Wen Tian Lu: Young Zhong Kui (问天录) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Wen Tian Lu: Young Zhong Kui (问天录)  is a costume fantasy drama produced by Lingji Film and Television, Qilu Electronic Audio and Video Publishing House and Tianjin Coconut Culture, directed by Li Xiaojiang and starring Xing Zhaolin, Jian Renzi, Xuan Lu, Xu Wenhao, Wang Qing, etc. The play was broadcast on Youku Video on October 31, 2021.

Wen Tian Lu: Young Zhong Kui (问天录) consists of six episodes, each of which has its own story line and time background based on classical myths and legends. It mainly tells the story of Zhong Yunfei's growth and transformation on the hard road of guarding the human world, and the three-world love and love-hate entanglement between Bai Ningyu and Bai Ningyu.

Although Wen Tian Lu: Young Zhong Kui (问天录) is also based on ancient myths, but through the second creation, it adds inspirational elements and extends new vitality. Starting from Zhong Kui's boyhood, the play integrates ancient costume martial arts with youth idols, highlighting the core of the story of youth growth and breakthrough, as well as the bloody struggle in fairyland.

Wen Tian Lu: Young Zhong Kui (问天录) interprets the story of the protagonist at different stages in the form of a unit play. In each unit drama, there are new story clues to voice, which is in line with the fast-paced mode of chasing dramas, and also avoids the drawbacks of many similar dramas that are criticized by the audience for their slow rhythm. And this is also a test for the protagonists. Although they are in the same play, in different stories and encountering different backgrounds and opponents, the protagonists need to actively adjust their moods, even when they are being attacked by demons. But also to show a completely different side to impress the audience. Especially as the heroine, Renzi Kan, her different personalities and backgrounds in past and present life are a great test for her performance. 

Wen Tian Lu: Young Zhong Kui synopsis
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Detail of Wen Tian Lu: Young Zhong Kui 

Chinese Title: 问天录 (Ask Tianlu)

Also Known As:  问天录之少年钟馗 (Zhong Kui, a Young Man Who Asks Tianlu)

English Title: Wen Tian Lu: Young Zhong Kui

Genre: Fantasy, Martial arts, Ancient Costume, Love 

Production Company: Lingji Film and Television, Qilu Electronic Audio and Video Publishing House, Tianjin Coconut Culture 

Filming Location: Ningbo Xiangshan 

Premiere Time: October 31, 2021. 

Director: Li Xiaojiang, 

Screenwriter: Chen Shilong, Liu Yonghan, Dai Yong, Wang Heng 

Starring: Xing Zhaolin, Kan Renzi, Xuan Lu, Xu Wenhao, Wang Qing 

Number of Episodes: 40 Episodes

Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes. 

Online Playback Platform: Youku video 

Production Time: 2018

Plot Story of Wen Tian Lu: Young Zhong Kui

Zhong Kui (Xing Zhaolin) hated evil and was a martyr before his death. The Jade Emperor felt that Zhong Kui was awe-inspiring and righteous, and wanted to be named the Heavenly Master of Demons. After some intense debate, Guanyin Bodhisattva proposed to let Zhong Kui go down to earth to practice as an assessment, and then decide whether to confer a god. The Jade Emperor readily agreed, and set the taboo that he was not allowed to interfere in the grievances and grievances of mortals, and that he was not allowed to change the cause and effect of mortals for personal gain. 

Since then, Zhong Kui, Liu Hanyan (Xuan Lu), and Wang Fuqu (Xu Wenhao), three sworn brothers, have worked together to face the trial. The three of Zhong Kui are high-spirited, and they work together as one. Through repeated setbacks and trials, the characters of the three gradually matured and their strength gradually became stronger. In the face of the rampant demon world counterattack, the three of them sacrificed themselves to achieve justice. This fearless spirit eventually moved the heavens, and they were not only named as demon hunters, but also became the eternal patron saint of the human world.

