyou also looked at it differently. Xu Qingyou seemed a little embarrassed and never dared to face Mo Lingze, but Mo Lingze whispered to remind Xu Qingyou that the room fee had not been returned to her.

Episode 2

Mo Lingze took the elevator away with a faint smile, Xu Qingyou wanted to smash her head in frustration and embarrassment, Xu Qingyou wanted to contact to return the room fee, but the other party ignored it, Xu Qingyou had to go up The Internet cafe we ​​met for the first time, but still did not see Mo Lingze, Xu Qingyou simply put the money in the bar and handed it over. Fan Yunxi invited Xu Qingyou to meet at the new house, explaining that this cheating was just a small episode in life, and hoped that Xu Qingyou would give her a chance. Everything in this new house was decorated according to Xu Qingyou's liking, and the two were about to go dream life. Xu Qingyou broke the group photo of the two and insisted on breaking up. Fan Yunxi looked at the back of Xu Qingyou leaving and vowed never to break up. Xu Qingyou met Mo Lingze at the elevator entrance when he was going to work. Taking advantage of the time when no one was there, Xu Qingyou reminded Mo Lingze to forget what happened before, and pretended that nothing happened. Mo Lingze satirized that Xu Qingyou was a In the middle of the master, Xu Qingyou replied that Mo Lingze was each other without admitting defeat. But Mo Lingze found that Xu Qingyou's ears were red. Although her mouth was hard, her body was very honest, which made Mo Lingze more and more interested in Xu Qingyou. 

Xu Qingyou found at the desk that the money given to Mo Lingze had been returned, for fear that Mo Lingze would threaten her with the fact that the two of them were staying in the hotel, so she proposed a solution. Mo Lingze invited Xu Qingyou to duel again in the game to completely solve this matter, but because Xu Qingyou was flustered, he did not clear the level this time. There was a rich lady, Lin Siyu, who fell in love with Mo Lingze, a handsome guy who sang and played the piano, so he deliberately arranged a bar to hold a masked party. He called the bar owner's sister, and told the handsome singer to be there. The rich lady planned to create a couple game between her and Mo Lingze in the game segment. Xu Qingyou's best friend Fang Qi came to Xu Qingyou early in the morning and invited her to go to the masked party. The person who opened the door was Xu Qingyou's younger brother Xu Wei. The four-year course graduated one year ahead of schedule, and the goddess Xu Wei had a crush on was Fang Qi. When he saw Fang Qi from the cat's eye, Xu Wei was very excited, but he didn't dare to open the door immediately. Instead, he went upstairs to straighten his hair, put on a suit of clothes, and sprayed some perfume before he forced himself to open the door calmly. Fang Qi naturally grabbed Xu Wei's collar and smelled the smell, making fun of Xu Wei's unpleasant smell. 

As soon as Fang Qi went upstairs to Xu Wei's room, he saw an unfinished portrait of a woman. Fang Qi wanted to see it clearly, but was snatched by Xu Wei. Fang Qi just thought that Xu Wei might have a girl he liked, but he didn't think much about it. . Because Fang Qi has always regarded Xu Wei as his little brother, he never thought that Xu Wei would fall in love with him one day. Xu Qingyou stayed in bed and refused to get up. Fang Qi pretended to be pitiful, for fear that she would be bullied because of her beauty He could still be a flower protector, but Fang Qi decisively refused. The rich lady never expected that there was a malfunction in the game. She was waiting for Mo Lingze, the owner of the couple account corresponding to her, to appear, but the lady boss found that the lottery hand cards used to create the couple relationship were upside down. Lin Siyu should be holding ninety-nine but sixty-six, and the real ninety-nine was in Fang Qi's hands. Fang Qi threw the opportunity to his best friend Xu Qingyou without hesitation, and pushed her away. Going out, Mo Lingze on the other side had to take the stage under the watchful eyes of everyone. At everyone's request, the couple who were temporarily caught hugged and played guitar on the spot. Lin Siyu was so angry that he could not wait to demolish the place and was forced out by Wang Ji. After the game ended, Xu Qingyou mistakenly thought that Mo Lingze was deliberately playing tricks on her, and asked what Mo Lingze wanted to do? Mo Lingze asked Xu Qingyou what else happened that night?

