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Wonderful Time (一念时光) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Wonderful Time (一念时光) is Chinese Drama directed by Ren Haiyao and Chen Shuliang, written by Jin Guodong, starring Tong Mengshi, Wang Herun, Liu Chao, He Ruixian, Liu Yufeng, He Meixuan, Chen Qianhua, Rong Rong, Weng Hong, Jun Sheng, Chang Yuan, Qiu Xinzhi, Wang Ziyue, Yan Jingyao And other co-starring urban emotional drama.

Wonderful Time (一念时光) will start airing today, 30 Dec'21 on Youku channel. It stars Tong Mengshi as Gong Ou and Wang Herun as Shi Xiaonian, in the main roles. This drama tells of Gong Ou, a wealthy CEO, who forces a comic artist named Shi Xiaonian to live under the same roof as him, when he realizes that the girl is the girl in an old photo, which may lead him to find his missing brother.

Detail of Wonderful Time (一念时光)

Chinese Title: 一念时光 (One Thought Time)

English Title: Wonderful Time

Genre: City, Emotional 

Production Company: Wanda Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., 

Filming location: Suzhou, Jiangsu 

Premiere Time: December 30, 2021 

Director: Ren Haiyao 

Scriptwriter: Chen Shuliang, Jin Guodong 

Producer: Li Xinghua 

Starring: Tong Mengshi, Wang Herun, Liu Chao, He Ruixian, He Meixuan, 

Number of Episode: 40 Episode

Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes 

Online Platform: Youku

Production time: 2018

wonderful time synopsis cast
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Plot Story of Wonderful Time (一念时光)

Shi Xiaonian, a cartoonist who was at the bottom of his life, got acquainted with NE Group President Gong Ou. Gong Ouyi was investigating the whereabouts of his missing brother Gongyu, and determined that Shi Xiaonian was the woman who took the picture with Gongyu before he disappeared. Shi Xiaonian was confused, Gong Ou was determined to be paranoid and forced her to give an answer. Shi Xiaonian proved himself innocent, and under half-coercion and half-compromise, he began to live under the same roof as Gong Ou. 

In getting along day and night, the two gradually walked into each other’s hearts. Just as both sides gradually let go of their past pains and approached each other, their love affair was met with resistance from many quarters. At the same time, they also faced the truth about the disappearance of the palace, the struggle for rights of the NE group, and the palace. Ou’s perennial paranoia and other tests. Shi Xiaonian knew that for Gong Ou, the best choice was to leave temporarily. Regardless of the final outcome, she had the best memories during her time with Gong Ou, and she was looking forward to meeting again one day.

5th Episode Summary of Wonderful Time

Episode 1 of Wonderful Time

Gong Ou is the president of NE Group. He has been investigating the whereabouts of his missing brother Gong Yu. It was raining heavily this day, and Gongou finally had news of Gongyu, but it was not good news. Gong Yu’s vehicle fell off a cliff. Gong Yu was rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment, but unfortunately he still could not be rescued. The death of his elder brother Gong Yu hit Gong Ou particularly hard. One month later. Shi Xiaonian, a cartoonist at the bottom of her life, was woken up early in the morning by a phone call from her best friend Xiao Maruko, so she hurriedly prepared to participate in the review meeting. Shi Xiaonian hurriedly washed up and came to the intersection, and saw a man waiting there, asking her if she was Shi Xiaonian, and let her get in the car after confirmation. Shi Xiaonian misunderstood that the other party was the master of the car called by Xiao Maruko, and was particularly surprised that the car was still so high-end. Along the way, Shi Xiaonian had been talking about her, thinking she was sent to the review meeting, but she didn't expect to be taken to the palace to see Gongou. 

Only then did Shi Xiaonian realize that she had made a mistake and wanted to leave, but Gong Ou was so angry that she warned her not to pretend, and then asked her what is the relationship between Gong Yu and Gong Yu. Shi Xiaonian was at a loss, she didn't even know who this Gong Yu was. Gong Ou left, Shi Xiaonian was locked in the room. She wanted to go out, but it was all high-tech here, and she didn't know where the door was. Gong Ou looked at the monitor in another room and shouted to Shi Xiaonian. He made it clear that it would not pose a threat to her personal safety. He just wanted to know what is the relationship between Shi and Gong Yu, and his experience two months ago. Gong Ou also played a video of the car accident two months ago, on March 20, to help Shi Xiaonian recall. As long as Shi Xiaonian has evidence of his absence, he can leave at any time. Shi Xiaonian recalled carefully, remembering that on March 20th, she was locked in the room by her parents. It turned out that Mu Qianchu, a person of Shi Xiaonian's favorite, had an eye disease to restore her eyesight. 

