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Little Mood for Love (小敏家) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Little Mood for Love (小敏家) is Chinese Drama directed by Wang Jun, starring Zhou Xun, Huang Lei, Tang Yixin, Tu Songyan, Liu Lili, starring Zhou Yiran, Xiang Hanzhi, Wu Bi, Fan Shiqi, Qin Hailu, Han Tongsheng, Feng Lei especially starred in the family ethics drama.

Little Mood for Love (小敏家) is based on Yibei's novel of the same name. It tells the story of Wang Sumin raising his two daughters Liu Xiaomin and Liu Xiaojie alone, but unexpectedly the daughters divorced one after another. The series will be broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV on December 11, 2021, and will be broadcast simultaneously on Youku Video.

Little Mood for Love (小敏家)  has made a successful demonstration on the theme of middle age. It let ordinary people see the full of fireworks. I also saw an ideal middle-aged state through the behavior of the people in the play. In the final analysis, it confirms the sentence once again: Art originates from life and is higher than life.

Detail of Little Mood for Love (小敏家)

Chinese Title: 小敏家 (Xiaomin's Family)

English Title: Little Mood for Love

Genre: Family, Ethical 

Production Company: Ningmeng Film and Television, Fenghuoshi, Youku 

Filming location: Beijing 

Premiere Time: December 11, 2021 

Director: Wang Jun 

Screenwriter: Huang Lei, Guo Sihan

Starring: Zhou Xun, Huang Lei, Tang Yixin, Tu Songyan, Liu Lili, Qin Hailu

Number of Episodes: 45 Episodes 

Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes

Online broadcast platform: Youku video 

Shooting date: March 8, 2021 to July 8, 2021

The first broadcast platform: Hunan Satellite TV

mood for love synopsis
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Plot Story of Little Mood for Love (小敏家)

Liu Xiaomin divorced her ex-husband a long time ago and came to Beijing to work hard from a small place. She met Chen Zhuo, who was also divorced. On the first anniversary of their relationship, mother Wang Sumin and son Jin Jiajun suddenly came to Beijing. Liu Xiaomin and Chen Zhuo had to talk about their relationship more carefully. 

However, her ex-husband came to Beijing to constantly entangle her, and more and more people discovered her relationship with Chen Zhuo, their children became too close, and her sister's marriage was a bit ups and downs. A series of troubles followed. However, Liu Xiaomin and Chen Zhuo used love and tolerance to solve various problems in their relationship and life, and finally achieved growth and real happiness.

5th Episode Summary of Little Mood for Love

Episode 1

For every woman, having a child is a battle with death. Midwife Liu Xiaomin has a deep understanding. Every time she helps a pregnant woman give birth to a child, it is a game of life and death. After finally helping a pregnant woman give birth to a child, Liu Xiaomin left the maternity room and went to the bathroom to wash her face and wash her hands, so that she could get out of her nervous state. After the three female subordinates washed their hands and faces, they began to talk freely about the right and wrong of pregnant women. Everyone once saw an elderly man come to the hospital to visit a pregnant woman, and found that this man was the husband of the pregnant woman. The two were very different in age. The three female subordinates were very excited to discuss this matter. Liu Xiaomin listened carefully, and severely criticized the three female subordinates. The duty of a midwife is to help pregnant women deliver babies and do their own thing well, and don't discuss irrelevant things. 

Daughter Chen Jiajia's birthday arrives, and Chen Zhuo drives Chen Jiajia to his ex-wife Li Ping's residence to celebrate her birthday. The father and daughter made jokes along the way. Chen Jiajia thought that her birthday was a small matter, and it was important for her mother Li Ping to take the opportunity to celebrate her birthday every year to make a high profile appearance. Chen Zhuo thought that his ex-wife Li Ping was a big man, and Chen Jiajia took the opportunity to bring up the divorce of her parents. She thought that if her parents didn't divorce, her father should have risen up early, because there is a prosperous couple. Chen Zhuo drove to Li Ping's residence, Li Ping's husband Hong Wei came out to greet him, and Li Ping picked up his daughter. Hong Wei chats with Chen Zhuo, who is about to drive away, about his current situation. Hong Wei acquired two educational institutions not long ago, and he was very busy. Chen Zhuo did not envy Hong Wei, but praised Hong Wei as a person who did great things. He was a small person and could not be compared with Hong Wei. Chen Jiajia's birthday was officially held. Hong Wei addressed the guests present and presented the necklace he had bought in advance. Chen Jiajia's eyes were sharp and found that the necklace and the one her father Chen Zhuo bought were the same. 

