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City of Streamer (流光之城) is a modern legendary Chinese Drama directed by Jin Chen and Gan Lu, starring Jing Tian, ​​Xu Weizhou, Jing Chao, and Xing Jiadong, and starring Hailing, Chi Jia, Wang Yifei, Mimi, Ma Wenyuan, Cao Yanyan and Yu Xuanchen.

City of Streamer (流光之城) is based on Mi Bao's novel of the same name. It tells the story of a well-thought-out school governess female teacher, who carefully arranges to get close to the enemy's family. At the same time, the male protagonist who seems to be designed by her but has the same high IQ is strong on the line. The series will be broadcast on Tencent Video on January 20, 2022

Detail of City of Streamer (流光之城)

Chinese Title: 流光之城 (The City of Streaming Light)

English Title: City of Streamer 

Genre: Modern, Legendary 

Production Company: Ciwen Media, Yineng Media, Dongyang Zifeng

Filming Location: Hengdian 

Premiere Time: January 20, 2022 

Director: Jin Chen , Ganlu 

Screenwriter: Hu Xue, Wu Ruoyan 

Producer: Wu Ruoyan 

Starring: Jing Tian, ​​Xu Weizhou, Xing Jiadong, Hailing, etc.

Number of Episode: 40 Episodes

Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes 

Online Broadcast Platform: Tencent Video

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Plot Story of City of Streamer (流光之城)

In Shanghai in the early 20th century, warlords were divided, the rise of heroes, and the surging tide of revolutionary thought. The rich and the first of the Rong family are rich and unkind, and have committed many heinous crimes. In order to achieve justice, Feng Shizhen embarked on the road of revenge. She passed the test and went undercover to the Rong family, becoming the tutor of the eldest young master Rong Jiashang. Immediately, a game that stirred the fate of all characters unfolded.

However, good luck tricks people, but Feng Shizhen and Rong Jiashang, the son of his enemy Rong Dingkun, gradually get to know and fall in love with each other through mutual testing and use. When the grievances and hatreds of more than 20 years ago surfaced, these two lovers, who belonged to different camps, broke through layers of obstacles and worked together to uncover the astonishing truth, exposing Rong Dingkun's demonic face to the world. before. 

In the end, the sins were punished, the light of justice was reappeared, and Feng Shizhen and Rong Jiashang also obtained a chaotic relationship that was out of love rather than love. Under the baptism of revolutionary thought, the two finally embarked on the road of pursuing light and ideals hand in hand.

5th Episode Trailer of City of Streamer (流光之城)

Episode 1

In Shanghai at the beginning of the end century, warlords were divided and a group of heroes rose, but the rich and the rich were not benevolent and committed many monstrous sins. Feng Shizhen, who graduated from Jinling Women's University, heard that Huang Shujun, the wife of the Rong family, was recruiting a tutor, so he applied for the job. Huang Shujun's nephew Yang Xiucheng used foreign test questions to test Feng Shizhen, and found that Feng Shizhen answered all of them correctly. Huang Shujun was very satisfied with Feng Shizhen. According to the pre-edited life experience, Feng Shizhen successfully deceived Huang Shujun's trust. Feng Shizhen successfully applied for the job. When he came home, he saw his mother quarreling with a widow neighbor. The widow neighbor usually petty theft. Feng Shizhen endured it many times. He had a meal with the widow and neighbor, and declared that his principle of being a human being was that no one would offend me, and I would not offend anyone. Too scared to make any noise. After Feng Shizhen and her mother returned home, she mentioned that her father had been addicted to smoking, and she hoped to use some methods to help her father quit smoking. As night fell, and the new city was singing and dancing, Feng Shizhen went to meet the boss and superior of the new city, Meng Xu'an, and reported that he succeeded in getting Huang Shujun's admission by applying for a tutor. 

