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Mirror: a Tale of Twin Cities (镜·双城) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Mirror: a Tale of Twin Cities (镜·双城) is directed by You Dazhi, starring Li Yifeng and Chen Yuqi, and starring Zheng Yecheng, Yang Zhiwen, Liu Haikuan, Ye Shengjia, Liu Chang, etc.

Mirror: a Tale of Twin Cities (镜·双城) adapted from Cang Yue's novel of the same name, the series tells the story of Na Sheng, an enthusiastic and cheerful girl from Zhongzhou, who traveled long distances to find her dream home, Yunhuang, in order to escape the troubled times.

Mirror: a Tale of Twin Cities (镜·双城) is a 2022 Chinese Drama martial arts, fantasy, costume drama, produced by Drama Cool Communication and Penguin Films. The filming started on May 15 in Hengdian Film and Television City and was completed on October 8th. 

First broadcast on Tencent Video and Youku on January 16, 2022. In Taiwan is simultaneously broadcast by myVideo, LiTV online film and television, KKTV, LINE TV

Detail of Mirror: a Tale of Twin Cities (镜·双城)

Chinese Title: 镜·双城 (Mirror Twin Cities)

English Title: Mirror: a Tale of Twin Cities

Genre: Ancient, Fantasy, Romance 

Production Company: Huace Keton Drama Cool Communication, Penguin Film 

Filming Location: Hengdian 

Premiere Time: January 16, 2022 

Director: You Dazhi 

Starring: Li Yifeng , Chen Yuqi, Zheng Yecheng, 

Number of Episodes: 47 Episodes, 

Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes

Online Broadcast Platform: Tencent Video, Youku Video 

Production time: 2020

Mirror: a tale of twin cities synopsis
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Plot Story of Mirror: a Tale of Twin Cities (镜·双城)

Legend has it that the right hand of God created the world of Yunhuang. For thousands of years, the alternation of the God of Destruction and the God of Creation, and the ups and downs of several countries in Yunhuang, tell the story of a river and lake where children and children are long-term. After many years, everything has become a legend, and Yunhuang has become a dream home. 

In order to escape the troubled times, Na Sheng, a passionate and cheerful Miao girl, travels long distances to find her dream home, Yunhuang. Here she is rescued by Soma, but Yunhuang is not a fairyland of Taoyuan. Along with her every step of going deep into the deserted clouds, a series of bizarre and thrilling stories were staged, and legends with distinct personalities competed on the stage.

Haiguo, Cangliu, and Kongsang, the three countries have been entangled in hatred for thousands of years. With the rebirth of Haihuang and the establishment of the alliance of Konghai, the wheel of fortune between Liuhe began to turn quietly. The god of destruction comes out, the Moubai Pagoda falls, the seven seas go against the current, and the mountains and rivers are forever silent. 

They must return to the original place through hard work, roam freely under the blue sea and blue sky, and stay away from all wars and disputes. Witnessing the death of the gods, wild flowers will eventually bloom in the field, far away from the wind, farther than the distance; he and his loved ones will go to the ruins to start a new life.

5th Episode Summary of Mirror: a Tale of Twin Cities

Episode 1

In the mythology of Suigu, there is an immortal continent named Yunhuang, among which Kongsang, Quanxian, and Cangliu lived here. Kong Sang Langgan and Bai Wei gained the power of Liuhe to open up the world, and the secluded Yuquan in the deserted clouds and blue sea was the first merman who was good at rhythm and shed tears. One Cangliu lived far away in the mountains of Lingqiu. Seven thousand years ago, Langgan fought in all directions, and the Dragon God was imprisoned in Biluohai. Seven thousand years later, the first merman of Youquan went into hiding after setting off turmoil in the cloudless desert to save his people, and now he has returned. Su Gu, a native of Quanxianmer, followed everyone on the road to Yunhuang. During the journey, he encountered some hungry people who fainted from hunger. Na Sheng took out his own food to feed the hungry people, but many people of Quanxianmer advised her not to do that. Because their own food is not enough to eat, otherwise they will not go to Yunhuang and starve to death. When she was resting, Na Sheng went to divination for Su G. It was her very effective technique. She hoped that divination could tell them what happened to Su G's past life and Jiang Yao in the future, but Na Sheng couldn't see those things, only Su G could. Look. As a result, Su G actually saw himself on the ground writing that everything begins after the end, and the only way to fight against nothingness is to create and protect. 