5th Episode of Wen Tian Lu: Young Zhong Kui

Episode 1

In the first year of the miracle, the heaven and earth were chaotic, and the heaven and the earth came down with a chance. In the vastness, the spiritual power incarnated the emperor Xuanqiong, but the emperor was very ambitious and wanted to create a new order. Therefore, the emperor was punished by the heaven and was struck by the thunder to disperse the spiritual power. , annihilates the body, a hundred years later, the demon emperor provoked a war to rule the three worlds. The three righteous men in the human world sacrificed their lives to help the heavens seal the demon emperor. The demon emperor did not give up and broke through the seal by practicing magic. A hundred years later, the demon emperor devoured human souls to practice magic arts, and ordered the demon king to guard the demon baby. As long as the demon baby grows, the demon emperor can use the demon baby to be reborn. When the world is about to usher in a catastrophe, three reincarnated immortals appeared on Lingshan. 

The three were Zhong Yunfei, Wang Fuqu, and Liu Hanyan. The three participated in the expedition against the demon emperor a hundred years ago, and died at the hands of the demon emperor one after another. A hundred years later, the three of them were reborn again. What makes people laugh and cry is that Liu Hanyan was reborn as a woman. The three of them became brothers with different surnames back then. It's actually quite handsome to tease Liu Hanyan as a woman. Immortal Venerable suddenly appeared, announcing that Zhong Yunfei and the three had become demon slayers, responsible for slaying all the demons in the world. Wang Fuqu got a pair of golden wings, Liu Hanyan got a universe umbrella, and Zhong Yunfei got a demon sword. The three were very satisfied with the magic weapon they had obtained, and immediately cast the magic weapon to train their hands. The Lord of the Immortal Castle convened all the members and announced that the Immortal Castle and the Nanhai Pai would be incompatible. 

The lord of the castle asked his daughter, Yang Hongxue, to hold the sword to split the mysterious ice that had been frozen for thousands of years, but Hongxue had difficulty splitting the mysterious ice. The owner of the castle, Yang Tiemei, took the opportunity to announce that if the immortal castle and the Nanhai faction wanted to resolve their grievances, the thousand-year-old mysterious ice would melt. Senior Brother Xianbao bought the flying thief and stole the Wuji sword of the Nanhai faction. The Flying Bandit and the Senior Brother Xianbao met in the forest, and took the opportunity to sit on the ground to raise the price. Otherwise, the Flying Bandit would sell the plan of the Senior Brother Xianbao to the Nanhai faction. In order to keep the secret, the senior brother of Xianbao killed the flying thief with Xinyiheng. Zhong Yunfei and the three left Lingshan, and on the way they saw a cloud of blood floating in the sky. This fog is the blood demon. Zhong Yunshan and the three chased the blood demon, and the two sides fought by the river. Ding Xiaofeng, a disciple of the Nanhai School, led two companions to find the missing Wuji Sword. 

The three stepped into the immortal castle and tried to take a shortcut, but they were stopped by Yang Hongxue and his party. The Nanhai faction and the immortal castle have had a grudge for thousands of years. Naturally, Yang Hongxue refused to let the Nanhai faction pass the way. Ding Xiaofeng was young and vigorous and decided to use force to clear the way. When the two sides fought, the Gorefiend who was chased by Zhong Yunfei and the three absconded, took the opportunity to possess Ding Xiaofeng's companion, opened his mouth to tell the grievances between the two factions, and threatened to kill everyone present with a proud face. At the moment of the enemy, Yang Hongxue and Ding Xiaofeng temporarily formed an alliance, and both attacked the Gorefiend. 

However, the two of them were not good enough to cultivate, and they were not opponents of Gorefiend at all. In order to save Yang Hongxue, Ding Xiaofeng fell off the cliff together with him. Fortunately, the two were not seriously injured. Gorefiend went to the training place of his old enemy Li Yiqi to take revenge, but was beaten away by Zhong Yunfei who came. Li Yiqi used the double swords to close the wall to inflict heavy damage on the Gorefiend. Because she was eager to force the two swords together, she could only inflict heavy damage on the Gorefiend, but did not completely destroy the Gorefiend. If you want to destroy the Gorefiend, you must find a pair of sword holders who have the same mind. When the demon king learned that the Gorefiend was looking for Li Yiqi to avenge his personal revenge, he was furious to expose and reprimand the Gorefiend. The most urgent task at the moment is to cultivate a demon baby who can regenerate the demon king. If Zhong Yunfei and his party track down the blood demon, they are very likely to find the demon baby.

