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Eternal Love (三生三世十里桃花) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Eternal Love (三生三世十里桃花) is directed by Lin Yufen, starring Yang Mi and Zhao Youting, and starring Zhang Zhiyao, Di Lieba, Gao Weiguang, Huang Mengying, Zhang Binbin, Yu Menglong, Liu Ruilin, Wang Xiao, Zhu Xudan, Dai Si, etc. The series genre is special costumes Fantasy Chinese Drama.

Eternal Love (三生三世十里桃花) is adapted from Tang Qi's novel of the same name, premiered on Dragon TV and Zhejiang Satellite TV on January 30, 2017. The series is about the beautiful fairy love story of Qingqiu's daughter Bai Qian and Jiuzhongtian prince Yehua after three love-hate entanglements. 

Eternal Love (三生三世十里桃花) tells the love story between Bai Qian (Yang Mi) and Mo Yuan (Mark Chao). The story begins when Bai Qian, a nine-tailed fox, meets the god of war named Yang Mo. Unfortunately, they had to separate because of the war that took Mo Yuan's life. On the other hand, Bai Qian is also thrown into the mortal realm causing her to lose her strength and memory.

Detail of Eternal Love (三生三世十里桃花)

Chinese Title: 三生三世十里桃花 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms)

English Title: Eternal Love

Genre: Costume, Love, Fantasy

Director: Lin Yufen, Yu Cuihua, Ren Haitao

Distribution Company: Shanghai Juku Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

Production Company: Huace Juku Communication, Jiaxing Media

Filming location: Xiangshan Film and Television City.

Distribution Company: Shanghai Juku Culture Communication Co., Ltd. 

First broadcast time: January 30, 2017 

Director: Lin Yufen, Yu Cuihua, Ren Haitao 

Screenwriter: Hong Huo 

Starring: Yang Mi, Zhao Youting, Zhang Zhiyao, Dilruba, Gao Weiguang

Number of Episodes: 58 episodes

Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes

Online Broadcast Platform: Youku 

Premiere platform: Zhejiang Satellite TV, Dragon TV 

eternal love synopsis
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Plot Story of Eternal Love (三生三世十里桃花)

Yijun Qingcang (Lian Yiming) provoked a war against the Protoss, and the Protoss paid a heavy price to seal Qingcang. In the same year, Tiansun Yehua (Zhao Youting) was born. Seventy thousand years later, Qingcang broke the seal, and Bai Qian (Yang Mi), the youngest daughter of Qingqiu Fox Emperor, sealed Qingcang again, so she was sealed with mana, memory and appearance, and fell into the world to meet and fall in love with Yehua. into the heavenly palace. 

In the Heavenly Palace, Su Jin (Huang Mengying), who loves Yehua, framed Bai Qian many times, and made Bai Qian misunderstand that Ye Hua was ruthless, and then caused Bai Qian to have her eyes gouged out. Bai Qian was heartbroken, and after giving birth, she jumped down from Zhuxiantai. Because Zhu Xiantai broke the seal, she regained her memory and drank the medicine of forgetfulness in order to forget Ye Hua. A hundred years later, the two meet again in the East China Sea. Ye Hua recognizes Bai Qian and accompanies them. 

Facing the hatred in the past, Bai Qian asked Su Jin to get his eyes back, but he was caught in Su Jin's scheme again and refused to forgive Ye Hua again. At this time, Qing Cang woke up again, Ye Hua didn't have time to explain, he personally killed Qing Cang, and sacrificed his life to seal the Donghuang Bell. Fortunately, three years later, Ye Hua woke up, and the two resumed their relationship. 

