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Because of Love (今生有你) is a contemporary urban Chinese Drama directed by Liu Junjie, starring Zhong Hanliang and Li Xiaoran, and starring Wang Yang, Tian Leixi, Fan Shiran, Qin Mingyue, Gu Bin, Liu Dawei, and Chen Tianming.

Because of Love (今生有你) is based on the novel "Love You Is the Best Time" by Tufei  Icun. It tells the story of Nie Yusheng, a cardiac surgeon, and Tan Jing, a former lover and a single mother, to face fate and finally usher in a happy life. The series will be broadcast on CCTV 8 on January 18, 2022, and will be broadcast simultaneously on Youku Video.

Detail of Because of Love (今生有你)

Chinese Title: 今生有你 (I have you in this life)

Other Title: 我的余生 (The rest of my life)

English Title: Because of Love

Genre: Contemporary, Urban 

Production Company: CCTV, Beijing Guangcai Century Media Co., Ltd., Alibaba Pictures Group, Youku 

Filming Location: Shanghai 

Premiere Time: January 18, 2022 

Director: Liu Junjie 

Screenwriter: Bai Bonnie 

Producer: Dun Qi 

Starring: Zhong Hanliang, Li Xiaoran, Wang Yang, Tian Leixi, Fan Shiran

Number of Episodes: 30 episodes

Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes 

Online broadcast platform: Youku video 

Premiere Platform: CCTV 8

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Plot Story of Because of Love (今生有你)

Tan Jing, a single mother, lives with her son Sun Ping, who has a congenital heart disease. In order to save money for her son's surgery, Tan Jing works hard and lives frugally. Although life is hard, Tan Jing has no resentment and dissatisfaction. She is still independent and strong, cherishes her ordinary life, and raises Sun Ping to be sensible and lovely. Nie Yusheng is a cardiac surgeon who is preparing a CM project to help children with congenital heart disease, and Sun Ping has been selected as the first beneficiary. 

When he went to the doctor, Nie Yusheng found out that the mother of the child was Tan Jing, his lover seven years ago. During the treatment, Nie Yusheng was still deeply attracted by the beauty of tenacity and bravery accumulated in Tan Jing, and was also moved by Sun Ping's cuteness and sensibleness. Life and time have given both sides a test, and it has also allowed them to face each other's love more maturely. In the end, Sun Ping was successfully treated, Tan Jing had her own career, and Nie Yusheng's CM project was successfully promoted, and they finally welcomed Happy and happy results.

5th Episode Summary of Because of Love (今生有你)

Episode 1

In the morning, when Tan Jing was still cooking, the doorbell rang. When he opened the door, it turned out to be her husband, Sun Zhijun. Sun Zhijun drank too much, and he came home in the morning every day. The first time we met was when Nie Yusheng came to Tanjing's cafe to buy bread. At that time, the two didn't communicate. After Tanjing got home from get off work, he bought some fruit to go home. Jing took the initiative to say hello and invited Nie Yusheng to sit at the house. Nie Yusheng thought Tan Jing was a frivolous woman, but Tan Jing said that her husband was at home, and Nie Yusheng left beforehand under the guise. In fact, Tan Jing and Nie Yusheng were lovers seven years ago, but due to various reasons, the two had to separate. Nie Yusheng handed over the car to the driver to drive back. Nie Yusheng was a cardiac surgeon, but his father was the boss of the company. Tan Jing gave the fruit to her neighbor Aunt Wang, and after returning home, she skillfully wiped her husband's face. 

Nie Yusheng remembered seeing Tan Jing today. He couldn't calm down for a long time. He didn't even think about meeting Tan Jing when he went to get the cake today. He also waited for Tan Jing to get off work. Tan Jing felt that since that rainy night, she had been living in this world like a walking corpse. Time went back a few years ago. Both Tan Jing and Nie Yusheng were still students. When Tan Jing was riding a bicycle to class, he found that a group of classmates were bullying a male classmate. As a result, Tan Jing saw it. Nie Yusheng told Tan Jing not to take this one The matter told the teacher, Tan Jing didn't say anything, this was the first time the two met. At the end of school in the afternoon, Nie Yusheng heard the scene of Tan Jing reading English on the podium. He was deeply attracted. At this time, the teacher came over and said that her father's condition in the hospital was getting worse and was very dangerous. Jing grabbed her schoolbag and hurried to the hospital. 

