What is The Different: Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) And Mixed Reality (MR)? | Entertainment And Technology What is The Different: Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) And Mixed Reality (MR)? - Entertainment And Technology
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What is The Different: Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) And Mixed Reality (MR)?

When you hear the words "Reality" and "Technology", what comes to your mind first? Most of us immediately remember about Virtual Reality or better known as (VR). However, this technology related to "Reality", is not just VR. There are several other technologies that also carry the concept of changing/modifying reality through digital technology. These technologies are Augmented Reality (AR) and also Mixed Reality (MR). Then, what is the difference between these three types of technology?

What is Virtual Reality (VR)?

Before looking at the differences between the three, we must first understand each of these technologies. First, let's talk about Virtual Reality (VR). VR can be interpreted as the name implies, namely a virtual reality that appears. The concept of this technology is to replace what you see with something else. As a result, you will get the feeling/illusion of being in another place.

Because of the replacement concept, the VR device will limit your view. This is necessary so that your eyes focus on the view created by the VR system. Thus, illusions that make you feel like you are somewhere else or see something different can be created perfectly. You will also enjoy it more and not be disturbed by the scenery around you.

Currently, there are many products that you can use to enjoy this virtual world. A well-known product is the Oculus Rift. There are also other products, such as HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and many more. Plus, nowadays many video games are designed to be played with this technology. This provides a different and more fun video game experience than playing it on a game console or computer.

What is different AR, VR, And MR
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What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

When you translate the word "Augmented" into Indonesian, this word means "plus". So, from the name of this technology, "Augmented Reality", it can be interpreted by adding the existing realities. That is, this technology does not create a new virtual world, but adds virtual objects to the real world that is around us. Of course, we will only be able to see these virtual objects by wearing an AR device.

Because this system is made to add objects to the real world, the shape of the device is different from VR devices. AR devices generally have transparent lenses and don't cover your view at all. Your eyes can look in all directions and focus on objects and places around you. This system will add a digital object to your view, through the lens attached to the device.

Some products already use this technology. One of the most famous is Google Glass. With this tool, you can see your living room, workplace, or even the street you're walking on, filled with virtual objects.

Besides Microsoft HoloLens, for those of you who are fans of games, especially Pokemon, you must know one of the series from this game, namely Pokemon GO. This game also uses AR technology. By utilizing the camera on your Smartphone, the system of this game will place Pokemon or in-game items in various places in the real world. Of course, you can only view and interact, such as catching Pokemon or fighting, through your device.

What is Mixed Reality (MR)?

Mixed Reality or commonly known as Merged Reality can already guess is a mixture or a combination of AR and VR. From this understanding of MR, we will also be able to see the striking differences between AR and VR.

First, in VR, you will be taken into a completely different virtual world or virtual objects that look real. Whereas AR, is the process of adding virtual objects, without changing your view. By combining these two concepts, MR produces a unique look. You'll see virtual objects added to your surroundings, without having to go in and replace your entire view. Interestingly, you can also interact with visible virtual objects.

For example, suppose you are a designer and want to create a 3D design of a car. By using this MR device, the 3D car objects that you create can be displayed in real life in your workspace. When displayed in your workspace, you can also see the object of this car from various sides, up, side, down, front or back. This will make it easier for you to find areas that need to be improved, or changed in your design.

Currently, the available and usable MR devices are quite limited. Microsoft HoloLens is the most famous device. With this device, you can transform your living room and place various digital objects. In fact, there are video games designed for this device. 

The experience of playing video games with MR devices is very different compared to game consoles, VR or AR devices. Unfortunately, this technology is still in the development stage. There is no system or device that can provide optimal functionality. As a result, prices for MR devices are many times more expensive than VR and AR devices. If you can buy a VR or AR device for USD 200 or even cheaper, the MR device sells for around USD 2.500

Benefits of VR, AR and MR Technology

VR, AR and MR technologies are not only useful for simplifying your activities, ranging from tools to support your work, to providing information and communication. This technology is also not just a technology that can give you a different experience in playing video games. When viewed from a broader perspective, these technologies serve as triggers for the development of other technologies.

For example, to process data on MR technology, a high-capacity processor is needed. Then for VR, you need a device that is able to produce graphics that move smoothly and have high detail. All of this can only be realized by developing the tools and components in them. And, it relates to other technologies and disciplines. So, it can be said that this "Reality" technology is an important point that can change human life in the future.

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