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Wonderful Cat (我的宠物少将军) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Wonderful Cat (我的宠物少将军) is directed by Wu Qiang, Jiao Lili and Man Chuangchuang, starring Xiao Kaizhong and Tian Xiwei, and starring Sun Xizhi, Wang Xiran, Zhang Guansen, Liu Jiaxi, Xu Qin, Mo Fei Wanli, Liu Shuai, Xu Tianqi, and Liu Fengqiao. Ancient costume fantasy web drama. 

On January 20, 2021, the play released character posters, on February 3, the play announced that it will be broadcast exclusively on Sohu Video from February 8, 2021.

Wonderful Cat (我的宠物少将军) ends, Sohu Video creates a new popularity of sweet pet drama word-of-mouth drama. The series is the story of Little Mint and General Meow started from the Spring Festival Valentine's Day. Along the way, the sweetness and cruelty have been hotly debated, and many netizens also expressed that they still have no idea...

Detail of Wonderful Cat (我的宠物少将军) 

Chinese Title: 我的宠物少将军 (My Pet is Major General)

Genre: Idol, Costume, Love, Fantasy 

Production Company: Sohu video production

Filming location: Wuxi 

Premiere Time: February 8, 2021 

Directors: Wu Qiang, Jiao Lili, Man Chuangchuang 

Screenwriters: Xiong Jianan, Zhong Zuyao, He Guangyue, Chen Shan

Producers: Liu Mingli, Bian Liang 

Starring: Xiao Kaizhong, Tian Xiwei, Sun Xizhi, Wang Xiran

Number of Episode: 16 Episode

Length of Each Episode: 35 minutes

Online Playing Platform: www.sohu.com

wonderfull cat trailer
Image Via www.sohu.com

Plot Story of Wonderful Cat

Su Xiaohe (Tian Xiwei), a cute and lively proprietress who runs a pet shop by the Qingshan Lake in Jiangzhou, Qingqiu, accidentally picked up a "blue soul bead" and awakened the cat prince from the DW galaxy. Prince Meow Star is transformed into the tall, handsome and mysterious Mo Xiuran (Xiao Kaizhong), and by chance, Su Xiaohe and Su Xiaohe concluded a "master-servant contract", staged a "favorite" love of super-intensive sweet people across galaxies and ethnic groups. Uncover the hidden secrets behind it all in an adventure.

5th Episode Summary of Wonderful Cat

Episode 1

There is a pet shop by the Qingshan Lake in Qingqiu Country. Everyone knows the reason. If you want to say the reason behind this, it can all be attributed to the proprietress Su Xiaohe (nicknamed Little Mint), a little girl who is only 18 years old. Know how to do business. Just when Little Mint's business was booming, she suddenly received news of the mysterious disappearance of her brother in the Jade Garden in the capital. Little Mint immediately regarded it as a top priority and started investigating. Taking a crystal clear blue energy stone left by her brother as a clue, Xiao Mint went to Beijing alone. On the way, she accidentally rescued the seriously injured Major General Mo Xiuran, and touched the energy stone, awakening the cat from an alien galaxy. Prince, the two have forged an indissoluble bond. Prince Meow Star and Mo Xiuran merged into one, Xiao Mint helped Mo Xiuran to survive the disaster, but found that he was different from ordinary people, Xiao Mint secretly left, while Mo Xiuran fainted due to excessive use of energy, and was mistaken by his subordinates He thought his life was on the line, at stake. 

Little Mint came to the Jade Courtyard in the capital, but was deceived and became a substitute bride. Xiao Mint was sent to the bridal chamber and found that her prospective husband was Mo Xiuran. Xiao Mint was so frightened that she immediately escaped from the bridal chamber. On the other hand, since the indissoluble bond with Little Mint, Mo Xiuran was very distressed, his energy was extremely unstable, and he could only maintain his human form for half the time. In order to relieve this trouble, Mo Xiuran tried his best to search the whereabouts of Little Mint throughout the city. At the same time, Little Mint discovered that the last place her brother appeared was in the residence of Mrs. Mo Fuyu, and she decided to go deep into the "tiger's den" to find out the truth. Coincidentally, Mo's house was recruiting servants, and Xiao Mint went to apply for it.

Episode 2

Little Mint applied for the position of the dog watchdog in the West Court. Unexpectedly, the competition was extremely fierce. Under Mo Xiuran's advice, Little Mint became the first-class maid in the East Court. When Little Mint thought that he was favored by God, he found out that all this was Mo Xiuran's plan. He did this to force Little Mint to sign an agreement, rescind the contract, and get back the blue power stone. Little Mint was suspicious of ghosts and resolutely refused to sign. During the quarrel between the two, Xiao Mint accidentally discovered Mo Xiuran's secret, as long as he touched the blue power stone on her neck, he would turn into a cat! Holding the heavy handle in his hand, Little Mint became fearless and even tore up the agreement. After getting rid of Mo Xiuran's entanglement, Xiao Mint used a plan instead of a maid to clean the treasure pavilion in the west courtyard. 

Based on the manuscript left by her brother, it was inferred that her brother Su Zimo disappeared when he was collecting the four power stones of red, white, blue and yellow. Xiuran's one is one of them, and we need to find the remaining three in order to find out the truth and find my brother. After several confrontations, Mo Xiuran realized that he could not forcefully cancel the agreement unless he reached a kiss of true love with Little Mint. In order to know Mint's preferences, Mo Xiuran arranged for a cloth bank to conduct a questionnaire survey when Mint was purchasing. Xiao Mint excused that he had something to do, so he didn't go back to the house for the time being, and went to the pawn shop to inquire about clues. The second young master, Mo Yuji, said that he knew the missing Su Zimo.

