Lighter And Princess (打火机与公主裙) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Lighter And Princess (打火机与公主裙) is a youth urban emotional drama directed by Liu Junjie, starring Chen Feiyu and Zhang Jingyi, starring Zhao Zhiwei, Zeng Keni, Cui Yuxin, Qian Didi, and Jiang Zixin in particular.

Lighter And Princess (打火机与公主裙) is Chinese Drama adapted from the work of the same name by Jinjiang author Twentine. It tells the story of the growing love between the unbridled programming genius Li Wei and the brave and tenacious girl tyrant Zhu Yun, who have gone through many twists and turns from the green campus to the workplace and still move forward hand in hand.

"If there is a revolving lantern before death, she will probably be the last person I see in my life. " 

From the bright gold in the youthful campus era to the indissoluble blackness in the slaughtering workplace, Li Wei is like a weed in a barren land, still stubbornly growing despite the great setbacks. If Zhu Yun's previous life has always maintained the surface smooth, calm and peaceful, then the appearance of Li Wei has broken all of this. He was the first and only adventure of her life.

In the eyes of outsiders, Li Wei is arrogant and contemptuous, but only Zhu Yun understands the private place in his heart. She always stood with him, forging ahead together, suffering together, falling into the quagmire together, or expanding the territory.

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Detail of Lighter And Princess

Chinese Title: 打火机与公主裙 (Lighter And Princess Dress)

English Title: Lighter And Princess

Genre: Youth, city, emotion

Starring: Chen Feiyu, Zhang Jingyi, Zhao Zhiwei, Zeng Keni, Cui Yuxin

Number of Episodes: 36 Episodes

Length of Each Episode: 45 Minutes

Plot Story of Lighter And Princess

The arrival of "bad guy" Li Yi flipped Zhu Yun's world entirely upside down as soon as he attended college. Zhu Yun thought of him as a wealthy, illiterate, and inept son, but his true identity was that of a special admissions student accepted by the school and an unique programming genius. After a series of clashes, the two had gained some respect for one another. After senior Fang Zhijing repeatedly made life tough for Zhu Yun, Li Wei took steps to protect her and encouraged her to join the preparatory team he formed to help the school win a big programming competition. 

In the course of getting to know each other, love blossomed between them, and despite their family differences, they bravely came together. Fang Zhijing forced Li Yi's sister to have a vehicle accident when their connection was getting closer and the business plan was close to success, and Li Yi injured Fang Zhijing in grief and impulse and was condemned to prison.

In the face of Li Yi, who had fallen down into the bottom of the valley after being freed from prison, Zhu Yun never gave up, assisting Li Yi in reversing his fortunes, overcoming his business rivals Fang Zhijing and Gao Jianhong, and reclaiming the company that had once belonged to Li Yi. Finally, Li Yi was able to overcome the agony created by her family thanks to Zhu Yun's unwavering dedication, and she learnt to open her heart and embrace her own love.

Cast of Lighter And Princess

Chen Feiyu as Li Wei

Zhang Jingyi as Zhu Yun

Zhao Zhiwei as Gao Jianhong


Cui Yuxin

Keni Zeng as Ren Di

Jiang Zixin as

Gao Xuanming

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