Lucky With You (三生有幸遇上你) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Lucky With You (三生有幸遇上你) is a modern urban romance drama directed by Liu Xuesong, starring Huang Jingyu and Wang Likun, Jiang Long, Cheng Cong, Wang Ce, Qian Jie, Shao Wen, Qi Jie, Zhang Keying, Lin Jinfeng, Zhang Tao, etc. The series will be broadcast on Dragon TV on December 23, 2021, and will be broadcast simultaneously on Youku Video and iQiyi.

Lucky With You (三生有幸遇上你) is a Chinese Drama tells the story of Wu Shiyi, the security guard of the security company, who was entrusted by Marquis' father to protect Marquis's safety. The story of the two people in their daily relationship from happy friends to mutual understanding and mutual affection.

Lucky With You (三生有幸遇上你) is an urban love story about inspiration and growth is full of laughs and moves the audience. Both the male and female lead actors broke the routine and made people surprised. The series is contrasting and funny shell of the drama brings a fresh viewing experience to the audience, but the warm core under the shell attracts more attention. The chemical reaction produced by Marquis and Wu Shiyi skillfully combined the stumbling love with the ups and downs of real life, presenting a spiritual enlightenment to the audience in a humorous comedy way.

Detail of Lucky With You (三生有幸遇上你)

Chinese Title: 三生有幸遇上你 (Sansheng is lucky to meet you)

Genre: Urban, Emotional

Production Company: Dongyang LeTV Huaer Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd.

Starring: Huang Jingyu, Wang Likun, and Wang Ce 

Number of Episodes: 40 Episodes 

Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes

Online Broadcast Platform: Youku Video, iQiyi 

Produced in: 2019 

Premiere on: Dragon TV

Lucky With You synopsis cast
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Plot Story of Lucky With You (三生有幸遇上你)

Marquis's apartment is illegally invaded and receives inexplicable death threats. Hou Zhirong was worried about his son's safety and decided to hire a security guard for Marquis. Wu Shiyi, a female security guard of the security company, accidentally saved Hou Zhirong's life while performing the task of delivering documents. Marquis has always been uninhibited. For this female security guard who gets in the way, Marquis very much refuses, trying to make things difficult and teasing. 

Wu Tianyi soldiers come to fight back, and the relationship between the two began to gradually ease during the contact. His father has more and more control over the work and emotions of Marquis, and Marquis finally doesn't want to bear it any longer. He breaks with his father and leaves the house and becomes a poor boy. The huge gap makes him depressed. He came out of the haze. Marquis and Wu Shi finally came together. After experiencing the test of life and death, the two cherished each other's fate even more. Meeting the right person in the vast sea of ​​people is really a blessing for three lives.

5th Episode Summary of Lucky With You (三生有幸遇上你)

Episode 1

Wu Shiyi, a female security guard of Shenying Security Company, only got the seventh place in the quarterly assessment and was in a low mood. At this time, the angel rescue team Marquis had just completed the rescue mission. Because of his busy work, Tianyi and his boyfriend have been unable to get married for a long time, and Tianyi's father is an alcoholic who owes a whole lot of debt. After his divorce from his mother, every drunken mess can only end with Tianyi. Wu Shiyi, who had poor grades, finally got a mission, but only sent a document to Zhirong Construction Company. It happened that the former employee pretended to be Shansong and hijacked Hou Zhirong, the chairman of the company. Wu Shiyi rescued Hou Zhirong in time but delayed the time to send the documents, so he was complained by the client that he could not deliver the task for a month. 

But she left a deep impression on Marquis, the successor of the Hou family enterprise. The depressed Tianyi received a wrong text message from his boyfriend Dapeng. He was having a private meeting with another girl, Xuemei, in the hotel room. At the same time, Marquis and his girlfriend Huang Yue met near the same hotel, but were told that his girlfriend was going to marry someone else. Wu Shiyi tracked down to the hotel, and Dapeng climbed the drainpipe in a hurry to escape, but he jumped down and happened to hit Marquis's car. Tianyi taught Zhu Dapeng a lesson and found Marquis who had followed him all the way.

Episode 2

Tianyi taught Zhu Dapeng a lesson and left the phone number to Marquis, telling him that he would compensate for the loss. Marquis went to his friend Hai Xing's restaurant and asked him to find out who Huang Yue was marrying. The angry Tianyi installed a security door in front of Dapeng's house and locked Dapeng and Xuemei inside. After meeting with Marquis, they agreed to pay the salary. Marquis and Haixing's car was maliciously caused by the gangster Liu Tiehao, and Tianyi came to help. Liu Tiehao and Marquis had a one-on-one appointment at the dock. After Hou Zhirong learned about it, he arranged for Vice President Ma Yong to settle Liu Tiehao with 100,000 yuan, and at the same time sent someone to protect Marquis. Unexpectedly, Ma Yong kept 50,000 yuan by himself, and the security guard also started with Tianyi who followed Marquis to the pier. Marquis was very annoyed when he found out. 