Tan Jing was going to pay her father, but when she saw the money Nie Yusheng put in her bag, Tan Jing angrily threw the money to Nie Yusheng who was playing billiards, and said that it was impossible to bribe herself with this amount of money. Tan Jing is now working as a waiter in a coffee shop, while Nie Yusheng goes to the ward every day to perform surgery. Nie Yusheng was called to the office by Director Fang just after the operation. Director Fang blamed Nie Yusheng for indiscriminately using the treatment method on the 34th bed. Nie Yusheng wanted to explain, but another colleague said that the patient on the 34th bed was changed to use the treatment method. Now that Director Fang's treatment method was seriously infected, Nie Yusheng hurried to check the situation. Nie Yusheng told the patient's family not to worry, he would definitely help solve it. In the evening, when Tan Jing got off work, he went to Aunt Ge Bing Wang's house to pick up his son. As soon as the two returned home to talk about Jing, they saw that Sun Zhijun was also at home, and Sun Zhijun also asked his son Pingping to offer incense to his grandparents. After Tan Jing put Ping Ping to sleep, she asked Sun Zhijun what happened. Sun Zhijun ran out of money again. 

In fact, he came here to get money. Tan Jing said directly that he had no money. She knew that Sun Zhijun always wanted to get rich and was always cheated. The money is for the child to understand the operation, and Sun Zhijun wants to go to the Nie family for money. When Sun Zhijun saw Pingping come out, he made an excuse that he wanted to work overtime and left first, and asked Tan Jing to think about it before leaving. At night, Tan Jing waited for her son to fall asleep before she could have some alone time. Tan Jing looked at the various small objects she kept in the iron box, which were full of her memories. The next day, Nie Yusheng went to work to watch the film. His colleague said that the parents of the child were disgusted by the fact that the hospital's angiography was more expensive than other homes. The colleague called the patient in, but when they saw that it was Tan Jing and his son Pingping, both of them were stunned. Nie Yusheng just calmly told them to have an angiography as soon as possible and then arrange an operation, but Tan Jing left without a word. 

When Tan Jing left, he forgot to take the film. Nie Yusheng hurriedly chased him out and clearly analyzed that Pingping was a congenital heart disease. If not treated in time, his life would be in danger. Nie Yusheng spoke very coldly, so Tan Jing could only watch him go away. The figure sheds tears. As soon as Nie Yusheng got home, he received a call asking him to help his good friend Shu Qin to get rid of the blind date. The atmosphere of the blind date was very awkward. Shu Qin deliberately said that he was not unintentional. After Nie Yusheng and Shu Qin left, Shu Qin finally breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Nie Yusheng helped him clear the siege. Nie Yusheng also said that if he met the right good girl, he would get married.

Episode 2

Nie Yusheng also laughed and said that he and Shu Qin were going to get married now. Shu Qin said that he had been waiting, but he couldn't wait any longer. The next day, Shu Qin went to the airport to pick up Sheng Fangting back, Sheng Fangting returned home and hurriedly packed up and went out. Shu Qin came to find Nie Yusheng and found that Nie Yusheng was in a daze. In fact, Nie Yusheng was still thinking about Tan Jing's son. Today, Shu Qin came to ask Nie Yusheng for help. Nie Yusheng couldn't stand Shu Qin's plea and finally had to agree. Shu Qinlai wanted to meet the new vice president Sheng Fangting, but Sheng Fangting didn't come early in the morning. Tan Jing was at work, and an aunt did not follow the rules and held the bread in her hand. The waiter kindly reminded that the aunt was still unwilling. During the dispute between the two, the bread fell to the ground, and the aunt was naturally unwilling to pay. At this time, Sheng Fangting also came recently. Love saw that Sheng Fangting wanted to find someone to speak to him on purpose. Sheng Fangting asked everyone to adjust the monitoring. Auntie had to admit it when she saw the monitoring. 

