Tian Xia Chang He (天下长河) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Tian Xia Chang He (天下长河) is Chinese Drama directed by Zhang Ting, starring Luo Jin and Yin Fang, and Huang Zhizhong's special invitation to star in a historical drama. 

Tian Xia Chang He (天下长河) takes the Yellow River governance project of the Kangxi Dynasty in the Qing Dynasty as a clue, and tells the story of Emperor Kangxi, in order to cure the floods in the Yellow River, he promoted Chen Huang and Jin Fu eclectically. The pacification of the river has left behind a true historical story of great achievements that later generations will be praised for.

Tian Xia Chang He (天下长河) insists on artistically transforming and expressing excellent traditional culture, promoting the Chinese spirit with vivid historical stories, observing social reality, and nourishing people's hearts.

At the mouth of the Yellow River today, two bronze statues stand. One holds a telescopic mirror and looks into the distance; one finger is in front of him and he talks eloquently. They were the famous river officials in the Kangxi Dynasty—Chen Huang and Jin Fu. The two met in the Chaotang, and became confidants because of the concept of water control. The people are grateful for their dedication, build temples and bronze statues for them, so that they can protect the cause they have been fighting for all their lives.

Tian Xia Chang He chinese Drama
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Detail of Tian Xia Chang He (天下长河)

Chinese Title: 天下长河 (The World's Long River)

English Title: Tian Xia Chang He

Genre: Ancient, Costume and Historical 

Production Company: Zhejiang Haoku Film and Television Co., Ltd. 

Filming Location: Hengdian

Premiere time: in 2022 Director Zhang Ting, 

Screenwriter: Zhang Ting Producer Yao Yuzhu 

Starring: Luo Jin, Yin Fang, Huang Zhizhong 

Number of Episode: 40 episodes 

Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes

Online Platform: Mango TV, Hunan Satellite TV

Plot Story of Tian Xia Chang He (天下长河)

After a huge flood in the fifteenth year of Emperor Kangxi, the young Emperor Kangxi set up a department to recruit talents for river management. The young Kangxi Emperor was eclectic and made him simple. Chen Huang partnered with Jin Fu, who was also interested in managing the river, and went through several major political turmoils in the Kangxi Dynasty. The young and outspoken Chen Huang died under the slander of traitorous officials who formed a party. 

Before his death, he left behind a famous work on river management - "The Essentials of River Defense". In the 51st year of Emperor Kangxi, Taiwan was recaptured, the Junggar was pacified, the Yellow River was calmed down, and the river became clear. Emperor Kangxi visited Yangzhou and saw the River Temple. There are statues of Jin Fu and Chen Huang in the temple.

Cast of Tian Xia Chang He (天下长河)

Luo Jin as Kangxi

Yin Fang as Chen Huang

Huang Zhizhong as Jin Fu

Liang Guanhua as Suo Etu

Su Ke as Yu Zhenjia

Lu Siyu as Gao Shiqi

Gong Lei as Zhenzhu

Ning Xiaohua as Wang Guangyu

Guo Zhiting as Ethan 

Wang Hongtao 

Zhao Qi 

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