Episode 2

The demon baby's demonic energy suddenly leaked out, and the Gorefiend was terrified, for fear that Zhong Yunfei and the three would discover the demonic energy. Ding Xiaofeng and Yang Hongxue were looking for a way out in the valley. The two chatted about the grievances between the two factions, each with their own reasons, and they both believed that their side was justified. Immortal Castle dispatched a large number of disciples to search for Yang Hongxue throughout the mountains and plains. Di Renfei was the first to find Yang Hongxue, he recognized Ding Xiaofeng standing beside Yang Hongxue, and immediately planned to get rid of Ding Xiaofeng. Yang Hongxue was rescued by Ding Xiaofeng when she fell off a cliff. She stood in front of Ding Xiaofeng and stopped Di Renfei. If Di Renfei wanted to kill Ding Xiaofeng, she had to kill her first. Di Renfei saw that Yang Hongxue used his life to protect Ding Xiaofeng, so he had to declare that he helped Yang Hongxue to return favor to Ding Xiaofeng and let Ding Xiaofeng go. 

The head of the Nanhai Sect, Ding Gang, was searching for the whereabouts of his beloved son, Ding Xiaofeng. Nanhai faction and Xianbao have always been at odds. When Di Renfei saw Ding Gang's rude remarks to Yang Tiemei, he moved to kill in a rage. A sharp ice formed in his hand and threw it at Ding Xiaofeng who was standing beside Ding Gang. go out. Ding Gang reacted quickly and shattered the hidden ice weapon that flew past him, angrily scolding Di Renfei for his insidious behavior. The three of Zhong Yunfei rushed over and persuaded the two factions to form an alliance and deal with the Gorefiend together. The ancestors of the two factions and the Gorefiend are mortal enemies, and the Gorefiend naturally regards the two factions as the number one enemy. But Ding Gang and Yang Tiemei didn't like each other, and they both said that they had a way to deal with the Gorefiend, and there was no need to form an alliance. Yang Tiemei returned to Xianbao and scolded Di Renfei. Ding Xiaofeng is Ding Gang's precious son. 

Di Renfei dares to attempt to assassinate Ding Xiaofeng in front of Ding Gang. His behavior will exacerbate the conflict between the two factions. Liu Hanyan went to Xianbao to persuade Yang Tiemei to form an alliance with the Nanhai faction. At the same time, Zhong Yunfei went to the Nanhai faction to persuade Ding Gang to form an alliance with Xianbao. As soon as Ding Xiaofeng returned to the Nanhai faction, he persuaded his father Ding Gang to form an alliance with Xianbao. Although his father disagreed, he issued a military order to Zhong Yunfei, promising to persuade his father to form an alliance with Xianbao. Speaking of the grievance between Xianbao and the Nanhai faction, the cause is a love word. Sister Ding Gang of the Nanhai faction fell in love with Liang Ze, who joined the immortal castle. The two people's affair was caught by Liang Ze's wife, and sister Ding Gang died. In the hands of the people of the fairy castle. When Ding Gang was going to his sister's grave, he frowned and scolded that his sister could love anyone, but she fell in love with a married man, so that she ended up in a miserable end of death. Not only was her life gone, but her reputation was also ruined. Without the approval of the suzerain, he was buried in the wilderness. 

Di Renfei hid the stolen Wuji sword in the back mountain of Xianbao, and Wang Fuqu stole the Wuji sword with a little magic. He planned to return the Wuji Sword to Ding Gang, and he would have the opportunity to persuade Ding Gang to form an alliance with Xianbao, but Zhong Yunfei thought it was not the right time to keep the Wuji Sword first. To deal with the blood demon requires two swords to join the wall. Zhong Yunfei told Yang Tiemei that he needed to find two people who had the same mind. Liu Que believed that the senior sister Yang Hongmei and the senior brother Di Renfei had the same heart, and Yang Hongmei looked straight, reminding Liu Que that she could not To make the same joke again, she always regarded Di Renfei as her elder brother, without a trace of admiration. Li Yiqi taught Zhong Yunfei the swordsmanship of double swords and walls. Just waiting for Zhong Yunfei to find the two of them, Zhong Yunfei went to Xianbao to teach the swordsmanship of double swords and walls. Liu Hanyan found that the so-called double swords and walls swordsmanship was extremely simple, like a child's play. 