After all, it was her own mistake. Nie Yusheng's thoughts in the hospital differed from those of Director Fang. After get off work, Nie Yusheng saw that Director Fang's radio frequency was out of power and took the initiative to send him home. Nie Yusheng actually knew that Director Fang scolded himself in front of his colleagues for his own good. Nie Yusheng promoted new projects. Director Fang was worried that Nie Yusheng's plan would not be recognized, and the new plan would require more time for experimentation. In the evening, Tan Jing took his son and colleagues to eat hot pot, because today Sheng Fangting asked them to write an explanation letter in the store and it was bilingual, so the manager had to ask Tan Jing for help, and Tan Jing gave her own plan The manager was very satisfied. . After Tan Jing finished writing, she was about to send it to the manager's fuel tank. At this time, she remembered the days when she and Nie Yusheng were in class. When Nie Yusheng and Tan Jing went home, Nie Yusheng mistook Tan's father as the target of his stalking, and ended up beating Tan's father. When Nie Yusheng left, he gave Tan Jing an email number, and the two started chatting via email.

Since both Nie Yusheng and Tan Jing had entered college years, they could only chat via email. In the evening, Shu Qin came to thank Nie Yusheng. After all, today, Nie Yusheng helped to perform surgery on his vice president. In fact, Shu Qin and Nie Yusheng both gave up inheriting the family business and came out to work alone. Tan Jing bathed her son Ping Ping after returning home. Colleagues also asked about the lives of Tan Jing and Sun Zhijun. Tan Jing felt that the relationship between the two was not important, as long as he was good to the child. Sheng Fangting saw the email and asked Shu Qin, who was in charge of personnel, to go to his office tomorrow morning. Sheng Fangting handed the email to Shu Qin, and Shu Qin felt that the letter was really good. Sheng Fangting also said that he wanted to promote the store manager as his personal secretary, but Shu Qin thought it was too hasty, but Sheng Fangting insisted on him, and Shu Qin had to agree. Sun Zhijun worked odd jobs on the construction site every day. When he was eating at noon, he saw several white-collar workers passing by. Sun Zhijun gave him a second glance. He was laughed at by the workers on the side. Sun Zhijun was naturally unconvinced and directly fought with the other party. The manager told everyone that he was going to be transferred to the headquarters. 

At this time, Tan Jing received a call from the police station. Because Sun Zhijun injured a worker, Tan Jing could only come to wipe his ass. Tan Jing took the fruit to visit the co-workers, but it turned out that the other's wife was not a good stubborn. She asked for 50,000 yuan. Tan Jing didn't have that much money at all. After all, she kept her money for Pingping's treatment. Sometimes Tan Jing felt that everything that happened to her was a dream. Before she woke up, she had to be strong and face everything. Tan Jing was holding the fruit and was about to take the elevator. As a result, she just met Nie Yusheng, and the two didn't speak either. Leaving directly, Nie Yusheng fainted as soon as he left Tan Jing. Back then, because Nie Yusheng had conflicts with people outside the school, they wanted to find Tan Jing to bully them, but they were seen by a passing teacher. After the director knew the truth, he scolded both Nie Yusheng and Tan Jing, and punished the two of them for cleaning together. Said he would never be indifferent to her. Tan Jing woke up and found herself lying on the hospital bed. It turned out that Tan Jing fainted because of low blood sugar. 

The nurse said that she was brought over by a nurse. When Tan Jing went to pay the bill, she found that the phone was broken and there was no money in her bag. She was busy making calls to her colleagues and didn't answer the phone. Tan Jing summoned up the courage to call Nie Yusheng. Tan Jing cried and asked him to borrow money, and Nie Yusheng hung up the phone. Tan Jing called again and said that he could use the letter and photos that Nie Yusheng had given to him in exchange. Tan Jing asked for 50,000 yuan, but Nie Yusheng also said that it would be better to ask for 100,000 yuan just to be able to operate on his son. Tan Jing held back tears and agreed. , Nie Yusheng's phone also fell to the ground after hanging up. In fact, when Tan Jing fainted, it was not Hu Gong who sent her there, but Nie Yusheng, but Nie Yusheng didn't say it.