5th Episode Summary of Eternal Love

Episode 1

One hundred thousand years ago, the Father God returned to Chaos, and the ancient gods died one after another due to robbery. Today, only the Dragon Clan, Phoenix Clan, and Nine-tailed White Fox of the Heavenly Clan are left behind. The descendant of the nine-tailed white fox, the fox emperor Bai Zhisheng, has a young daughter named Bai Qian. Although this girl is well-loved, she is quite stubborn. In order to discipline her beloved daughter, the fox emperor entrusts her to the god Zheyan. It is said that this God Zheyan was the first phoenix who created the world. After he retired from the Three Realms, he lived in the Peach Blossom Forest for a long time and became friends with Qingqiu Kingdom. After Zheyan took over Bai Qian, she came up with the idea of ​​sending her to her younger brother Mo Yuan to study art. Zheyan cast Bai Qian into a man and took him to Kunlun Xu. It took more than ten thousand years for Kunlun to appear as a magic weapon. On this day, the Yuqing Kunlun fan suddenly appeared and attracted many disciples to compete. 

However, no matter how hard everyone tried, they could not hold this magic tool in their hands. The disciples chased the Chinese magic weapon and flew out of the door, but stopped in front of Bai Qian, who had just arrived. God Mo Yuan also followed the Yuqing Kunlun fan to the outside of the hall. In his hands, it is amazing. Bai Qian's pseudonym Siyin showed her sincerity in joining the teacher's door under the recommendation of God Zheyan. The hundreds of thousands of years of Daoism of God Mo Yuan could see through her daughter's true body at a glance, but he couldn't refuse. , because the magic weapon has been recognized as the master, if you don't put it under your own door, wouldn't the magic weapon fall into the hands of outsiders? Mo Yuan officially announced in the hall that Si Yin was accepted as the seventeenth disciple of the school and gave him the Yuqing Kunlun fan. There is the sixteenth disciple Zilan. Time flies, and Si Yin has been studying under Mo Yuan's sect for 20,000 years. She usually likes to go down to the mortal world to tell people's fortunes with her eleventh senior brother, Zilan. 

On this day, when she set out at the stall, she welcomed a teacher. The girl in white fluttering, the two of them saw this woman with extraordinary temperament and scrambled to tell her fortune. Unexpectedly, before the fortune was opened, a villain molested and then staged a story of a hero saving beauty. The two rushed back to the teacher's door and left in a hurry. However, this girl in white is not an ordinary man. She is the god of Yaoguang who also lives in Kunlunxu. In the past, the story of Moyuan bestowing the magic weapon to the little fox spread all over the three worlds. Yaoguang is here to find out where this Siyin is. figure. Mo Yuan brought three jars of Zheyan's self-brewed peach blossom drunk to Si Yin. Si Yin was very happy. She wanted to go out to relax after getting a jar of good wine, but she was held by a black gas as soon as she went out, and the peach blossom drunk fell. on the ground. The ninth junior brother Ling Yu hurriedly went to check after hearing the sound of the broken wine jar, but failed to catch up with the shadow. Senior brother Diefeng immediately called his disciples to discuss countermeasures. 

After ruling out the suspicion of Qingcang from the Yi clan, everyone finally speculated that this matter was probably the work of the god Yaoguang. The senior brother brought Ling Yu to report the news of Si Yin's disappearance to Mo Yuan, and Mo Yuan immediately led the two of them to find Yaoguang's god to ask for someone. God Yaoguang captured Siyin and put him in a water prison to torture him, hoping to force Siyin to leave Moyuan voluntarily. It is said that although Yaoguang is precious as a god, he has been fond of Mo Yuan for so many years, and after hearing that Mo Yuan loves Si Yin, he is jealous. Mo Yuan led people straight to the water prison, and as the God of War, he easily repelled Yao Guang's obstruction, and then brought Si Yin back to the sect. Before Mo Yuan left, he asked Yaoguang to fight against the humiliation of his disciple's captivity. On February 17th, on the summit of Cangwu, the decisive battle between Mo Yuan and Yaoguang was held as scheduled. In this fight, the God of War was the God of War after all, and Yaoguang was defeated before ten moves. Mo Yuan asked Yaoguang to move out of Kunlunxu, Yaoguang seemed rather sad, she didn't understand why the two fought side by side during the war between gods and demons was more indifferent than Jin Jian, and now they are so indifferent. 

