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Hi Venus (我可能遇到了救星) is Chinese Drama directed by Wang Zheng, starring Zeng Shunxi and Liang Jie, and starring Zhou Zihan and Li Linfei. The series tells the romantic love story of mutual healing and mutual redemption between Lu Zhaoxi, the new dean, and Ye Shilan, the temporary assistant.

Hi Venus (我可能遇到了救星) just finished their shoot yesterday, 7th Jan'22. The drama stars Zeng Shunxi as Lu Zhaoxi and Liang Jie as Ye Shilan. This drama tells the romantic love story of mutual healing and mutual redemption between the new president Lu Zhaoxi (Zeng Shunxi) and temporary assistant Ye Shilan (Liang Jie). Seeing the behind-the-scenes video which was also released on the same day, I can't wait to see the drama airing! 

Hi Venus (我可能遇到了救星) tell the story of Ye Shilan, a pediatrician, who works at the Taoyuan Village clinic, gets into an argument with the new hospital director, Lu Zhaoxi, over a misunderstanding. Due to a coincidence, Shilan becomes Zhaoxi's temporary assistant. In their efforts to solve various problems at the hospital, the two fall in love, while they also understand each other's mission of a doctor to save the sick and heal the injured, and grow with each other.

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Detail of Hi Venus (我可能遇到了救星)

Chinese Title: 我可能遇到了救星 (I may have met the savior)

English title: Hi Venus 

Genre: Contemporary, Urban, Drama 

Production Company: Huace (Xiamen) Film and Television Co., Ltd. 

Director: Wang Zheng, Wang Xiongcheng 

Starring: Zeng Shunxi, Liang Jie, Zhou Zihan, Li Linfei 

Number of Episodes: 24 Episodes

Plot Story of Hi Venus (我可能遇到了救星)

Ye Shilan (Liang Jie), a paediatrician who supports Taoyuan Village Clinic, made a relationship with Lu Zhaoxi (Zeng Shunxi), the new director, due to a misunderstanding. By chance, Ye Shilan became Lu Zhaoxi's temporary assistant. 

The two fell in love while attempting to solve a variety of difficulties, including hospital operations and patient treatment. And, as a result of more in-depth engagement and running-in, they gradually matured, as well as a deeper understanding of doctors' mission to save lives and cure the wounded, and they grew together hand in hand.

Cast of Hi Venus (我可能遇到了救星)

Zeng Shunxi as Lu Zhaoxi

Remarks The new president of Anxing Hospital. He is 30 years old, the new president of Anxing Hospital. Self-confidence and calm, strong adaptability, courageous and resourceful, always able to solve difficulties with ease, and also bring strategy to life, a little black belly. Since he was a child, he have lived a rich and well-informed life. he have always been successful in my studies and career. Do you think that there are always more solutions than difficulties?

Liang Jie as Ye Shilan

Remarks Anxing Hospital Pediatrician. She is 28 years old, Pediatrician at Anxing Hospital. Strong and independent woman, with a strong sense of responsibility, do not like to say nice words, do not like smooth and powerful people, give people the feeling of being difficult to get along with, in fact, the heart is gentle and shining, full of sense of justice, strong hands-on ability, want to buy a small house, have a own home. After joining the job, she take the initiative to apply to support the work at the Biyu Clinic. By chance, she had to become the temporary assistant of Airborne Dean Lu Zhaoxi for the protection work.

Zhou Zihan

Li Linfei

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