Episode 3

Nie Yusheng helped Tan Jing pay the hospital bills. He asked Tan Jing coldly where and when they would meet tomorrow. Nie Yusheng had no expression on his face, and Tan Jing knew that everything between her and this man was over. Nie Yusheng recalled the scene when they saw other people get married. When Tan Jing went to Belgium to find Nie Yusheng, who was studying abroad, the two also held a wedding for only two people in the church. Although no one didn't have a ring, they still had each other's love. Shu Qin was cooking at Nie Yusheng's house when the doorbell rang. He thought it was Nie Yusheng's return, but it turned out to be Father Nie. Shu Qin quickly introduced to Father Nie that he was Nie Yusheng's classmate. Father Nie knew that Shu Qin was cooking and offered him a bowl of beef soup. Shu Qin came here today to invite Nie Yusheng to a banquet tomorrow. Nie Yusheng said that he would not be free tomorrow. , Father Nie was still helping to say good things, and Nie Yusheng went straight back to the room. After Tan Jing returned home, she asked the neighbor who repaired the phone to help her fix it. She looked at the only things she and Nie Yusheng had, which were full of their memories. Pingping needs oxygen every night. 

Once Pingping calls Tanjing, she will drop everything in her hand to accompany her son. The next morning, Tan Jing helped Pingping peel eggs with his hands scalded, but Pingping was kind enough to help blow it. Tan Jing and Nie Yusheng met in the coffee shop. Nie Yusheng was able to figure it out. After deducting the medical expenses yesterday, he could only give Tan Jing 30,000 yuan. Tan Jing handed the box to Nie Yusheng. Nie Yusheng found out that the brooch was missing. Tan Jing said that the brooch was sold by himself, and the diamonds on it were worth a few dollars. Nie Yusheng was very angry when he heard it, and he deliberately spoke to stimulate Tan Jing. Back then, Nie Yusheng sold the most expensive earphones to Tan Jing, but Tan Jing felt that this was showing the advantages of their family, and the relationship between the two of them would be unequal if he accepted his things. Nie Yusheng quickly apologized to Tan Jing, and he hugged Tan Jing. Up to now, the two are still involved because of money. Nie Yusheng deliberately threw the money on the ground, and Tan Jing had to squat to pick up the money. She lost her dignity for her son and life. After Nie Yusheng went out, he threw the iron box in the trash can. 

In fact, Tan Jing didn't sell the brooch, but secretly hid it. This was her last item related to Nie Yusheng. Shu Qin interviewed the restaurant manager. She was going to report the situation to Sheng Fangting, but she happened to see Sheng Fangting training people. Shu Qin came here to say that the manager's qualifications were not enough, and Sheng Fangting still wanted him. Shu Qin promised, but he still planned to wait for him to go through the on-boarding procedures. Tan Jing handed over the money to the co-workers, and the co-workers were easy to talk to. Tan Jing also left a phone number in order to ask the co-workers not to sue Sun Zhijun. At this time, the co-worker's daughter-in-law came over. The daughter-in-law was not a good person. She asked for another 30,000 yuan for mental damage. Tan Jing was naturally not afraid. Tan Jing hurried back to work in the store, but was scolded by the manager when she saw it. The manager wanted to deduct Tan Jing's bonus this month. The manager also asked Tan Jing to tell herself her email address and password, in fact, she wanted to keep it for herself. Although Nie Yusheng threw the box into the trash can, he still fished it out of the trash can. After get off work, my colleague said that I would invite Tan Jing for dinner tonight. Tan Jing thought about it and realized that it was her birthday, and her colleague prepared a cake for her. 