However, before Su G finished reading, a gust of wind blew the writing away. Su G asked Na Sheng to do a divination, and wanted to know what the last sentence was, but Na Sheng said that a person can only do divination within a year. Once, even if Su G wanted to kill her, there was no way to do divination. Bai Ying encountered some bullied mermaids on the street and they were taken to Xinghan Yunting, but the servants of the Qingwang Mansion said they were going to take them back to the Qingwang Mansion, so Bai Ying had to follow them secretly to see if they were being kidnapped. Take it there. Just as those people left Su Mo, they spilled some nectar from upstairs on the servants of Qingwang's mansion. Soon bees appeared to entangle those people, and Su Mo took the opportunity to slip into the carriage of the escort to join them. OK, Bai Ying didn't understand why the man in front of him would throw himself into the trap. After that, they also went to Xinghan Yunting together. After Su G sneaked in with those people, she sneaked into Mrs. Ruyi's room and refused to leave. Ruyi told Su Mo to leave quickly. She still has a lot of work to do, but Su G claimed that Ruyi must be for the Sea Soul Pearl. Ruyi was surprised. Just here, there are few people to call Ruyi, so she has to leave now. While Su Mo in the room heard someone talking outside, he did not expect that the county master Bai Ying also went to their house, just in time to participate in the pearl appreciation conference, and to choose a better mermaid for the county master to use. The lord of the county will not be a good person. Just when Su Mo was looking for the Sea Soul Orb in Boss Jin's study, Bai Ying saw it. 

After a brief understanding, the two of them knew each other. At this moment, there was the sound of chasing outside the door. Bai Ying thought that the guard who was guarding the mermaid had just been guarded. I was stunned, afraid that someone might find out, so I gave Su Gu the sea soul orb in my hand. Those were treasures made of mermaid's tears, and then the two walked out of the room together. Ruyi on the other side is also secretly arranging for his subordinates to let those mermen go after the meeting starts. They have nowhere to go when they are alive, and there is nowhere for their souls to go after death. Now is the time for reckoning, wait a minute They would also be forced to undergo metamorphosis when they came to the Metamorphosis Pond. No matter whether men or women were not their choice, as long as they could endure the greatest pain and obtain the Soul Orb of the Treasure Ocean under the sea, they would be able to open the enchantment at the bottom of Jinghu Lake, and it would be a success. Soon the Pearl Rewarding Conference started, but the servant went to report to Boss Jin that the sea soul bead was missing, which made Boss Jin very surprised and quickly called someone to look for it. At this moment, Su Gu told Ruyi that the sea soul bead was in his hands. Go on, leave everything to him, and after that, he jumped into the bottom of Jinghu Lake with the Sea Soul Orb. On the ground, Boss Jin and his subordinates were fighting with Ruyi and the others. Bai Ying was almost plotted by them. Fortunately, Su Mo came up and hugged Bai Ying. Ruyi was caught by Boss Jin. 

At this time, General Xijing arrived and told Boss Jin not to hurt Bai Ying, otherwise Bai Wang would not agree. Bai Ying asked Xijing to take Su G away too, but Boss Jin refused. Just as the subordinates pressed Su G, Ruyi went out and was rescued, but the cell where the merman was being held was on fire, Su G hurried in to save the people, but Bai Ying rushed back without worrying, and went in with Su G to destroy a lot of people. The sharks were rescued. But Bai Ying didn't leave. It happened that her uncle also went early in the morning. Boss Jin was trying to take Bai Ying down but was stopped by her uncle. Uncle Qing Wangchen felt that Bai Ying should not meddle in those nostalgic affairs. Although some people buy and sell mermen, it is not in line with the law, but it is also handled by the relevant personnel first, and Bai Ying should not take risks in the future. After returning home, Su G told Ruyi that her sea soul bead was given by Bai Ying, but because she was scattered while fleeing, she gave the sea soul bead to Bai Ying. Ruyi felt that it should be discussed in the future, and asked her subordinate Ting to go back to Xijing to listen and make arrangements. Xijing also took a villager Zhenlan back to Kongsang, claiming that he is the only heir to the king, and now Kongsang is in trouble and only he can save Kongsang. 

