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Delicious Romance (爱很美味) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Delicious Romance (爱很美味) is Chinese Drama directed by Chen Zhengdao and Xu Zhaoren, starring Li Chun, Zhang Hanyun, Wang Ju, and Liu Dongqin, Zhou Chengao, Ren Bin, Zhang Fan, Yang Boxiao and others.

Delicious Romance (爱很美味) tells the story of three girlfriends who work hard in the metropolis and grow up confidently after experiencing a series of changes in family, workplace, and life.The series will be broadcast exclusively on Tencent Video’s entire network on November 26, 2021.

The modern drama about the friendship of 3 women entitled "Delicious Romance (爱很美味)" directed by Chen Zhengdao and Xu Zhaoren, will be available in 12 episodes, the series, centered on women's lives, will air exclusively on Tencent Video and WeTV.

Three beautiful women in an urban setting with different personalities and characteristics have experienced a series of difficulties in starting a business, bullying at work, and setbacks in feelings, and they have a new understanding of life, career, and love. 

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Detail of Delicious Romance (爱很美味)

Chinese Title: 爱很美味 (Love is Delicious)

English Title: Delicious Romance

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Love

Production Company: Xiamen Amber Yuyou Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. 

Premiere time: November 26, 2021 

Director: Chen Zhengdao and Xu Zhaoren 

Screenwriter: Shen Yang, Yi Shuaijie 

Producer: Fang Fang 

Starring: Li Chun, Zhang Hanyun, Wang Ju, Liu Dongqin, Zhou Chengao, Ren Bin, 

Number of Episodes: 20 Episodes, 

Length of Each episode: 35 Minutes

Online play Platform: Tencent Video

Plot Story of Delicious Romance (爱很美味)

Three metropolitan beauties with diverse personalities and traits have gone through a series of challenges in starting a business, oppression at work, and relationship disappointments, and they now have a new perspective on life, job, and love. 

Liu Jing (Li Chun) is a perfectionist cuisine blogger who is skeptical of love; Fang Xin (Zhang Hanyun) is a divorced anchor who, despite his exceptional appearance, is bothered by love; and Xia Meng (Wang Ju) is owing to her outstanding skill. A powerful woman at work who makes her boyfriend feel tense. Each individual descriptor represents the status quo of contemporary men and women's closeness to varying degrees.

5th Episode Summary of Delicious Romance 

Episode 1 

Fang Xin has been an enviable person since she was a child. She not only looks good, but also has many suitors. Since she was a child, she has many choices, but because of this, she has developed a cautious character, which is always okay. Slowly wait for the one who suits her to appear. And Liu Jing grew up like a little transparent in the class, inconspicuous at all. Although Liu Jing's grades are good, it is not outstanding. She is not beautiful, but not ugly. She always does her own thing quietly, and her hobbies are different from ordinary people. She likes food and has studied recipes since childhood. , Whenever she encounters things that can make her perform, she always chooses to withdraw. But she doesn't really dislike others knowing her interests, but she likes the feeling of being forced to know her by hiding her merits and fame. 

Xia Meng is a typical top student. She loves to express herself since she was a child. Although she is really excellent and powerful, the classmates around her hate her more or less. After all, she is too influencing others, only her boyfriend Wang Jichong from university exception. Xia Meng felt that Wang Jichong was the kind of excellent person who could fully accept her, and felt very lucky. Fang Xin, with his excellent appearance, as long as he follows a normal life trajectory, he will naturally meet the right person. In fact, Liu Jing doesn't dislike making friends, but she has a lot of inner dramas herself, and she often finishes her own tricks while cooking. On this day, Liu Jinggang gave her boyfriend the food she made, but the other party was addicted to the game and did not pay attention to her in time. Liu Jing thought about a lot in a moment, and finally decided to go straight to the ending, to break up with her boyfriend without feeling. 

Fang Xin is the perfect ending in a fairy tale, and Xia Meng is about to be promoted to vice president. From then on, her income has been several times that of her boyfriend Wang Jichong. Xia Meng realized that Wang Jichong could accept her excellence, but there was a limit. Once they surpassed it, their relationship would never go back. On this day, the three of them had a video chat together, and Fang Xin mentioned the live broadcast of the goods. Liu Jing then remembered that someone had been giving her gifts during the live broadcast a few days ago. As soon as the voice fell, Liu Jing's mother called her out to help with cooking, and Liu Jing was urged to marry him in a fancy way. After the dinner table, the parents talked about marriage, and the family members had gone out with tens of thousands of money, hoping that Liu Jing could get it back after getting married, and even wanted to introduce someone to Liu Jing for a hot pot. Liu Jing was also speechless to her parents, so she rolled her eyes and agreed. 