Tan Jing and her son Pingping were very happy to make a wish and blow candles together. When Tan Jing celebrated her birthday that year, Nie Yusheng worked part-time to earn money to buy a brooch for Tan Jing, and the meaning of giving her a brooch was to put the most important thing she gave to the place closest to her heart. Nie Yusheng was looking at Tan Jing's things, and found a small book inside, and memories gradually flooded into his mind. Because of Shu Qin's repeated invitations, Nie Yusheng had to go to his annual meeting. Shu Qin also introduced Nie Yusheng to Sheng Fangting. Shu Qin knew that Nie Yusheng was in a bad mood today, and Nie Yusheng couldn't tell. In fact, today is also Nie Yusheng's birthday, because he and Tan Jing have the same birthday, and they never had a birthday since they broke up. Shu Qin sometimes wonders whether it is worth giving up everything for a relationship. This is also something Nie Yusheng considers. Back then, in order to buy a birthday present for Tan Jing, Nie Yusheng worked everywhere without the money his father gave him. This brooch was also carefully selected by him. Nie Yusheng came to her downstairs after thinking about Tan Jing. Nie Yusheng watched Tan Jing and his son go home together, and watched them leave until they returned to the room.

Episode 4

Nie Yusheng went to see the little friend Mengmeng, and Mengmeng was in a bad mood for the operation. Nie Yusheng gave her a few small beans soaked in water, saying that when the beans sprouted, she would be cured by then. Nie Yusheng remembered that when he was ill, Tan Jing took care of himself. In the evening, Tan Jing was going to the dormitory. Nie Yusheng wanted to keep Tan Jing, so Tan Jing took a few soybeans and soaked them in water. It'll be fine if it's his, so from now on, Nie Yusheng has been holding the beans and waiting to find out. Tan Jing told the couple that her son had congenital heart disease and she could only take so much money. The co-worker's wife knew that Tan Jing had difficulties at home and no longer embarrassed her. Tan Jing and hurried the other party to leave first. Tan Jing and Nie Yusheng just missed it when they left the hospital. Sun Zhijun was also released, and Tan Jing didn't say anything to him. She asked Sun Zhijun to go back to take a bath first and go to work by herself. Tan Jing went to work and took out yesterday's details. 

Unexpectedly, the supervisor found that colleague Liang Yuanan made a cake without permission. Tan Jing had to say that yesterday was her birthday, and she ordered a cake and forgot to give the money. Someone had to convict Tan Jing for this, so she had to resign, and the manager on duty did not say a word to Tan Jing. The family has difficulties and now has no job, but Tan Jing has more time to accompany his son. In the evening, colleagues approached Tan Jing and said that the manager asked her to go back to work tomorrow, and they resigned. In fact, Liang Yuanan also wanted to open a store of his own with Yuling. Liang Yuanan's current technology was no problem, and Tan Jing was very grateful to them both. Sheng Fangting was splashed with paint by his subordinates as soon as he came to the company. After all, there were three fires when the new official took office. Fortunately, Shu Qin was on the side to say good things to the other party. After all, it's not good for everyone to be deadlocked now, so Shu Qin persuaded people to leave. Afterwards, Shu Qin went to see Sheng Fangting, who took the initiative to say thank you this time. Because Liang Yuanan is going to open a shop, I asked Tan Jing to have dinner together. Everyone was very happy. 

When Tan Jing came home after dinner, he found Sun Zhijun sitting awkwardly outside the door. Sun Zhijun asked if Tan Jing was borrowing money from Nie Yusheng. Tan Jing said that he lost his pride and face, and asked Nie Yusheng for the loan in a low voice. Tan Jing said that she doesn't want anything now, she just wants to cure her son's illness. Sun Zhijun wanted Tan Jing to give him 10,000 yuan, and then he could get the interest. Tan Jing felt that what he said was unreliable, so he did not want to lend him the money, so Sun Zhijun had to leave. Nie Yusheng was studying the patient's condition with Director Fang. Director Fang told Nie Yusheng that his plan had been approved by the hospital, and the first patient to be treated was Sun Ping. Nie Yusheng did not expect to meet Tan Jing again. Nie Yusheng wanted to change people, but only one patient could be targeted, but Director Fang still asked Nie Yusheng to try it. Tan Jing was working in the store and received a call from the hospital, saying that Pingping's condition could be treated, and that he should contact Dr. Nie Yusheng at that time. In the evening, Nie Yusheng asked Shu Qin for a drink. Shu Qin felt that this scene was very similar to the scene of studying abroad. At the beginning, Nie Yusheng was injured in the gym and was sent to the hospital by Shu Qin. 