His sister Shidi deliberately asked her parents to lock Shi Xiaonian at home to prevent her from going out, so she didn't let her see Mu Qianchu, so Mu Qianchu opened her eyes to see The first person is Shidi. Afterwards, Shi Xiaonian accused Shi Di taking advantage of Mu Qianchu's operation to recover his memory, and deceived Mu Qianchu that she was with her at the time. Shi Di also told Shi Xiaonian the truth that she also liked Mu Qianchu. Shi Xiaonian remembered that she was locked up at home that day and didn't go anywhere, but Gong Ou didn't believe it, and vowed that she would check it out. At this time, the partner came to the house to find Gongou, and mentioned that NE is now in a crisis, whether it is considering lowering the requirements of the product. Gong Ou strongly opposes that NE's foundation is the guarantee of the product. If even this cannot be guaranteed, then NE is very dangerous. The partners decided to go back and communicate with everyone and insist on it. 

It should be better. Gong Ou came to the room, only to find that Shi Xiao Nian was missing, and quickly went back to check the monitoring. It turned out that Shi Xiao Nian found that she was under surveillance. She was thinking of a way to leave, and just triggered the switch to open the door and went out. Gong's family was hidden in the mountains and forests. Gong Ou worried that Shi Xiao Nian would be unsafe to run into the mountains at night, so he immediately arranged for an assistant to find Shi Xiao Nian back. Mu Qianchu and Shi Di went to have a candlelight dinner. He prepared a romantic scene in the snow and proposed to Shi Di. This was the wish Shidi had always dreamed of. After waiting too long for this moment, he agreed on the spot. Shi Di also deliberately arranged for reporters to take pictures at the door, especially to take pictures of the diamond ring in her hand. Shi Xiaonian was walking on the mountain road and heard the sound of a car coming from behind. She was worried and ran into the woods to escape. 

As a result, she accidentally fell down the hillside. She was in a coma. She remembered the sweetheart Mu Qianchu promised to stay The scene of proposing to her in the first snow. The assistant came back and reported to Gong Ou that Xiao Nian appeared in the small forest behind the house when he saw it, but disappeared in a blink of an eye. Gong Ou was very worried. He hurriedly checked the all-round monitoring and found that Shi Xiaonian fainted in the small forest. He was anxious and nervous so that the assistant quickly contacted the medical team, and then ran to the small forest to find Shi Xiaonian.

Episode 2 of Wonderful Time

Shi Di went home to share the good news of his engagement with Mu Qianchu to his parents, and asked his parents to bring Shi Xiaonian to participate. Shidi received a call from Mu Qianchu and left without eating. Shi's mother was very sad that she stewed the soup for the whole afternoon, but Shidi didn't drink a bite. Gong Ou asked the medical team to treat Shi Xiaonian, and when she knew Shi Xiaonian was pretending to be asleep, he woke her up, and asked her if she left, and underestimated herself. Shi Xiaonian was worried that Gong Ou would not do what he wanted, and Gong Ou was very disgusted by it. Shi Xiaonian learned that it was already the second day, and it seemed that her review meeting was gone, so she scolded Gong Ou for calling her on such an important point, and he had to settle the ledger with Gong Ou later. Gong Ou hasn't calculated the cost of asking the medical team to treat her with Shi Xiaonian. Shi Xiaonian plans to pay in installments. 

Gong Ou reminded Shi Xiaonian that the cost of a night visit will be doubled. Gong Ou asked Shi Xiaonian again who did what he saw in the early morning and late night of March 20. Shi Xiaonian stayed in her own house and stayed in the room all day without going anywhere. Gong Ou still didn't believe it, thinking that Shi Xiaonian was perfunctory. Shi Xiaonian was very angry, and she said she didn't believe it, so she just lay back on the bed. Upon seeing this, Gong Ou arranged for assistant Mi Sheng to send Shi Xiaonian home. Gong Ou checked last night's video and saw that when she was in a coma, Xiao Nian's mouth seemed to be talking about Mu Qianchu, suspected to be Mu Qianchu of the Mu Group. Mu Xue is Mu Qianchu's sister. When she saw Mu Qianchu and Shidi together at the company, she had no good impression of Shidi and reminded Mu Qianchu that she had to spend more time at work when she took over the company. 