Xia Meng always used the tone of leadership to order Wang Jichong in her life, which made Wang Jichong feel somewhat uncomfortable. Fang Xin’s allergic physique made her husband very worried. For this reason, she specially asked someone to cook a small stove for her to make a non-allergic diet. She also planned to learn by herself. Fang Xin was very moved, but her husband refused Fang Xin to study with him several times. , Revealing something weird. It was not until one day that someone came to ask Ma Zhenyu, who had been in contact with a confirmed new crown patient, to go to quarantine, and his extramarital affairs were exposed. Liu Jing cooks at home. Through an online community blind date, her mother asked Liu Jing to greet others, both inside and outside, promoting Liu Jing as a suitable marriage partner. Liu Jing was really driven crazy by her mother. She made it clear that she wanted to find someone she liked to marry, and asked her mother not to worry too much. Liu Jing received a phone call from the girl's father upstairs for help, and brought food to him, under the pretext that the girl was crying and staying upstairs to avoid her mother's forced marriage. 

Xia Meng and Wang Jichong are both working at home recently. Xia Meng has always been a workaholic, and Wang Jichong was playing games when he caught the air, which made Xia Meng very unbearable and asked Wang Jichong to take the job he had just dropped. After Wang Jichong wrote and handed in, Xia Meng found that he was unqualified, and criticized the report for poor writing in front of everyone in the group meeting. Although Wang Jichong sent a message to Xia Meng in private, Xia Meng did not see it, making Wang Jichong a big face in front of his colleagues. After Xia Meng knew about it, she quickly calmed down, saying that there would be no next time. However, Xia Meng still embarrassed Wang Jichong at the next meeting, and the video of the two quarrels was posted online. Wang Jichong was really furious this time, and Ren Xiameng was unmoved how to please him. When Liu Jing went upstairs to deliver food to Wenwen, he found that Jiang Shanmu was at home, and the two had a fight because of a misunderstanding. But Liu Jing and Jiang Shanmu felt very good about each other, and they kissed each other only when they first met.

Episode 2

Fang Xin has been quarantined at her home for half a month because of Ma Zhenyu's derailment. For the past half month, she has been washing her face with tears every day. When the three of them were in the video, Xia Meng found that Liu Jing looked very good today, which was very strange. When Fang Xin thought that he started the live broadcast to relieve Ma Zhenyu's burden, he did not expect that he would take advantage of this opportunity to mess around outside, making Fang Xin angry and wronged. Xia Meng persuaded Fang Xin not to forgive Ma Zhenyu. After all, Fang Xin did a good job in public relations and resigned because of Ma Zhenyu. Unexpectedly, Ma Zhenyu did such a thing. It is simply unforgivable. But Fang Xin still has feelings for Ma Zhenyu, and she often thinks of Ma Zhenyu's goodness, which makes it difficult for her to make a decision. At this moment, the person who came to do the nucleic acid test for Fang Xin and Ma Zhenyu came, so Fang Xin hurriedly went offline. 

After Fang Xin cooperated with the staff to do the nucleic acid sampling, no matter how Ma Zhenyu begged, he closed the door without hesitation. But when Fang Xin returned to the room, she was not happy, and with tears, she recalled every bit of her love with Ma Zhenyu all the time. Fang Xin thought of giving up a very important invitation to a Shanghai company for Ma Zhenyu, and giving up his career to marry Ma Zhenyu, but he did not expect to end up like this. Fang Xin remembered the sweet life with Ma Zhenyu before, a little softhearted. When opening the door to get the box lunch, Ma Zhenyu repeatedly shouted to her that she could not eat. There were many things in the box that would make Fang Xin allergic. After hearing Ma Zhenyu’s words, Fang Xin was moved, so she asked the older sister who used to cook for her to help her. However, Ma Zhenyu seemed very embarrassed and said that the older sister is inconvenient now. Fang Xin reacted. 