At this time, the nanny Zhang from the family suddenly called, and Marquis hurried home. The cunning Liu Tiehao guessed that Marquis was worth a lot. Marquis returned home to find the words "Death" written on the window. In order to protect Marquis, Hou Zhirong went to Condor Security to hire Wu Shiyi as his security guard. Marquis went to work in Zhirong Construction, and unexpectedly found that Wu Shiyi had become his assistant. He was angry and anxious to find Hou Zhirong's theory.

Episode 3

Marquis tried his father's theory to no avail, so he tossed Tianyi in a variety of ways, but all Tianyi smiled at each other. Tianyi followed marquis home and installed surveillance cameras at home after checking around. Marquis was furious, but there was nothing he could do. Wu Shiyi's mother, Zhang Yingnan, is a flight attendant training teacher in civil aviation. She suddenly found out that she had been blocked on WeChat by her prospective son-in-law, Dapeng. Sister Zhang told Marquis Tianyi the pain of losing his mother when he was young, and Tianyi had a better understanding of Marquis. In the evening, Tianyi told his parents about breaking up with Dapeng. Unexpectedly, his parents quarreled again, and Marquis was about to sneak out, so Tianyi quickly followed. 

At the racetrack, Tianyi's superb driving skills stunned Marquis and his fellow riders. On the way back, Marquis was notified by the rescue team and rushed to the old farm to participate in the rescue. Tianyi, for the safety of Marquis, prevented him from entering the building that was about to collapse, and the two quarreled again. Xing Yu helped Marquis to get Huang Yue's wedding invitation. Marquis and Xing Yu arrive at the wedding, and Tianyi observes their surroundings carefully behind them. Hai Xing got the emcee to let Marquis come on stage as the guest of honor, and the scene was embarrassed for a time.

Episode 4

Marquis made a scene at Huang Yue's wedding, and Wu Shiyi pulled him away quickly. The wicked Dapeng complained first, and told Uncle Li, the introducer, that he had cheated on Tianyi. Qian Qian came to Zhirong Construction for a return visit, and mistakenly thought that the sea star who came to deliver the meal was a Marquis, and Sea Star fell in love with Qian Qian at first sight. Marquis's computer was hacked, and Marquis's email was forwarded to the whole company, expressing strong dissatisfaction with the company. At a subsequent meeting, Marquis' working papers were replaced with pictures of beauties in swimsuits. Hou Zhirong was furious, and Wu Shiyi called up surveillance video to prove that Marquis really worked all night to prepare the bidding plan. 

The relationship between father and son had just eased, and the two had a fierce dispute over the Marquis' participation in the rescue. Ma Yong told Hou Zhirong that the hacker's target was the Marquis, and the bidding documents he made could not be kept, and he had to participate in the bidding. marquis suddenly made coffee for Wu Shiyi, hoping that she could hide some of her actions from Hou Zhirong, but Wu Shiyi refused. Due to the lack of a strong bidding plan, Hou Zhirong and Ma Yong planned to poach rival designer Bao Xiaohan.

Episode 5

Designer Bao Xiaohan couldn't stand the lobbying of Hou Zhirong and Ma Yong, and decided to join Zhirong Construction with his own plan. Zhang Yingnan suddenly came to Zhirong Construction and sent his mother away. With Bao Xiaohan's design, Zhirong Construction won the bid. The night before the celebration banquet, Marquis instructed Tianyi to dress nicely, but Bao Xiaohan was not informed of the time to attend the celebration banquet, and Marquis and his son had a dispute over this. Hou Zhirong introduced Marquis to his business partner, but praised his partner's son. 

On Tianyi, he called Marquis to save the situation. Ma Yong and a female colleague in the finance department seemed to have a secret relationship, and it was exactly what they did that Marquis's computer was hacked. The Internet celebrity Fang Lu was brought to the banquet by her manager Mary, which attracted Marquis's attention. Marquis met Bao Xiaohan in the restaurant the next day. He wanted to invite him to take charge of the project, but was disappointed by his cowardice. Haixing fell in love with Qianqian uncontrollably, and asked Qianqian for dinner at Shenying Security. Qianqian readily agreed, but the purpose was to design a Hongmen banquet to make Haixing retreat.

Cast of Lucky With You (三生有幸遇上你)

Huang Jingyu (Jhonny Huang) as Marquis

A male employer. A tall, rich and handsome architectural designer who just graduated from the United States and returned to China. On the surface, Marquis is cynical outside and makes troubles everywhere, and at home, he fights with his father Hou Zhirong everywhere, but under his "camouflage" there is a love that is keen on field rescue.

Wang Likun as Wu Shiyi

A female bodyguard. He was admitted to the Sports Academy at the age of 19, won the National Free Fighting Championship at the age of 22, and was promoted from ordinary bodyguard to A-level bodyguard in one year.

Wang Ce as Hou Zhirong

Cheng Zhen as Qian Qian

Jiang Long as Xing Yu

Qian Jie as Zhang Yingnan

Lin Jinfeng as Wu Tianyi

Shao Wen as Ma Yong

Liu Pizhong as Li Chu

Zhang Tao as Lan Qi

Zhang Ge as Dapeng

Wang Zitong as Xuemei

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