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Trio in Chengdu (今天的她们) Plot Story And Cast: Chinese Drama

Trio in Chengdu (今天的她们) is produced by Beijing Tencent Pictures Co., Ltd., directed by Du Xiaoyu, starring Song Yi and Charmaine Sheh, special starring Li Chun, friendly starring Zhang Guoli, and starring Zhang Chao, Wang Renjun and Li Junxian in a female growth urban drama. The series was broadcast on Tencent Video.

The modern female growth urban drama Trio in Chengdu (今天的她们) is officially launched on October 11, 2021 in Chengdu. Tencent Penguin Pictures, Tencent Pictures, Happen Pictures, and Eternity Pictures are producing the drama. Xu Siyao and Qin Wen collaborated on the screenplay. This drama will be directed by Du Xiaoyu and Han Jianu. Song Yi, Charmaine Sheh, Li Chun, Zhang Guoli, Zhang Chao, Wang Renjun, and Li Junxian appear in the drama.

Trio in Chengdu (今天的她们) tells the story of three new-age women who "do not fight or know each other" breaking the convention and finally standing side by side. No matter what setbacks and challenges they experience, they never give up their persistence in love and the pursuit of ideals.

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Three ladies who have quite diverse personalities and are having a difficult time at work. The series is set in Chengdu, a city known for its gourmets, and it begins with Sichuan food. The three of them are each perplexed in their own way, yet they are all steadfast on their path through life.

Detail of Trio in Chengdu

Chinese Title: 今天的她们 (The Today)

English Title: Trio in Chengdu

Genre: Contemporary, urban, friendship

Production Companies: Penguin Films, Tencent Pictures, Zhengfu Films, Wannian Films

Filming location: Chengdu 

Director: Du Xiaoyu 

Screenplay: Qin Wen 

Producer: Fang Fang, He Junyi, 

Producers: Li Liming, Shen Zhuo, Xiao Ruocai, Jiang Weimin

Starring: Song Yi, Charmaine Sheh, Li Chun, Zhang Guoli, Zhang Chao, Wang Renjun, Li Junxian

Number of Episode: 24 Episode

Online Platform: Tencent Video 

Producer: Cheng Wu, Han Jianv, He Junyi 

Production Company: Wannian Film Industry

Plot Story of Trio in Chengdu (今天的她们) 

Lu Zhenzhen (Song Yi), a serious businesswoman, returned to Chengdu in search of love. Zhenzhen was encouraged to join her long-established restaurant "Chuanbailou" by Gu Manting, a girlfriend who married her childhood boyfriend but always wanted to get out of marriage. The sudden presence of Liang Qingran, a catering entrepreneur, disrupted the two people's initial life track... The three women with distinct personalities "do not know each other" as a result of the abrupt crisis in Chuanbailou. What decision will they choose in Chengdu Fireworks after passing the challenges of love, career, and ideals?

Cast of Trio in Chengdu 

Song Yi as Lu Zhenzhen

Working in a hotel in Beijing, the work is smooth and the love is sweet. Because of his childhood experience, Lu Zhenzhen was educated to "only do the right things", good at dead ducks and hard mouths. She went to Beijing for the university entrance examination, and as an adult, she also tried her best to be a useful person. In this story, Lu Zhenzhen no longer desires to be someone else's sword, she is to be her own queen.

Lee Chun as Gu Manting

Lu is a real girlfriend with a hot personality. Follow Lu Zhenzhen from elementary school classmate to best friend, Guo Xiang is a pretty wicked woman. Born good for life, his parents spoiled him in every possible way. Before finishing college, he married his first love, Xu Hao, and did not go to work for a day. The little sugar man who grew up in the honeypot gave back to the people around him sweet and sweet, but when life became dire and hot, God asked her to make up for all the problems that she had previously lazily avoided, and Gu Manting was not afraid. .

She Simin as Liang Qingran

Urban superwoman.

Zhang Guoli

Zhang Chao 

Wang Renjun

Li Junxian 

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