The disciples onlookers sighed again and again, and since then there has been another female fairy whose heart was broken by the master. When Si Yin woke up, she was told that she would be fined 30,000 times to copy the scriptures, which made her depressed. At this time, the disciple informed the state-owned woman of Qingqiu that she was visiting, and Si Yin went out to greet her, only to find out that the visiting person was her sister-in-law's sister. Fortunately, Xuannv did not recognize that Si Yin was Bai Qian. Xuannv delivered the letter from Siyin's fourth brother to her, and informed her second brother Bai Yi that he had won a noble daughter. After reading the letter, Si Yin realized that Xuan Nv had escaped from the marriage, and the fourth brother entrusted Xuan Nv to Si Yin, hoping that she could take care of Xuan Nv for a while. Si Yin couldn't make a choice for a while, so she had to go back and report the matter to the senior brother Diefeng. Diefeng, as Mo Yuan's eldest disciple, is also the second prince of Xihaijun. His analysis and suggestions are of great weight. Mo Yuan walked in while the two were discussing. Arranged to live in a courtyard with Si Yin.

Episode 2

Mo Yuan was about to retreat and practice. He instructed Ling Yu to take good care of Si Yin and keep him safe. After half a month, the catastrophe of Si Yin's ascension will come, and then Mo Yuan will find a way to help him. However, this Siyin has a rambunctious personality, and he wanted to take Ling Yu to Qingqiu to attend the wedding banquet before he had copied the scriptures for a long time. Although Ling Yu has a teacher in his body, he has always admired Fox Emperor Bai Zhi and Zheyan Shangshen. He couldn't sit still when he learned that the two were present at the same time. You must know that it was a rare encounter for these two to see one in ten thousand years. At the same time, there is an opportunity that has not been encountered in 100,000 years. Ling Yu and Si Yin encountered a sneak attack by the masked man when they passed by the Wing Clan's territory. When the two of them were confused, Qingcang and Princess Rouge of the Yi clan arrived with their pursuers. Siyin and Lingyu claimed that the disciples of Zheyan wanted to get through the border. Qingcang released a golden beast to stop them, and then invited them back to the university. 

Ziming Palace as a guest, Ling Yu and Si Yin were unable to cast spells in this place, and now there is nothing to do except obey. Princess Rouge secretly asked Si Yin if she was married, and she fell in love with this handsome young man. Da Ziming Palace is coquettish with luxury, and it is very lively with Qiongye Yulu and Qinggemanwu. Qingcang is very fond of Lingyu's talent, and he immediately expressed that he wants to recognize him as his adopted son and keep him in the palace. This order made Yu Ke panic, if he agreed, wouldn't he recognize the thief as his father. He hurriedly refused and said that the matter needed to be discussed with his parents at home. Si Yin also hurriedly stood up to help him out. Si Yin bluntly said that he needed the permission of God Zheyan. This made Qing Cang angry. In fact, when he saw Si Yin for the first time, he recognized that he was Mo Yuan's disciple, just to subdue Ling Yu. Qing Cang dismantles the identities of the two and detains them separately. The elder brother led the crowd to search for the ninth junior brother and the seventeenth brother without any trace. Siyin's catastrophe was imminent. He instructed the second junior brother to stay in Kunlunxu, and he took people down the mountain to find them. 