Huang Shujun was too arrogant because her second aunt was pregnant with a child. She wanted to recruit a young and beautiful female teacher and use the female teacher to attract her husband's attention, so as to snub the pregnant second aunt. Feng Shizhen saw through Huang Shujun's wishful thinking a long time ago. She happens to be young and beautiful, and she has real talent and knowledge. It is absolutely fine to be a tutor in the Rong family, and it will not arouse Huang Shujun's suspicion. After reporting to Meng Xu'an, Feng Shizhen went downstairs to the hall and met his friend Xiao Baoli. Xiao Baoli stopped Feng Shizhen with great enthusiasm, and revealed that a friend brought cosmetics back from abroad and specially reserved a copy for Feng Shizhen. The eldest young master of the Rong family, Rong Jiashang, was accompanied by his friend Wu Shao to have fun in Xindu. Several dancers rushed to dance with Rong Jiashang, and one of the dancers was pushed down by the impatient Rong Jiashang. Feng Shizhen came over, pulled up the dancer, and offered to dance with Rong Jia. 

The two were talented and beautiful, and their dancing attracted everyone's attention. At the end of the song, Feng Shizhen left Rong Jiashang and left, regardless of whether he was fascinated by Rong Jiashang or not, he entered Rong Jiashang's heart. The next day, Feng Shizhen went to the Rong family to report. The two daughters of the Rong family were painting outside the house. The second daughter was named Rong Fanglin and the third daughter was named Rong Fanghua. Although he is knowledgeable, he claims that he knows nothing about painting. Rong Jiashang went home accompanied by Wu Shao, and recognized Feng Shizhen, who was a tutor at home. The family hosted a banquet to entertain Feng Shizhen, and Rong Jia was the last seated. He greeted Feng Shizhen and lied that he seemed to have seen Feng Shizhen somewhere, which made his stepmother Huang Shujun feel inexplicable. After living in the Rong's house, Feng Shizhen pretended to wander around the Rong's house, and drew a topographic map of the Rong's house after returning to the house.

Episode 2

Feng Shizhen taught the two daughters of the Rong family to learn knowledge. When the second concubine came back from her hometown, she saw Feng Shizhen teaching a class when she entered the room, and yin and yang praised Feng Shizhen for her beauty. When Huang Shujun saw the second aunt came back, she planned to introduce Feng Shizhen to the second aunt who graduated from Jinling Women's University. Huang Shujun reminded Feng Shizhen that in addition to teaching the two young ladies to read, he should also focus on teaching Rong Jiashang, who graduated from the military academy. Feng Shizhen went to the pavilion to find Rong Jiashang and announced that he would give a lecture to Rong Jia. Rong Jia filled in the questions written by Feng Shizhen, and deliberately filled in all the wrong questions, to test whether Feng Shizhen had real talents. Feng Shizhen saw that Rong Jiashang deliberately answered the wrong question, and every question was written wrongly. Rong Jia met Feng Shizhen twice, but he still did not accept Feng Shizhen as a teacher. He made it clear that he had long known that Huang Shujun recruited Feng Shizhen to deal with the second concubine. He believed that Feng Shizhen also knew Huang Shujun's thoughts. 

Feng Shizhen pretended not to know, but emphasized that he attached great importance to personal reputation. If it was as Rong Jiashang said, she came to Rong's house to seduce Rong Jiashang's father, Rong Dingkun, and rumors would naturally spread. It will ruin her good teaching reputation, and it will be much more difficult to want to be a tutor in the future. Rong Jia saw Feng Shizhen who wanted to be a tutor, so he gave a question to teach Feng Shizhen's talents. Yang Xiucheng came to the door to find his cousin Huang Shujun, and mentioned the bidding route. Feng Shizhen eavesdropped on it outside the door, kept an eye on it, and decided to find an opportunity to approach Yang Xiucheng. Yang Xiucheng brought his fiancee Yu Zhihui to the Rong family as a guest, Feng Shizhen accompanied the two daughters of the Rong family to receive Yang Xiucheng, and Rong Jiashang chatted with his friend Wu Yunchi outside the door. When Feng Shizhen was drinking tea, he calculated that when the cakes on the table collapsed, they would knock over the teacup in front of Yang Xiucheng, reminding Fanglin to enjoy the cakes on the table. Fanglin fell in love with Feng Shizhen's trick. When he was taking out the cakes, he knocked down all the cakes that had been piled up. Some of the cakes knocked over the tea cups, and the water in the cups spilled on Yang Xiucheng's body. Everyone quickly wiped Yang Xiucheng's clothes. 