Episode 3

Ding Xiaofeng told Ding Gang that Yang Tiemei had agreed to cooperate with Zhong Yunfei. As soon as Ding Gang refused to admit defeat, he told Ding Xiaofeng that he would welcome Zhong Yunfei to pick someone at any time. On the Immortal Castle side, neither Yang Hongxue nor Di Renfei wanted to come out to practice the combination of swords, so Yang Tiemei had to force Liu Que and Dai Zhi to practice swordsmanship. Dai Zhi and Liu Que were both very surprised, but their cultivation base was not high, and they needed to train well to develop their potential. They went to the Nanhai School to pick two more disciples, and the two agreed to see who would train better. In the evening, Dai Zhizheng was happy that he was suddenly assassinated when he was selected, and Liu Que was also attacked by surprise. Fortunately, Liu Hanyan arrived in time to save Liu Que's life. Yang Tiemei was a little surprised to learn about this, but the assassin was Martial Xiu of the Human World, and Liu Hanyan suspected that it was done by someone from Xianbao, but Yang Tiemei said that people in Xianbao were trained from childhood, and there was absolutely no possibility of spies. 

Liu Hanyan used a flying eagle to send a letter to Zhong Yunfei and Wang Fuqu, and said that Di Renfei was very suspicious. When Zhong Yunfei was dispatching candidates in the South China Sea, the demon king suddenly ordered the tree demon to attack the disciples, but was repelled by them. Gorefiend didn't understand why the demon king took the initiative to attack. The demon king said that he wanted to divert Zhong Yunfei's attention and make them think that he wanted to prevent the two swords from combining. He attacked the Nanhai faction only because of the combination, and felt that the current behavior of the Gorefiend was very wrong. Because Liu Hanyan saved himself, Liu Que was very close to Liu Hanyan. Liu Hanyan took the opportunity to ask Liu Que if there were any herbal medicines that could make people change gender in the fairy castle. Liu Que was surprised, and Liu Hanyan quickly said that Wang Fuqu asked for this. To plant herbs, Liu Que said that there are no herbs in the fairy castle, but he will help to find out. After Liu Que left, Zhong Yunfei and Wang Fuqu also came. Zhong Yunfei turned into a Gorefiend to test Di Renfei, but Di Renfei did not hesitate to kill the Gorefiend. Zhong Yunfei believed that there was no connection between him and the Gorefiend. 

The next day, when the people from Xianbao came down the mountain, Liu Que asked the herbalist about the medicine for gender conversion. The person said that there is a herbal medicine called Huanxiyou that can cure all diseases, but the side effect is to change the gender of a person. Liu Que got rid of him. This herb was found, but what she didn't know was that this person was controlled by the Gorefiend. Di Renfei and Ding Xiaofeng met on the street, Ding Xiaofeng deliberately avoided, but Di Renfei refused to give up and deliberately blocked the road. , and reprimanded Di Renfei for causing trouble again, so Di Renfei had to let Ding Xiaofeng go. Ding Xiaofeng gave Yang Hongxue a wink when he left, and after Di Ren flew away, Yang Hongxue went to find Ding Xiaofeng, Ding Xiaofeng was waiting in the alley, Ding Xiaofeng thought that Yang Hongxue would blame himself and Di Renfei for the conflict, But Yang Hongxue said it was Ding Xiaofeng who worked hard to resolve the conflict. While the two were chatting, Di Renfei attacked with a hidden weapon and fought with Ding Xiaofeng. Yang Hongxue was protecting Ding Xiaofeng, and Ding Xiaofeng was unwilling to fight Di Renfei. He said goodbye in a hurry. 