When Mi Sheng drove home, Xiao Nian told that Gong Ou and Gong Yu brothers are in a good relationship, but the day before, they were good enough to carry them out. The next day, there was a gap between Yin and Yang. This was a big blow to Gong Ou. Shi Xiaonian didn’t understand why Gong Ou felt that she had something to do with Gong Yu. Mi Sheng guessed that Gong Ou must have some evidence. Don’t ask Shi Xiao Nian to pursue it. Don’t think Gong Ou looks paranoid, but he is very kind. of. Shi Xiaonian went home and quickly charged her phone, and then called Xiao Wanzi back. He didn't expect Xiao Wanzi to be in her house, so she asked about the comics. Xiao Maruko was very upset, the comics were published, and even the lie that Shi Xiao Nian was taken away by bad guys was of no avail. Shi Xiaonian was really taken away by the bad guys. After going out, she got in the car that Xiaowanzi had called for her. She took her to the big villa in the wilderness, and was called away by a man named Gongou. Ou is also the president of NE Group. 

Mu Qianchu called Shidi to get engaged on Riji Island. Shi Di was not happy when he heard it, and hung up the phone with the excuse that he was about to audition. Shidi was very upset, because Riji Island was Shi Xiaonian's favorite place. Mu Xue asked her father Mu Bingjun what he thought of Mu Qianchu's engagement with Shi Di. Her father had always looked down upon Shi Di, the little star, so he made an exception now. Mu Bingjun was thinking about Mu Qianchu's frailty and sickness, and now he only needs to live happily with Mu Qianchu. Mu Xue had heard that Shidi was a pretty smart girl. Mu Bingjun believed that it was right for girls to spend a little time thinking about emotions, but she did not let Shidi turn out any tricks. Shi Di was filming on the crew. The staff members talked behind their backs about Shi Di and Fu Erdai's engagement. They all became arrogant and dared to call others. They also heard that their sister relationship was not good and Shi Di often bullied Shi Xiaonian. Shi Di was upset, and called her mother to ask if she had gotten through Shi Xiaonian's call. Shi's mother felt very uncomfortable, and the flute became like this when she was too fond of her. 

Mu Qianchu's affairs were already sorry for Shi Xiaonian, and she didn't want Shidi to be embarrassed by Shi Xiaonian, but there was no way. When Shi's father contacted Shi Xiaonian, he lied that Shi's mother had an asthma attack and cheated Shi Xiaonian back home. When Shi Xiaonian saw Shidi's car downstairs at home, when he was hesitating, she received a call from Shi's mother urging her, and decided to go upstairs. When Shi Xiaonian went home and saw that her mother had nothing to go away, Shi's mother thought it was all home, so how could she not eat. Shi Di was a strange yin and yang, and Shi Xiaonian was his parents' most beloved daughter. Shi Di advised Shi Xiaonian not to have illusions about Mu Qianchu. Shi Xiaonian asked Shidi not to be afraid of being exposed one day, and she would not give in, letting Mu Qianchu know that the people who accompanied Mu Qianchu since childhood were She is not Shidi, and the two sisters had a big fight. Shi Di told Shi Xiaonian that Mu Qianchu had already proposed to her and showed off the diamond ring. The place where he got engaged was Riji Island. Shi Xiaonian couldn't accept it, and Riji Island was where Mu Qianchu agreed to get engaged.

Shi Di asked Shi Xiaonian to participate in her engagement, and to stop having any illusions about Mu Qianchu in the future. Shi Xiaonian was heartbroken and sad, and walked restlessly on the road. When she went to the convenience store, she happened to pass by Mu Qianchu, perhaps this was destined to them. Shi Xiaonian came to a Japanese food store and saw Mu Qianchu. This was the place she and Mu Qianchu often visited before. Shi Xiaonian and Mu Qianchu ordered a dish at the same time, because this was the dish she ordered when she came to eat with Mu Qianchu who was still blind, and couldn't help but think of the scene at that time. When Shi Xiaonian placed the tableware, Mu Qianchu was very puzzled, and she felt that Shi Xiaonian and Shidi sisters were quite similar. Mu Qianchu heard that Shi Xiaonian was having trouble with the sisters Shidi, but now he proposes to Shidi, hoping to get Shi Xiaonian's blessings, Shi Xiaonian frankly says that there is no way to bless them. 