Li Ping took the necklace and put it on Chen Jiajia's neck. She felt that Hong Wei also bought the same necklace that Chen Zhuo bought because Hong Wei's fatherly love for Chen Jiajia was on par with Chen Zhuo's. Chen Jiajia thought the birthday event was too noisy, so she went to rest in her mother's room, and unexpectedly found that the pregnancy test stick used by her mother had a child. Li Ping went back to her room and saw that Chen Jiajia knew the truth, so she stopped hiding it and admitted that she was pregnant with a child. Chen Zhuo drove his girlfriend Liu Xiaomin to get off work. After Liu Xiaomin got in the car, Chen Zhuo mentioned that his daughter Chen Jiajia was celebrating her twentieth birthday that day. Liu Xiaomin was so tired that he fell asleep shortly after getting in the car. Soon after he woke up, Chen Zhuo had already driven his car to the station. Through the windshield, Liu Xiaomin saw her mother and son Jin Jiajun standing in the dark at a glance. 

With the help of Chen Zhuo, Liu Xiaomin took her mother and son to their home. Chen Jiajia returned home and complained to her father Chen Zhuo, mentioning that her mother Li Ping was pregnant. However, Chen Zhuo disagreed. Li Ping was no longer his wife. It was reasonable to reorganize the family with others and conceive a child. It was late at night, and Chen Zhuo had no intention of sleeping, so he called Liu Xiaomin to the street, took out the love anniversary gift prepared in advance, put food and drink, enjoyed the world of two with Liu Xiaomin, and celebrated the first anniversary of their love.

Episode 2

Chen Jiajia was reluctant to study abroad, so Li Ping came to the door, and asked Chen Jiajia and Chen Zhuo to catch a plane together as soon as they entered the house. Chen Jiajia couldn't stand her mother always arranging her life. She went into the room and closed the door, leaving her father Chen Zhuo to deal with her mother. In the morning, Liu Xiaomin got up early, and her mother found the condom in the room. The mother guessed that Liu Xiaomin had a boyfriend. Liu Xiaomin knew it well, but she refused to admit it. Liu Xiaojie went to her sister Liu Xiaomin's house and met her nephew Jin Jiajun outside the building. The two chatted a few times and went upstairs together. After seeing her mother this time, Liu Xiaojie concealed her recent divorce. She didn't reveal to her sister Liu Xiaomin that she was divorced until she went out and got into the car. Jin Jiajun was admitted to Tsinghua University with two points short of it. Although he was unsuccessful, he could go to other first-class universities if he wanted to. However, he only looked for Tsinghua University and decided to repeat his studies. Liu Xiaomin chose a school for his son Jin Jiajun to repeat his studies. 

The local school was full and there were no more repeat classes. Liu Xiaomin's mother loved her nephew so much that she called Li Ping. Li Ping happened to send her daughter Chen Jiajia to the "Nengcheng" educational institution to study. She is Liu Xiaomin's classmate and naturally knows Liu Xiaomin's mother. When she learned that Liu Xiaomin wanted to send her son to a local school in Beijing, she agreed to help. Chen Zhuo sat next to him and listened to the phone. Although he heard Liu Xiaomin's name, he pretended that he didn't know anything. After Li Ping finished the phone call, he mentioned to Chen Zhuo that Liu Xiaomin's mother, whom he had not seen for many years, had called. Chen Zhuo pretended that nothing had happened, and reminded Li Ping to help. Li Ping met several members of Liu Xiaomin's family at the "Nengcheng" school. Chen Jiajia was also studying in Nengcheng and became friends with Jin Jiajun. She likes to skateboard and leads Jin Jiajun to practice skateboarding outside the house. Jin Jiajun stepped on the skateboard, grabbed Chen Jiajia's wrist, and carefully tried to skateboard. With Chen Jiajia's assistance, Jin Jiajun could slowly and independently skateboard. The son's re-reading was resolved, and the whole family returned home. 