Episode 3

The second young master, Mo Yuji, felt that Little Mint was fresh and interesting, and he appreciated her more and more, and was willing to help her to help her find Soul Orbs and Su Zimo together. Mo Xiuran followed Little Mint's wish list on the questionnaire one by one, hoping that Little Mint would fall into the love trap set by him and take the opportunity to get the kiss of true love. Unfortunately, after sitting on the roof watching the Kongming Lantern, Mo Xiuran was punched by Xiao Mint; after tasting all the dishes at Manxianglou, Xiao Mint noticed Mo Xiuran's intention and deliberately avoided; Ran Mingming was very scared in her heart, but she pretended not to be afraid, and comforted Little Mint who missed her brother, and Little Mint finally felt a little moved in her heart. Luo Feng set off fireworks at the right time to set off the atmosphere. The two were about to kiss, but Little Mint finally stuffed a mint grass into Mo Xiuran's mouth! 

Mo Xiuran fell short, not knowing what to do. Luo Feng brought Mo Xiuran to Fengyue Boundless to learn the tricks of getting along with men and women, and Fengyue Boundless girl's trick was drinking. As long as you get people drunk, you will be absolutely obedient. Mo Xiuran went to Little Mint's room late at night to invite her for a drink, but he never imagined that Little Mint was famous for not pouring a thousand cups. Ask Mo Xiuran to help her find her brother. The maid Cuiqiao tipped off the news, Madam Yu came to catch the traitor, and Little Mint pulled and pushed Mo Xiuran into the closet. Mo Xiuran made a condition to Little Mint, asking her to kiss him affectionately. The current situation is urgent, Xiao Mint perfunctory promises to kiss tomorrow, and the two work together to deceive Mrs. Yu. The next day, Mo Xiuran happily packed his bags, asked Xiao Mint to cancel the master-servant contract and then he could go home, but Xiao Mint refused to fulfill his promise, and Mo Xiuran was furious.

Episode 4

Mo Xiuran ate fish balls angrily at the puppet sister's grilled fish shop, venting his dissatisfaction with Little Mint. Suddenly, I saw Mo Yuji and Little Mint walking in with a spring breeze on their faces. Mo Yuji gave Little Mint the red energy stone he found. Mo Xiuran pointed out that the power stone was fake, and dragged Little Mint away. Mo Xiuran and Xiao Mint agreed that he would help Xiao Mint find his brother, and Xiao Mint would help him terminate the contract. Then he used his spiritual power to search for the traces of the red power stone. Because of the consumption, he turned into a tabby cat and was seen by Luo Feng with his own eyes. Luo Feng wanted to kill Mo Xiuran, Mo Xiuran told him the truth, Luo Feng wanted to follow his master again, but Mo Xiuran discouraged him. 

Neighboring princess Nan Ping Wan and Prince Nan Feide went to Beijing to discuss the truce, and the Mo family entertained the two in accordance with the emperor's order. Mrs. Yu bought a red power stone to help Mo Yuji win the princess's heart. Nanping saw that there was no koi pattern inside the power stone in the evening, so she judged it to be fake. Madam Yu believed what the Taoist priests said, thinking that Mo Xiuran was a cat demon. She asked Cui Qiao to mix a packet of apricot yellow powder obtained from a Taoist priest in Jianghu into Mo Xiuran's wine. Mo Xiuran drank it and immediately noticed, and left the table with Little Mint in a hurry, but she couldn't maintain her figure soon. Turned into a little tabby lying in the arms of the little mint.

Episode 5

As soon as Mo Xiuran appeared on the stage, he changed the situation in an instant, and firmly grasped the initiative in his hands. After some analysis, he listed the conspiracy that Mrs. Yu wanted to frame herself. With the help of Mo Zhengting (Shuhu), Mrs. Yu The fact that Mo Xiu was framed by drugs is a certainty! Mrs. Yu couldn't argue, although Mo Yuji begged for mercy, but Mr. Mo still downgraded Mrs. Yu to a concubine's room and imprisoned the West Courtyard for a year not to go out. But for Xiao Mint and Mo Xiuran, the seemingly smooth reversal is full of thrills. It turns out that Xiao Mint's master-servant friendship with Little Tabby triggered the energy stone, which restored Mo Xiuran to his human appearance. Xiuran summoned a similar little tabby to delay time. 

At the last moment, Mo Xiuran finally returned to human form, smashing Madam Yu's conspiracy. Luo Feng came to resign, but Mo Xiuran did not stop him, and proposed to practice for Luo Feng. Luo Feng realized that although Mo Xiuran was not like before, he was still his major general and decided to follow Mo Xiuran forever. Mo Yuji came to the East Courtyard and apologized to Mo Xiuran for Madam Yu's mistake. Nan Feide was mysteriously poisoned. Nanping Wan, Mo Xiuran, Xiao Mint, and Mo Yu went to the Fengyue place where Nan Feide was looking for fun last night. Xiao Mint and Mo Xiuran suspected that it was the koi, and the pipa girl Dongzhu wanted to Snatched the red power stone and scratched Mint.

Cast of Wonderful Cat

Xiao Kaizhong as Mo Xiuran

Tian Xiwei as Su Xiaohe

Sun Xizhi as Mo Yuji

Wang Xiran as Nanping Night

Zhang Guansen as Luo Feng

Liu Jiaxi as Muppets

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