After Ding Xiaofeng returned to the Nanhai faction, Wang Fuqu learned about it and said that it was a good thing that Ding Xiaofeng was injured. After looking at the incident today, Yang Hongxue must have Ding Xiaofeng in his heart, but Ding Xiaofeng said that the two factions are constantly fighting, and now there are blood demons, and he should not be too much. Thinking, Wang Fuqu said that Yang Tiemei could control Yang Hongxue, but could not control Ding Xiaofeng. Ding Xiaofeng went to the fairy castle at night to visit Yang Hongxue, Yang Hongxue asked him how his injury was, Ding Xiaofeng took out the nourishing pill that Yang Hongxue had given him before, and said that with her medicine, he would be fine, and this medicine bottle would also be fine. It means a lot to themselves. The two were talking when they heard Yang Tiemei's voice coming from outside the door. 

Yang Hongxue hurriedly asked Ding Xiaofeng to hide on her bed, but Yang Tiemei still found Ding Xiaofeng. Yang Tiemei was so angry that she wanted to kill Ding Xiaofeng, Yang Hongxue and Liu Hanyan, who had heard the news, stood in front of Ding Xiaofeng, but Yang Tiemei was so angry that she would not listen to anything, and said that Liu Hanyan had promised not to intervene. With grudges, Liu Hanyan had no choice but to save Ding Xiaofeng, while Yang Tiemei sealed the acupoints of Yang Hongxue's body and placed her under house arrest. The next day, Zhong Yunfei and Wang Fuqu came to apologize for Liu Hanyan. Zhong Yunfei offered to replace Ding Xiaofeng and Yang Tiemei in the fight. If he won, he hoped that Yang Tiemei would ignore the previous suspicion and continue to cooperate to fight against the devil. Mei agreed to Zhong Yunfei's proposal.

Episode 4

Zhong Yunfei fought against Yang Tiemei. Although Yang Tiemei was the head of the Immortal Castle, he was far behind Zhong Yunfei, who was very knowledgeable. In a few moves, Zhong Yunfei held his sword and pointed his face. They all said that they were willing to admit defeat, but Yang Tiemei refused to admit it and denied that she had made a gambling contract with Zhong Yunfei before. Seeing that Yang Tiemei didn't believe what he said, Zhong Yunfei was so angry that his face was blue with anger, and even the head of the dignified family went back on his word. He was an eye-opener. Yang Tiemei held back her sneer and mentioned the mysterious ice that had been frozen for thousands of years in the Immortal Castle. If Zhong Yunfei could break the mysterious ice, Yang Tiemei would naturally respond to requests. Zhong Yunfei tried to attack the thousand-year-old mysterious ice, but what he did not expect was extremely hard, not comparable to ordinary rocks. Even if Zhong Yunfei has a hundred years of Taoism, he cannot break the thousand-year-old mysterious ice. The Gorefiend suddenly appeared while the crowd was leaving, and unexpectedly possessed Yang Tiemei. 

Yang Tiemei struggled for a moment, her consciousness being controlled by the Gorefiend. Gorefiend returned to the Immortal Castle Hall as Yang Tiemei, called Di Renfei, and proposed to let Di Renfei and Yang Hongxue marry. Di Renfei had been in love with Yang Hongxue for a long time, and when he heard that he could marry Yang Hongxue Now, Di Renfei was overjoyed. When Yang Hongxue learned that she was going to marry Di Renfei, she was shocked and angry and decided not to marry. Di Renfei entered Yang Hongxue’s room and wanted to discuss marriage, but Yang Hongxue refused to get married. Di Renfei did not force Yang Hongxue, but he announced that he would not give up pursuing Yang Hongxue. Liu Que inquired about the Huanxi Grass in the back mountain where the monsters were infested. Liu Hanyan was eager to eat the Huanxi Grass and turned back into a man, and thanked Liu Que overjoyed. Liu Que wanted to know what kind of thanks she would get. Instead of letting Liu Hanyan reply immediately, she gave Liu Hanyan time. After Liu Que left, Zhong Yunfei and Wang Fuqu appeared, and Wang Fuqu joked as usual, reminding Liu Hanyan to pretend to be a man and fell in love with Liu Que, and was about to deceive Liu Que. 