Liu Xiaojie and his mother were cooking, and the two chatted about the grievances between Liu Xiaomin and Li Ping. When Liu Xiaomin got divorced, Li Ping made many stumbles. Now she is willing to help Liu Xiaomin's son enter the best school to repeat his studies. Liu Xiaomin's mother thinks she is atonement. After listening to her mother's seemingly reasonable inference, Liu Xiaojie couldn't help laughing and crying, and her mother would help Li Ping find the stairs. Liu Xiaomin actually disapproved of his son Jin Jiajun studying at the "Nengcheng" school. She and Li Ping were enemies back then, and they are also enemies now. Liu Xiaomin guessed that her son Jin Jiajun was blocking her air, and deliberately went to the "Nengcheng" school to repeat her studies, so that she often saw her friend Li Ping. Jin Jiajun did not deny his mother Liu Xiaomin's suspicion, and emotionally declared that he was indeed taking revenge on his mother and deliberately let her see Li Ping. Chen Jiajia discussed with her father Chen Zhuo in the evening and went to the brand store to spend. The mother, Li Ping, was pregnant with a child, and Chen Jiajia decided to spend her mother's money wildly, otherwise the little guy would have to rob her and spend it in a few years. Accompanied by his father, Chen Jiajia entered the brand store and spent wildly.

Episode 3

Chen Jiajia wants to return the necklace given by her stepfather Hong Wei. On her birthday, Chen Jiajia has already received the same necklace from her biological father, Chen Zhuo, so there is no need to ask for an identical necklace. She returned the necklace and proposed to share half of the money with her biological father, Chen Zhuo. Chen Zhuo felt that it was not suitable. He did not want his daughter Chen Jiajia to do speculative things, but it had already happened. . Liu Xiaomin's mother and daughter ate around the table, Liu Xiaojie didn't hide her mother anymore, and confessed that he was divorced. Liu Xiaomin didn't hide her mother anymore. She confessed that she had a boyfriend, and the boyfriend was Li Ping's ex-husband whose surname was Chen Mingzhuo. Both of them confessed to their mother, but fortunately, the mother was broad-minded, unlike the usual mothers who would always make noises with unknown directors, and the two of them got their mother's understanding. Mother cooked the glutinous rice balls and brought them to the table. 

The two sisters, Liu Xiaomin, were like children, each holding the glutinous rice balls cooked by their mother and tasting them. Liu Xiaojie found that the dumplings in his bowl were different from those in his sister's bowl, and he believed that his mother was partial. It was not until his mother took out the self-brewed wine to appease her that she turned her anger into joy. Liu Xiaojie went to the court to find his male friend Qian Feng to play. She played well, but Qian Feng felt that her playing attitude was too ugly. When the two of them were making jokes, a young guy came over, claimed his surname Xu Mingzheng, and proposed that the two sides form an iron triangle to sweep away the players present. The three hit it off, Liu Xiaojie sat outside the court after playing the ball, picked up a bottle of ice water and poured it into his mouth. Xu Zheng came over and handed Liu Xiaojie a bottle of warm water. Do not drink cold water after intense exercise, you should drink warm water. Although Xu Zheng looks very young, he is quite knowledgeable about physical health. Liu Xiaojie drank warm water and remembered the reason for her divorce from her ex-husband Tong Bing. 

