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My Sweetheart (喵不可言) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

My Sweetheart (喵不可言) is a fantasy sweet pet drama directed by Huang Jiahui, starring Ding Jiawen, Ji Meihan and Dong Tianhao, and starring Jing Gangshan and Su Mengdi. It will be broadcast exclusively on iQIYI on January 7, 2022.

Chinese Drama My Sweetheart (喵不可言) tells the love story of Wu Yan, a cat's claw fortune-teller, and Shen Zhou, the second generation of Gao Lengfu, who met by accident. Wu Yan is good at communicating with cats. Entrusted, he met Shen Zhou, the owner of Banban, and signed a seven-day contract with him. During the seven days, Shen Zhou told Wu Yan many love stories mixed with lies and full of fantasy.

Detail of My Sweetheart (喵不可言)

Chinese Title: 喵不可言 (Indescribable Meow)

English Title: My Sweetheart

Genre: Fantasy, Sweet Pet 

Production Company: Beijing Hanna Film Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Haina Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd.,

Filming Location: Zhuhai 

Premiere Time: January 7, 2022 

Director: Wong Ka Fai, 

Screenwriter: Wang Han, 

Producer: Wang Liao, 

Starring: Ding Jiawen, Ji Meihan, Dong Tianhao

my sweetheart chinese drama
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Plot Story of My Sweetheart (喵不可言)

Wu Yan (Ji Meihan), a cat claw fortune-teller, is good at communicating with cats. Under the entrustment of the stray old cat "Ban", she met the owner of "Spot", the second generation of Gao Lengfu, Shen Zhou (Ding Jiawen). Sign a seven-day contract. During the seven days, Shen Zhou told Wu Yan many love stories mixed with lies and full of fantasy. Wu Yan broke through the loopholes one by one, discovered the secrets, and entered Shen Zhou's heart.

5th Episode Summary of My Sweetheart (喵不可言)

Episode 1

The kind-hearted Wu Yan was born able to read the language of cats. On this day, partner and best friend Wei Qiqi received a special delivery order for Wu Yan. In the face of customers, but making things difficult in every possible way, Wu Yan has nowhere to express her anger. At this moment a lost old tabby came to the door. Wu Yan learns that Ban's owner is actually the fearsome and rich Shen Zhou! It is rumored that the three generations of the Shen family are cursed. Although Shen Zhou is handsome, those close to him are either injured or disabled, and are plagued with bad luck. Wu Yan, who didn't want to be involved with the Shen family, thought that she was worrying about the operation of the cat cafe's funds recently, so she did it to the end, took courage, and came to visit with Banban. When she arrived at the Shen family villa, what Wu Yan never expected was that the owner, Shen Zhou, was the guest who made things difficult for her that day! Just as Wu Yan left the villa with the money, she casually praised the beautiful bracelet on Shen Zhou's wrist. Shen Zhou's expression changed instantly, and he threatened to buy Wu Yan's seven days at a high price.

Episode 2

The seven-day appointment in Shen Zhou's mouth only required Wu Yan to listen to him telling the three stories. On the first day of the agreement, Wu Yan accidentally discovered that Shen Zhou suffered from amblyopia. Since the car accident that took away his parents when he was a child, His world was nothing but a blur of white. Wu Yan couldn't help feeling pity. When Wu Yan asked why she chose her, Shen Zhou took off the bracelet in his hand and told her that if anyone outside the Shen family could recognize the dark-flowered jacaranda on the bracelet, it would be the wearer's honorable person, and Wu Yan would be the first. Wu Yan became more and more curious about Shen Zhou's life experience. The next day, she found information from the study and asked Ban to ask questions, but got the terrible information "two o'clock, you will die". Shen Zhou, who had a headache every day at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, couldn't find any painkillers, but fortunately, Wu Yan found it in time. Wu Yan stayed by his side for a whole day. After waking up, Shen Zhou told the first story - Shen Xing, the designer of the bracelet, escaped from marriage overnight and was rescued by a woman named "Chu Xia" in the confessional room.

Episode 3

Shen Xing, whose nature is not bound by dogma, is dissatisfied with the arranged marriage and flees, and encounters Chu Xia, a female student who is about to cut off her long braids to pay off her debts. Soon, the two young men fell in love, but Shen Xing could not escape the fate of the family. He had to go to Nanyang to deal with the ancestral property for the survival of the family. Before leaving, he and Chu Xia made a lifetime promise in Sacred Heart Church. However, in the blink of an eye, a hundred years have passed, and the oath has already faded away with the years. Shen Xing also married and had children in Nanyang, and was rich. Wu Yan did not agree with Shen Zhou's statement, Jacaranda was waiting, she guessed that the owner of the bracelet was actually Chu Xia. In order to prove her guess, Wu Yan investigated the curse of the Shen family and the truth of the year. Wu Yan found a music box in the sundries and restored it well. The composer's name is Shen Xia. In Shen Zhou's story, the identities of the two people are all reversed. It is Shen Xia (early summer) who really goes to Nanyang, not Shen Xing. The bracelet was also left to Chen Zixing (Shen Xing) by Shen Xia, who died in depression, but was stolen by the Shen family.

Episode 4

Wu Yan decided to untangle this century-old knot. After several twists and turns, Wu Yan and Shen Zhou finally found a piano from a hundred years ago in the church warehouse, and found a hidden letter and a silver dollar. It turned out that after learning that Shen Xia could not escape the family arrangement to go to Nanyang, Chen Zixing was based on his achievements. But when he was seriously ill, he saved money for medicine and bought the piano that he played with Shen Xia. Chen Zixing always believed that one day Shen Xia would play it again. Shen Zhou and Wu Yan played together, and in a trance, the agreement a hundred years ago seemed to be fulfilled at this moment. At the same time, in the cat cafe, the assistant who took care of the cat cafe for Wu Yan received a call from Shen Zhou's second uncle, Shen Yejun. During the conversation, Shen Yejun explained to the little assistant and tried his best to speed up the relationship between Shen Zhou and Wu Yan. Everything seems to be in Shen Yejun's plan.

Episode 5

Shen Zhou was given a wave of "dating rules" by the little assistant Amway, so he went out on a date with Wu Yan on the grounds that Lao Maoban wanted to take a bath. The crowd was crowded, and the two got lost accidentally, but Shen Zhou, who was ambly sighted, could smell Wu Yan's body, found her and embraced her. At this time, a lost cat and fox took the initiative to find them. Lao Maoban saw the red rope vaguely tied to the cat and fox's legs... That night, Shen Zhou told Wu Yan the second story, which was his dream. In the dream, Shen Zhou was a lost backpacker who accidentally came to a wooden house deep in the forest and was taken in by a mysterious girl. On the second day, the backpacker promised to take the girl out of the forest, when a red rope was tied to their feet. Before getting on the bus, the girl took the only ticket and told him that she was an elf trapped in the forest, and she could only leave this place if she met someone who could steal her fate, while the backpacker had to stay here instead of herself.

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