Episode 3

Xu Qingyou misunderstood that Mo Lingze's current tone was provocative and teasing, so he became even more angry, and also seriously warned Mo Lingze that no matter what happened that night, what happened that night would not happen, and the relationship between them would be different. Absolutely nothing will happen. Mo Lingze seemed to be a little injured. He reached out and took a pair of scissors from the bar, and cut the rope tied to their wrists to let Xu Qingyou leave. Xu Wei was worried and Fang Qi was waiting outside the bar. Seeing Fang Qi came out drunk, he hurriedly supported him and pretended to be passing by. Xu Qingyou felt relieved when he saw Fang Qi being taken care of and turned around to look for Mo Lingze, warning Mo Lingze. Ling Ze didn't bother to forget everything, and happily accepted the room fee to solve the problem of the two of them completely. Mo Lingze knew that Xu Qingyou had a deep misunderstanding of himself, and maybe regarded him as a guy who took advantage of the situation, so Mo Lingze truthfully told the story of that day. He saw that Xu Qingyou was unwilling to go home and did not Knowing Xu Qingyou's address, she had to take her to the hotel. Then the drunk Xu Qingyou kept telling the story of her love affair with her boyfriend being cheated on. She felt sad, sometimes crying and sometimes laughing. It's all water. 

Mo Lingze was also tormented by this woman. He got wet and wanted to dry his clothes, but he was dragged to bed by the woman, but he accidentally kissed the other person's mouth. It took Xu Qingyou to fall asleep in the middle of the night. Before leaving, the two of them didn't actually have anything happened. Xu Qingyou, who learned the real situation, gradually felt relieved. The next day, in Mr. Zhai's office, Xu Qingyou met Mo Lingze from the investor again. Mr. Zhai hoped that the two would have more contact and learn more, but Xu Qingyou showed disdain for Mo Lingze. Xu Qingyou's ideal project began to publicize, which made everyone in the first movie excited. Fan Yunxi called again and mailed a package of vitamins to Xu Qingyou, expressing his concern, hoping that Xu Qingyou could forget the mistakes he made and express that he was not making mistakes. However, in Xu Qingyou and Fang Qi's view, there are only zero and countless times such a man's mistake. As long as there is one, there will not be only one. Therefore, Xu Qingyou still decisively refused the request for reconciliation. Xu Wei sent Fang Qi home, and it was heartbreaking to see Fang Qi falling asleep on the bed drunk. He clearly remembered what Fang Qi looked like after breaking up with her boyfriend. Fang Qi kept eating with tears in his eyes, hoping that he Before the age of 30, she found a better man to accompany her on her 30th birthday, but Xu Wei made up her mind at that time to accompany Fang Qi on her 30th birthday. 

When filming the promotional video, the male protagonist could not be present for some reason. As the time was about to come, Mengmeng suggested that Mo Lingze be filmed. Mo Lingze's temperament was very in line with the image of the male protagonist, and he was also an investor. , should agree. Xu Qingyou said no, but she actually turned her head and called Mo Lingze with a low-pitched smile on her face, hoping that Mo Lingze would agree to play the male lead. After running on Xu Qingyou, he also said that he would not go. Xu Qingyou screened a few more men, and found that none of them fit the image in her heart. When she was a little irritable, Mo Lingze came to the afterglow of the sunset. Mo Lingze readily agreed to shoot, which made everyone on the scene smile. Xu Qingyou tidied up Mo Lingze's tie while she was resting and expressed her thanks in a low voice, but Mo Lingze suggested that his time was calculated in seconds and would not be in vain, which also made Xu Qing She breathed a sigh of relief. It would be good if she could talk about money. She was also most afraid of owed favors. After filming, in order to express her gratitude, Xu Qingyou suggested to invite Mo Lingze to dinner, and Mo Lingze happily went with him. During the meal, Mr. Zhai called and asked that the plan must be confirmed that night. At the same time, Mo Lingze took off his jacket and put it on Xu Qingyou's lap. He behaved extremely gentlemanly, so as not to wear a short skirt. Xu Qingyou was blown by the air-conditioning wind, and she also avoided exposure. Xu Qingyou hung up the phone and looked at Mo Lingze meaningfully, and suddenly felt that Mo Lingze was terrifying. Xu Qingyou bluntly said that Mo Lingze was thoughtful and thoughtful, and they were not of the same magnitude.

Episode 4

Xu Qingyou hopes that there will be no more accidents between him and Mo Lingze in the future. The previous accident has already happened. In the past, the implication is that I don't want to have too much communication. However, Mo Lingze believes that life is made up of many accidents, which left Xu Qingyou speechless. At this time, Lin Siyu, who was outside the restaurant, saw Xu Qingyou who was eating with Mo Lingze and quickly took a photo. Lin Siyu called and found Wang Ji, who was catching the doll, and inquired about Xu Qingyou's situation from Wang Ji, but Wang Ji, who was obsessed with catching the doll, didn't want to leave. Lin Siyu simply helped Wang Ji catch the doll, but he caught a lot of them unexpectedly. Baby, Lin Siyu arrogantly told Wang Ji that this needs to use his brain, and Wang Ji has the intention to help Lin Siyu to see who the woman in the photo is. Xu Qingyou's parents came suddenly, and Xu Wei was quite frightened. He did not enter the academy according to his father's wish, but chose the art school he liked, for fear that his parents would lose their temper. 