At this time, Princess Rouge was worried that Si Yin was in trouble, and sent a black bird to lead Si Yin out of the place of detention. Si Yin fled along the road after escaping. On the way, he encountered the second prince of the Yi clan leaving the country. When he left the country, he liked that Si Yin's clothes should be taken off and presented as a gift, which scared Si Yin who was his daughter. The two fell into the pool of water during their argument. After landing, Si Yin thought that the departure was the same as Ling Yu who was caught as a godson. When she found out the identity of his prince, she panicked and ran away. Li Jing stepped forward and grabbed her back. At this moment, the two were close at hand, Si Yin's beauty fascinated Li Jing for a while, and he hurriedly let go of Si Yin in a panic. At this time, the chasing soldiers arrived, and Leijing deliberately had a drink and chat with Si Yin’s brother and sister, and the chasing soldiers had to retreat when they saw this. Lijing poured alcohol on Siyin one after another, causing him to get drunk. Lijing summoned his younger sister, Princess Rouge, to encourage her to let go of pursuing him if she liked him. Don't worry, the most important thing now is to hide Siyin first, and then find an opportunity. send her away. The second princess of Qingqiu Kingdom was born. This is also the first granddaughter of the Fox Emperor Bai Zhi. She has a birthmark like a phoenix flower on her forehead, hence the name Bai Fengjiu. Qingqiu national celebration. After Si Yin woke up, two maids appeared, and they led her to the soup pool under the order of the second prince.

Episode 3

Si Yin came to Tangchi with the maid and found that Li Jing was hugging and taking a bath. Li Jing told Si Yin that she had been drunk for ten days. Carry on. As soon as Li Jing ordered the maids to step down, the eldest prince chased after him to arrest Si Yin. Li Jing hurriedly protected Si Yin and pressed him under him. The eldest prince was helpless when he looked at the rogue-like appearance of the second brother, anyway, the more degraded the second brother, the better it would be for him. After the eldest prince left, Lijing revealed the truth about Siyin's daughter. Siyin learned from him that the ninth senior brother Lingyu was tortured and wanted to commit suicide. She hurriedly wrote a letter of trust to Lijing to give Lingyu a hope that he could relax. Ever since he left the country, he would often think of Si Yin and the scene where the two fell into the water, and he didn't even want to touch Yingying Yanyan, who was around him on weekdays. Leaving the country to meet her sister Rouge, telling her that she intends to send Siyin out of the Yizu on the third day of next month. However, once Siyin is sent away, it will be more difficult for Rouge to see her sweetheart after the war between the Tianzu and the Yizu. Disappointed, but I can only feel that there is no fate. Leaving the country could not bear her sister's sadness, and did not tell Rouge about Siyin's daughter. 

In order to find a reason for himself to start the war, Yijun Qingcang decided to hold a marriage recognition meeting to recognize Lingyu as his godson. After that, he widely published wedding invitations to announce to the three realms. Obviously, this was used to humiliate Mo Yuan and lead him to Da Ziming Palace. . When Si Yin had a dream at night, he dreamed of asking the master for help, and Mo Yuan felt it. Sure enough, the next day when he left the customs, he received a discussion about the meeting of the disciples. He decided to go to the Wing Clan to rescue Ling Yu and Si Yin in person. This night, Lijing couldn't hold back his emotions and ran to Si Yin after being drunk. He was full of words that he liked her, and before Si Yin could speak, he had to pull out her clothes. After Si Yin pushed Lijing down, he lay in bed and fell asleep. When he woke up the next day, Lijing was surprised by his emotional gaffe. How could the most romantic man in Daziming Palace fall in love with a fairy woman. Si Yin didn't want to argue with him, so she ran outside to relax, and met Mo Yuan on the way. Mo Yuan took her to knock down the guard and rescued Ling Yu. At this time, Qing Cang led his troops to besiege, angrily accusing Mo Yuan of violating the covenant and forcing him to take action. Since he is a god of war, why does he need to talk too much? With his sword, he can easily fight against the sky. 