Tong Bing is a mother and a boy. He usually obeys his mother's instructions in everything, without considering Liu Xiaojie's feelings at all. The two often quarreled after their marriage, and Tong Bing often stayed away from home, fooling around with a group of friends and friends, which attracted Liu Xiaojie's dissatisfaction. Since marrying into the Tong family, Liu Xiaojie was often encouraged by her mother-in-law. She was unwilling to be a tool for the Tong family to inherit the family, and finally chose to divorce. Originally, it would be fine after the divorce, but Tong Bing asked Liu Xiaojie for a diamond ring as a gift for marriage. The diamond ring he gave to Liu Xiaojie belonged to his ancestors and was very precious. His mother specially told him to get it back from Liu Xiaojie. Tong Bing listens to his mother in everything, and even has the cheek to get his diamond ring back after divorce. Liu Xiaojie felt that he was too useless to marry an unreasonable man. 

After recalling the emotional past, Liu Xiaojie was angry and angry, and couldn't help shedding tears. Qian Feng saw that Liu Xiaojie was not happy, Liu Xiaojie wiped his tears with a tissue, and proposed to find a place to drink with Qian Feng. Qian Feng agreed to have a late-night snack and called Xu Zheng together. After Liu Xiaojie arrived at the snack bar, she kept clinking glasses and drinking with Qian Feng. After a few glasses of wine, she began to talk more, lamenting that she was being treated badly, and that she married a mamabao boy. The more Liu Xiaojie spoke, the more saddened it became, and Qian Feng looked on with a serious look.

Episode 4

Liu Xiaojie drank too much and poured bitter water to Qian Feng, lamenting that his marriage was a failure. A young woman rushed over and sat beside Qian Feng. Qian Feng quickly introduced the young woman to Liu Xiaojie. It turned out that the young woman was his girlfriend. There are men at the next table smoking, smoking in public places, and many people are disgusted. Liu Xiaojie couldn't bear the second-hand smoke getting into his nose, so he called the boss, but the boss couldn't do anything, because the man at the next table was the biggest customer, so he couldn't offend him. The boss suggested that Liu Xiaojie go downstairs to continue eating and drinking, but Liu Xiaojie disagreed. Negotiate with the man at the next table in person. The man at the next table didn't care about continuing to smoke, and let Liu Xiaojie pick up the phone and call the police. Seeing that things were going to get worse, Xu Zheng quickly persuaded Liu Xiaojie to put down his cell phone. He had his own plan. Under Liu Xiaojie's gaze, Xu Zheng walked up to the man at the next table and lied that there was a pregnant woman next door and that he could not smoke second-hand smoke. The man at the next table believed it to be true, and quickly put out the cigarette butt. 

Xu Zhengzhi made big things small and small things into small ones, which attracted Qian Feng's admiration. Liu Xiaojie drank a lot that night and was unable to drive. Xu Zheng didn't drink much alcohol, so he helped drive Liu Xiaojie home. Just as Liu Xiaojie returned to the door of his house, he was shocked to find that the door of his house was opened by his ex-mother-in-law. The ex-mother-in-law took the video with her mobile phone, and while recording, she said that the ex-daughter-in-law had just gotten divorced and brought the man home. This time, the ex-mother-in-law came to take away some valuable things. Tong Bing, his ex-husband, rummaged around in the room and found the banknotes that Liu Xiaojie had kept privately. Also removed personal belongings that belonged to them. The family was messed up by the brazen mother and son, and they were finally sent away. Liu Xiaojie found that Xu Zheng had not left and was standing at the door. Xu Zheng handed over the car keys to Liu Xiaojie, and with an embarrassed face, he proposed to go to Liu Xiaojie's house to go to the toilet. Qian Feng accompanied Chen Zhuo to meet Liu Xiaomin's mother and daughter, and the four met for dinner in a restaurant. 