Mi Sheng has been following Shi Xiaonian, reporting to Gong Ou that Shi Xiaonian and Mu Qianchu met. Mu Qianchu just proposed to the actress Shi Di last night. This Shi Xiaonian's half-sister, according to legend, Shi Xiaonian The flute has been in love with Mu Qianchu who was blind all the time. Gong Ou Lima rushed to the Japanese food shop, and when he ran into Xiao Nian, he came out crying and asked her what is the relationship between Mu Qianchu and Mu Qianchu. Suspecting her approach to Mu Qianchu was unsuccessful, she shifted the target to seduce Gong Yu. Shi Xiaonian asked Gong Ou not to maliciously speculate about her feelings for Mu Qianchu. Gong Ou didn’t care about Shi Xiaonian’s feelings. He just wanted to know if Shi Xiaonian’s approach to Gong Yu wanted to exchange something and want to know things. 

Episode 3 of Wonderful Time

Gong Ou asked Shi Xiaonian what he exchanged with Gong Yu, and even went directly to Shi Xiaonian's house to find it, and asked Mi Sheng to turn over Shi Xiaonian's album and diary personal homepage, and leave none of them behind. Shi Xiaonian asked them to read it, but she wanted to order takeaway when she was hungry. Gong Ou disagreed. Shi Xiaonian clearly didn't know Gong Yu and couldn't give Gong Ou an answer. Since he didn't let himself order takeout, he would do it himself. Mi Sheng rummaged and found nothing. Although Shi Xiao Nian couldn't prove his absence that day, Xiao Nian went to Mu Qianchu's house the day before. There was no overlap with Gong Yu in the past two years. Gong Ou suddenly remembered the look in Mu Qianchu's eyes just now, and arranged for Mi Sheng to conduct an in-depth investigation of all relevant information about Mu Qianchu, including that fiancee Shidi, and it was not easy to suspect Shi Xiaonian. 

When Gong Ou Tucao was bullied, Xiao Nian would only cry stupidly, and even grab the fried rice that Shi Xiao Nian finally made. Looking at the fried rice, Gong Ou remembered his grandmother, and he enjoyed it very much after eating, realizing that he had some gaffes and he quickly recovered. Gong Ou asked Shi Xiaonian if he liked Mu Qianchu, that could create a business scandal and cause Mu's share price to plummet, which would prevent the engagement. Shi Xiaonian was angry and took away the fried rice in Gong Ou's hands, accusing Gong Ou of destroying all important occasions, grabbing food at her house, and scolding her for being stupid while eating her rice, and threw Gong Ou out with anger. Just now, Gongou accidentally damaged Shi Xiaonian's mobile phone, so he arranged for Mi Sheng to pay Shi Xiaonian's new mobile phone to Shi Xiaonian. At night, Shi Xiaonian dreamed about the scene of being with Mu Qianchu, when a ringing suddenly interrupted her thoughts. 

Shi Xiaonian followed the voice to find the mobile phone, which was actually the one that Gong Ou gave her. Xiao Wanzi called Shi Xiaonian and told her that Shi Di and Mu Qianchu had announced their engagement. Shi Xiaonian didn't expect it to be true, and couldn't help crying anymore. Chen Bai met with several CEOs of the company, and talked about the death of Gong Yu, the position of the president was free, and they strongly recommended him to be the president of NE. Gong Ou was furious. There was a flaw in the new mobile phone system, but he had to hold a press conference. All relevant personnel responsible for the development of the new mobile phone were immediately called for an emergency meeting. Everyone was talking about it. At the meeting, Gong Ou Xun said that they couldn't even find the loopholes, let alone fix the loopholes, and asked them to resign immediately. Chen Bai confronted Gong Ou and pointed out that his requirements were a bit harsh. Although he could not guarantee 100% resistance to invasion, he had done quite well now. 