The powerful shock wave shattered the weapons of the surrounding guards, which is amazing. At this moment, Li Jing suddenly appeared to block Qing Cang, and Mo Yuan took the opportunity to lead his disciples to escape. Qing Cang was very angry at Lijing's spoilage and betrayal, so he sent soldiers to detain Lijing. Rouge released her brother Lijing with her father on her back. She wanted to let Lijing go to the mortal world for a while, but Lijing said that she was going to Kunlunxu. After Mo Yuan returned to Kunlun Xu, he counted that Siyin's catastrophe was coming. He was worried that Qingcang would catch up and ordered his disciple to seal the mountain. At this time, the thunder was rolling, and Mo Yuan took Si Yin to the top of the mountain quickly and sealed her in the cave with magic. At this time, Si Yin realized that the master was going to bear the catastrophe for her, but the seal allowed her to cry. She couldn't leave the cave without patting and beating. She could only watch Tianlei slam on Mo Yuan's body. At that moment, her heart was full of pain, emotion and guilt. Endure this day of thunder. Mo Yuan was seriously injured after the catastrophe and had to retreat to practice. After that, Si Yin officially ascended to the level of immortal and became the rank of immortal. 

On this day, Bai Zhen, the fourth son of Qingqiu Fox Emperor Bai Zhi, came to Kunlun Xu to look for Bai Qian. Bai Qian excitedly called his fourth brother, which made Diefeng beside him very puzzled, and Si Yin realized that he was almost exposed. Identity, she hurriedly made up a reason to round it up. Si Yin learned from Bai Zhen's mouth that Zheyan Shangshen was invited by Tianjun to discuss ways to suppress the Yizu. It seemed that a battle between the Yizu and the Tianzu was inevitable. Although Siyin was at the bottom of the ranking, she would never back down if there was a war. As an ancient god, Zheyan Shangshen had been hidden for many years, and he still stayed out of this war, and Tianjun had nothing to do. The emperor thought that if he wanted to maintain long-term peace, he had to control the wing clan to replace Qingcang with his own people. Tianjun thought of Lijing, who seemed out of place and liked to have fun.

Episode 4

Lijing confessed to Siyin affectionately, since Daziming Palace parted, what Lijing misses day and night is Siyin's figure. He even expressed his willingness to give up his identity as the prince of the Yi clan and follow Si Yin all his life. This sudden confession made Si Yin not know what to do for a while. The grievances between the Immortal Race and the Wing Race and the teachings of her master were destined for her to be unable to accept this relationship. Si Yin refused to leave the mirror and planned to send When he went down the mountain, the senior brother Diefeng appeared, and he stepped forward to get away from the mirror to fight. Ling Yu showed up in time to prevent the two from fighting, and Li Jing took the opportunity to escape into the sealed cave in the back mountain. This cave was originally borrowed by Lingbao Tianzun from Mo Yuan to raise a magical phoenix, and Diefeng stopped following him after seeing this. Siyin brought Xuannv out to relax, and the two chatted about the rebellion of the Yi clan. Siyin believed that Master Mo Yuan had the magic circle in hand and was not afraid. Xuannv seemed to be interested in the magic circle. At this time, the little demon boy following Li Jing suddenly appeared to ask for help, and Si Yin hurried to the cave to rescue Li Jing.

When Siyin arrived, Lijing was already injured by the fire phoenix. She took out the Yuqing Kunlun fan and fought hard to knock the phoenix down. At this time, Lingbao Tianzun appeared in time and asked to take the fire phoenix away. He told Siyin Shangxian himself originally wanted to use Kunlun Xu's aura to get rid of his demonic nature, but he didn't expect Phoenix to hurt people. Si Yin naturally agreed, and Lingbao Tianzun took out a broken cloud fan and gave it to Si Yin. Since Lijing was injured, he has been living in this cave. Siyin often comes to take care of him whenever he has time. The two have been together for a long time, and their relationship will come naturally, but in their chats, Siyin often talks about Master Mo Yuan, This makes Li Jing a little depressed. The fact that Siyin often went to the back mountain aroused Xuannv's idea. She pretended to be pitiful and finally Siyin reluctantly called her up to see the mirror. Li Jing and Si Yin heard the crane's cry before Li Jing and Si Yin said a few words, and Si Yin left in a hurry. 