But Zhen Lan was very disgusted by Xijing saying that he was about to turn around and leave. Xijing had no choice but to tell the villagers the fact that his mother had died. If he wanted revenge, he had to go back and inherit the road. Zhen Lan had no choice but to follow Xijing to see the king. Unexpectedly, when the royal family saw him, they would feel that he was very crude and did not look like a prince. But Kongsang priest Da Siming said that the prince Zhenlan is the result of Kongsang and his uncle, and he can use the power of the king of Kongsang in the capital, and he will surely bless Kongsang in the future. However, King Qingchen said that Zhenlan was a villager in the mountains, which could not be proved to be the bloodline of the emperor, and that Zhenlan's biological mother was also a woman who did not know the etiquette and righteousness. To prove whether Zhenlan belonged to the royal bloodline, it would depend on whether Huang Tian would recognize him or not. So, he asked Da Si to order the six kings to go to the Temple of Heaven. Ruyi felt that there was nothing unusual about Su Gu entering the Metamorphosis Pool, which meant that he was different from others, and that Su Mo was the young master of their merman. So Ruyi quickly knelt down and kowtowed to Su G, telling Su G that he was the blood of the village after the death of the pure emperor of the Sea Emperor 7,000 years ago. Zhu then gave birth to Su G and Anuo. And the mark behind them is the mark of the Dragon God. That's how Su Gu went down to the Huasheng Pond and it was all right. He was the master of the first spring, Biluo Haihuang. Su G felt that what Ruyi said was unacceptable to him, and it would be best to call him Ruyi as before.

Episode 2

Zhen Lan recognized Zhen Lan after testing Huang Tian's ring, which was a surprise to Da Si Ming, and the king was also very happy. He immediately conferred Zhen Lan as the prince, and Bai Ying, the daughter of the white king, as the prince concubine. objection. After Bai Wang returned home, he hurriedly went to see his son Bai Ying and told her about the matter. Bai Ying was very unacceptable. Her dream since childhood was to be a general like Xijing, and she did not want to be a prince concubine. Bai Ying thought about it first, and didn't go out before thinking about it. But in Bai Ying's heart, there was Su G's shadow, which made her feel very uncomfortable. At this time, the princess of Hongyuan also went and handed over an invitation card; Bai Ying, she was going to marry the blue king. At present, it is in the best interest for Kong Sang to unite the six of them. I hope Bai Ying Being able to accompany Hongyuan to see her sweetheart for the last time. Hongyuan asked his sweetheart, Zhixiu, to leave the Chiwangfu, and he would be free in the future. He asked Zhixiu to find someone he wanted to love and then forget about Hongyuan, but Zhixiu said that he could only love one person in his life, and left sadly after saying that. . Ruyi hopes that Su Gu can accept his fate, he cannot change his fate against the sky. 

Afterwards, she went to Bai Wang Mansion to look for the Sea Soul Pearl, but at this time Bai Ying was called by her father Bai Wang to blame her for not being self-willed and marrying Zhen Lan. After the father and daughter quarreled, Bai Ying went back to the room, and the younger sister also wanted to accompany Bai Ying to sleep. Just when the younger sister went to get the quilt, Bai Ying took off her clothes and went to sleep. Unexpectedly, Su Mo used an invisibility cloak to hide. The shoes were exposed in the room, and Bai Ying found out that it was Su Gu. After learning that Su Mo was going to get the sea soul bead, he gave the bead to him. Unexpectedly, Su Mo was caught by Bai Ying's uncle Qing Wangchen as soon as he left. Threatened Su G to hand over the Sea Soul Orb, otherwise Ruyi and the others would be killed. Bai Ying wanted to find out what kind of person her mother was from her father, so Bai Wang told Bai Ying that her mother was a very responsible concubine and hoped that Bai Ying could also be a responsible woman like her concubine. I also figured out that I want to be a good princess like my mother. Soon the day before the wedding will come, and Bai Ying will go to Zhenlan Palace ahead of time to wait for the auspicious day. Bai Wang went to see his daughter for the last time. After the meeting, Bai Wang gave Bai Ying a big gift, which was unacceptable to Bai Ying, but Bai Ying told Bai Ying that they would be monarchs and ministers in the future. 