Feng Shizhen took the opportunity to look at Yang Xiucheng's briefcase. When Yang Xiucheng returned, Feng Shizhen pretended to be wiping the briefcase. She lied that the briefcase was stained with tea. Rong Jia went to the clothing store with Feng Shizhen and his group. He felt that it was too troublesome for women to buy clothes, and it was not always possible to choose the favorite clothes for a long time. Feng Shizhen led Rong Jiashang to a clothing store. Rong Jiashang bought a new suit and asked Feng Shizhen to help him choose buttons and ties. Feng Shizhen was as busy as a servant, and Rong Jiashang took the opportunity to ridicule Feng Shizhen for being too cheap, and he was easily ordered by him. Feng Shizhen pretended to be angry and went back to Rong's house accompanied by Rong Jiashang. On the way, Feng Shizhen was almost hit by a passing car. Rong Jiashang quickly reached out and pulled Feng Shizhen, and Feng Shizhen, who turned around, bruised his nose and flowed out. nosebleed. Feng Shizhen felt sorry and bought a popsicle for Rong Jia to put on the wound to relieve pain. Xiao Baoli entered Meng Xu'an's office and handed in a cosmetic box sent by Feng Shizhen. Meng Xian took the vanity case and opened it, and found a note written by Feng Shizhen inside. After Meng Xian saw the words on the note, he immediately called someone. The other party confirmed on the phone that Rong Dingkun was competing for the Nanyang route. If the competition failed, the Rong family would lose most of their power. Rong Dingkun made his fortune by buying and selling tea. After his business became big, he mastered several air routes and relied on air routes to do shady business.

Episode 3

Huang Shujun invited several rich wives to play cards at home, Feng Shizhen walked into the room and greeted Huang Shujun and several wives. Xiaoyu, the maid of the Rong family, brought a bowl of soup with peanuts and gave it to Li Ruchun to drink. Li Ruchun took a sip and found that there were peanuts. She was allergic to peanuts. When Huang Shujun saw Xiaoyu's hairy hands and feet, she actually let Li Ruchun eat allergy food, and immediately became furious, and gave Xiaoyu a slap in the face in public. Xiaoyu was wronged, ran to the aisle and sat down, secretly wiping her tears. Feng Shizhen sat next to Xiaoyu to comfort him, and asked Xiaoyu about Li Ruchun's details. Li Ruchun's husband, Cao Dashuai, works in Peiping all year round. She is not used to living in Peiping, so she often goes back to Shanghai for a short stay. Huang Shujun always pleases Li Ruchun everywhere, often invites Li Ruchun to play cards at home, and deliberately loses money to Li Ruchun. After Feng Shizhen understood the details of Li Ruchun, he went back to the hall and called Meng Xu'an to report that Commander Cao was in Peiping. Chen Ma was eavesdropping, Feng Shizhen said a code to Meng Xian, Meng Xian quickly understood the information contained in the code, and figured out that Rong Dingkun was in Peiping. After the call was over, Meng Xian called his subordinates and ordered them to follow Rong Dingkun in Peiping. Although Rong Jiashang could chat with Feng Shizhen, he secretly told Chen Ma to pay attention to Feng Shizhen's actions, and also investigated Feng Shizhen's life experience. Feng Shizhen made preparations before entering the Rong family. Her family background was indeed poor. 