After following Lijing all the way, he learned that Siyin thought that Master had left the customs, so he hurriedly chased after him. He couldn't help but feel lost. Xuannv dressed in Shiyin's clothes and dressed as a man to come down the mountain to see Lijing. She was dressed like Siyin. After the two chatted about Siyin, Xuannv bluntly said that Siyin admired God Mo Yuan. Li Jing was very depressed when he heard this, he picked up the wine jar and drank it. When Xuannv saw this, she did what she wanted. When she was a child, because of her humble status and often envious of Bai Qian's appearance, Bai Qian asked Zheyan Shangxian to teach her the art of disguising. At this moment, Xuan Nu cast a spell to transform herself into Si Yin's appearance, and walked towards the drunk Li Jing with a charming smile. After the two lingered for one night, Xuannv returned to the sect with satisfaction, but unexpectedly met the senior brother Diefeng, who thought she was the seventeenth younger brother, but did not expect it to be Xuannv. Xuannv argued that it was convenient for her to go down the mountain, so she changed the division. Tone clothes. Diefeng didn't ask any more questions. 

The eldest prince of the Yi clan, Li Qi, reported to Qing Cang the news that the second prince went to Kunlun Xu to follow Si Yin. This made Qing Cang angry. He roared and said that if this matter could be verified, he would sever the father-son relationship with Li Jing. . Since the night Xuannv committed herself to Lijing, she often went to find Lijing to accompany him. Whenever Lijing was drunk, Xuannv would instill in him that the Tianzu and Yuzu could not be together, and Si Yin liked Mo. Yuan's thoughts, the more Li Jing listened to, the more thoughtful the Xuannv in front of her became. As the saying goes, good things come and go, and feelings are wrong. Here, Li Jing suffers from being unable to stay with Si Yin and is indulged in the gentle township of Xuannv every day, but Si Yin over there has already determined in his heart that Li Jing is this life. Love and told the fourth brother about her and Li Jing's emotional letter. The senior brother accidentally went down the mountain and saw that Xuannv and Lijing were holding hands very intimately. He went back angrily and told Siyin about it and regretted that he did not kill Lijing, but now he gave Xuannv to him again. Abducted. Si Yin was shocked when she heard it, she hurried to the cave to look for Lijing, but saw the two hugging on the bed.

Episode 5

As soon as Si Yin entered the cave, she saw the two hugging each other. She couldn't believe what was happening in front of her. Li Jing knew that he had lost Si Yin, and he also mentioned that the immortals and the feather clan had no results after all. Si Yin asked him where he would put himself now after all the vows he made at the beginning, but Li Jing said that he blamed himself for being too absurd. . Xuannv knelt in front of Si Yin and begged to help her and Li Jing, and Li Jing asked Si Yin to give up herself so that she and Mo Yuan could help her. Si Yin was furious when she said this. Insulting her master, remembering the sweet words from the mirror in the past, Si Yin's heart was cut like a knife, she fulfilled the two and turned away. Si Yin trotted all the way back to the house and locked them up and began to suffer. She used cups and cups of peach blossom to pay homage to her first love. As soon as Mo Yuan left Guan Siyin on this day, he came to look for his master and hoped that he could tell him about the Eastern Emperor Bell. This magical instrument could only be found in the classics and was made by Mo Yuan, but there was no detailed description. Although Mo Yuan was surprised why Si Yin suddenly asked this question, he still told the truth: Once the Eastern Emperor Bell is turned on, it can release the power to destroy the souls of the Eight Desolates. Taiping, the consequence is that this person's soul is scattered. 