Gong Ou made a bet with President Chen that he would repair the phone within three days and not find any problems. Those people would have to get out. If he loses, Mr. Chen will be the president of NE. In order to cooperate with Shi Di as the sisters, Shi Xiaonian had to accompany Shi Di to try her wedding dress. Gong Ou arranged for Mi Sheng to re-enter the scheduled one hundred new mobile phones to update the system, and then found that the mobile phone he had given Shi Xiaonian was refreshing all the time, and he was directly irritated. Shi Xiaonian was creating comics. Looking at the crystal ball, she couldn't help but think of the scene of being with Mu Qianchu. She felt uncomfortable, but she could only wish Mu Qianchu happiness in silence. Xiao Wanzi called and told Shi Xiaonian the good news that her comic could be published, but Shi Xiaonian didn't want to publish it anymore. After all, this comic was the prototype of her and Mu Qianchu. Now Mu Qianchu is going to get engaged and feels inappropriate. 

Xiao Wanzi was very angry, Shi Xiaonian gave up so much for Mu Qianchu, and now she has to give up her career. Shi Xiaonian knew that Xiaowanzi was for her good, but she had experienced too many things during this time and she didn't know how to do it. Xiao Wanzi suggested that Shi Xiao Nian, it is better to listen to what the editor says tomorrow. The editor-in-chief pointed out that Shi Xiaonian's manga artist had problems and asked Shi Xiaonian to redraw. Shi Xiaonian guessed that Shi Di must have come to the editor-in-chief, but she insisted on drawing what she really wanted to express, just as the contract expired and the cooperation was terminated. When the editor-in-chief threatened Xiao Nian, if Xiao Nian didn't change the comic, he would let Xiao Maruko resign. Xiao Maruko was very righteous, she just quit without being fired by the editor-in-chief. When Shi Xiaonian and Xiao Wanzi just came out of the publishing house, they met Mi Sheng and asked Shi Xiaonian to see Gong Ou. Shi Xiaonian came to the palace Home, this time I don't struggle or resist, and I look content. Gong Ou heard what happened to Xiao Nian when Misheng said, and couldn't help but complain when Xiao Nian was stupid.

Episode 4 of Wonderful Time

Chen Bai came to apologize to Gong Ou for what happened in the last meeting. Gong Ou didn't care about it. Fortunately, this time the loophole was discovered before the press conference, but it's not an example. This time, forget it. When Shi Xiaonian overheard the conversation between Gong Ou and Chen Bai, she realized that her mobile phone was being monitored by Gong Ou, and threw the phone into the fried rice with anger, cursing Gong Ou as a perverted voyeur, and then took Xiao Wanzi to leave. . The engagement time of Mu Qianchu and Shidi coincides with the NE Group's new product launch. Mu Bingjun changed the engagement time without discussing with Mu Qianchu. I hope Mu Qianchu will understand that he will represent the company in every moment of his life. . Shi Di sent Mu Bingjun away. Mu Bingjun heard Mu Qianchu mention that Shi Di wanted to learn management, and praised her as a self-motivated child, just because she had the energy to teach her, Mu Xue was particularly curious about the reason why her father did this. 

Mu Qianchu felt uncomfortable. He didn't expect his engagement to be an advertisement in his father's eyes. He wanted to live as carefree as when he was a child. However, since he became president, his parents and sisters have watched them all the time, worrying that Shidi would be wronged in the future. Mu Qianchu often missed the time before. Although it was dark, it was very simple. The most important thing was that Shidi was by his side. When Mu Qianchu talked about his childhood, Shi Di always took him to see the sunrise. Shi Di was very guilty when he heard it. When Shi Xiaonian woke up, she was hungry and wanted to order takeaway with her mobile phone. Then she remembered that she didn't have a mobile phone anymore, so she went out to buy food. Shi Xiaonian chose a few foods at the convenience store, only to find that there was no cash at the checkout, the scene was particularly embarrassing. Fortunately, at a critical moment, Xiao Nian made a relief when Mi Sheng appeared to help and gave him a new mobile phone. 

Shi Xiaonian asked Mi Sheng where he would take him. Mi Sheng explained that today is the NE Group’s new mobile phone product launch. Gong Ou invited Shi Xiaonian to the celebration banquet, but Mi Sheng brought Shi Xiaonian to the hotel’s back kitchen. Gong Ou Rang Shi Xiaonian makes a hundred egg fried rice. When Shi Xiaonian didn't want to leave, Gong Ou called and threatened. In desperation, Shi Xiaonian could only compromise. Gong Ou put down the press conference and came to the chef to watch Xiao Nian, watching her dress complain that her chef is not like a chef, and women are not like women. Shi Xiaonian was so angry that he called Gong Ou a neuropathy, and Gong Ou was very angry, but Shi Xiao Nian pursed his mouth and resisted not swearing. Today is Shidi’s engagement day. She helped her mother dress up and gave her a necklace. Mom was very touched. Although the middle was complicated and bumpy, Shidi finally achieved her wish, but Shi Xiaonian’s mother still felt sorry for Shi Xiaonian. Persuaded Shi Di to apologize to Shi Xiaonian in private. Shidi was angry that her mother mentioned Shi Xiaonian at this time. Seeing her mother's loss, she pretended to have a good chat with Shi Xiaonian. 