Although they were father and daughter before, but later Is the monarch. The chief minister told Bai Ying that she would spend the three months in the mirror tower and that she should not have contact with any outsiders. If Bai Ying did anything unclean during that time, the seal would be automatically unlocked. And those servants who stayed in the Baiying Mirror Tower were Su Gu, which was also deliberately arranged by Qing Wangchen, who wanted to destroy the good things of Baiying and Zhenlan. Just when Su Mo was worried that he couldn't be placed in the main hall and couldn't get close to Bai Ying, Ayu and Yao'er broke the same musical instrument and happened to be bumped into by Su Mo. Although they knew that Su Gu was proficient in rhythm, Su Mo was at this time. Qing Wangchen's eyes have been destroyed and he can't see clearly, so Ayu can only go to report to the county master before he dares to decide whether to ask Sumo to repair the musical instrument. After Bai Ying's permission, Su G repaired the musical instrument Konghou. After Su G repaired it, she played Jing Huyue's tune. Bai Ying liked it very much, but she didn't go into the room, and she didn't know who was playing the music. Su G. Da Si Ming wanted to teach Zhen Lan some books about Kong Sang, but Zhen Lan was not interested in those books, and even drove Da Si Ming away under the pretext. Su Gu arranged for Ayu to wait for Konghou to be repaired and then arrange that person to go to the main hall. But every day, Da Siming had to teach Bai Ying to study, and also persuaded Bai Ying to know how to abide by her duty and not to do whatever she likes. Just after Bai Ying Xia Ke happened to meet Su G, she was surprised to see that his eyes had gone blind, and she didn't know why Su G appeared on the mirror tower.

Episode 3

Ayu took Su G to play Jing Huyue for Bai Ying, but Su G refused, so she played Jing Huyue alone in the room, but she didn't expect to hear the mother concubine again many years later. frequently played tunes. However, Su G felt that it was a bit strange for Su G to be selected as a servant in the Mirror Tower, so he asked Yao'er, but they didn't know who was selected. Bai Ying's younger sister Lin'er went to see her uncle Qing Wangchen to ask if she could meet her sister. Unexpectedly, her uncle readily agreed, and she also helped Lin'er prepare a gift for her sister. Bai Ying asked Da Siming for help, hoping to dismiss Su Gu, but she was rejected, and she didn't even agree to her request to help treat her eyes. Zhen Lan wanted to be free and went to Xijing to visit. It happened that Xijing was going to fight, but Qing Wangchen did not allocate food and grass, so Zhenlan promised Xijing to help. As expected, Lin'er was arranged to go into the Mirror Tower to see her sister, which surprised her sister, and she was able to enter without the permission of the chief minister. At this moment, Su G passed by, and Lin'er also felt a little surprised that there was a merman in the mirror tower. But it is very aggrieved for Bai Ying and Hongyuan to marry someone they don't like. It would be really pitiful if the royal family couldn't control their marriage. He also smuggled wine for his sister and wanted to have a drunken break with her, but he was discovered by Yao'er, and he left the mirror tower with Lin'er, afraid that he would not be able to explain when the chief minister returned. 

Hongyuan got married according to the agreement, but Bai Ying felt a little restless in her heart. She felt that what her sister Lin'er said was reasonable, but as a royal family, she could not marry independently. When she was on her sleeve, Ayu mentioned that Su G almost fell out of the fence because of her eye disease and felt distressed, so Bai Ying wrote a letter to the hospital hoping to help her with the treatment of her eye disease. Bai Ying pretended to be a maid to give Su G medicine to treat her eye disease, but Su Ge knew that Bai Ying was definitely not a maid, so after the medicine, she asked Bai Ying to take him out to enjoy the moon together. Su Mo took out a leaf from his bosom and there were holes on it. As long as he passed through the holes, he could see the sea. Although Su Mo had never seen the sea, he often heard the old man talking about the sea and had expectations in his heart. Although Su Mo wanted to use Bai Ying to rescue Ruyi and his party, but there was a trace of pity in his heart, and he felt that Bai Ying was also a kind woman. Zhen Lan wanted to help Xijing ask Qing Wangchen for food and grass in front of the king, but he was speechless by Qing Wangchen. The king felt that the quarrel between them was not very good, so he arranged for Qing Wangchen to finish the memorial of Xijing. 