The Eastern Emperor Bell can also seal the Yuanshen, and the only people in the world who can control its seal are Tianjun, Zheyan, Hudi and Mo Yuan. In order to win over the winged tribe to form an alliance when the father god fought against the demon clan, he once gave the donghuang bell to Qingcang as a token. Now the Wing Clan intends to rebel against the Eastern Emperor Bell, which has become the biggest threat. Lijing and Xuannv were escorted to Da Ziming Palace by Qingcang's pursuers as soon as they returned to Yijie. Qingcang was so angry that he wanted to get rid of Lijing and hurry up. Xuannv stopped Qingcang and called his father directly and indicated that he would follow Lijing. Loyal to the Wing Clan, she proposed that she could go undercover and go back to Kunlun Xu to help Qing Cang get Mo Yuan. After receiving a letter from Lingbao Tianzun, Mo Yuan took Siyin to the Shangqing Realm to participate in the dharma meeting. The last three thunderstorms caused Mo Yuan's injuries to remain unhealed. Now he has to take care of the fairy lotus left by the father and God. When preparing to meet the enemy, he was a little worried that his mana was not enough, so he borrowed Xianquan here to heal his wounds. On the wedding night of Xuannv and Lijing, Lijing called Xuannv Siyin after drinking. As soon as Li Jing left the room, she was taken away by Li Ren and imprisoned, and then Xuan Nv was also brought to Qing Cang. 

In front of the hall, Qing Cang had already assembled all the soldiers. He shouted that he wanted to wash away the shame for the Wing Clan and reverse the world. Not only did he want to destroy Kunlun Xu, but he also wanted to pull Tianjun from the throne. In order to further provoke the war, and to find a reason for Xuannv to be an undercover agent, he injured Xuannv and threw it back outside the Kunlun Xu Mountain gate. After returning to Kunlun Xu, Si Yin and his disciples found Xuannv. Diefeng told his master Mo Yuan about the rise of the Yi clan, and then he went to the house to heal Xuannv in person. Although there were differences between men and women, Diefeng couldn't care about life-threatening matters. As soon as the recovered Xuannv woke up, she knelt down and begged Siyin to forgive herself. Siyin scolded Xuannv and told her to get out of Kunlunxu as soon as she recovered. Although Xuannv was remorseful on the surface, she was always jealous of Siyin's humiliation of herself and the fact that her senior brother looked down on her. She was planning to capture the Heavenly Armament Formation.

Cast of Eternal Love (三生三世十里桃花)

Yang Mi as Bai Qian/Siyin/Susu

Baiqian is the Queen of Qingqiu, the nine-tailed white fox, the most beautiful in the world. Qingqiu Diji, as a goddess, is handsome and beautiful. During the love calamity, she met her beloved Yehua and experienced triple love entanglements. Incarnate as a man as Siyin, and worship Mo Yuan as a teacher to study art in Kunlun Xu. Because he wanted to go back to Qingqiu to wait for the second sister-in-law to give birth to Lin'er, he went with his senior brother Ling Yu. On the way, the two were captured by Yijun Qingcang. By this coincidence, Si Yin met Li Jing and Rouge. In order to seal the warehouse, he was knocked down from the world, and his appearance, ability and memory were sealed, and he became a mortal plain.

Zhao Youting as Ye Hua/Zhaoge/Mo Yuan

Yehua, the prince of Jiuzhongtian, is as deep and stable as a deep pool. When talking about the vicissitudes of the world, he only loves Bai Qian in his heart. Bai Qian, who lost her memory, fell into the mortal world and turned into a mortal. She slept with Ye Hua, who was injured and turned into a "little black snake" for more than three months. Come up with a "bitter plan", stay by Bai Qian's side as he wishes, and name Bai Qian "Susu".

Zhang Zhiyao as Zheyan

Dilruba as Bai Fengjiu

Lian Yiming as Qing Cang

Gao Weiguang as Donghua

Huang Mengying as Su Jin

Zhang Binbin as Likai Jingzi

Yu Menglong as Bai Zhen

Liu Ruilin as Zilan

Wang Xiao as Si Ming

Zhu Xudan as Xuannv

Jiang Kai as Tianjun

Li Xinyi as Yaoguang

Liu Xiaoye as Le Xu

An Yuexi as Shaoxin

Zhang Youhao as Migu

Zhang He as Ling Yu

Li Dongheng as Lian Song

Wang Ruolin as Sang Ji

Liu Meilin as Zhiyue

Wang Bin as Lingbao Tianzun

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