Rong Jia checked her real family background and found nothing suspicious. Accompanied by Rong Jiashang, Feng Shizhen went out to buy Chinese medicine for his father. The two bought Chinese medicine and left the pharmacy. Suddenly, a group of men in black rushed not far away, without saying hello, and attacked Rong Jiashang. Rong Jia graduated from the military academy, and he is agile, dealing with men in black while protecting Feng Shizhen. The thugs from the Rong family rushed over. Rong Jiashang had already beaten the people in black. He reminded the thugs in the family that they could come later. The little leader at the head knew that he had not fulfilled his responsibility to protect Rong Jia, and slapped himself a few times with a look of annoyance. When Feng Shizhen and Rong Jiashang returned home, she reminded Rong Jiashang to be careful at a critical moment, which could be regarded as saving Rong Jiashang's life. Zhao Huaan, the head of the Rong family in charge of the force, was relieved when Rong Jiashang returned safely, and expressed his gratitude to Feng Shizhen. Feng Shizhen dealt with Zhao Huaan calmly and calmly. Before entering the Rong family, Meng Xuan told her that there were two generals in the Rong family, one in writing and one in martial arts. 

The general was Yang Xiucheng and the general was Zhao Huaan. Rong Jiashang and Feng Shizhen experienced a life and death, and their relationship went a step further, chatting together at night. There are many military models in Rong Jiashang's room, which shows his love and proficiency in the military. Feng Shizhen ate snacks and drank tea, and praised Rong Jia for his literacy and martial arts skills. The only downside was his suspicion. The next day, Feng Shizhen began to give Rong Jia exam questions. Most people failed the exam, but Rong Jia passed. Feng Shizhen realized that Rong Jia had some talent and knowledge, and announced that he would teach Rong Jia some more complicated knowledge in the future. Accompanied by Feng Shizhen, Rong Jiashang played archery and hit the bullseye accurately. Feng Shizhen thinks that Rong Jiashang is lucky, and Rong Jiashang speaks English poetry according to the situation. Feng Shizhen praises Rong Jiashang for his talent.

Episode 4

Feng Shizhen made it difficult for Rong Jiashang to shoot arrows. She posted several notes on the target. Different notes were written in different English. One of the notes was written in English. As long as Rong Jiashang hit, it said The English note of the hit means that he is really good at archery. At the beginning of the challenge, Feng Shizhen covered Rong Jiashang's eyes and let Rong Jiashang shoot blindly. Contrary to Feng Shizhen's expectations, Rong Jiashang actually shot the English note that said the hit without error. When Rong Dingkun came back from Peiping, Feng Shizhen went downstairs to greet Rong Dingkun. After seeing Feng Shizhen, Rong Dingkun became a little surprised and stared at Feng Shizhen for a long time. Before returning home, Rong Dingkun had learned that his wife Huang Shujun had hired a tutor, and he also investigated Feng Shizhen's background. Feng Shizhen told Rong Dingkun the cause of the fire in his pharmacy, and the entire family of the people who caused the fire were also burned to death. Rong Dingkun went back to his room and reprimanded Yang Xiucheng, scolding Yang Xiucheng for failing to seize the Nanyang route, and was robbed of the Nanyang route by the Guo family. Yang Xiucheng explained to Rong Dingkun the reason for the failure. 

The Guo family suddenly changed the bottom of the bid before bidding, which caught Yang Xiucheng by surprise. After the Nanyang route fell to the Guo family, the forces of the Rong family were abandoned by the Guo family. Rong Dingkun went to Peiping to curry favor with the commander Cao. He finally established a friendship with the commander Cao, and told Yang Xiucheng to take care of the cargo transportation of the commander Cao. Feng Shizhen stood outside the door, eavesdropping on Rong Dingkun and Yang Xiucheng talking, Rong Jiashang suddenly appeared, Feng Shizhen pretended to pass by the aisle, and chatted with Rong Jiashang calmly. Rong Jiashang was traveling by car accompanied by Wu Yunchi, but a poor puppy stood in the way. For some reason, Rong Jia felt that the puppy was a portrayal of his youth. Back then, he killed Huang Shujun's son, and was scolded and accused by Huang Shujun. Rong Dingkun entered the room to persuade him to fight. Huang Shujun emotionally reminded Rong Dingkun that his son had killed her son. From then on, if the Rong family had her, there would be no Rong Jia Shang, and she was at odds with Rong Jia Shang. After recalling his childhood experiences, Rong Jia got out of the car, picked up the puppy, returned to the car, and took it home to take care of it. Feng Shizhen also has experience in raising puppies. She reminded Rong Jiashang not to give milk to puppies, but goat milk. 