Liu Xiaomin's mother was reasonable and did not urge Chen Zhuo to marry Liu Xiaomin. Both of them are quite old and have children. If they get married, it will have an impact on each other's families. Chen Zhuo drove Liu Xiaomin to work in the hospital. He decided to drive the car to the hospital openly and let the doctors in the hospital know that Liu Xiaomin has a boyfriend. However, Liu Xiaomin seemed to remember something, and was about to get off the car before she got to the hospital. Chen Zhuo thought he had said something wrong, but Liu Xiaomin didn't want to explain too much, got out of the car with a serious look, and remembered a past event on the way. The ex-husband Jin Bo suddenly came to the hospital. After seeing Jin Bo, Liu Xiaomin kept calm and did not let colleagues know what was going on. Jin Bo quarreled with his son Jin Jiajun in his hometown, and this time he came to Beijing to seek reconciliation with his son. 

Liu Xiaomin led Jin Bo to the school where his son was studying. Jin Bo took advantage of Liu Xiaomin to buy water and entered the school hall to find his son Jin Jiajun. The school was taking exams, and the security guard ordered Jin Bo to evict guests. Jin Bo was a respectable figure in his hometown, and he quarreled with the security guard in a fit of rage. There was a conflict between the two sides. Jin Jiajun, accompanied by Chen Jiajia, pulled down the rack and was punched by the security guard. Chen Zhuo drove to pick up his daughter Chen Jiajia. After getting out of the car, he hurriedly stopped the security guard and beat her again. He reminded the female student Chen Jiajia, who was beaten by the security guard, that she was the daughter of Li Ping, the president of the school. Li Ping rushed over, recognized Jin Bo, and dispersed the crowd. Hong Wei found a teacher for Chen Jiajia. Since the teacher did not have time, Li Ping decided to bring Chen Jiajia to see the teacher.

Episode 5

Li Ping found a teacher for her daughter Chen Jiajia, but Chen Jiajia was reluctant to see the teacher. Li Ping deliberately asked the assistant to open the rear door and show the valuable figures that were placed in the car in advance. Chen Jiajia was attracted by the precious figure. In order to get the precious figure, she forgot her personal dignity and happily got into the car with her mother Li Ping. Chen Zhuo saw it in his eyes with a helpless expression, and scolded Li Ping for using material temptation to her daughter. After Chen Jiajia got into the car, she was very curious and asked her mother Li Ping's relationship with Liu Xiaomin. Li Ping admitted that she and Liu Xiaomin were young. However, Chen Jiajia felt that the two elders didn't match up, and they didn't seem to be the same people. Li Ping agrees with her daughter Chen Jiajia's point of view. Although she and Liu Xiaomin grew up together, they have different interests and disagreements, and they are not the same people. 

After Jin Bo arrived at Liu Xiaomin's house, he entered the room and talked with his son Jin Jiajun. He felt that his son Jin Jiajun came to Beijing to seek refuge with his mother. Jin Bo did not deceive his son, and admitted that he owed money in his hometown and was going to sell the house left by the old man. but, Jin Bo did not sell the house, but did a little trick to get rid of the creditor and came to Beijing to find a way out. As for the debt repayment, he said that he would have a way to deal with it, and he hoped that his son Jin Jiajun would devote all his energy to studying. Wang Sumin had already prepared the meal, and she didn't like to see Jin Bo, the ex-son-in-law. However, her daughter Liu Xiaomin was merciful and took the initiative to keep Jin Bo to stay for dinner. Jin Bo couldn't ask for it, so he washed his hands with a few polite words, and sat down to eat. After eating, Jin Bo helped Wang Sumin clean up the dishes. He admitted that he had lost all his investment and now he can only come to Beijing to find a way out. Just as fellow villager Li Ping was getting along well in Beijing, Jin Bo decided to ask Li Ping for an errand. In those days, Li Ping's father was Jin Bo's father's subordinate. Jin Bo's family opened a factory back then, and the scenery was infinite. 