Afterwards, Nie Yusheng invited Shu Qin to drink. Back then, the reason why Nie Yusheng wanted to study medicine was for Tan Jing's father who had a heart attack. Tan Jing wanted Nie Yusheng to live according to his ideals. Nie Yusheng was a little angry and felt that the whole world could not understand her, but Tan Jing couldn't. Nie Yusheng was about to go to school, but Tan Jing came to wait for him at the door of the house, and the two made up again. The next day, Tan Jing received another call from the hospital, but it was Nie Yusheng who called. Nie Yusheng said coldly that he would send the information to Tan Jing, so that he didn't have to make another trip. Nie Yusheng asked for the mailbox number, but Tan Jing still used the previous mailbox. On the other hand, because the manager has not received the notice of the transfer from the headquarters for a long time, he has been secretly using Tan Jing's mailbox. Before leaving work, Tan Jing told the manager that she was willing to work overtime and asked the manager to forgive herself a lot. Tan Jing opened the mailbox and printed out all the cases sent by Nie Yusheng. As a result, he accidentally saw the manager's mailbox. Unexpectedly, the manager secretly reported them, so the colleague lost his job. Tan Jing suddenly realized.

Episode 5

Tan Jing went to Aunt Wang’s house to pick up Pingping. Liang Yuanan wanted to tell Aunt Wang that she was in love with Aunt Wang’s daughter, but Aunt Wang knew that Liang Yuanan would not have the enthusiasm he used to talk about after resigning and starting a business. After all, there is no job in the heart of the old man. There is no sense of security. Tan Jing told them that the manager reported to the headquarters that he was often late and left early, which was not seen on purpose. It was also time for Tan Jing to find out that this time he was promoted because he wrote an English letter for him to the head office and was approved by the company leaders. Yuling was also very angry. Tan Jing said that she had written a letter to the head office. In the letter, she explained the cause and effect of the matter clearly, and now it is waiting for the head office to deal with it. In the evening, after Pingping fell asleep, Tan Jing began to study the emails Nie Yusheng sent her. Only then did she realize that the valve provided to Pingping this time was brand new, and the biological effects were unknown. At this time, Tan Jing received a call from Sheng Fangting. Sheng Fangting was really surprised to receive Tan Jing's email. She also asked Tan Jing to go to the company to talk about her, of course she was willing. Tan Jing called Yuling to ask her to help take care of the child, and then went to Sheng Fangting. 

Tan Jing told Sheng Fangting all the situation, and Sheng Fangting asked Tan Jing to translate an article for herself. Sheng Fangting felt that Tan Jing's English proficiency was perfect enough to find a better job, but Tan Jing said that she did not have a bachelor's degree. Tan Jing said that she needed this job very much and hoped that Sheng Fangting could help him keep this job, and Sheng Fangting said that he would try his best. Tan Jing never thought that he used to stay up all night to study English, but now it has become the only way to prove himself. Sheng Fangting called Shu Qin, and he asked Shu Qin to eat and said that he understood what Shu Qin meant. Nie Yusheng worked overtime until very late. He went to buy a bottle of water to drink, and the past was fresh in his mind. At this time, the nurse received a call saying that a car accident patient had been brought in. After Nie Yusheng cleared up his emotions, he continued to work. In the morning, Pingping watched other children go to kindergarten with envy. Tan Jing thought about it for a long time and dared not get through to Nie Yusheng's phone. Director Fang asked Nie Yusheng if Nie's father was coming to the hospital for a physical examination. Nie Yusheng was not sure, so Director Fang advised Nie Yusheng to go see his father. Father Nie learned from the nurses that Nie Yusheng was very popular in the hospital, and the little nurses walked away after Nie Yusheng passed. 