Unexpectedly, the topic of parents' concern this time turned to Xu Qingyou's marriage. My father thought that Xu Qingyou and Fan Yunxi were the most suitable couple. But Xu Qingyou thinks that love is the most important thing. From his father's point of view, love is talked about in his twenties. Talking about love in his thirties is naive, not to mention that Fan Yunxi is considerate and considerate for Xu Qingyou everywhere. , Xu Qingyou should not be obsessed with love and ignore the suitability in marriage. Xu Qingyou was extremely conflicted in her heart. Fan Yunxi suddenly invited Xu Qingyou for dinner and bought her her favorite things. Fan Yunxi has never forgotten anything Xu Qingyou said over the years. Fan Yunxi said that although he was reluctant to Xu Qingyou, he couldn't bear to persecute Xu Qingyou, so Fan Yunxi agreed to break up. Xu Qingyou was moved to tears in the bathroom. When her heart was moved, it was also a time of conflict. Ever since the derailment incident, Fan Yunxi has been chasing after him. The source shows all kinds of concerns. Xu Qingyou and him have been together for a long time. Ten years of love is not easy to let go. Knowing that Xu Qingyou was shaken, Fang Qi was very angry, and warned Xu Qingyou that she would regret it sooner or later, and also thought that she was an unsatisfactory performance. Xu Qingyou met Mo Lingze at work, and Fan Yunxi thoughtfully came to deliver something before he said a few words, and declared his sovereignty on the spot, praising Xu Qingyou as his fiancee, and Mo Lingze's heart was inexplicably sad. 

After Fan Yunxi left, Mo Lingze satirized Xu Qingyou for having too many "accidents". Xu Qingyou borrowed Mo Lingze's words that life is made up of countless accidents, which left Mo Lingze speechless. Lin Siyu angrily came to Xu Qingyou's work place to formally swear sovereignty, warned Xu Qingyou to stay away from Mo Lingze, not to pester Mo Lingze, and even accused Xu Qingyou that it was for Mo Lingze's money. Xu Qingyou didn't want the influence of Lin Siyu's yelling to be bad, and directly went to the bathroom to explain. Xu Qingyou thought that Mo Lingze's cold face would not be liked by anyone, and also persuaded Lin Siyu to make a good choice and not make the wrong choice. Lin Siyu warned Xu Qingyou not to speak ill of Mo Lingze. In her opinion, Mo Lingze's indifferent face is the most handsome. Xu Qingyou's foot accidentally sprained in the bathroom. Mo Lingze saw Xu Qingyou limping to deliver the documents and took the initiative to take him to the hospital. He also thoughtfully bought a pair of flat shoes for Xu Qingyou to put on. At the same time, he also apologized to Lin Siyu for coming to her, and promised that this kind of thing would not happen again. At this time, Fan Yunxi called and learned that Xu Qingyou was in the hospital and immediately said that she would come to pick her up. Xu Qingyou asked Mo Lingze to leave first. Mo Lingze was already jealous when he heard Fan Yunxi's name. However, Mo Lingze, who was still worried, was still waiting outside the hospital. Fan Yunxi didn't come in time because of something, so Mo Lingze carried Xu Qingyou and forcibly sent Xu Qingyou back.

Episode 5

Mo Lingze sent her back to the company to work overtime according to Xu Qingyou's request. When Xu Qingyou got out of the car, she coldly told Mo Lingze that the two had cleared up, and hoped that they would not have any more communication. Seeing Xu Qingyou's back, who left coldly and decisively, Mo Lingze burst into tears, and then drove to the bar for a drink. In the bar, Mo Lingze looked at the orchestra's drum set, thinking about how he and Xu Qingyou were embracing and playing the guitar, Mo Lingze got up and left with mixed feelings. As soon as Xu Qingyou went to work, she learned that the company was going to lay off three employees in the first department. Xu Qingyou hurriedly went to Mr. Zhai to discuss, and she brought out the people who were distressed in the first department, and everyone was a strong soldier. Mr. Zhai said that both the first and the second will be merged, and the manager will also be re-selected in the future. Optimization is an imperative for the company. Mo Lingze stood up and reminded Xu Qingyou not to use his emotions for work. , Xu Qingyou thought that personnel optimization was what Mo Lingze meant, and was even more angry with Mo Lingze. 