Shi Di asked her mother if there was a scar on Shi Xiaonian's arm, and where it was. Shi Xiaonian made a hundred egg fried rice and was ready to leave. He accidentally saw Gong Ou introducing the company's new mobile phone product. Gong Ou wants to take Shi Xiaonian to Riji Island to participate in the engagement ceremony of Mu Qianchu and Shidi. Shi Xiaonian is unwilling to go, but Gongou can not care about so many, so that people can take Shi Xiaonian to freshen up. Mu Qianchu wondered why Shidi had retired the engagement gown he had chosen before. Shidi explained that the dress was off-shoulder, and there were scars on her shoulders that would not look good. The flute was afraid of revealing the stuff. In order to prevent Mu Qianchu from doubting, she was cruel to herself and burned a scar on her shoulder. Gong Ou accompanied Shi Xiao Nian to the engagement ceremony of Mu Qianchu and Shi Di. Shi Xiao Nian was seen wearing a red dress and appeared with Gong Ou, stunning the audience and even stealing Shi Di's limelight. Gong Ou deliberately presented egg fried rice as a gift, and even gave Shi Xiao Nian a necklace and earrings to attract the attention of the guests.

Episode 5 of Wonderful Time

At the engagement reception, Shi's father and mother watched Gongou's performance against Shi Xiaonian, and misunderstood Shi Xiaonian's relationship with Gongou. Gong Ou stepped forward to greet Shi's father and Shi's mother. Shi's father asked Shi's WeChat to add Gong Ou, and he kept inquiring about Gong Ou's situation. Shi Xiaonian felt embarrassed and went to the bathroom under the pretext. Shi's mother revealed to Gong Ou that Shi Xiaonian would go to the bathroom when she was nervous, and Gong Ou felt a little interesting. When Gong Ou was going to the bathroom to look for Xiao Nian, they didn't expect to meet Mu Xue, and the two chatted a few words. Gong Ou wanted to go to the bathroom, so he bid farewell to Mu Xue. Shi Xiaonian didn't go to the bathroom. She felt uncomfortable when her childhood sweetheart became engaged, so she squatted on the stairs and was sad. Mu Qianchu found Shi Xiaonian and accused her of saying that she was the person who grew up with her instead of Shidi. Mu Qianchu didn't believe what Shi Xiaonian said, only hoped that Shi Xiaonian would remember that Shidi was her sister. 

After a while, the flute also appeared, bullying Shi Xiaonian with Mu Qianchu. Gong Ou exhaled for Shi Xiaonian, reminding Shidi that she had played it will only make people even more annoying, warned Shidi to dare to embarrass Shi Xiaonian in the future, he would make her unable to eat. Mu Qianchu hoped that Gong Ou could speak clearly, but Shidi guilty conscience persuaded Mu Qianchu to leave. Shi Xiaonian thanked Gong Ou for helping him out of the siege, and found that sometimes he did things quite differently. Gong Ou hoped that Shi Xiaonian would remember that he was still the monster that loves to bully, and that he should not have any wrong thoughts about himself. Back in the room, Shi Xiaonian secretly scolded Miyao for having a split nerve. She had just trained her, and then arranged for Mi Sheng to catch her back. As a result, Miyao accidentally heard this and changed her words quickly to surprise her. Gong Ou found that when Xiao Nian was still thinking about watching the sunrise with Mu Qianchu, he was very angry. Gong Ou received a video call from his mother. Because of the death of his brother, his parents felt very uncomfortable and persuaded Gong Ou to return to the UK to develop his career. 