After Bai Ying's treatment, Su G's eye disease quickly recovered. After passing through the garden, she saw that Bai Ying was drinking alcohol alone, and soon fell asleep drunk. Su G wanted to help, but she didn't expect Bai Ying to wake up, but she was still drunk, so she got up and hugged Su G, hoping that he could take her away from the mirror tower. Bai Ying is now alone. Su G still helped Bai Ying back to the room and put her on the bed, but Bai Ying, who was drunk and faint, felt that she had seen Su G somewhere before. The next day, Bai Ying woke up and didn't know who sent her back, and Ayu didn't know who sent her back. Xijing led a sneak attack on Shi Peng's army at night, and then went to see the king but was stopped by the guards. After he left, Qing Wangchen asked the guards to guard the mirror tower, and felt that he couldn't let Xijing take a half step.

Episode 4

Bai Ying felt a little strange that Su Mo asked to go to the side hall to work. Many people rushed to the main hall but he rushed to the side hall. Tossing and turning at night, it was difficult to fall asleep, feeling that Su G went to the side hall as if she was deliberately avoiding Bai Ying. Suddenly heard the sound of Xun and hurried out to go out. Unexpectedly, it was Su Mi who was outside, so Bai Ying asked Su Mo to go to the library to read books together, and wanted to know more about Su Mi. Su G told Bai Ying that when there was a problem with his eyes, a maid named Arlene accompanied him, and told himself a lot of things on his mind. Bai Ying felt that she still had a great position in Su G's heart. Just then Zhen Lan entered, Su G hurriedly covered Bai Ying and the others with an invisibility cloak, and Zhen Lan noticed someone but couldn't see them. Later, Su G was afraid that Bai Ying would be discovered by Zhen Lan, so she gave the invisibility cloak to Bai Ying to make a noise and lead Zhen Lan to run away. It was only when Zhen Lan caught up with Su G that they found out that they knew each other, the one who rescued the heroine in Xinghan Yunting. But Su G only knew that Zhen Lan was actually the prince. Zhen Lan wanted to learn something about the princess from Su G, because she couldn't meet the princess before the wedding, but she also wanted to know what kind of person she was. 

Su G called Zhen Lan or resigned to fate, since she had already made a choice, she should obey the arrangement. After returning, Su G told Bai Ying that he was chosen to be a servant because of his own involuntariness. Bai Ying felt that Su G's eye disease had recovered and it was time to go back, but Su G thought that she still owed Bai Ying a favor. Su G recalled A Yu's words in the room alone. Qing Wangchen had asked them to assassinate Bai Ying before, but Su G had not started. If Su Gu didn't attack all the mermaids, they would all die. Zhen Lan felt that seeing Su G in Xinghan Yunting felt that he was not simple, and now it was even more strange when he appeared in the Mirror Tower. At this moment, Da Siming died, so Zhen Lan asked him to explain why there were so many mermen in Kongsang. Da Siming told Zhenlan that King Kongsang fought against Quanxian seven thousand years ago, killed their Sea Emperor, and sealed Quanxian's Dragon God. After that, they would not be Kongsang's opponents without the protection of the Dragon God. They all took refuge in Kongsang. The reason why there are many mermen are all done by Qing Wangchen, just to make fun of mermen, which makes Zhen Lan very angry, but now the king is sick and can't interfere too much, so Qing Wangchen will go. At this time, his subordinates secretly reported news from Xijing, saying that King Lan had died in battle and Yecheng was in critical condition. Zhenlan was very angry and wanted to go to Xijing, but was stopped by Da Siming, he would try to get Zhenlan to see Xijing. 

