Wife's Revenge (妻子的反攻) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Wife's Revenge (妻子的反攻) is a Chinese drama series that carries the theme of household and infidelity. This drama stars Chen Yi Jing and Chu Peng Xu. The story begins when Bai Ying Ying (Chen Yi Jing) catches her husband having an affair with her best friend. 

Bai Ying Ying then plans to take revenge on her husband who has acted arbitrarily. She was also helped by her close friends to start a new love journey. In the process, she often met her husband who chased after her to apologize. Get information, inspiration and insight in your email. How will Bai Ying Yin's love story continue?

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Detail of Wife's Revenge (妻子的反攻)

Chinese title: 妻子的反攻 (Wife's Revenge)

Genre: Drama, Romance, Love 

Director: Liu Peng

Screenwriter: Cao Wayi

Starring: Chen Yijing, Chu Pengxu, Xu Dan, Ge Shimin, Wang Xinwei

Language: Mandarin Chinese

Premiere Time: 2021-12-14 (Mainland China)

Number of Episodes: 24

Length of Each Episode: 6 minutes

Plot Story of Wife's Revenge (妻子的反攻)

Wife's Revenge (妻子的反攻) tells the story of a housewife, Bai Yingying, who was disheartened about her marriage life after discovering that her husband Ding Zhiyuan had cheated on her best friend Gu Feier, and then discovered many doubts about her sister Bai Jingjing's suicide six years ago, and escaped Gu Feier's pursuit. Later, with the help of Jiang Chuan, Jin Rui and other friends, the story of opening a new chapter in her career.

Cast of  Wife's Revenge (妻子的反攻)

Chen Yijing, Chu Pengxu, Xu Dan, Ge Shimin, Wang Xinwei, etc

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