Xu Qingyou reassured his subordinate employees that when their performance is good, there is no reason to lay off staff. They must calm down and work hard with the spirit of daring to work hard. Everyone is very grateful to Xu Qingyou. Xu Qingyou was very upset because of the layoff. Fan Yunxi called Xu Qingyou after learning about the situation, hoping that Xu Qingyou would take the opportunity to resign and they could prepare for the wedding, but Xu Qingyou objected. Later, Fan Yunxi called Fang Tong again and asked her to collect evidence of layoffs, and to sue Le Mi in Xu Qingyou's name, and asked Fang Tong not to tell Xu Qingyou to upset her. Xu Qingyou took out the company's performance and other data to go to Mo Lingze, hoping that for the sake of everyone's efforts not to lay off staff, but Mo Lingze ignored it, and Xu Qingyou even believed that Mo Lingze was an indifferent person. Xu Qingyou went to Mr. Zhai again, and admitted that the employees under his subordinates may not be as capable as the second department, but he guaranteed that everyone's performance would increase by 30%. Mr. Zhai was persuaded by Xu Qingyou and promised to give her three It took a month to prove the ability of one, which made Xu Qingyou very satisfied. When Xu Qingyou came to work, she heard from her colleagues that they saw Mo Lingze talking to Mr. Zhai about personnel issues, and also praised Mo Lingze for being very human at critical moments, not as ruthless as it seemed on the surface. 

Xu Qingyou felt that she was talking too much at the time. Seeing that Mo Lingze came and offered to invite Mo Lingze to dinner and apologized, Mo Lingze was angry on the surface, but he still suggested that he choose the place to eat. Xu Wei opened a painting class, but the appearance of the male model made it difficult for the students to enter the play, so Xu Wei simply dressed himself up. Unexpectedly, Fang Qi drove by here and met Xu Wei on a whim. Xu Wei was so frightened that he blocked himself with a drawing board. But Fang Qi couldn't help laughing, and Xu Wei felt very embarrassed. Xu Wei proposed to invite Fang Qi to dinner. Fang Qi saw that Xu Wei's sleeves were a little dirty and wiped it off, and asked Xu Wei to order food. Xu Wei had no experience in love, and he got the wrong information from his friends, thinking that Fang Qi's behavior was interesting to him, and he couldn't help laughing from the bottom of his heart. During the meal, Mo Lingze couldn't help but ask Xu Qingyou why she suddenly reconciled with her boyfriend. Xu Qingyou didn't want to explain too much, but just said lightly that she could do whatever she wanted. On the way back, Mo Lingze was dozing in the car, and Xu Qingyou was unconsciously staring at the car, remembering all the past encounters with Mo Lingze, until someone honked the horn, and Mo Lingze's eyes were full. 

Without opening her eyes, she turned her head to face Xu Qingyou and let Xu Qingyou see it clearly, but Xu Qingyou suddenly blushed and Xiafei denied it. Fan Yunxi ordered a lot of hairy crabs to be delivered to Xu Qingyou's company, and even gave them to colleagues to eat, which made the customer praise Fan Yunxi very much. He was busy with work and did not forget to send hairy crabs to his girlfriend. However, Fan Yunxi said that everything he did was done with his heart in mind, and no surprises were allowed. Relationships, like customers, need to be maintained. This is just a way of maintaining. Fan Yunxi is tough and confident in the case of acquiring DDS, no matter whether it is a person. Or the case will not run as long as it is determined by him. Xu Qingyou looked at the hairy crabs on the table and suddenly thought of Mo Lingze, she took these and gave them to Mo Lingze, but never thought that Mo Lingze would not accept turning around and leaving, which made Lin Siyu very happy, but made Xu Qing You lost face and was teased by Lin Siyu. When he got off work, Mo Lingze deliberately found Xu Qingyou to explain, but Xu Qingyou didn't listen and turned around and left. Mo Lingze was unwilling to be misunderstood and dragged Xu Qingyou into a grocery room.

Cast of Love at Night (夜色暗涌时)

Zhang Yuxi as Xu Qingyou

Liu Xueyi as Mo Lingze

Zhao Yuanyuan as Fang Qi

Gu Zicheng as Xu Wei

Chen Peng Wanli as Wang Ji

Li Siqi as Lin Siyu

Li Zifeng as Fan Yunxi

Zheng Xiyi as Li Sa

Tian Yuan as Tang Xi

Kong Lin as Mother Xu

Guo Qiucheng as Father Xu

Han Longxuan as President Zhai

Lu Ning as President Luo

Zeng Youzhen as Xia Meng

Guo Shibo as Yu Ming

Liu Quyi as Bobo

Xiao Ranxin as Luluo

Zhang Keyuan as Gu Dayan

Hu Shunlin as Little Mo Lingze

Peng Dongxu as Father Mo

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