After the arrangement of Da Siming, Zhenlan met Xijing. He wanted to ask for support, but he needed the king. So Zhen Lan went to discuss with the king. He had already captured the boss Jin of Xinghan Yunting, and he could convict Qing Wangchen. If they were taken down, he would be able to resist foreign enemies. Wang Shang felt that Zhen Lan was indeed his son, and he could completely hand over the country to him. He only hoped that Zhen Lan could call him Doctor Father Wang. Although it was difficult for Zhen Lan to speak, he finally called him. This is called Wang Shang very much. Glad. Xijing took the army to destroy Cangliu and invaded the army. Soon Shi Peng led the army to attack Yecheng. Just when Xijing was about to defend Yecheng, Shi Peng took Xijing's wife Yunmo as a threat. As long as he surrendered, he would be released. Over the clouds. Unexpectedly, his wife Yunmo told Xijing not to take her into account, and vowed to defend Yecheng to the death. With tears in his eyes, Xijing shot an arrow at his wife's chest. Su G learned that A Yu had attacked Bai Ying and ran to help detox. Su G sucked all the toxins out of Bai Ying's body with her mouth and fainted beside Bai Ying's bed. When Bai Ying woke up, she saw that Su G had been with him. Looking at herself, Su Gu told Bai Ying that she had been poisoned by the ghost spider, which made Bai Ying worried about Su Mo, because it would be dangerous for him to guide the venom with his mouth, but Su Mo lied that he had a way to detoxify. 

After returning home, Bai Ying arranged for Yao'er to deliver medicine to Su Mo, but Yao'er thought that Su Mo was framing Bai Ying and warned him not to be the master of Shanghai. Su G left the Mirror Tower behind the cherry blossoms for Bai Ying. Seeing that Yan Xi learned that Ruyi and other clansmen were locked in the cell, but they didn't know the exact location, the elders wanted to make a blood pact with Qing Wangchen to force him to release the clan. So Su Gu went to Qing Wangchen to conclude a blood contract, as long as it was concluded, it would take effect. Su G asked Qing Wangchen to keep his promise not to kill the sharks and Bai Ying, otherwise Su G would trigger the blood contract. When Bai Ying woke up, she found that the cherry blossoms had already opened, but Da Si Ming said that Bai Ying was attacked by spiders because A Yu and Su Gu should have done it, otherwise both of them are gone now and cannot be explained, but Bai Ying insisted that she and Su had G has nothing to do. After Ruyi was taken out by Su G, she thought that she would go back to Jinghu Camp with him, but Su G still had some unfinished business, and she could not go back until everything was properly arranged. As a result, Su Mi went to the Flower God Festival at the night market and made a wish against the sky, hoping to take Bai Ying to Biluohai to see the scenery, and Bai Ying also went to the Flower God Festival with Yaoer, and they met at the joint.

Episode 5

Su G hurriedly pulled Bai Ying aside to hide, for fear that Bai Ying would be found sneaking out. But Su G told Bai Ying not to be the crown princess, but to be Arlene, which made Bai Ying a little overwhelmed. At this moment, some guards passing by were so frightened that they hurriedly covered them with invisibility cloaks. Afterwards, Su G sent Bai Ying back to the mirror tower. Before leaving, she also gave Bai Ying the old leaves as a gift. Now, Su G hopes Bai Ying can be happy. However, the seal on Bai Ying's head has been broken, and Da Si Ming also knew about this and asked the guards to capture Bai Ying back. Qing Wangchen also captured Su Ge back. Although they had a blood contract before, they would definitely let Bai Ying go, but Su Ge's blood contract has been invalidated. Unexpectedly, Qing Wangchen's blood contract was released by others. No matter how Su G casts spells, it won't help, which is what Su G did not expect. Bai Ying was also at a loss when she went back. She had never done any deviant behavior at all, but she didn't know why the seal would be released. Da Siming had no choice but to report the facts to the king. Qing Wangchen was still in front of the king to add fuel to the jealousy. It was right that King Bai had such a child. 

As expected, he had his mother and his daughter, and asked someone to take Bai Ying down. At this moment, Zhen Lan went in to stop Qing Wangchen's behavior, and that was also the first time Zhen Lan saw Bai Ying, she was indeed a beauty, he didn't want to let Qing Wangchen succeed, but the seal had been broken by Sumo. , and also eloped with Su G, which surprised everyone. However, Su G did not admit it, Zhen Lan also believed that they were innocent, and Qing Wangchen had to wait for their wedding day to find out. Bai Ying wanted to know why she broke the seal. Da Siming thought that only physical contact could break the seal. Now it seems that Bai Ying will break the seal as long as she truly loves someone else. To get the power of the thick soil is still unknown. Shi Peng got news from Qing Wangchen that Bai Ying's seal had been broken, and told him to attack the city immediately. Bai Ying felt guilty and decided to jump off the building to escape. Zhen Lan was also very angry and exiled Su Gu to make him feel guilty for the pain of Bai Ying's death. But Zhen Lan has to go out in person and live and die together with Kong Sang. Su G took the purse left by Bai Ying before and was alone in the vast snowy land. The female fairy felt that although the current Kong Sang was replaced by Cang Liu, they still had seeds, the one who returned from wandering around the world. 