The eldest sister who always cooks her three kinds of dishes is Ma Zhenyu's little lover. She was so angry that she deleted the sweet photos of the two on her phone completely, and ate a box of lunch with anger. Wenwen got gastroenteritis because she ate the food Jiang Shanmu cooked for her. Liu Jing didn't know what was going on. She thought that Wenwen had eaten takeaways. She advised Jiang Shanmu to order less takeaways in the future. After Liu Jing came back, Liu Jing's mother asked if Liu Jing had taken a fancy to Jiang Shanmu and reminded her to pay attention to the reasons for the divorce, and don't fall into it foolishly. Liu Jing thinks that Jiang Shanmu is very good to Wenwen, he should be a responsible man, and his mother is not allowed to say anything. Wenwen wanted to eat tomato and egg noodles, so Jiang Shanmu made a bowl according to Wenwen's statement, but it was obviously a dark dish, and Wenwen frowned when she saw it. Liu Jing just came to deliver food to Wenwen, which is regarded as freeing Wenwen. Jiang Shanmu didn't believe that what he cooked was so unpalatable. 

After a bite, he couldn't swallow it, so he cheeked and asked Liu Jing to help make another one. Fang Xin's quarantine was about to be lifted. As soon as she got the pass from the medical staff, Ma Zhenyu entangled her to ask her forgiveness. In fact, Fang Xin has always given Ma Zhenyu many opportunities, but this time is really different. She cannot forgive Ma Zhenyu and file for divorce. Xia Meng and Wang Jichong were about to get married. When they were video chatting with their parents, they mentioned that they wanted to buy a wedding house to get married. Wang’s parents plan to spend money to buy a house. Xia Meng knew that Uncle Wang had just had an operation last year and had little money in his hands, so he planned to buy a house with Wang Jichong. But in fact, Uncle Wang also knew that Xia Meng’s salary was high and thought that this would make Xia Meng suffered a loss, so she refused. Xia Meng and Wang Jichong had their own opinions about buying a house.

Unexpectedly, the words of both parents hurt Wang Jichong's self-esteem. So the two young people would not let each other quarrel with each other. Both parents are the same. Seeing that the situation is not good, they each eagerly persuade their children, but there is a gap in their hearts. Fang Xin has made an appointment with Ma Zhenyu to get a divorce today. Originally, Fang Xin felt guilty because she was half an hour late, but Ma Zhenyu didn't expect Ma Zhenyu to hold back at all, but instead acted impatiently. Fang Xin keenly noticed something wrong from Ma Zhenyu's phone call, and found that after Ma Zhenyu wanted to divorce her today, he immediately married Xiaosan, and Fang Xin immediately went up to trouble him. Liu Jing quickly went through the quarantine of the three people's isolation, and concluded that Xiao San not only had Ma Zhenyu as a man, so that Ma Zhenyu was shocked to realize that he had been greened, and he didn't care about getting a license, and quarreled with Xiao San.

Episode 3

In a relay race in elementary school, Fang Xin originally ran ahead, but because he accidentally fell and fell and couldn’t get up, the boys ran to comfort him when they saw Fang Xin’s pitiful appearance, but the girls didn’t. Thinking so, only Xia Meng, who wanted to win, realized something was wrong when she ran to the front, turned around to help Fang Xin, and helped her to the finish line together. After seeing that something was wrong, Liu Jing quietly went to get the emergency medicine kit to rub the medicine for Fang Xin. Because Liu Jing was not married, the bank believed that her survival pressure was not so great, so she was laid off when she layoffs. When Liu Jing was re-interviewing for another job, she was rejected because of her age and experience, which made her regret choosing such a leisurely position at the time, which led to her lack of competitiveness. Fang Xin has been out of the workplace for five years, and now she has returned to the company. 

Xia Meng is the best job among the three. Liu Jing complained that Xia Meng was too enthusiastic about work, but she ignored her boyfriend Wang Jichong's truth. Fang Xin mentioned Jiang Shanmu, the father of Liu Jing's neighbor Wenwen. Xia Meng couldn't help joining the team that teased Liu Jing and asked how Liu Jing was doing with Jiang Shanmu now. Liu Jing begged Fang Xin and Xia Meng not to talk about her, and the three of them turned the topic to the industry contempt chain. Xia Meng opened her mouth because she didn't care much about the thoughts of the employees below, and Liu Jing quickly said that Xia Meng didn't care too much about Wang Jichong, which made the relationship like this. These words hurt Xia Meng's nerves, and she retaliatedly asked the waiter to have another plate of meat. In fact, in the morning, Xia Mengcai and Wang Jichong went to see the wedding room, but the wedding room was seen, but the marriage might not end. It turned out that when looking at the house in the morning, the intermediary first recommended the house according to the budget given by Wang Jichong. 