Gong Ou refused, she was founded by him and his elder brother. Now his elder brother is gone, he wants to keep his career. Although the police initially judged that his brother’s car accident was accidental, he felt that there were many doubts. Now that he finds clues, he will definitely check. The water came out. There will be heavy rain in the weather forecast. For the safety of guests, the hotel hopes that everyone stays overnight and can see the sunrise tomorrow. Gong Ou muttered that only when Shi Xiaonian was so stupidly thinking about watching the sunrise, he knew that Shi Xiaonian was not in the room, and mistakenly thought that Shi Xiaonian went to Mu Qianchu, worried that he would immediately find Mu Qianchu to question, and finally received Misheng’s question. The phone said that Xiao Nian was at the door when I found it. The rain was pouring, Gong Ou asked Shi Xiaonian to go to bed quickly, and deliberately scared her that if she couldn't get up tomorrow, she would leave her here, and Shi Xiaonian hurried to sleep. 

Early in the morning, Shi Xiaonian got up and went to the balcony to watch the sunrise. Her mood also improved with the beautiful sunrise. However, when she saw Mu Qianchu and Shidi hugging and watching the sunrise, she was instantly sad. Gong Ou advised Shi Xiaonian not to look at it, not only hurts his eyes but also hurts his heart. Shi Xiaonian said that she was not sad. After all, Mu Qianchu fulfilled her wish to watch the sunrise with the girl who grew up with her, but she was still very sad and couldn't help crying on her chest. Gong Ou knew that Shi Xiaonian felt uncomfortable, so he didn't push her away. After returning, Shi Xiaonian thanked Gong Ou for taking her to Mu Qianchu’s engagement ceremony. She didn’t dare to face it, but after facing it, she found that there was nothing she could not let go, so she started to try to let go, change the comics and start her career again. . Shi Xiaonian is very kind, please don't embarrass Qianchu and Shidi in the future. Gong Ou was very angry. How long has passed since then, Shi Xiaonian started to do stupid things again. Shi Xiaonian explained that in front of Shidi, she was her sister, and in front of Mu Qianchu, she was the one who gave Mu Qianchu hope. 

Gong Ou made it clear that Shi Xiaonian was not as generous and kind, and he had to calculate the gains and losses. Shi Xiaonian didn't think Gong Ou was such a person, and felt that Gong Ou was like a second-and-second young man in Rimanli. Mi was born to inform Gong Ou to have a video conference. Shi Xiaonian was about to go and was stopped by Gong Ou, claiming that she had soiled her clothes and asked her to help wash it. Gong Ou was in a video conference while flipping through the photo album, recalling that he had discussed with his brother Gong Yu about developing a new mobile phone. Mi Sheng brought the accident report of Gong Yu's car. Gong Ou suspected that the car accident was really an accident. He just wanted to explain the copy of Xiao Nian's comic when it appeared at the scene. Mu Xue asked that the actual manager of NE Group was Chen Bai, and Gongou rarely showed up. 

For this reason, Gongou was sure that Gongou was the one who couldn't help. He heard that NE was working on artificial intelligence recently, so he sent a secretary to find out where it was going, but This matter cannot be made public. Chen Bai met with several shareholders of the company, and the shareholders stated that as long as Chen Bai is determined to fight for the position of president, they will secretly help arrange.

Cast of Wonderful Time (一念时光)

Tong Mengshi as Gong Ou

President of NE Group. Male, 28 years old, a young talent in the science and technology industry, an electronic system designer with a unique vision and high IQ. He is domineering in appearance and sincere and gentle in heart. The science and engineering thinking of the technical house is exposed to a complicated business environment. Although it is entangled, it has never lost itself, and has never lost the inherent tenderness and kindness of its nature.

Wang Herun as Shi Xiaonian

A girl cartoonist. Female, 25 years old, energetic and energetic girl cartoonist, big brain, not playing cards according to routines, little dwarf in life, female warrior in action, quite chivalrous, even if she is treated unfairly by her family and the outside world , Who are still brave and sincere, protect themselves and their loved ones, and bring hope and strength to others like a beacon.

Liu Chao as Mu Qianchu

He Meixuan as Sun Jieping

Rong Rong as Miao Cuilan

Chang Yuan as Mona

Ho Ruixian as Shi Di

Chen Qianhua as Shaonian Changdi

Cheng Yong as Mu Bingjun

Jun Sheng as Bai Yu

Liu Yufeng as Mi Sheng

Wei Wei as Chen Bai

Zhang Zhuowen as Gong Yu

Weng Hong as Gong Mu

Wu Chao as Mu Xue

Wang Ziyue as Fang Siming

Qiu Xinzhi as Shi Wu

Tu Bing as Hu Qingzi

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