After joking, Zhong Yunfei talked about business affairs. He hoped that the Nanhai faction would form an alliance with Xianbao. After several days of thinking, Zhong Yunfei came up with a clever plan. In the middle of the night, Zhong Yunfei turned into a Di Renfei, holding the Nanhai Sect's Promise Sword in his hand, appeared in the Nanhai Sect and provoked Ding Xiaofeng. When Ding Gang learned of this, he couldn't bear to lead the disciples to attack the immortal castle. When the two sides faced off, Zhong Yunfei turned into a blood demon, captured Yang Tiemei and Ding Gang, and threw them into the cave. Immortal Castle and the head of the Nanhai Sect were both captured by the Gorefiend, causing the disciples of the two sects to panic. 

Zhong Yunfei returned to Xianbao and took the opportunity to persuade the two factions to form an alliance. Ding Xiaofeng took the lead and expressed his willingness to cooperate with Xian Bao formed an alliance, and even Di Renfei, who hated Ding Xiaofeng, expressed his willingness to obey Zhong Yunfei's orders. Ding Gang and Yang Tiemei were trapped in the cave. Yang Tiemei was actually changed by the Gorefiend. Zhong Yunfei thought he was clever and turned into a Gorefiend to act, but instead brought the Gorefiend the opportunity to cause trouble. The Gorefiend unexpectedly stabbed Ding Gang to death with a sword. He had already seen through Zhong Yunfei's self-conscious plan. He killed Ding Gang in the identity of Yang Tiemei. Naturally, the two factions will no longer be able to form an alliance as Zhong Yun wishes.

Episode 5

Under the mediation of Zhong Yunfei, the Nanhai faction and Xianbao formed an alliance, and the disciples from both sides formed teams to practice the double swords and wall art. Yang Hongxue and Ding Xiaofeng were in a group, and they practiced the double-sword wall-joining technique, expecting to communicate with each other. The three of Zhong Yunfei went to the cave and found that only Ding Gang, who had been dead for a long time, was in the cave, and Yang Tiemei was nowhere to be found. With Yang Tiemei's strength, it is difficult to kill Ding Gang easily. Zhong Yunfei deduced that the Gorefiend possessed Yang Tiemei and killed Ding Gang with the help of Yang Tiemei. If things were as he guessed, Yang Tiemei was not the real murderer, and the Gorefiend was the mastermind behind the scenes, but After all, it was Yang Tiemei who killed Ding Gang, so mortals would naturally think that Yang Tiemei was the murderer. Ding Xiaofeng took care of the bruises given by Yang Hongxue. He believed that the bruises contained unknown medicines, which caused him to miss Yang Hongxue after taking the medicines. 

In fact, he was attacking and confessing to Yang Hongxue. In fact, Yang Hongxue had already secretly promised Ding Xiaofeng. Under Ding Xiaofeng's confession, Yang Hongxue threw herself into Ding Xiaofeng's arms with a happy face. The blood demon returned as Yang Tiemei. Xianbao deliberately revealed that he killed Ding Gang. Ding Xiaofeng heard that his father died at the hands of Yang Tiemei, and wanted to settle accounts with Yang Tiemei. The three of Zhong Yunfei rushed over and took Ding Xiaofeng away. People cannot be resurrected from the dead. The Nanhai faction held a funeral for Ding Gang. Ding Xiaofeng put on a linen and filial piety, and asked Zhong Yunfei and the three to find out the cause of his father Ding Gang's death. After the Gorefiend returned to the fairy castle, he ordered to set up an enchantment outside the fairy castle. Zhong Yunfei's soul went out of his body and tried to fly into the fairy castle, but was blocked by the enchantment. It was difficult for Zhong Yunfei to figure out the Gorefiend's intentions. If the Gorefiend had already possessed Yang Tiemei, he should get rid of Yang Hongxue immediately and prevent the double swords from joining the wall, otherwise it would pose a threat to the Gorefiend in the future. 