Although Xia Meng was not satisfied, he planned to close the deal. During the period, Wang Jichong answered a phone call and exposed that Xia Meng was under his leadership. The savvy intermediary saw the clues and immediately changed his words and said that there were other high-quality houses in his hands, but the prices were higher. When Xia Meng heard it, he immediately became energetic, and he took a fancy to a high-quality house, but Wang Jichong didn't have so much money, and his self-esteem rose, so he left Xia Meng and left by himself. Fang Xin felt that Wang Jichong's self-esteem was only a little stronger, and it was not a major problem, and advised Xia Meng to pay attention to proportions. Liu Jing also thinks so, using beef as an analogy. In order to get a better taste, he must be precise. After Fang Xin returned to the company to work, he found an opportunity to express his views on brand positioning in front of Mr. Wang, so Mr. Wang asked Deng Jia to arrange work for him, but Deng Jia and his colleagues did not welcome Fang Xin at all. Just send her a job on the phone. 

When Fang Xin was in a taxi, she received a call from the company asking her to accompany the customer. Fang Xin believed that her value was not here, and rejected the company's request. However, the driver who was driving saw that she was beautiful and thought she was an improper "PR", so he flirted with her, and he happened to ran into the person who gave Fang Xin the bread. Fang Xin saw that the driver didn’t know that the driver had made a mistake, and went to the wrong person, got off the car and accused him. He didn’t expect that the boy who was hit would not mind. He was also worried that Fang Xin’s residence would be exposed and he would be retaliated by the driver and lost money. thing. Wang Jichong performed well in this work. The project was strongly praised by President Hu, but his colleagues said in a strange way that Wang Jichong was helped by Xia Meng, which greatly hurt Wang Jichong's self-esteem. 

After the meeting, President Hu specifically found Xia Meng and Wang Jichong, told them the bad influence they had brought, and asked to transfer one person to another department. Wang Jichong said on the spot that he had broken up with Xia Meng, so that the company would not have to bother. Xia Meng also wanted to save Wang Jichong and bought a big bag of things to go home, but as soon as he opened the house, he found that Wang Jichong had packed the big and small bags and was ready to move away. Wang Jichong's plan this time was affirmed by President Hu. He didn't want to give up the project, and Wang Jichong also saw how hard Xia Meng worked to climb this position, so it is their best choice to break up at the moment. After Wang Jichong left, Xia Meng subconsciously asked Wang Jichong for a hair dryer after taking a shower, but she quickly realized that Wang Jichong had already left, and she sat sadly by the bed and wept.

Episode 4

Liu Jing was forced by her mother to go on a blind date. She didn't want to suffer this ordeal alone, so she did not hesitate to drag Shangfang Xin and Xia Meng to accompany her. At the beginning of this blind date show, in order to let men and women get acquainted with it as soon as possible, it was first interactive game. Liu Jing was really impatient to interact with strangers as soon as she met, so she deliberately released the water, but her mother was very persistent, not only let her come to the blind date, but also sent her eyeliner to stare at her. Seeing that Liu Jing was not active enough, Aunt Liang immediately showed up for guidance. After finally getting through the interactive session, the three good friends chose to sit and eat together. Aunt Liang did not hesitate to invite Xia Meng who was sitting in the middle to another place. 

Seeing that Liu Jing’s blind date was interested in Fang Xin, she took Fang again. Xin, please go. But today, Liu Jing is obviously not in the state and can't talk with the blind date at all. After the three sisters finished eating, they learned that there was a blind date and competition activities, and they wanted to slip away, but they didn't expect to be pulled back by Aunt Liang. Fang Xin received the most flowers from men in this election, but Xia Meng and Liu Jing didn't have any. Since Fang Xin met Zhang Ting who had given her bread before on the blind date, and knew that he was also on a blind date, seeing Zhang Ting giving flowers to other girls, she felt a little disappointed and couldn't help but carefully see the girl's appearance. When Xia Meng took a group photo, she showed a very leadership temperament, and the photographer asked her to put her hands down before she took the photo to complete today's blind date. 

