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Checkmate (民国大侦探) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Checkmate (民国大侦探) is a deduction detective drama produced by iQiyi and jointly produced by Shengjin Pictures, directed by Zhang Weike, starring Hu Yitian, Zhang Yunlong and Zhang Xinyu, and starring Xuan Yan and Shen Yujie.

On October 22, the TV series "Checkmate (民国大侦探)" officially announced the lineup, which was starred by Hu Yitian, Zhang Yunlong and Zhang Xinyu. The play is also the second collaboration between Hu Yitian and Zhang Yunlong after Checkmate (民国大侦探), and fans are looking forward to it.

The most surprising thing is that the play is adapted from Agatha Christie's "The Great Detective" series of novels, which is also Agatha's first authorization in China! I believe that many fans of reasoning know Agatha's style well, and works such as "Murder on the Orient Express" and "No Survivor" have been remade countless times, which is really exciting.

This Chinese Drama will be produced by iQIYI and co-produced by Shengjin Pictures. Dai Ying will be the chief producer and Zhang Weike will be the director to jointly create the Oriental Odd Case. From the title to the production team, it is exactly the same as Checkmate (民国大侦探), so the quality must be guaranteed.

checkmate synopsis
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Checkmate (民国大侦探) starring Hu Yitian and Zhang Yunlong, tells the story of the two male protagonists uncovering the mystery in the form of a unit drama. The play is fast-paced, and many scenes are full of suspense. In particular, the two male protagonists are very eye-catching, so the show finally scored 7.1 points on Douban, becoming a high-profile work in the detective drama, and many viewers even felt unfinished.

Detail of Checkmate (民国大侦探)

Chinese Title: 民国大侦探 (Great Detective of the Republic of China)

English Title: Checkmate

Genre: Suspense, Reasoning, Strange Love. 

Starring: Zhang Xinyu, Shen Yujie 

Number of Episodes: 24 Episodes

Online Play Platform: iQIYI

Plot Story of Checkmate (民国大侦探)

Checkmate (民国大侦探) mainly tells the story of a young lawyer Situ Yan (Hu Yitian) in Peiping who was fired for sticking to the law and came to Harbin to become a detective. In the following cases, he met Luo Shaochuan (Zhang Yunlong), a rich and young friend who went straight. ), and got acquainted with Zhou Mowan (Zhang Xinyu), who dares to love and hate, and dig up the story of a big conspiracy together.

Cast of Checkmate (民国大侦探)

Hu Yitian as Situ Yan

Zhang Yunlong as Luo Shaochuan

Zhang Xinyu as Zhou Mowan

Xuan Yan as Kim Ki-Myung

Shen Yujie as Zou Jingxuan

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