Father Nie also bought breakfast for his son, but Nie Yusheng only said that he was on duty and had no time to eat. Nie Yusheng said indifferently that he would send the medical report when it came out, and then left. Soon, the doctor came to tell Nie Yusheng that his father had a shadow on his liver and Nie Yusheng was still a little worried. After get off work, Nie Yusheng sat in the car and the nurse handed Nie Yusheng the breakfast brought by Father Nie. Tan Jing thought about it for a long time at home and still called Nie Yusheng. Tan Jing said that there were a lot of things he didn't understand in the information and wanted Nie Yusheng to help him. He deliberately said that he had no time in the past few days, so Tan Jing had no choice but to do it. Forget it. Sheng Fangting and Shu Qin went to dinner, and the two had a good conversation. Sheng Fangting told Shu Qin the situation, and he asked Shu Qin to arrange Tan Jing to interview at the company as soon as possible. Maybe there was something wrong with her education. Tan Jing returned to the store, but was scolded by the leader. Tan Jing naturally knew that the manager complained to the supervisor, and the supervisor asked Tan Jing to resign voluntarily. At this time, Sheng Fangting came over. Tan Jing rang Sheng Fangting and asked her to answer the phone. Tan Jing received a call from the company's human resources department and asked her to go tomorrow. Tan Jing was very happy about the phone interview. 

During the interview, Shu Qin was also very satisfied with Tan Jing and asked her to go to work tomorrow. Tan Jing was very happy to change jobs. After all, this would have more time to accompany Ping Ping. Tan Jing told Ping Ping that their lives would get better and better in the future. The manager went to drink and scolded Tan Jing, but Sun Zhijun at the next table overheard him. Sun Zhijun beat the manager while he was in a daze and vented his anger for Tan Jing. The next day, Tan Jing came to the head office to report. Everyone Tan Jing was very enthusiastic, and Sheng Fangting also introduced each colleague to her. Although everyone didn't say it, they were still discussing Tan Jing in the back, but Tan Jing didn't know it at all. After all, when a cashier became an administrative assistant, it would naturally arouse everyone's discussion. When it was time to eat, everyone went to eat, and Tan Jing stayed in the office and continued to work overtime. After all, he was still unfamiliar with work. Nie Yusheng called his father's secretary. This time, Nie Yusheng took the initiative to go home for dinner. Father Nie was surprised when he heard it.

Cast of Because of Love (今生有你)

Zhong Hanliang as Nie Yusheng

A cardiac surgeon, who is preparing for a CM project to help children with congenital heart disease, selected Sun Ping as the first beneficiary. When he went to the doctor, Nie Yusheng found out that the mother of the child was Tan Jing, his lover seven years ago. During the treatment, Nie Yusheng was still deeply attracted by the beauty of tenacity and bravery accumulated in Tan Jing, and was also moved by Sun Ping's cuteness and sensibleness.

Li Xiaoran as Tan Jing

A single mother who lives with her son who suffers from congenital heart disease. In order to save money for her son's surgery, Tan Jing works hard and lives frugally. She wears cheap Taobao money, but although life is hard, Tan Jing has no resentment. Dissatisfaction, but a positive life every day, but fate made people go around, she still met Nie Yusheng, the man she couldn't love and never forget.

Wang Yang as Sheng Fangting

Tian Leixi as Shu Qin

Zhang Chenguang as Nie Dongyuan

Wang Xiao as Sun Zhijun

Qin Mingyue as Wang Yuling

Gu Bin as Liang Yuanan

Liu Dawei as Quan Yucheng

Zhan Yu as young Nie Yusheng

Fan Shiran as Teen Tanjing

Chen Tianming as Young Zhijun

Mi Ke as Sun Ping

Shen Zexin as Meimei

Xu Wenguang as Director Fang

Wang Meng as Laode  Dong

Yan Xiaopin as Granny Wang

Dong Kefei as Pang Tou

Liu Yilin as Xiao Min

Qian Qianyi as Xiao Han

Wu Siyu as Xiaoyu

Zhu Jian as Tan Shaohua

Han Shushu as Tan Jing's mother

Wu Renyuan as Lawyer Qiao

Zhu Liqun as Lawyer Xu

Li Yuxuan as Fang Rujin

Ding Shanshan as Lily

Gao Ruoxin as Jessica

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