Liu Jingmei participating in a blind date will make you more self-doubt. After all, it is a shame not to take a flower. As soon as Xia Meng went out, she went to the gym, and it was Guo Bin, the fitness trainer who handled her foot injury in the park, who received her. Fang Xin was holding a large bunch of flowers to find a lawyer to find out about the divorce situation. He thought the flowers were getting in the way, so he directly gave the flowers to his sister at the front desk. Fang Xin came to the lawyer’s room as directed by his sister at the front desk. As soon as he walked in, he took the initiative to explain his situation to the other party, and expressed that he wanted to get his part back. To deal with divorced clients. Xia Meng is a relatively strong but healthy woman. Coach Guo Bin is most annoyed by the kind of people who spend a lot of money on private lessons but don’t practice well. He appreciates Xia Meng’s power very much, and tells Xia Meng not to hide her strength. 

Strengthen the intensity of exercise. Xia Meng didn't want to expose that she was a strong woman, so she lied about a few of her jobs, and then said that she was now unemployed. Unexpectedly, Guo Bin did not look down on her at all, and encouraged her to get better. The staff in the gym was introducing classes to Xia Meng. Guo Bin hurriedly removed the person when he saw this, reminding Xia Meng that she is now unemployed and can't spend money randomly. He can take her in his free time. Xia dreamed of the lie she had just told, and immediately agreed with the other party's proposal. Guo Bin looked at Xia Meng's smile and quickly stated that he had no other intentions, just that he could help Xia Meng when he had time. When Fang Xin was working in the company today, he met Zhao Qi, a former colleague. Zhao Qi is now Party A, and he asked Fang Xin to be responsible for his project. Deng Jia, who had been in charge of this project, was very unconvinced. 

Liu Jing hit the wall again when she was looking for a job. It happened that Wenwen missed her cooking, so she went upstairs to cook for Wenwen. It happened that many women came to look for Jiang Shanmu to have an audition, only to realize that she had misunderstood Jiang Shanmu last time. Jiang Shanmu didn't know what was going on, he only knew that Liu Jing's cooking was delicious, and Wenwen and Wenwen called sister Liu Jing facelessly, anxiously wanting to eat Liu Jing's food. When Fang Xin was having dinner with Zhao Qi, Zhao Qi confessed to her that he hoped Fang Xin would give her a chance, so that Fang Xin ran away immediately and bought the order first. Fang Xin hid in the toilet to deal with allergic skin because she ate something that shouldn’t be eaten. She heard Deng Jia arranging the lace news between her and Zhao Qi behind her, so she just showed up and told Deng Jia and the others to close it. mouth. President Hu decided to let Fang Xin be the person in charge. In fact, Deng Jia and the others did the work. He also asked Fang Xin to accompany him to meet a client, and asked Fang Xin to remind Zhao Qi to pay the remaining amount at an appropriate time. Call the last payment.

Episode 5

When Xia Meng encountered happy things when she was a child, she liked to reward herself with sweets. When she was unhappy, she comforted herself with sweets. Until one day Xia Meng found that sweets were like anesthetics, just an illusion, so she threw the scale down from the window. Since then, I hardly touch sweets anymore. What Fang Xin likes most is the meaning given to desserts. Unfortunately, her parents still told her to divorce on her birthday, so Fang Xin smashed her birthday cake to vent her emotions. Liu Jing's mother knew that she wanted to eat Xue Mei Niang, so she bought it for her. In fact, Liu Jing doesn't like sweets very much. She likes the fashionable look and can't help but want to taste it. But after Liu Jing sliced ​​and tasted Xue Meiniang, she found that the contents were not what she liked at all, and her mother was so angry that she would never buy her again. 

