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Ace Troops (王牌部队) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Ace Troops (王牌部队) is Chinese Drama produced by Beijing Aiqiyi Technology Co., Ltd., Jebsen Century Cultural Industry Group Co., Ltd., Jebsen Century Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., Wuxi Star Times Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. The series was broadcast on Jiangsu Satellite TV and iQiyi on December 26, 2021.

Some time ago, "Ace Troops (王牌部队)", known as the military drama, started silently. Although it won the first place in the same period on the first day of the broadcast, it seems that the results are quite good, but as the story aired, the evaluation It also becomes different. Under the influence of people, recruits can challenge the leader. After all, there is always a stab.

But the final result must have been severely punished. It was different in "Ace Troops (王牌部队)". Huang Jingyu's sorghum was secretly wearing leadership clothes, and after giving instructions to the squad leader, nothing happened. At the same time, the recruits could leave the army without permission. But the consequence was that she was retired. The Jiang Nanzheng played by Zhong Chuxi in the play was different. She sneaked to the river to wash her face and admire the flowers. After being caught back, she still had a hippy smile.

In addition, the recruits can be skilled and proficient in all kinds of military knowledge, but they are not like Gu Yiye of Xiao Zhanyan, who clearly shouted to be the best soldier, but violated the regulations. If you don’t sleep at night, you are thinking about spring. Of course, it’s not to blame the actors. They are all screenwriters. What should a qualified and excellent military drama look like? Next, we will count four military dramas, among which "Soldiers Assault" is the eternal god.

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In this drama, there is Bai Lu who appears as a cameo for a minute at the beginning of episode 1, and seeing her interactions with Xiao Zhan, It's really regret that she only appears as a cameo and not actually plays one of the actress. After seeing her with Xiao Zhan, for some reason she looks so excited.

Detail of  Ace Troops (王牌部队) 

Chinese title: 王牌部队 (Ace Troops)

English Title: ACE TROOPS

Genre: Contemporary, Military 

Production Company: Iqiyi, Jebsen Culture, Contemporary 

Filming locations: Shenyang, Nanjing, Changzhou, etc. 

Premiere time: December 26, 2021 

Director: Liu Yan, Tian Yi 

Screenwriter: Zhou Zhifang, Liu Yan, Hu Jian 

Producer: Ji Daoqing 

Starring: Huang Jingyu, Xiao Zhan, Zhong Chuxi, Li Youbin, Mao Linlin

Number of Episode: 40 Episode

Online Platform: iQiyi 

Plot Story of Ace Troops (王牌部队) 

Sorghum, a miner's child, and Gu Yiye, a military family's recruit, came from completely different backgrounds and had tremendously aggressive personalities, which made them incompatible, and sparks sprayed when they were together. They were assigned to the most backward team in the division on the first day of their enlistment, and they were pushed into a dramatic conflict to begin their military career.

They are not only rivals and foes after going through the fate of confrontation, contest, war, and sharing weal and misery, but also friends who cherish each other and share life and death. War, demining in Guangxi, stationing in Hong Kong, and combating floods in 1998 are among the key events they have witnessed. They've also seen the effects of a slew of new military advances in our army's development and evolution, from motorization to mechanization to informatization.

At the same time, this couple's relationship and family life are full of ups and downs. The aristocratic Gu Yiye and the rural girl Axiu, the rough sorghum and the literary youth Jiangnan Zheng, the rough sorghum and the literary youth Jiangnan Zheng, the aristocratic Gu Yiye and the rural girl Axiu, the two couples have quite distinct personalities and cultural backgrounds. Underneath the main thread of the plot, emotional entanglements, both complicated and subtle, continue to spawn episodes. The two military couples ultimately reaped the pure and beautiful love after a severe run-in and a scorching passion were entwined.

5th Episode Summary of Ace Troops (王牌部队)

Episode 1

In 1983, a group of recruits joined the ranks of the 234th Division of the A Army. For a soldier's dream, Gu Yiye publicly rejected the confession of a beautiful girl, Hu Yang. His insight and character made him a "core" figure in the big yard who was traveling on a military vehicle. During the transportation, Gao Liang, the son of a full-featured miner, had a dispute with the sons of many large courtyards. They singled out Gu Yiye and others to "become famous in World War I" and became the backbone of the civilian children among the recruits.

Episode 2

Gao Liang and Gu Yiye cooperated to rescue Jiangnan Zheng from the chaos, and the three broke out together to inform the main force of the 234 division. Shortly after escaping, the three of them were taken by the disguised B Army soldiers in one fell swoop, and successfully escaped after a battle of wits and courage. Jiangnan Zheng found two B Army signalmen who were lining up. Gao Liang and Gu Yiye spotted the opportunity to subdue the two of them, put on their outfits, and deceived the B Army reconnaissance team.

Episode 3

Gao, Gu and several recruits were escorted to the platform by the B army and ordered them to remove the doors of the last two carriages of the train. Gu Yiye calculated the capacity of the train carriages and predicted the B Army's combat plan for using train line reinforcements. With the help of the recruits, Gao Liang and Gu Yiye escaped from the warehouse and avoided the scouts on duty. They used gasoline to form a simple Molotov cocktail. The two cooperated tacitly and successfully prevented the train from leaving.

