Maybe It's Love (大约是爱Ⅱ) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Maybe It's Love (大约是爱Ⅱ) is a youth pure love idol drama produced by Penguin Film and Television and Shanghai Julang Film and Television, starring Yan Xi, Xu Xiaonuo, Cai Yijia, Yang Xinying, Hu Wenzhe, and Li Xinbo.

Maybe It's Love (大约是爱Ⅱ) is the Chinese Drama produced by Penguin Film and Television, Shanghai Julang Film. Maybe It's Love also known as About Is Love 2. The series totaling 24 episodes, is ready to air starting on Sunday, March 6, 2022. This sequel Drama "About is Love" can be watched online via the live streaming video platform WeTV.

Maybe It's Love (大约是爱Ⅱ) aka About is Love 2 continues the love story between Wei Qing and Zhou Shi, played by Liam Yan Xi and Senior Xu Xiao Nuo. The drama series script was written by Zhou Miao, who was also involved in the previous season.

Some of the artists who returned to appear in this drama sequel include Cai Yi Jia, Yang Xin Ying, Hu Wen Zhe, and Li Xin Bo. But About is Love 2 was directed by Guo Hui Zhong after the previous season was directed by Xu Pei Shan.

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Plot Story of Maybe It's Love (大约是爱Ⅱ)

In the first season, the CEO suffering from OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder), Wei Qing (Liam Yan Xi) managed to find her true love, Zhou Shi (Xu Xiao Nuo). However, it turns out that the long distance love relationship between Wei Qing and Zhou Shi did not go smoothly. The couple even decided to separate due to a lack of mutual trust.

Two years later, Zhou Shi who has grown up is again involved in Wei Qing's world. Although no longer like the girl he used to know, Wei Qing still struggles with all her might to win back her ex-lover's heart. Togetherness allows them to be able to fix the miscommunication that had occurred in the past. Wei Qing and Zhou Shi also reaffirmed their feelings for each other so that their relationship grew stronger.

Over time, Zhou Shi's two best friends have also grown into adults and each has found his true love. Lin Fei Fei and artist Ning Fei have a sweet relationship, while geniuses Bi Qiu Jing and Ling Ming Cheng decide to start a new family.

Cast of Maybe It's Love (大约是爱Ⅱ)

Yan Xi as Wei Qing

The president of Yunma Group, and Zhou, a graduate of the art department, are a couple who are experiencing an exotic relationship, but they broke up due to a crisis of trust in each other.

Xu Xiaonuo as Zhou Shi

Cai Yijia as Ning Fei

Yang Xinying as Lin Feifei

Hu Wenzhe as Li Mingcheng

Li Xinbo as Bi Qiujing

Wang Shiqing as Xue Zi

Xu Fangzhou as Xue Jue

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