Xia Meng found that the drama pushed in today’s group is really unbearable to look at. Not only is the logic problematic, the heroine is also very weak and wasteful. In this way, there are also the bosses who are attracted to her and think this drama is not good at all, but The subordinates thought that the current mainstream drama was sweet drama and wanted to fight for it. The colleague sitting next to her couldn't help reminding her that Xia Menggang broke up with Wang Jichong and told her that it was not suitable to push sweet drama. The two of them were not far away. Xia Meng felt very tired when she heard her words completely, but she was misunderstood because of a professional analysis. After work, the three good friends went to eat dessert together. At the beginning, Xia Meng was still restrained as always. Later, remembering that Guo Bin had praised her for her body fat percentage, she immediately energeticly grabbed Fang Xin and their sweets. Xia Meng's mouthful of food made Fang Xin couldn't help but complain that if she went to a nightclub, the handsome guy would still read her body fat report. 

Only the appearance of beauty was really attractive. After a few people laughed, they turned to Liu Jing and asked her to provide some recent bad news for everyone to entertain. When talking about bad things, Liu Jing instantly thought of Wenwen father and daughter, remembering that she had mistaken Jiang Shanmu as a hooligan at Wenwen's house, and the two had a fight. Later, they met each other and then misunderstood their embarrassment. But Liu Jing's facial expressions were maintained very well, and he calmly stated that he had nothing to be entertained recently. After Liu Jing returned home, she entertained her mother's friends whom she hadn't seen for a long time before she knew that her mother, for the sake of face, referred to Song Chao as Liu Jing's boyfriend, which made Liu Jing feel unhappy. But this is not excessive. The most excessive thing is that my mother arranged five or six good boyfriends for Liu Jing, saying that her daughter is very popular, and she is single only because of various circumstances. 

Now with Song Chao, this The marriage should be possible. Liu Jing was really helpless to her mother. In order to take care of her mother's face, she had to agree to invite Song Chao to dinner and take a few photos by the way so that her mother could save some face in front of her friends. When the three good sisters got together again, Fang Xin learned that Song Chao, a rich second generation, had always liked Liu Jing, and asked why Song Chao liked her. Liu Jing said that it was because of his own personality that Xia Meng and Fang Xin were unanimously complaining. Knowing that Xia Meng was looking for him, Wang Jichong deliberately reported to Xia Meng's office, only to find that Xia Meng was only because the people in the marketing department were in a position to get married, so he deliberately told them about the breakup, which made him quite unhappy. Xia Meng saw that Wang Jichong was about to leave, and took out the laptop he had bought before and gave it to Wang Jichong, but Wang Jichong thought that the two had broken up. 

Xia Meng also used his own account to log in and it was not appropriate to directly prevent Xia Meng from coming to Taiwan and threw the gift directly away. Go back under the table. Fang Xin looked for champagne cakes everywhere for the event, but was rejected by the cake shop. Later, remembering that Zhang Ting is a bread maker, she came to the door with the mentality of giving it a try. In fact, champagne is not suitable for the cake, but Zhang Ting is still willing to help Fang Xin try it, which makes Fang Xin very happy. Lu Bin was criticized by gym managers for taking Xia Meng fitness privately. Xia Meng offered to buy a class. Lu Bin thought that Xia Meng was short of money and asked the administrator to ask Xia Menglai for a part-time job. So Xia Meng became a part-time consultant of this fitness club. Not only did she exempt her fitness fee, she also got a commission, although Xia Meng I don't like the money at all, and I am very happy. Zhang Ting was busy all night making champagne cakes, and Fang Xin was so sleepy that he fell asleep in Zhang Ting's cake shop without knowing when. The next day, Zhang Ting's girlfriend found Fang Xin staying overnight in the cake shop and suspected the relationship between Zhang Ting and Fang Xin.

Cast of Delicious Romance (爱很美味)

Li Chun as Liu Jing

A perfectionist food blogger who is critical of love.

Zhang Hanyun as Fang Xin

Divorced anchor who is distressed by love despite his outstanding appearance.

Wang Ju as Xia Meng

A strong person in the workplace who puts her boyfriend under pressure because of his outstanding ability.

Liu Dongqin as Song Chao

Zhou Chengao as Jiang Shanmu

Ren Bin as Zhang Ting

Zhang Fan as Lu Bin

Yang Boxiao as Wang Jichong

Ni Hongjie as Mr. Zhang

Liu Dan as President Zhu

Wu Mian as Liu Jing's mother

He Yuhong as Jia Wenyi

Ma Xiaoyuan as Huang Menglin

Zhang Baijia as Zhang Yue

Kong Yan as Xu Dao

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