After a hundred years, Su G and everyone want to go back to Kongsang. Lu met Na Sheng to tell fortunes. God arranged for Su G to know how to create and protect if he wanted to compete with emptiness, but the last sentence was blown away by the wind. Su G was unable to See. Just when everyone was on their way, there was an avalanche, and everyone was buried under the heavy snow. Su G took Na Shengfei to the top of the mountain and escaped. Su Gu told Na Sheng not to follow him, he could reach Taoyuan County if he had his own life, but he had to go down the mountain before dark. Bai Ying jumped off the mirror tower and did not fall to her death, but was rescued by Zhen Lan's thick earth ring. When Bai Ying arrived at the battlefield, he found that only Zhen Lan was left to fight alone, but his imperial power had also been sealed by the mysterious man in Cangliu before going anywhere. After that, the six kings opened the colorless city of Kongsang, and they could no longer walk under the sun. Bai Ying has been looking for Zhenlan's sealed Huangtian ring and emperor's divine power during the hundred years of Zhenlan's seepage. . Da Siming was in a hurry to report the change in Bai Ying's celestial phenomenon. There should be someone who changed Kong Sang's fate, but he had to find that person before Cang Liu.

Cast of Mirror: a Tale of Twin Cities (镜·双城)

Li Yifeng as Su Mi

The puppet master of the merman is also the reincarnation of the sea emperor and the new sea emperor. When he was sold as a slave as a child, he stabbed himself blind in the eyes. He was expelled from the Yunhuang Continent for destroying the seal of the Crown Princess Bai Ying, and after regaining his freedom, he traveled to Central Province and became a super powerful person.

Chen Yuqi as Bai Ying

Princess Kongsang, descendant of the Sword Saint Zunyuan. Crown Princess Kongsang, descendant of Sword Saint Zunyuan. A hundred years ago, he jumped from the Jialan White Pagoda because he liked Soma but was betrayed. Fortunately, the three goddesses of Yunhuang saved him. Later, he slept for ten years with the word "annihilation" under the sword saint's door. After waking up, he took Zhenlan's head and replaced him. As the white king, his father killed himself with the other five kings, opened the colorless city, and became a ghost.

Zheng Yecheng as Zhen Lan

Prince Kong Sang. It was torn apart by the ice clan's car, the limbs and body were sealed, and then a hand was accidentally unsealed by Na Sheng.

Yang Zhiwen as Na Sheng

A hmong girl. The Miao girl, with a lively nature, is the only one with a completely pure eye. Kindness, Heavenly Holder. After the war, she became the first foreign queen of Haiguo, and later became the wife of Yan Xi.

Liu Haikuan as Yun Huan

Major General. The unofficial disciple of the female sword saint Muyan, has an inexplicable affection for her master.

Ye Shengjia as Yan Xi

Zuoquan envoy of the Meren Restoration Army. Zuo Quan, the messenger of the mercenary restoration army, became the new emperor of the sea after the merman returned to Biluohai. While performing a mission in Taoyuan County, he was in critical condition by the poison that was quenched by the "Ten Witches" refined by Yunhuan from Feng Falcon, but was rescued by Na Sheng, a Miao girl from Zhongzhou.

Liu Chang as Xijing

Swordsman Zunyuan descendant; Bai Ying's brother; Kongsang General.

Tan Kai as Qing Wangchen

Wang Yuanke as Ruyi

Tang Mengjia as Bai Lin

Zhao Yaoke as Hongluan

Fan Shuaiqi as Ning Liang

Lu Yanqi as Ting

Shen Qi as Fei Lian

Wang Juechen as Hanzhou

Yue Yueli as Da Si Ming

Jiang Kai as Shi Peng

Han Chengyu as Zhixiu

Liu Meihan as Lizhu

Mou Xing as Panshan

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