However, after the Gorefiend entered the Immortal Castle, he did not kill Yang Hongxue. Zhong Yunfei guessed that the Gorefiend had other purposes. Liu Que flew out with the Di people to buy cloth and prepare for Yang Hongxue's marriage. Liu Ruyan quietly sent a note to Liu Que, guiding Liu Que to the backyard. After seeing Liu Hanyan, Liu Que truthfully revealed that Yang Hongxue would marry Di Renfei. Liu Que also found out the whereabouts of the fairy grass, and Liu Hanyan was surprised and couldn't wait to pick the fairy grass. Gorefiend visits Li Yiqi as Yang Tiemei, and unexpectedly attacks Li Yiqi. The Gorefiend originally planned to deceive the Ziqing Shuangjian from Li Yiqi, but because Li Yiqi also found out that the demon baby was forming, the Gorefiend changed his mind and killed Li Yiqi in pain to prevent the news of the demon baby from falling into the ears of Zhong Yunfei and the three. 

The demon king heard that Liu Hanyan was eager to find the fairy grass and turned back into a man, so he planted a fake fairy grass in the back mountain. Once Liu Hanyan took the fake fairy grass, he would die of poisoning three days later. The demon king told the Gorefiend about his plan, and he was very proud. When Liu Hanyan died, Zhong Yunfei would lose a capable general. The remaining Wang Fuqu was a stunned young man, and in the eyes of the demon king, he was just a warrior. Liu Hanyan was eager to find the fairy grass, Zhong Yunfei and Wang Fuqu went into the mountain to look for the fairy grass, and soon found the fake fairy grass that the demon king had planted in advance.

Character Cast of Wen Tian Lu: Young Zhong Kui

Xing Zhaolin as Zhong Yunfei

Righteousness, outgoing sunshine, uprightness, and superb martial arts. Cold and calm, yet gentle and humorous, he is willing to go through many obstacles, overcome his weaknesses, and continue to grow on the road of hardships and difficulties. The celestial demon slayer who holds the sword of subduing demons was later named Venerable Demon Subduing. He has a cold appearance and doesn't like words, but his mind is pure and affectionate. At the same time, this person is cold and mean. Although he doesn't talk much, his exports can hit the key points of others.

Suga Renzi as Nian'er/Ice Butterfly/Bai Ningyu

Whether it's Xiaojiabiyu Zhong Lingyuxiu's Nian'er, or the all-evil and charming butterfly demon Bingdie, or even the gentle and graceful Bai Ningyu, it's her. She alternated between good and evil, good and evil, and in the reincarnation cycle, she transformed into three women with different personalities and staged a series of entanglements with Zhong Yunfei.

Xuan Lu as Liu Hanyan

The appearance is capable and beautiful, and the force value is strong, but the inside is actually a man's heart. Calm and wise, he is very good at negotiating, negotiating and negotiating with people. Han Yan holds the Qiankun umbrella in his hand and can call the five little boys of the umbrella spirit. On the one hand, she is resourceful, and is a wise star that Zhong Yunfei relies on; on the other hand, she is born with a vicious tongue, and it is common for her to complain about Zhong Yunfei and Fu Qu.

Xu Wenhao as Wang Fuqu

His personality is like a weapon of steel feathers and iron wings. He is an upright, impulsive, violent and bloody man. At the same time, he can bend and stretch at critical moments. Fu Qu is a person who can't hide his inner emotions, his joys, sorrows, sorrows and sorrows are written on his face, so he often speaks out. There is a thief's heart to crave beauty, but he never has the courage to overstep his duty, and secretly secret love has become his greatest enjoyment of human love.

Wang Haozhen as Ding Xiaofeng

An infatuated man with good looks and martial arts

Qi Jishen as Yue Liang Mang

Jealous of evil, heroic and martial, witty and brave, kind and honest.

Xuan Lu as Liu Hanyan

Xu Wenhao as Wang Fuqu

Wang Qing as Sun Qianqian

Qin Yong as Zhan Zhao

Huo Qing as Wei Chongsheng

Ni Yukun as Xiao Hua

Zhang Zhikun as Wu Hualong

Wen Yuan as Miyakuro

Sun Binhao as Feng Cunyi

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