Under her leadership, Rong Jiashang took a hot bath for the puppy. In the evening, Feng Shizhen took the puppy to the residence of Rong Dingkun in the West Hall to learn about the terrain. Rong Dingkun, accompanied by his men, returned to the West Hall and became suspicious of Feng Shizhen who appeared outside the house. Feng Shizhen had an idea and lied that he was looking for the dog, but the puppy quickly ran back, and Rong Jia scolded Feng Shizhen for letting the puppy run around. Rong Dingkun found out that Feng Shizhen found a dog and entered the West Hall by mistake, and this dispelled his suspicions. Feng Shizhen gave a lecture to Rong Jia, and Rong Jia reminded Feng Shizhen not to go to the West Hall in the future, because it was his father's forbidden place, and idlers were not allowed to break in. Chen's mother brought food into the room and gave it to Feng Shizhen. Upon Feng Shizhen's inquiry, she revealed that Rong Dingkun had been addicted to smoking. Later, because Aunt Sun had two miscarriages, she was trying to quit smoking. Aunt Sun was too worried that she would not be able to give birth to a baby boy and would have no status in the Rong family, so she simply introduced her sister to marry Rong Dingkun. Mother Chen told Huang Shujun that Feng Shizhen became interested in Rong Dingkun and asked her about Rong Dingkun's private life. Huang Shujun felt that something was not right. Rong Dingkun always liked female students, but he almost never took the initiative to talk to Feng Shizhen after returning home. Rong Jiashang was sick and vomited by the window in the middle of the night. Feng Shizhen watched it from the next door and came to take care of Rong Jiashang.

Episode 5

When Rong Jiashang was ill, Feng Shizhen came to take care of Rong Jiashang, helped Rong Jiashang who had vomited back to bed to rest, and let Rong Jiashang drink medicine. The puppy stayed by Rong Jiashang's side, the sky was getting brighter, and Rong Jiashang woke up, vaguely remembering that he held Feng Shizhen's warm and powerful wrist before he fell ill and went to bed. Feng Shizhen went home to visit her parents, and she reminded her parents to endure for a while before moving. Her mother told her that since Awen moved in, Widow Zhang has become a lot more secure and no longer makes troubles like before. In the evening, Feng Shizhen talked with Awen outside the house. Awen was Meng Xu'an's subordinate and took care of Feng's father and mother under Meng Xu'an's instruction. Awen was very curious about the reason why Feng Shizhen and Meng Xu'an met, and Feng Shizhen couldn't help but remember the experience of meeting Meng Xu'an. Meng Xian sent someone to forcibly bring Feng Shizhen in front of him, , pointed out that Feng Shizhen was investigating Rong Dingkun. Meng Xuan happened to be investigating Rong Dingkun, so he decided to send Feng Shizhen to sneak into Rong Dingkun's house. Feng Shizhen has no friendship with Meng Xu'an. She doesn't know why Meng Xu'an is investigating Rong Dingkun. 

Although Feng Shizhen is also investigating Rong Dingkun, she and Meng Xu'an are not on the same boat. Seeing that Feng Shizhen was unwilling to obey the command, Meng Xu'an planned to remind Feng Shizhen that his parents still owed medical bills because of the fire. It would be a headache for the family to live in the future. As long as Feng Shizhen was willing to sneak into Rong Dingkun's house, her family's expenses would be covered. All by Meng Xian. Money can make a ghost run the mill, not to mention that Feng Shizhen's family suffered a change, and it was when money was urgently needed. For the sake of the whole family, she had to make concessions to Meng Xian, and successfully infiltrated Rong Dingkun's house under Meng Xian's instruction. Meng Xu'an went to Feng Shizhen's house and learned from Feng Shizhen the truth that Rong Dingkun was carrying goods for Commander Cao. Meng Xian has found out that Cao Dashuai dug up a batch of antiquities in Peiping not long ago, and plans to use the Rongjia route to transport the antiquities abroad for sale. The whereabouts of the antiquities are unknown, and it is unknown where they are hidden. Feng Shizhen told Meng Xu'an about the first time she saw Rong Dingkun. 

