CES 2022: Focus on Autonomous Driving and the New World of Meta Universe

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The 2022 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2022) will launch on January 5 as one of the world's largest consumer technology industry events. Despite being affected by the virus, many prominent exhibitors have indicated that they will not participate in offline exhibitions and will instead fill out online applications. The scope of this CES exhibition, however, is not counted, with more than 2,100 exhibitors and 15,000 visitors registered.

According to the official CES report, this exhibition will release hundreds of exciting new technology products around intelligent automation and Metaverse. From 8K TV to autonomous driving, from home technology to new robots, from Metaverse to NFT, I believe there will be many things worth seeing.

The Entrance to The "Meta Universe"

The pandemic has accelerated the emergence of cross-industry collaboration and lifestyles. Metaverse has been a popular topic in the technology and capital circles in the second half of this year. People can enter a virtual area reproduced by a computer and parallel to the real world in the form of a virtual clone, just as Neil Stephenson described the meta-universe in his novel "Avalanche," as long as they wear headphones and eyepieces and discover a connecting terminal. Technology behemoths like Facebook, Microsoft, Nvidia, Toutiao, and Tencent have all begun to investigate the meta-universe, both in the domestic and international markets. Major technology companies will also demonstrate tools to design and control this virtual future during the CES 2022 season.

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Maribel Lopez, chief analyst at Lopez Research, a technology industry analysis company, said: "Are we a bit ahead of the two themes of metaverse and NFT? Yes, but to a certain extent. This is the meaning of CES." It is reported that Samsung will decorate virtual homes with its new household appliances and products in the online experience "My House" hosted on the South Korean virtual world Zepeto, allowing consumers to enter its virtual world. Yungwoong Kwon, Manager of Samsung Electronics’ Global Marketing Center, said: “My House gives users the opportunity to familiarize themselves with Samsung’s products and experience ways to improve and customize their homes.”

OWO, a Spanish startup, will also show off a wearable VR vest that allows gamers to feel over 30 various sensations in the virtual world in real time, including rain, mosquito bites, stab wounds, fast speeds, and hugs. It is said to support PCs, smartphones, and game consoles in addition to VR headsets. According to reports in foreign media, MAD Gaze, an AR smart glasses firm, would demonstrate their latest AR smart glasses at CES in the hopes of opening a new portal into the metaverse.

In with’s smart contact lenses are called “probably the most advanced platform to enter the meta-universe”, and it will provide “adjustable vision” and “enhanced vision” through mobile devices. According to the data, the smart contact lens pioneered the technology of integrating solid components and circuits into the hydrogel material, allowing the material to expand and contract during the normal manufacturing process. From the latest AR/XR vision applications to providing better vision for myopia or presbyopia patients, InWith technology enables future connected and adjustable mobile devices. InWith said that it plans to obtain a breakthrough permit from the FDA this year and put the lens on the market soon.

Not long ago, the American smart glasses company Vuzix also announced that its new AR glasses VuzixShield will also appear at this CES exhibition. VuzixShield is a lightweight, stylish and safe commercial AR glasses, driven by a powerful 8-core CPU, operating system is Android11, supporting Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions. At the same time, AR glasses have built-in stereo audio, batteries and touchpads to provide a unique wearable experience. Recently, Vuzix also announced a cooperation agreement with Verizon, a telecom company, to use Verizon's 5G and edge computing technology capabilities to provide first-class augmented reality experiences for sports and games.

It is worth mentioning that at this year's CES 2022, the blockchain and NFT related to Metaverse have naturally become the most concerned technical fields. In this regard, Jean Foster, senior vice president of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the organizer of CES, introduced that at CES 2022, NFT, encrypted digital currency and other blockchain technologies were divided into a separate category for display at CES for the first time. . "The NFT-related companies participating in this exhibition include NFT sales and trading platforms for the music and sports industries such as Autograph, as well as some digital currency companies. In addition, Netgear, which is mainly engaged in Internet hardware business, will show its digital art for NFT art at CES. Canvas." Jean Foster said.

Autonomous Driving Technology 

Autonomous driving is the result of the automotive industry's deep integration with the next generation of information technology, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and high-performance computing. The pace of mass manufacturing and commercialization has picked up in the second half. Many automotive upstream and downstream industrial chain businesses will display the technology they are exploring for autonomous driving at this year's CES, according to foreign media sources. The first self-driving car direct competition will also be held at this exhibition.

"Autonomous driving and electric vehicles are the two most popular themes in the automotive field. The autonomous vehicle competition aims to promote the commercialization of fully automated vehicles and the advancement of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)." Jean Foster said. Nvidia said that it will release the latest breakthroughs in accelerated computing in a special CES online special session, as well as show new breakthroughs in accelerated computing in design, simulation, games and autonomous vehicles.

Hyundai Motor will be based on "Future Mobile Ecosystem" and "Expand and Enrich Human Activity Space" as the theme, and share with the public its vision of the future in robotics and meta-universe. It is reported that Hyundai Motor will bring a new PnD (Plug & Drive) robot module platform, Mobile Eccentric Droid (MobED) mobile platform, and Boston Dynamics's Spot and AtlasTM. Show people how robots can surpass traditional means of transportation and realize the infinite freedom of human action.

In addition, many Lidar companies brought their latest products at CES 2022. Valeo, a world-renowned auto parts supplier, will make its first public appearance with the third-generation lidar, which will be launched in 2024. With the laser system it uses, this lidar can detect objects that are invisible to the naked eye, cameras, and millimeter wave radar 200 meters away. And, given its strong perception and analysis capabilities, the driver can delegate the driving task to the vehicle while driving on the highway. In addition, Valeo has also developed a new short-range lidar—Valeo NFL (Near Field Lidar), which will also be exhibited. This radar will be used in unmanned and self-driving vehicles. Once the vehicle is started, it can display the scene in a 360-degree field of view around it. In advanced autonomous vehicles, it can scan the surrounding road conditions and eliminate blind spots in the field of vision.

Meanwhile, Israel auto parts supplier Mobileye will unveil the newest breakthroughs in radar and lidar technology, as well as reveal in detail for the first time how Mobileye plans to build a completely autonomous driving solution across models and scenarios on a worldwide scale.

Stellattis Group, the world's top automobile manufacturer and travel supplier, will join forces with its 14 brands to look to the future with sophisticated electrification technology, in-car technology, automation technology, and perfect connectivity locations. They will also deliver customer-centric solutions at the same time.

In addition to the above information, Sony Vision S, BMW iX, Cadillac PAV, Chrysler Airflow, Citroen SkateMobility, Citroen ami Buggy and other concept cars will also be unveiled at the 2022 CES show. As the world's largest consumer electronics technology industry event, CES 2022 will focus on a variety of technologies, not just Metaverse and autonomous driving, although there is little doubt that these two sectors will remain the most popular. Even while many of the innovative technologies and products on display during the expo are still in the "concept" stage, who is to say that they will not become a reality in the future?

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