Episode 4

After a short rest, Gu Yiye had to hold on to his teacher for an explanation, and Lu Pingfan and others hurriedly stopped him. Gu Yiye said that he was full of enthusiasm to join the army, and even gave up the college entrance examination for this. He made great sacrifices and efforts for this, but in the end he was given a retreat, which he couldn't accept. Lu Pingfan allowed him to breathe out the grievances and unwillingness in his heart, and then told him that the so-called soldiers are using the cannon to calculate the function of the death god, which means that thousands of soldiers need to go through the test of snow and fire. Lian, just with a passion of blood, you can't go far. Lu Pingfan's words calmed Gu Yiye, and he began to realize the difference between military academies and ordinary schools. Jiangnan Zheng came to the division to inquire about Gu Yiye's news, and happened to meet sending Jianshe and Lu Pingfan out, and he was relieved that he was okay. 

At this time, Gu Yiye wanted to land Ping Fan, and began to recognize and reflect on his own behavior. There was no way to reverse the retreat. Gao Liang and his comrades settled their suspicions. He gave his military uniform to Niu Mancang as a memorial. Then, as everyone watched, his red eyes waved goodbye to everyone. If his person enlisted in the army for risk, he would be more like a surrender without a retreat. Just like he joined the army alone before, and now leaves alone, Gao Liang only feels that life is boring, so he jumped into the river with a plop, remembering the scene when he sent his eldest brother to the army. Zheng Yuan, who was fishing by the river, observed the sorghum for a long time, and finally picked him up and asked him why he was upset. Gao Liang told Zheng Yuan of his life experience that he was originally an orphan, but his elder brother brought him home to raise him. Now that his eldest brother is gone, his family has become a cold house. 

Zhang Fei sent Gu Yiye back to the regiment, comforted him along the way, and even showed his target. Gu Yiye found out that Zhang Fei had old cold legs when he was in the group, but he could not say anything along the way, which made him feel very guilty. Zheng Yuan patiently listened to Gao Liang's words and told him that he would have to pay a price if he wanted to enjoy himself, and the troops did the same. That night, Zheng Yuan found Xia Lin and used the opportunity of his last promotion to change the punishment of Gu Yiye and Gao Liang's retreat into a circular criticism. Song Jianshe came to the dormitory to communicate the division’s decision and asked Gao Liang’s opinion on whether to stay. Everyone was overjoyed, Gao Liang and Gu Yiye once again put on military uniforms and officially became members of the 702 regiment. The third company of recruits was formally established. 

Zhao Hongliu was selected as the squad deputy and introduced that his father had been in the 234th division before he was alive, and he died in that battle. Everyone was curious about the new company commander, but Song Jianshe and Zhang Fei refused to disclose it. The next day, Chen Dashan found Qin Hanyong and appointed him the commander of the recruit company. Qin Hanyong is well aware of the difficulty of bringing a new recruit company, in fact, he should lead a model company even more with his strength. At this moment, Lu Pingfan suddenly came to submit an application for transfer, claiming that his ambitions could not be realized in the 702 group. Chen Dashan therefore argued with him. 

Qin Hanyong had to accept the appointment in a daze, but did not want to fall into the two of them. trap. When it was too late for Qin Hanyong to react, he could only use his anger on the recruits. A strange phenomenon appeared in the canteen. The female soldiers were sitting around the table for a meal, while the male soldiers swept away. Jiang Nanzheng and others were originally trained by the division's teaching team, but because the venue and camp were destroyed by someone, they had to let the 702 regiment train on their behalf. Qin Hanyong's thunderous methods made the recruits miserable. After a long time, everyone complained. The recruits headed by sorghum deliberately played tricks on Qin Hanyong, but he could not find evidence. On the rest day, Gaoliang and Niu Mancang and others went to pick bananas, and Gu Yiye joined them.

Episode 5

Gao Liang, who came out to go to the toilet, met Jiang Nanzheng by chance. At this time, two pickets appeared, and they hid in a thrilling manner. The picket found the footprints of two military shoes, a man and a woman, in the grass, and went to each station to inspect the military shoes. The sorghum and Jiangnan Zheng passed through the border in a thrilling manner. Gao Liang suspected that Niu Mancang had informed the matter, so he targeted it everywhere during the training. After the truth came to light, Gao Liang felt guilty and apologized to Niu Mancang in his own way.

Cast of Troop

Huang Jingyu as Gao Liang

Recruits from the children of miners

Xiao Zhan as Gu Yiye

Recruits from a military family

Zhong Chuxi as Jiangnan Zheng

Literary young female soldier

Li Youbin as Zheng Yuan

Mao Linlin as A Xiu

He Zhengjun as Wang Tianming

Fu Chengpeng as Qin Hanyong

Xu Honghao as Song Jianshe

Sun Xun as Zhang Fei

Hou Mengsha as Han Chunyu

Liu Xiaojie as Zhao Hongying

Zhao Xun as Niu Mancang

Zhang Jin as Xia Lin

Mao Yi as Jiang Weixing

Xia Houpin as Chen Dashan

Guan Yajun as Lu Pingfan

Li Fei as Li Shaobing

Hu Yi as Lin Beihai

Gong Haibin as Zhao Hongliu

Chang Shixin as Tong Bing

Pan Yang as Shu Jiagui

Yu Yue as Xiaowangcheng

Yang Chuanbei as Mao Jiajia

Wei Xiaoguang as Wang Daguo

Wang Fei as Zhai Qingnian

Fei Liqi as Gu Xiaofei

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