After seeing Rong Dingkun, she found that there was obvious fear in Rong Dingkun's eyes. She was only a weak woman, and it is reasonable to say that it is impossible for Rong Dingkun to see her at first sight. Fear arises. Rong Dingkun once instructed people to buy a piece of land where Feng Shizhen's family lived, and setting fire to Feng Shizhen's family was related to Rong Dingkun. After Rong Dingkun learned of Feng Shizhen's whereabouts, he only felt that something was wrong. It stands to reason that he is the enemy of Feng Shizhen's family, but Feng Shizhen came to the Rong family as a tutor at a critical moment. The more Rong Dingkun thought about it, the more he felt that something was wrong, so he confided his doubts to Yang Xiucheng. Feng Shizhen highly praised Rong Jiashang in front of Meng Xian. Meng Xian thought that Rong Dingkun suddenly summoned Rong Jia to return to Shanghai last time because he wanted to hand over all the business of the local business to Rong Jiashang. Meng Xu'an reminded Feng Shizhen that he could only treat Rong Jia as a chess piece and could not show his true feelings. Widow Zhang overheard Meng Xu'an's conversation with Feng Shizhen and was discovered by Awen. Awen chased out the door and caught Widow Zhang, Meng Xian shook his head slightly at Awen at Widow Zhang's begging, indicating that Awen could not be soft-hearted. Feng Shizhen returned to Rong's house, took a pen to analyze the whereabouts of the antiques that Cao Dashuai kept privately, and gradually guessed that the antiques were hidden on the island. Du Lanxin came to show her love to Rong Jiashang. She thought that Rong Jiashang suddenly returned to Shanghai to plan a marriage, but Rong Jiashang was not interested in her.

Cast of City of Streamer (流光之城)

Jing Tian as Feng Shizhen

Feng Shizhen was originally a rich lady, gentle and gentle, weak and easy to bully, but she was calm and courageous, and thoughtful. Unexpectedly, everything was lost due to a fire. In order to find out the truth of the fire, with the help of Shanghai upstart Meng Xu'an, she used her status as a tutor to hide in the Rong family, walking on thin ice, walking every step of the way, but she didn't want to trick people, and she couldn't help falling in love with Rong Jia, the son of her enemy. The two developed feelings for each other in getting along, privately set a lifelong relationship, have gone hand in hand, and have also parted ways.

Xu Weizhou as Rong Jiashang

Rong Jiashang is an indifferent, arrogant young master who is cold on the outside and hot on the inside. He often strays away from the crowd. Only the tutor Feng Shizhen has become an anomaly in his life.

Jing Chao as Meng Xian

With the support of mysterious forces behind him, Feng Shizhen was allowed to enter the Rong family as his pawn to help him do things.

Xing Jiadong as Rong Dingkun/Qin Shuigen

The master of the Rong family, a big hand in the underworld, is vicious and vicious, and has done everything wrong. He is also the main culprit that led to the decline of the Feng family, Rong Jiashang's father.

Hailing as Du Lanxin

Rong Jiashang's fiancée is gorgeous, Feng Shizhen's good friend, a popular female star and a socialite in the city, but I don't seem to have any intention of Rong Jiashang.

Chi Jia as Yang Xiucheng

The assistant of the Rong family, Rong Dingkun's assistant, understands the business that Rong Dingkun has in his hands.

Wang Yifei as Xiao Baoli

Mimi as Shiori Hashimoto

Ma Wenyuan as Wu Yunchi

Cao Yanyan as Mrs. Rong

Zhang Tang as Mrs Sun

Yu Lang as Sun Shaoqing

Yu Xuanchen as Taiji Hashimoto

Tam Wing Man as Rong Fanglin

Zhao Qian as Yu Zhihui

Qin Bokun as Zhao Huaan

Liu Yangke as Awen

Yang Zhen as Feng Shixun

Wang Zhimin as Father Feng

Zhang Han as Feng's mother

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