Although Jin's family is no longer the same as it used to be, Jin Bo thinks that Li Ping will place him on the basis of his old relationship. Although Liu Xiaomin was merciful and kept Jin Bo for dinner, she did not take Jin Bo to live at home. Instead, she took Jin Bo's ID card and went out to a hotel closer to home to open a room, and called her son Jin Jun to bring his father Jin Bo to the hotel. . After Jin Bo checked into the hotel, he asked his son Jin Jiajun if his pocket money was enough. He believed that his ex-wife Liu Xiaomin was a doctor and had a high monthly salary. He told his son Jin Jiajun to ask for pocket money as much as he could. Jin Jiajun was worried about his father Jin Bo's future work. Jin Bo told Jin Jiajun to help write a resume when he was free, so that he could find a job with his resume. Jin Jiajun was still not at ease. Jin Bo asked Jin Jiajun to study hard and not worry about him. Although Wang Sumin didn't like seeing Jin Bo very much, when she thought that Jin Bo came to Beijing from his hometown, he was helpless and could only stay in a hotel when he came to Beijing, and Wang Sumin couldn't bear it. Although Liu Xiaomin stayed with Jin Bo for dinner before, she did not sympathize with Jin Bo's experience. She thought that her mother was too kind, and she had to sympathize with Jin Bo, who was self-inflicted.

Cast of Little Mood for Love (小敏家)

Zhou Xun as Liu Xiaomin

She is Jin Bo's ex-wife, the chief nurse of a maternity hospital in Beijing, comes from Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province. Her son originally lived in Jiujiang with his ex-husband, and he came to Beijing to repeat his college entrance examination. At that time, the divorce between Liu Xiaomin and her ex-husband was not peaceful. Her ex-husband drank heavily, and Liu Xiaomin bore the unwarranted infamy of "Little Third". After her ex-husband took custody of her son, she decided to come to Beijing.

Huang Lei as Chen Zhuo

Liu Xiaomin's boyfriend, Li Ping's ex-husband, Chen Jiajia's father. A humorous and warm man with romantic ideas. After years of divorce, he came together with Liu Xiaomin. Concerned about his daughter's feelings, the two decided to remarry after getting along for a while.

Liu Lili as Wang Sumin

The mother of Liu Xiaomin and Liu Xiaojie, a single mother, raised her two daughters alone. She not only wants to make money to support the family, but also cultivate Xiaomin and Xiaojie into talents. Wang Sumin is definitely not an ordinary woman. Unexpectedly, the daughters divorced one after another in their thirties, and came to Beijing with their grandson to take care of the family's life.

Tu Songyan as Jin Bo

Xiaomin's ex-husband, middle-aged and frustrated. Optimistic personality, there are many ways to solve their own embarrassment, self-familiar. Although he has been divorced for many years, Jin Bo, who is in debt, came to Beijing from his hometown to "take refuge" with Xiaomin, and "morally kidnapped" his son to make money. After drinking, he often does some stupid things.

Tang Yixin as Liu Xiaojie

Liu Xiaomin's sister. Capable and atmospheric, with the temperament of petty bourgeoisie women in the new era, Liu Xiaojie has his own career and is a focal point wherever he goes. However, the sparkling and lovable girl did not go so smoothly in her love journey. First she had a sincere and decisive flash marriage, and after recognizing Ma Baonan, she stopped the loss in time and divorced happily. She not only dared to enjoy the joy of love, but also had the courage to give up love.

Qin Hailu as Li Ping

Chen Zhuo's ex-wife, can become the boss of education, is resolute, strong and domineering, and Liu Xiaomin is very small. I hope that my daughter Chen Jiajia can achieve something and spoil her very much. Remarried and married Hong Wei, a rich man. The couple did a great job in the education business. Jin Jiajun attended the cram school they opened.

Zhou Yiran as Jin Jiajun

Xiang Hanzhi as Chen Jiajia

Wu Bi as Qian Feng

Fan Shiqi as Xu Zheng

Han Tongsheng as Chen Tianfu

Feng Lei as Hong Wei

Qu Zheming as Tong Bing

Liu Fang as Tong Bing's mother

Bao Dazhi as Xu Zhengpa

Yu Hui as Xu Zhengma

Liu Jiayi as Lin Leier

Zhong Lili as Wang Yidi

Zhang Yanyan as Ms. Ma

Hou Changrong as Teacher Su

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